Grand Ronde Register I (1860 - 1885), Grand Ronde Register II (1886-1898)

Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest

Grand Ronde Register I (1860-1885)

Grand Ronde Register II (1886-1898)

St. Michael the Archangel Parish,

Grand Ronde Indian Reservation,

St. Patrick's Parish, Muddy Valley, Oregon

Edited and annotated by Harriet Duncan Munnick and Stephen Dow Beckham

Portland, OR: Binford & Mort, 1987


This is the sixth volume of Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest.

After the Rogue River Indian Wars (1855-1856), Indians in the western portion of Oregon were forcibly removed to the Siletz and Grand Ronde Indian reservations. In this volume, we find records of Father Adrian Joseph Croquet's mission labors among the Indians on the Grand Ronde and Siletz reservations.

The registers preserve information on the region's native population. The Catholic records predate, by nearly thirty years, the earliest Indian census schedules prepared by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Father Croquet was interested in the tribal affiliations of his parishioners. Throughout most years of his long ministry at the church of St. Michael the Archangel, he recorded the names of the tribes of the Indians whom he baptized, married, or buried. His records document the survivors of the many different tribes and bands that were removed to the reservations in 1856. To see the names of the various tribes, click here.

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Volume indexed

As with all of the Catholic Church records books in this series, there is a complete index of every name found in the registers.

Biographies included in this book.

Harriet Munnick and Stephen Dow Beckham prepared biographies of many of the people in the Grand Ronde registers. Find biographies for the following people in this volume:

Adams, Joseph

Affolter, Nicholas

Albert, John

Allen, James

Amos, Anna

Amos, Killear

Applegate, Jack

Arcouet, Peter

Aylward, Michael

Baker, William

Barker, Cary

Baxter, John

Cook, Dan

Cornoyer, Peter Marc

Cornoyer, Louis

Cow Creek Jake

Fern, Halo

Fonsie, John

Garnier, Jean Baptiste

Garnier, John

George, Tillamook

Heartless, William

Hudson, John B.

Jeffries, John E.

LaChance, David Narcisse

LaChance, Peter

Laferte, Peter

Lane, Lucy

Lane, Moses

Langlois, Mary

Leno, David

Lindsey, Harriet

Logan, John

Marchelle, Louis

Maxwell, John W.

Menard, Peter

Mercier, Francis

Mitchell, Henry

Neal, William

Nepessank, Chief Louis

Petit, Marie

Quenelle, Frank

Riggs, Solomon

Sands, Martha J.

Sanagratti, Joseph

Smith, Andrew

Sulkey, Peter

Thompson, Coquille

Tole, Louis

Tom, Kitty

Versalle, Louis

Voutrin, John Baptiste

Wacheno, John

Wallace, Henry

Warren, John

Washington, Isaac

Winslow, James


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