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Welcome to our new home on the web! A big thank you to Rootsweb whose space allows me to share so much.

Steve is a descendant of the Major John and Agnes Harrington line, whose son, Allen, moved to Texas in 1846. I am Dutch/Canadian and a descendant from the Haakman and Weevers families. The Hart line gives us more of what the name itself stands for...Heart. We plan to do a focus on all of these areas and some other genealogy spawned interests along the way. We do hope you enjoy your stay here with us.

We have begun "Family Story Corners" for each of our families. Please e-mail to contribute any stories you would like to share and preserve. We feel that family stories depict the hearts of our ancestors.

E-Mail Me.

Along with our families' data, we include information of use to all genealogists in the areas we are researching such as local history, census' and cemeteries. Check each link for your possible interests.

"There are two important gifts we can give our children. One of these is roots, the other wings."

Ongoing Texas Cemetery Resident Listings

Steve's Harrington Roots

Steve's Upshur County Roots (Stanley, Russell, Cox)

Letty's Dutch Ancestry (Haakman/Weevers)

The Hart Clan or Case of the Elusive Links

Our French Canadian Ancestry - Antoines and Blanchards

A Complete Surname Index of This Site

Genealogy only. Not including cemetery listings.

Books We Own

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