St. Louis Register Volume I (1845-1868) & Volume II (1868 - 1900)

Oregon City Register (1842–1890)

Salem Register (1864–1885)

Jacksonville Register (1854–1885)

Compiled by Harriet Duncan Munnick

Portland, OR: Binford & Mort, 1984


This is the fourth of a series of Catholic Church Records of the Northwest. The first three volumes contain names of French Canadians and Native Americans. With this volume, we see names of the settlers who were drawn to the Pacific Northwest after the fur traders. Oregon Trail and gold rush pioneers appear in these registers. We see city dwellers and farmers.

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History of the Registers:

Oregon City Register:

The Oregon City register begins in March 1842. From 1842 to 1849, baptisms, marriages, and burials performed at the Cowlitz Mission in Washington were included. Photos and six pages of Duncan's annotations at the end of the register, taken from newspapers and private letters, provide insight into the daily lives of Oregon City Catholics.

Salem Register:

Salem was a Protestant town, the location of Jason Lee's Methodist Mission. The names in the register are clearly American names. Photos and four pages of Duncan's annotations tell us about the cemetery and the Academy.

Jacksonville Register:

Jacksonville was a gold-rush town. The church registers include baptisms, marriages, and burials for all of Jackson and Josephine Counties. Duncan provides photos and three pages of annotations to give us the flavor of the place.

Book indexed:

Every name in the registers is indexed, making it easy to find baptisms, marriages, and burials. Witnesses to events (also indexed) are often related to the principals


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