Old Williamson Photos


  • Williamson Log Cabin on the front yard of the Tyler County Historical Society, Middlebourne, WV. SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: This was not built by Moses Williamson, with the help of his sons. It was donated by Marilyn Williamson Collett, family descendant, disassembled, numbered and rebuilt. It was actually built by Thomas P. Williamson (and others) c 1846-47, in preparation for his marriage to Elizabeth Hays. The land (near Friendly, WV) was given to them by both sets of parents.
  • Williamson Log Cabin, side view
  • Williamson Log Cabin, rear view
  • Thomas Williamson's Log Cabin He and his brother, John, were the first settlers in Union District,(Tyler Co., now Pleasants Co.) opposite Mattamoras in 1792 This home, in Friendly, Pleasants Co., is built over his log cabin.
  • Christopher James (1834-1881) and Lydia Johnson (1831-1881) Williamson, in his Civil War uniform. Their photos are copied from full plate tintypes. Because his uniform seems new, it may have been taken shortly after his enlistment. She doesn't appear too happy. Her hands are covered in lacey gloves drawn on by the photographer.
  • Christopher James Williamson's Civil War Medal, given for Service. He was captured at the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain (Va.) and sent to Andersonville Prison. He was eventually released, with others, in an exchange of prisoners. He had contracted scruvy of the leg while imprisoned.
  • Christopher James Williamson's medal-edge view
  • Monument at Christopher and Lydia's Grave, at the top of Shawnee Cemetery, Pleasants Co., WV.. The view from their grave is spectacular.
  • Charles Wesley Williamson, b. 1841, brother of Christopher. Photo featured in the newspaper at 1929 Williamson Reunion
  • John William (1860-1938) and India Anna Lucas (1883-1952) Williamson, son of Christopher and Lydia. He was their 3rd born child. India was his second wife. He was a carpenter and home builder by trade.
  • John and brothers in a Pleasants Co., WV band. L-R #1-Tell, #2-Leroy with John second from right. No know nown pictures of bros. Ira and Corwin, who could also be in photo. - photo found in "History of Pleasants County WV to 1980"

  • The 3 sons of John and India: Truman (L), Calmer (R) and Paul (Seated) as children
  • Truman D. (1906-1978) and Julia Orosz (1918-1993) Williamson, son of John W. and India Williamson. He was Chief Photographer and Dept. Manager for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. for over 40 years.

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