I'm Going Home  

By Lula Mae Swain Murray Hogan

Verse One
Donít wait for the storms of life to come before you call on Godís own son
Just thank the Dear Lord both day and night if things go wrong or things go right.

Verse Two
I hope some kind word that I may say will reach some soul whoís gone astray.
Lord, answer my plea, I humbly pray.  Lord, hold my hand along the way.

Verse Three
It must have been hard for God to give His only Son that I might live.
I weep when I think Christ had to die.  It makes me so sad I sometimes cry.

Iím going home some wonderful day.  Iím ready now and Iím on my way.
Iíll live up there, never more to roam.  Oh Glory to God Iím going home.

Oh Glory to God Iím going home.

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