Early Catholic Church Records in the Northwest Vancouver [Washington] Vol I & II - St. James Church and Stellamaris Mission

Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest Vancouver [Washington]

Volume I (1838-1844) & Volume II—St. James Church (1842–1856)

Stellamaris Mission (1848–1860)

Translated by Mikell DeLores Wormell Warner

Compiled and Annotated by Harriet Duncan Munick

St. Paul, Oregon: French Prairie Press, 1972


This book is the first of a series of seven volumes of Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest books. It's a critical book for historians and genealogists who are seeking information on early Oregon and Washington settlers. It contains an accurate translation and transcription of the first Catholic church registers for the Oregon Territory. It is completely indexed. It contains biographies for more than 300 of the main players. Click here for the book order form.

History of the Vancouver and Stellamaris registers:

On 10 July 1838, the Catholic priests Francois Norbert Blanchet and Modeste Demers, joined the Hudson's Bay Company Brigade at Red River. They shared the rugged trek with the French Canadian voyageurs who were bound for Fort Vancouver on the Columbia River. The priests kept a register of the baptisms, marriages, and burials made along the way and continued using the first register until 1844.

The first baptism in the Vancouver register:

This 18 July, 1838, we priest undersigned have baptized Leon, aged 6 years, natural child of Hyacinthe Larive, engage of the Honorable Company of Hudson's Bay, and of Josephte Bruneau, residents of the Fort of the Prairies. Godfather Guillaume Rochelueau; godmother Marie Adam who have not signed.

Mod. Demers, priest

The last entry in the first Vancouver register was made 19 October 1844.

This 19 October, 1844, we priest undersigned have buried in the cemetery of this mission the body of Josephte, deceased 2 days ago, aged 31 years, legitimate wife of Dominique Farron, in presence of Simon Plamondon and of Marcel Bernier who have not known how to sign.

Mod. Demers, priest

The second Vancouver register begins in 1842 and goes to 1856. The register for the Mission of Stellamaris at Point Chinouk was bound in the Vancouver, Volume II register. Many of the church members were Indians.

Book indexed:

Every name in the Fort Vancouver and Stellamaris registers is indexed. The index is 114 pages long.

Biographies included in this book.

Harriet Munnick prepared biographies for a number of the people in each volume. She said,

"In essaying to round out wherever possible the personalities of those whose record of birth, baptism, marriage or death is contained in the Registers, I have relied upon original sources, in the main what their neighbors said or wrote about them at the time, what the priests wrote in their correspondence, what census and land and pension records and cemetery stones could add. Most personal are family traditions, handed down through several generations; these, when verifiable through other sources, appear substantially accurate."

Biographies for the following persons are in the Fort Vancouver book:

Allan, George T.

Allard, Ovid

Andre, Louis

Anson, John

Aplin, George Chiffman

Arcouet, Amable

Arcouet, Jean

Arcouet, Michel

Aubichon, Aexis

Aubichon, Catherine

Aubichon, Emelie

Aubichon, Jean Baptiste

Aubichon, Julie

Aubichon, Sophie

Aucent, Josephte

Aucent, Louis

Aucent, Rose - and photo

Auger, Paul

Azur, Antoine

Baker, James

Barch, John Peter

Barclay, Alexander Forbes

Barclay, Forbes - and photo

Barclay, Jean Jacques

Barclay, Peter Thomas

Bargy, John

Barnabe, Adelaide

Barabe, Joseph

Beauchamp, Ovid Joseph

Beauchemin, Edouard

Beauchemin, Jean Baptiste

Beaudoin, Cesaire

Beaulieu, Charlotte

Beaulieu, Joseph

Belanger, Charles

Beleque, Genevieve

Beleque, Pierre - and photo

Beleque, Sophie

Bell, John

Below, Pierre-dit Dubois

Bercier, Basile

Bercier, Cecile

Bercier, Francois

Bercier, Louis

Bercier, Marguerite - and photo

Bercier, Pierre

Bernier, Marcel Isidore

Bill, Marguerite

Birnie, Alexandre

Birnie, Caroline

Birnie, James - and photo

Birnie, Suzanne

Birnie, Thomas Loew

Black, Mary Angeline

Black, Samuel

Bouchard, Jean Baptiste

Boucher, Baptiste

Boucher, Francois

Boucher, Isabelle

Brunel, Joseph

Caille, Paschal - dit Biscornet

Caille, Rose

Calder, John

Calder, Peter

Cayuse, Catherine

Chalifou, Andre

Chalifou, Charles (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Chalifou, Michel

Chamberland, Adolphe (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Chinook, Cassino

Chinook, Hilouhar

Chinook, Kayah

Chinook, Lisette

Chinook, Marie Anne

Chinook, Marie Stens

Clatsop, Helen - and photo

Clatsop, Marguerite - and photo

Colvile, Marguerite

Connolly, Amelie

Connolly, William

Corless, John

Cournnoille, Joseph

Cournoille, Victoire

Coutenoir, Michel

Coutenoir, Jean Baptiste

Couturier, Olivier

Covington, Anna

Cowichan, Louise

Crate, William Frederick

Creol, George

Crete, Edouard

Croke, James

Dalcourt, Esther

Dalcourt, Jean Baptiste - dit Champagne

Dalles, Nancy

Dauny, Louise Francois

Davis, Thomas

Dease, John

Degneau, Edouard

Delard, Antoine

Delard, Augustin

Delard, Basile

Delard, Catherine

Delard, Joseph

Delard, Marie Anne

Delard, Pierre

Depot, Pierre

Deschamps, Antoine

Deschamps, Pierre

Despard, Joseph Frederic (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Despard, Marie Anne

Desrivieres, Pierre

Desroches, Charles - dit Quebec

Dobin, Jean Baptiste

Dodd, Charles

Dompierre, David (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Dompierre, Marie

Dorion, Denise

Dorion, Jean Baptiste

Dorval, Pierre

Douglas, James

Dubreuil, Jean Baptiste

Ducharme, Joseph

Ducheney, Louis Andre

Ducheney, Lucie Agnes

Ducheney, Rocque

Duchoquette, Francois

Dupate, Agathe

Dupate, Jean Baptiste

Dupate, John

Dupate, Marie Lisette

Dupere, Joseph

Dupre, Nazaire

Eckerson, Theodore John

Ermatinger, Frances Maria - and photo

Ermatinger, Francis - and photo

Farron, Amable

Farron, Antoine

Farron, Dominique

Farron, Narcisse

Felix, Antoine

Felix, Emmanuel

Finlay, Emelie

Finlay, Jacques Raphael

Finlay, James (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Finlay, Jean

Fisette, Charles

Flathead, Julia

Flathead, Therese

Folster, George

Forcier, Louis

Forcier, Olive

Forrest, Charles

Fraser, Colin

Fraser, Paul

Gagnon, Emerence

Gagnon, Joseph (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Gagnon, Luc

Garant, Augustin

Gendron, Francois

Gendron, Joseph

Gervais, David

Gervais, Edouard

Gervais, Francois Xavier (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Gervais, Isaac

Gervais, Joseph

Gervais, Julie

Gill, Simon

Gingras, Angele

Gingras, Jean (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Gingras, Narcisse

Gobin, Antoine

Gobin, Jean Baptiste

Grahame, James Allan

Grant, Richard - and photo

Gregoire, Etienne

Gregoire, Felix

Gregoire, Julie

Grenier, Marie Anne

Grenier, Pierre

Groslouis, Charles (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Guerette, Alexandre - dit Dumont

Guerette, Marguerite - dit Dumont

Guilbault, Hilaire

Guilbault, Paul (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Haguet, Jeanne Cecile

Haguet, Marie Louis

Harriott, John Edward

Heron, Francis

Heron, George

Horagan, German

Howard, John

Howe, Elizabeth

Howe, Richard

Hubert, Isabelle

Hubert, Joachim

Hughes, James

Humpherville, Canote

Humpherville, Catherine

Humpherville, Felicite

Humpherville, Isabelle

Humpherville, Louise Canote

Humpherville, Nancy

Humpherville, Susanne

Humpherville, Thomas

Iroquois, Etienne Aaniaessel

Iroquois, Jacques

Iroquois, Jean Baptiste

Iroquois, Joseph Grey

Iroquois, Laurent Kanokitchego

Iroquois, Louis Oskanha - dit Monique

Iroquois, Louis Shaegoskatsta

Iroquois, Michel Atenesse

Iroquois, Thomas Canasawarette

Iroquois, Thomas Tawakon

Jacquet, Pierre Stanislas

Jeaudoin, Jean Baptiste

Jobin, Sigfroid

Johnson, George

Johnson, James

Kanhopitsa, Josephte

Kittson, Louise Jemima

Kittson, Pierre Charles - and photo

Kittson, William

Klak, Marguerite

Labelle, Isaac

Labonte, Julienne - and photo

Labonte, Louis - and photo

Lachapelle, Andre - and photo

Lacourse, Amable

Lacourse, Pierre

Laderoute, Francois Xavier

Laderoute, Joseph

Laderoute, Victoire

Lafantaisie, Angele

Lafantaisie, Catherine

Lafantaisie, Charles

Lafantaisie, Jacques

Laferte, Joseph

Laferte, Michel

Lafluer, Charles

Lafluer, Joachim

Laframboise, Francoise

Laframboise, Joseph

Laframboise, Josephte

Laframboise, Michel - and photo

Lajoie, Jean Baptiste

Lambert, Augustin

Lambert, Felix

Landry, Joseph

Lane, Richard

Langlois, Antoine

Langlois, Pierre Charles

Lapierre, Joseph

Laplante, Pierre - dit Badillac

Laroque, Louis

Latour, Louis

Lattie, Alexandre

Lattie, Helene - and photo

Lattie, Marie

Lavalle, Louis

Laverdure, Angeligue

Laverdure, Joseph (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Lavigneur, Hyacinthe

Lavigneur, Joseph

Leblanc, Pierre

Leclerc, Louis (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Ledoux, Louis

Lefebre, Jean Baptiste

Lewis River Indian, Humtux

Liard, Francois Xavier

Lionnet, Louis Joseph

Logan, Robert

Longtain, Andre - and photo (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Longtain, Catherine

Longtain, Henriette

Longtain, Joseph

Losiere, Ignace

Lowe, Thomas

Lucier, Adrienne - and photo

Lucier, Basile

Lucier, Etienne

Lucier, Felicite

Lucier, Joseph

Lucier, Louis

Lucier, Michel

Lucier, Pelagie

McBean, William

McCarty, Catherine

McCarty, William

McClure, John

McDermot, Marie

McDonald, Allan

McDonald, Angus

McDonald, Finan

McDonald, Helene

McDonald, William Anawiskom

McDougal, Nancy

McGowan, Patrick James

McGunnigle, William

McIntosh, John

McKay, Kenneth

McKay, John - and photo

McKay, Thomas

McKenzie, Nancy

McLeod, John

McLoughlin, David

McLoughlin, Eliza

McLoughlin, John - and photo

McLoughlin, Joseph

McLoughlin, Maria Eloise

McMillan, James

McMillan, Victoire

McPhail, John

McTavish, Grace

McTavish, John George

McTavish, Dugald

Makaina, Therese

Malouin, Fabien

Martineau, Michel - and photo

Martineau, Pierre

Masta, Antoine

Maxwell, Henri

Mesplie, Toussaint

Michina, Marguerite

Moatwas, Louise

Montigny, Narcisse

Montigny, Ovide

Montour, Nicholas (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Montreuil, Jean Baptiste

Morrow, George

Munro, Hugh

Nez Perce, Josephte Sinemaule

Nipissing, Louis

Nipissing, Marie Anne

Nouite, Josephte

Ogden, Isaac

Ogden, Peter Skene

Ohioise, Marie

Okanogan, Charlotte Skealks

Oskanha, Catherine Louise - dit Monique

Oskanha, Marie Louis - dit Monique

Ouuvre, Jean Baptiste

Owyhee, Kok

Owyhee, Konia

Paldie, Pierre Ange

Pambrun, Adele

Pambrun, Alexandre

Pambrun, Andrew Dominique

Pambrum, Emily Herriet

Pambrun, Henriette

Pambrun, Jean Baptiste

Pambrun, Marie - and photo

Pambrun, Pierre Chrysologue

Pambrun, Thomas

Pelland, Alexis (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Pend d'Oreille, Josephte

Pepin, Pierre - dit Lachance

Perrault, Jean Baptiste

Petit, Amable (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Petrin, Joseph

Picard, Andre

Picard, Emelie - and photo (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Pichet, Catherine

Pichet, Dominique

Pichet, Edouard

Pichet, Louis - dit Dupre - and photo (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Pichet, Roc

Piette, Francois - dit Faignant

Pin, Joseph

Pin, Marguerite

Plamondon, Marie Anne

Plamondon, Simon - and photo

Plante, Charles

Plouf, Antoine

Plouf, Joseph - dit Carillon (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Plouf, Rosalie - and photo

Poirier, Alexandre

Poirier, Angele

Poirier, Basile

Poirier, Etienne

Poirier, Joseph

Poirier, Louis

Poirier, Rose

Poirier, Toussaint

Portuese, Unat

Proulx, Charles

Provost, Louis

Quintal, Laurent (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Ray, Abraham

Rae, William Glen

Raymond, Narcisse

Real, Jean Baptiste

Redsull, Thomas J.

Ricard, Pascal

Rivet, Antoine

Rivet, Francois

Rivet, Joseph

Roberts, George B

Robillard, Cuthbert

Rocbrune, Joseph

Rochon, Augustin

Rondeau, Angelique

Rondeau, Baptiste

Rondeau, Charles (This family also appears in the Roseburg Registers.)

Rondeau, Genevieve

Rondeau, George

Rondeau, Louis

Rondeau, Marie

Rousseau, Louis

Roussin, Joseph

Rowand, John

Roy, Thomas

Russie, Catherine

Ryan, Susanne

Ryan, William

St. Andre, Ellen

St. Andre, Pierre

St. Germain, Joseph

St. Germain, Pierre

St. Martin, Andre

St. Martin, Genevieve

St. Martin, Joseph

Sanders, John Alexandre

Sauve, Laurent - dit Laplante

Scarborough, James Allan

Servant, Jacques

Shuswap, Lisette

Silvestre, Jean Baptiste

Simmons, John

Simpson, John

Sinclair, Catherine

Sinclair, James W.

Sinclair, Mary

Small, Patrick

Smith, Helene Lavinia

Smith, Solomon - and photo

Smith, Thomas

Sok, Josephte

Souillier, Marguerite

Spokane, Josephte

Spokane, Therese

Stanger, John

Switzler, John

Talbot, Theodore

Teoutit, Jany

Thibaut, Joseph

Tillamook, Sikas

Tilton, J.

Tkope, Susanne

Tod, John

Tolmie, William Fraser

Tomwata, Elizabeth

Toupin, Jean Baptiste

Toupin, Marie Anne

Toussaint, Marie

Tsik, Josephte

Tyikwarhi, Thomas Jean Baptiste

Vagnier, Louis Joseph

Vagnier, Marguerite

Vassal, Louis

Vendal, Genevieve

Vendal, Louis

Wadin, Marguerite - and photo

Wagner, Marie

Wagner, Peter

Walker, Courtney M.

Walla Walla, Francoise

Walla Walla, Lisette

Wright, Joseph

Yougleta, Marguerite




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