St. Ann and St. Rose of the Cayouse, 1847-1888 - Walla Walla and Frenchtown

Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest

Missions of St. Ann and St. Rose of the Cayouse, 1847-1888

Walla Walla and Frenchtown, 1859–1872

Frenchtown, 1872–1888

Compiled by Harriet D. Munnick and Adrian R. Munnick

Portland, OR: Binford & Mort, 1989

This is the seventh and final volume of Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest.

The St. Anne registers begin in 1847 as Bishop A. M. Blanchet and his brother priests traveled on an emigrant train bound for the Oregon Territory. In late October, they arrived in Fort Walla Walla.

The registers in this volume contain names of Indians, French-Canadians, and the Oregon Trail settlers in western Washington.

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Volume indexed

As with all of the Catholic Church records books in this series, there is a complete index of every name found in the registers.

Biographies included in this book.

Abadie, Jean Marie

Allard, Oliver

Beaucheman, Edouard

Beauchamp, Moses

Bergevin, Louis and Joseph

Brancheau, Thomas

Brisbois, Olivier

Chase, Henry M.

Cornoyer, Narcisse

Craigie, James

Dauphin, Matthew

Depot, Joseph, Jr. (Also mentioned in St. Louis register.)

Gagnon, Marcel

Gravelle, Gedeon

Ignace, Jean Baptiste

Lowden, Frank

LaRoque, Joseph

McBean, William

Pellissier, Michel

Raboin, Louis

Raymond, Marcisse

Tellier, Louis


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