St. Louis Register Volume I (1845-1868) & Volume II (1868 - 1900)

Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest

St. Louis Register, Volume I (1845-1868)

St. Louis Register, Volume II (1868-1900)

Gervais Register (1875-1893)

Brooks Register (1893-1909)

Compiled by Harriet Duncan Munnick

Portland, OR: Binford & Mort, 1982

This is the third volume in the series of Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest and includes records for Catholics in the southern part of French Prairie.

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History of the registers:

St. Louis, earlier known as Grand Prairie, is the southern or upper part of French Prairie in Marion County, Oregon. The first St. Louis volume begins with the establishment of the parish in 1845. Earlier records for St. Louis residents are found in the St. Paul registers.

Gervais is in the southeast quarter of French Prairie. It was originally part of the St. Paul Parish, and records of early Gervais families are found in the St. Paul registers.

The village of Brooks is in the southeastern part of French Prairie between Gervais and Salem and west of Lake Labish. Brooks was first a part of St. Paul Parish and then of St. Louis. In 1872, it was part of Gervais. In 1886, it was made a parish in its own right.

Volume indexed:

Every name in the registers is indexed, making it easy to find baptisms, marriages, and burials. Witnesses to events (also indexed) are often related to the principals


Biographies - included in this book.

Aral, Oliver

Arcouet, Jean

Attenant, Abraham

Aylward, Michael

Bangasser, George

Banget, Charles

Barnabe, Christine

Barnes, James

Bellanger, Jean Claude

Bernard, Charles

Byrne, Louis

Campo, Charles

Coffey, Edward

Crete, Isaac

Dauphin, Matthew

Desautel, Etienne

Desjarlais, Joseph

Dorion, Marie Laguivoise

Dumont, Auguste

Ernst, Francois

Fershwiler, John

Flett, Thomas

Foisy, Medard

Glasco, Clement

Goulet, Antoine Samuel

Goulet, William Henry

Guerin, Jean Francois

Gwynn, Rhys

Hager, John

Hunt, Thomas

Jeaudoin, Charles

Johnston, John

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, John D.

LaBombarde, Joseph

Lambert, Augustin

Lerwill, William

McCaddon, John

Manning, Henri

Martel, Octave

Matte, Joseph

Mongraine, David

Murphy, Peter Kenrick

Nys, Joseph

Plouard, Monica

Schindler, Theresa

Seguin, Antoine

Smith, Francis

Viesmann, John


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