St. Paul, Oregon 1839–1898

Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest

St. Paul, Oregon 1839–1898

Compiled and Annotated by Harriet Duncan Munnick in collaboration with Mikell DeLores Warner

Portland, OR; Binford and Mort, 1979

This book is the second in a series of seven Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest books. It contains the church registers for St. Paul, Oregon, on the "French Prairie." St. Paul is south of present day Oregon City and north of present day Salem, Oregon. To order a copy of the book, click here. The price is $25.00, plus $3.00 postage.

History of the registers:

Retired Hudson's Bay employees settled on the prairie with their families. These settlers petitioned the Bishop Provencher in Quebec for a priest—several times. When Fathers F. N. Blanchet and Modeste Demers arrived in the territory in late 1838, a church was ready for them at St. Paul. Father Blanchet made Vancouver his headquarters until he received permission to move to St. Paul. Consequently, the earliest St. Paul church records are found in the Vancouver register.

The St. Paul registers begin in November 1839. The originals are preserved in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Portland. Most of the entries are written in French, with occasional use of English when the communicant was not French Canadian.

Volume indexed

As with all of the Catholic Church records books in this series, there is a complete index of every name found in the registers.

Biographies of French Prairie pioneers - included in this book.

Harriett Munnick prepared biographies of many of the people on the Prairie. Find biographies for the following people in the St. Paul book:

Acock, John Ady, Josephine Alipas, Benon Allen, Thomas
Anderson, Peter Anson, John Aplin, George Chiffman Arcouet, Amable
Arcouet, Leon Arcouet, Marguerite Arcouet, Michel Aubichon, Alexis
Aubichon, Catherine Augichon, Elizabeth Aubichon, Emelie Aubichon, Jean Baptiste
Aubichon, Julie Aubichon, Philomene Aubichon, Sophie Aucent, Louis
Aucent, Rose Ayote, Jean Baptiste Azur, Antoine Bailey, William Henry
Bailey, William J. Baker, James Bancasser, Julia Banget, Francois
Barclay, Forbes Barnabe, Adelaide Barabe, Joseph Baron, Dominique
Bastien, Isaac Bauer, Andreas Beauchemin, Charles Beauchemin, Jean Baptiste
Beaudoin, Cesaire Beaulieu, Joseph Beleque, Cyprient Beleque, Esther
Beleque, Jean Baptiste Beleque, Joseph Beleque, Pierre Beleque, Sophie
Bellaire, Lizette Bellanger, Edouard Bercier, Francois Bercier, Marguerite
Bercier, Pierre Bergevin, Julienne Bergevin, Louis Bernier, Francois
Bernier, Louis Bernier, Marcel Isidore Bernier, Marie Bernier, Norbert
Bernise, Etienne Bertrand, Cyrille Bihan, Julian M. Bilodeau, Francois
Boisvert, Louis Bonenfant, Antoine Bonenfant, Martin Bonin, Pierre
Bosquet, Francois Boucher, Francois Boucher, Isabelle Boucher, James
Boucher, Jean Baptiste Boucher, Josephte Bourgignon, Julia Bourgignon, Louis
Bourgignon, Pierre Bourjeau, Jean Baptiste Bourjeau, Sylvain Bracconnier, Louise
Brentano, J. F. J. Brothers, Samuel Thomas Brouillard, Francois Brouillet, Hypollite
Brummer, Henry Burns, Hugh Caille, Paschal - dit Biscornet Caille, Henriette
Caille, Joseph Caille, Sophie Calboro, Jean Cameron, Edouard
Cameron, Luber Cannon, William Carefree, San Souci Carpentier, Angelique
Carpentier, Sophie Chalifou, Andre Chalifou, Lucie Chalifou, Rose
Chamberland, Adolphe Chamberland, Fabian Chinook, Cassino Chinook, Pierre
Choquette, Amadee Choquette, Felix Cloutier, Antoine Joseph Coffey, Edward
Coleman, James Collet, Octave Comartin, Hyacinthe Comtois, Jacques Eugene
Connolly, Amelia Connor, John Cooke, John Joseph Cornoyer, Narcisse
Cosgrove, Hugh Costello, John Cournoille, Joseph Cournoille, Victoire
Courville, Basile Couturier, Oliver Coyle, James Crate, William Frederick
Crete, Edouard Crochiere, Joseph Dalcourt, Esther Dalcourt, Jean Baptiste - dit Champagne
Davidson, Green C Davidson, William Franklin DeCrane, Julian Degneau, Edouard
Degre, Phillipee Deguier, Francois B. Deguire, Jean Baptiste Delard, Antoine
Delard, Augustin Delard, Basile Delard, Catherine Delard, Joseph
Delard, Marie Anne Delard, Pierre Delanois, Louis DeLisle, Felix
Delorme, Bartholomew DeMacon, Victor Auguste Depot, Joseph Depot, Pierre
Desjarlais, Margerite Desjarlais, Thomas Despard, Joseph Frederic Despard, Victoire
Desrivieres, Angelique Desrivieres, Pierre Dobin, Jean Batpiste Dompierre, David
Dompierre, Francois Xavier Dompierre, Marie Dorion, Jean Baptiste Douglas, Agnes
Dowd, John Dubois, Andre Dubois, Basile Dubois, Pierre
Dubois, Susane Dubreuil, Francois Bubreuil, Jean Baptiste Ducharme, Jean Baptiste
Durette, Benedict Geroge Eldridge, Freeman Edward Farron, Dominique Felix, Antoine
Felix, Emmanuel Feller, Francis Fernandez, Guillaume Francois Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzmaurice, Michael Flynn, Peter Foisy, Eulalie Foisy, Medard Godard
Forcier, Louis Forcier, Olive Gagnon, Anne Gagnon, Emerance
Gagnon, Francois Gagnon, Jean Baptiste Gagnon, Joseph Gagnon, Louis
Gagnon, Luc Gagnon, Marguerite Gagnon, Marie Olive Dorilda Galloway, Charles
Carrang, Augustin Gardipe, Casimer Gautheir, Pierre Gay, George Kirby
Gay, John Gearin, Hugh Burns Gearin, John Geelan, Patrick
Geer, Theodore Dwight Gendron, Edouard Gendron, Francois Gendron, Jean Baptiste
Gendron, Joseph Gervais, David Gervais, Edouard Gervais, Francase
Gervaise, Francois Xavier Gervais, Isaac Gervais, Jean Baptiste Gervais, Joseph
Gervais, Julie Gervais, Theodore Giguere, Helie Gill, Simeon
Gingras, Angele Gingras, Calliste Gingras, Jean Gingras, Joseph
Gingras, Louis Gingras, Narcisse Glorieux, Alphonse Gobin, Antoine
Gobin, Jean Baptiste Godin, Jean Baptiste Goemaere, Melanie Goodreich, Susanne
Goyet, Jean Baptiste Grant, Richard Gravelle, Gedeon Gray, Joseph
Gregoire, Antoine Gregoire, Etienne Gregoire, Felix Gregoire, Julie
Gregoire, Sophie Grenier, Marie Ann Grenier, Pierre Groslouis, Charles
Groslouis, Pierre Guibeau, Hilarie Guibeau, Paul Herbert, Thomas
Horagan, Patrick Rowland Horan, Michael Howard, John Hu, Dominique
Hubbard, Thomas Jefferson Hubert, Isabelle Hubert, Joachim Hughes, Andrew
Humpherville, Canote Humpherville, Catherine Humpherville, Felicite Humpherville, Isabelle
Humpherville, Louise Canote Humpherville, Marie Machina Humpherville, Pierre Humpherville, Susanne
Iroquois, Ignace Ignace, Jean Baptiste Shohohanni Iroquis, Laurent Iroquis, Michel Atenesse
Ioroguqis, Thomas Cansawarette Isom, James Jefferson Jackson, Jerome B. Jacquet, Pierre Stanislaus
Jeaudoi, Celeste Jeaudoin, Charles Jeaudoin, Charles Baptiste Jeaudoin, Christine
Jeaudoin, Jean Baptiste Jeffries, Edward Jette, Adolphe Jobin, Sigfroid
Joset, Joseph Joyal, Toussaint Joyal, Etienne Kavanaugh, Daniel
Kennedy, Bernard Kil-a-ko-tah, Marguerite Kirk, Peter Kittson, Louise Jemima
Kittson, Pierre Charles Kittson, William Klamak, Marguerite Klyne, Joseph
Labonte, Julienne Labonte, Louis Labonte, Nazaire Jeremie Labrie, Ferdinand
Lachapelle, Adrienne Lachapelle, Andre Lachapelle, Felicete Lacourse, Claude
Lacourse, Marguerite Lacourse, Pierre Laderoute, Francois Xavier Laderoute, Isadore
Laderoute, Joseph Laderoute, Victorire Lafantasie, Angele Lafantasie, Catherine
Lafantasie, Charles Lafantasie, Jacques Laferte, Joseph Laferte, Michel
Laferte, Pierre Laflemme, Edouard Lafountaine, Charles Laframboise, Abraham
Laframboise, Anastasie Louise Laframboise, Angelique Laframboise, Josephte Laframboise, Michel
Laframboise, Rose Lahalette, Tekwenton Lajoie, Jean Baptiste Lambert, Augustin
Lambert, Cuthbert - dit Robillard Laprate, Alexis Larison, John Laroque, Angelique
Laroque, George Laroque, Jean Baptiste Laroque, Old Joseph Laroque, Joseph
Laroque, Joseph Sebastian Laroque, Louis Laroque, Pierre Lattie, Alexander
Lattie, Marie Lavigueur, Hyacinthe Lavigueur, Joseph Lavigueur, Josephte
Lawson, Cecilia LeBlank, Gratian LeBreton, George LeBrun, Firmin
Lebrun, Louis Hercule LeClair, Louis Lefebre, Francois Leno, Ambroise
Liard, Francois Xavier Liard, Thomas Stanislaus Longtain, Andre Longtain, Catherine
Longtain, Genevieve Longtain, Luce Longtain, Thomas Lord, Moise
Loyer, Charles Lucier, Adrienne Lucier, Antoine Lucier, Etienne
Lucier, Felicite Lucier, Jean Baptiste Gardipe Lucier, Joseph Lucier, Louis
Lucier, Michel Lucier, Paul Lucier, Pelagie Lucier, Pierre
McCann, Daniel McCormick, Matthew McDonald, Helene McDonald, Miles
McDougal, Nancy McKarty, Catherine McKarty, William McKay, Betsy
McKay, James McKay, Thomas McKay, William R. McKinlay, Archibald
McLoughlin, John McLoughlin, Joseph McLoughlin, Marguerite wadin mcKay McMullin, Victoire
McPhail, John Mainville, Francois Makaeno, Therese Maloi, Fabian
McPaulin, Rogers Maneigre, Dieudonne Manson, Donald Maranda, Louise
Marcellais, Angelique Martineau, Genevieve Marineau, Pierre Masta, antoine
Matte, Louis Matthews, William Wallace Matthieu, Charles Matthieu, Francois Xavier
Maxwll, Henri Menard, Jean Baptiste Menard, Pierre Menes, Francis
Merten, Stephen Michel, Indian Michina, Marguerite Million, Bennett
Moisan, Francis Xavier Moisan, Thomas Mongraine, David Monique, Francois Xavier
Monique, Louis Iroquois, Oskanha Monique, Marie Louise Montour, Caroline Montour, George
Montour, Julie Montour, Louis Montour, Nicholas Morais, Antoine
Mullen, Thomas Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Daniel Andrew Murphy, James Andrew
Murphy, Matthew O'Connor Murphy, Peter Murray, Frances Newell, Robert
Nez Perce, Catherine Nibler, John Nibler, Joseph Nibler, Francis
Nipissing, Chief Louis Nipissing, Marie Anne Norwest, Agnes Norwest, Jean Baptiste
Norwest, Joseph Norwest, Thomas Jean Baptiste Nouite, Josephte Ogden, Euretta
Ogden, Isaac Ogden, Peter Skene Okanogan, Charlotte Skealks Okanogan, Therese
O'Kelly, Nimrod Osborn, Joseph Ouvre, Jany Ouvre, Jean Baptiste
Pambrun, Marie Pambrun, Pierre Chrysologue Pariseau, Pierre Payette, Francois
Pelissier, Michel Pelland, Charles Oliver Pelletier, Louise Henriette Pend c'Oreille, Josephte
Pepin, Julius Pepin, Pierre Perrault, Jean Baptiste Perrault, Reine
Petit, Amable Petit, Charles Petit, Felicite Petit, Hubert
Picard, Andre Picard, Emelie Picard, Honore Picard, Henri
Picard, John Adolphe Picard, Julien Francis Pichet, Catherine Pichet, Emelie
Pichet, Louis Pichet, Roc Piette, J. B. P. Pillett, Joseph
Pin, Joseph Pin, Marguerite Pin, Nancy Pion, William
Plamondon, Eusebe Michel Plamondon, Simon Plante, Charles Plouff, Antoine
Plouff, Joseph Plouff, Rosalie Plourde, Francois - dit Jacques Poirier, Alexandre
Poirier, Basile Poirier, Etinne Poirier, Joseph Poirier, Marie
Poirier, Toussaint Pomeroy, Walter Porteus, William Porteuse, Unat
Portier, Nicholas Jean Poujade, Jean Pierre Prevost, Charles Provost, Julien
Quesnel, Francois Quintal, Laurent Raboin, Louis Raymond, Augustin
Raymond, Salome Ravalli, Anthony Richter, Cyrille Rivet, Adelaide
Rivet, Antoine Rivet, Francois Rivet, Joseph Rocbrune, Joseph
Rocbrune, Antoine Rocbrune, Thomas Rochon, Augustin Rondeau, Angelique
Rondeau, Charles Rondeau, Thomas Rousseau, Louis Roussin, Joseph
Roy, Thomas Russie, Augustin Russie, Catherine St. Andre, Ellen Helene
St. Martin, Andre St. Martin, Genevieve St. Martin, Isadore St. Martin, Joseph
St. Martin, Marie Sanders, John Alexandre Sanpoil, Marie Spokane, Isabelle
Spokane, Therese Silvestre, Joseph Staats, John Sylvestre, Jean Baptiste
Tawakon, Thomas Tellier, Louis Tkope, Susane Toupin, Francois
Toupin, Jean Baptiste Toupin, Marie Anne Toussaint, Marie Tse-te, Charlot Iroquis
Turner, John Vassal, Louis Vassal, Victoire Fendal, Genevieve
Vendal, Jean Baptiste Vendal, Louis Vernier, Louis Joseph Vernier, Marguerite
Vertefeuille, Jude Vivet, Louis Wagner, Peter Warfield, James
Wassenhove, Francois Watiece, George Weremus, Chief Weston, David
Williams, Benjamin Winslow, George Yamhill, Alexis Yougleta, Marguerite


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