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January 1994

Dear Cousins

January 1994 - October 1996


 The article by Jack Harold Goins on his ancestor Zephaniah Goins in the November Newsletter was great!  This is just the kind of detailed, specific research in hard-to-find original sources that the family needs.  Virginia Easley DeMarce, 5636 25th Road N, Arlington, VA, 22207.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the article about James Presley "Pres" Goen of the Pitchfork Ranch who started the Goen Ranch with "one dollar and one pony."  I once worked for the neighboring Matador Ranch in the Texas Panhandle back in 1949.  I rode with a vaquero named Blackwell.  Do you sup-pose he is still around?
 I am preparing an article on my experiences for the Founda-tion manuscript which will include my cowboying days in Texas.  Raymond D. Gowen, Star Rt. 1, Box 84, Hudson, KY, 40145.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 The year of 1993 had some ups and very big downs for me. I became acquainted with Jack Goins of Rogersville, Tennessee and gained a lot of information about my family.  On the down side, both my Mother and Father passed away.  My parents re-ally enjoyed the Newsletters that I would show them. Unfortu-nately the information that Jack Goins had collected, which doc-umented our Goins family came about three weeks after my Fa-ther passed away.
 I am extremely thankful for the association with Ruth John-son and Jack Goins whose insights and assistance have not only been helpful personally, but have lent more emphasis to my own desires to really know my family.  Since it's inception, I have also been an avid user of the Electronic Library.
 In July of this year I will be retiring from the U.S. Navy, my actual retirement ceremony will be on 10 June 1994.  Any of my cousins who would like to attend are more than welcome.  I hope to then put more time into my own research, with the ulti-mate goal being a book to present to my family with as much family background and in-formation that I can give them.
 I wish to heartily thank the Foundation for all the assistance and the association with so many wonderful cousins.  If there is anything I can do to help out, please let me know. I would be more than willing to help with any research and editing that I can do.  Larry K. Goins, 231 Savannah Round, Summerville, SC, 29485
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My grandmother was born Sarah Isabelle Goins.  Her father was John Goins, born in Bledsoe County, TN.  His father was Thomas Goins, born in Grainger County, TN.  The mother of Sarah Isabelle Goins was also a Goins.  Julia Ann Goins was her maiden name.  She was the daughter of Tilman Goins, born in Cherokee County, North Carolina.  His father was Laborn Goins, born in Patrick County, VA.  The sister of Tilman Goins, Marilla Goins was born in Patrick County also.  His brothers were Preston Goins, Harbard Goins and Shadrack Goins.
 My grandmother, Sarah Isabelle Goins was married to my grandfather, Columbus Scott November 28, 1883 at Smithville, TN in DeKalb County.  His brother, James Scott was his bondsman.  I believe that the mother of Columbus and James Scott was a Goins also.  Both were listed as Indian in the 1880 census of DeKalb County.  My grandmother had cousins in Grainger County by the names of Granville Goins and Sanford Goins.
 I have information on other Goins relatives in upper East Tennessee and southwest Virginia.  I would like to hear from re-searchers working on this line.  Melton E. "Gene" Scott, Rt. 2, Box 202D, Trenton, GA, 30752, 706/657-7818.


February 1994

 Ever since you published in March 1993 that "Horrible Gowan Family Event Recorded in Salem, Kentucky" article, something had been nagging around the fringes of my mind.  I finally got around to looking it up.
 For any of your readers who are interested in get-ting the "real scoop" and the real names of this event, they should read the following book: Boynton Mer-rill, Jr. "Jefferson's Nephews: A Frontier Tragedy", Princeton, NJ, Princeton Uni-versity Press, 1986.
 The two brothers were named Lilburne and Isham Lewis.  They were, in fact, nephews of Pres. Thomas Jefferson and were cousins of the explorer Meri-wether Lewis.  The book is an ex-cellent historical study of the circumstances leading up to the crime.  I can't imagine why anyone would have changed the names to write it up; it was certainly quite widely known when it happened.  Virginia Easley De-Marce, 5635 N. 25th Road, Arlington, VA, 22207
==Dear Cousins==
 I have just finished reading your most intriguing article on the "Mysterious Melungeons."
 I am trying to document the ancestors of Susannah Inman and her brothers, Abednego Inman and Shadrack Inman.  Susan-nah Inman was married about 1773 in Burke County, NC to Daniel Goans.  Abed-nego Inman was married to Mary Richey.
 Two possibilities exist for their parents; Ezekiel Inman [son of Robert Inman] and Hannah Hardee Inman or John Inman and Hannah Hardin Inman.
 In a letter written March 30, 1906 by Lavinia Goans Ed-wards, she stated that she was a great-granddaughter of Daniel Goans AND ALSO Shadrack Inman.  This statement, although unproved, appears credible.  Lavinia is documented as a daugh-ter of Hamilton B. Goans who was a son of Daniel Goans, Jr.  Can you provide documentation of her de-scent from Shadrack Inman and identify his parents?
 Children born to Daniel Goans and Susannah In-man Goans include Daniel Goans, Jr, Ezekiel Goans, William Goans, Han-nah Goans, Sarah Goans, Shadrack Goans, Meshack Goans and Abednego Gowans.  Ib Jensen, 6147 Sunset Haven, San An-tonio, TX, 78249, 210/691-1354.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am helping a granddaughter research her family history.  For her it is a school project.  For me it is a fascinating pursuit.  Our family is Thomas Goin, bc1755 Greensville Co, VA; Levi Goin, bc1778 Washington Co, NC; Elijah Goin, bc1814 Clai-borne Co, TN; William Preston Goin, b1849 Claiborne Co, TN; Della May Goin b1890, Claiborne Co, TN.
 I am looking forward to corresponding and ex-changing in-formation with many of our cousins.  Anything you have or know about our ancestors that you are willing to share would be important.  Richard Glenn Bonds, Box 5124, Midland, TX, 79704, 915/687-6211.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I was very much interested in the mention of Drs. James Daniel Gowen and Charles Richard Gowen of the Gowen Sani-tarium in Shreveport.  I got to know them quite well when I lived in Shreveport from 1928 to 1933 and worked at the Jordon Street Sandwich Shop.  Since I had had experience with tuber-culosis and knew how to take precautions against it, I was elected to make the food deliveries to the sanitarium.
 I made almost daily deliveries of food ordered by the pa-tients and got to know them quite well.  The patients, about 20, all adults, were housed in separate screened-in bungalows.  They were pleased to be able to release their families from the con-stant threat of in-fection.  They were glad to be in a situation where they were free of the fear of infecting others with this then-deadly disease.
 We visited through the screens at length.  Most people avoided them like lepers, but I immensely en-joyed my visits with them.  I had to go to the doctors' office after each delivery to be paid and established quite a friendship with them.  They called me "cousin," but we never made any attempt to figure out a family relationship.
 Maybe a family member can write for the Foun-dation the type of tribute that the Doctors Gowen de-serve in their fight against this then-unstoppable dis-ease.  I look forward to reading more of writings of Linda Lou Fisher McDowell and Louise Gowan Fisher.  Forrest Bruce Gowan, 240 Wallace Road, Jackson, TN, 38301, 901/668-5324.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I would like to establish links with my heritage cousins in the USA and elsewhere.  I am interested in generating a business and travel network world-wide.  My ambition is to create links based on mutually ac-ceptable criteria to enable reciprocal visits to occur.
 That is, if a fellow Gowen is in Australia, he can feel free to contact other members of our extended family to arrange travel, accommodations, sight-see-ing, business, etc.  An example of this might be the Sydney Olympics in 2000.
 Interested travellers might like to make arrange-ments with Australian Gowens, and the reverse case could apply for Aussie Gowens visiting elsewhere in the world.  I am more than happy to correspond with any "cousins" that might be interested.  Jef-frey Goyen, c/o 5/1A Dickens St, Elwood, Victoria, 3184, Aus-tralia.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am researching my Goins family.  The line goes back to Joseph Anderson Goins, Sr. and his wife, Martha [Lipscomb?] Goins with ties to Grainger County, TN.  Their son, Joseph An-derson Goins, Jr. was born August 15, 1848, probably in Green County.  He was married to Susan Perkey in 1868.
 They and their 12 children removed to Anderson County, TN.  If anyone has any information on this branch of the Goins family, I would appre-ciate hearing from you.  My Internet E-mail address is [email protected].  Doris Ann Goins Ketner, 131 Valley Lane, Clinton, TN, 37716,


March 1994

 I was born January 10, 1926 in Wichita, Kansas, the son of Fred Gowan and Eva Peebles Gowan and was named William Fred Gowan.  I was put up for adoption in 1928 and was adopted by Calvin F. Troupe II and Margaret E. Troupe of Kansas City, Missouri in 1930.  My name was changed to Calvin F. Troupe III at that time by the court.
 I had two older brothers, Bob Gowan and Don Gowan, from whom I was then separated.  I learned that Don Gowan served in the U.S. Army in World War II and that he had four children--Jean, Donna, Chuck and Debbie.  I have searched for my brother for years with no luck.  I earnestly desire to locate Don Gowan and would sincerely appreciate the help of the Foundation in this endeavor.  Calvin F. Troupe III, 1487 E. 37th St, Apt. E-4, Brooklyn, NY, 11234, 718/377-1995.
 My search continues, with little success, for the family of Jessica Goings [c1776-1836], my g-g-grandmother.  She was married to William Purvine c1796 near Chattanooga when it was still Indian territory.  Some time after 1815, when my g-grandfather Charles Purvine was born near Chattanooga, they  moved to Illinois where they lived, died and were buried in Morgan County.
 Nothing else is known about Jessica, although a Purvine fam-ily genealogist suggests that she was a young widow.  There is a family tradition, however, that as an infant William Purvine was rescued by his mother from an Indian attack on their farm-stead which resulted in the death of his father, Charles Purviance and five other children.  This is thought to have occurred on the Tennessee frontier about 1778.  Whatever happened to his mother and how William got to Chattanooga is unknown.  It is thought that he was raised by an uncle, David Purviance in Cabarrus County, N.C.  Suggestions, anyone?  Bradley B. Gar-retson, 105 Danza Ct, Orinda, CA, 94563.


April 1994

 Does anyone know of a Patsy Gowen/Guion/Guynes who c1805 was married in TN to Elijah Richardson?  Patsy, my g-g-gm,  had a brother, Will Gowen who got a schoolteacher "in trouble" and had to flee to Louisiana.  This information was re-called in the 1930s by Aunt Janie Keene, then in her 90s.  She was a granddaughter of Patsy.  Before 1820, the Elijah Richard-son family removed to southwestern Mississippi, near the Louis-iana line.  Since Patsy was a nickname for "Martha" at that time, she may have been recorded under either name.  Your help is so-licited.  Granville W. Hough, 3438-B Bahia Blanca West, La-guna Hills, CA, 92653.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Foundation members will be interested to know how Abra-ham Lincoln dealt with the Melungeon issue.  Published in the February issue of "American Bar Association Journal" is an article by Janet Key summarizing Lincoln's 24-year legal prac-tice in Springfield, Illinois.  The article is based on the research of the Illinois Historical Preservation Agency which is recon-structing from courthouse records across the state the 5,000 cases that Lincoln handled.  An excerpt from the article read:
 "As the result of a family dispute over William Dungey's marriage to Joseph Spencer's sister, Spencer claimed that his brother-in-law, "Black Bill"--actually a dark-skinned man of Portuguese descent--was a Negro.
 Because Illinois had passed so-called "Black Laws" in 1853 that denied free blacks the right to settle in the state, Dungey faced losing not only is reputation, but his mar-riage, property and right to stay in Illinois if Spencer's claims stuck.
 Lincoln filed suit against Spencer for slander and during the trial managed to not only demolish his oppo-nent's reputation and the credibility of his witnesses, but to win the case for his client.  For teaching Spencer an expensive lesson in domestic relations and saving Dungey's entire livelihood Lincoln collected a $25 fee."
 See you in Houston.  Virginia Easley DeMarce, 5635 N. 25th Road, Arlington, VA, 22207-1403.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am researching the family of Garrett Gowan/Gowen/Gowin bc1790 who lived on the NC-SC border in the early to mid-1800s.  In the 1820s "Garet Gowen" was a constable in Colum-bus County, NC, but in the early 1840s he was just across the line in Horry County where he was elected to the SC House of Representatives.  According to their records, he died in 1845, and a special election was called to fill his position.
 In 1850, his wife, Nancy Ann Terry Gowan and their chil-dren, Catherine, Benjamin, James and Henry were back in Columbus County, NC.
 Garrett Gowan was the son of John Gowan, Jr. and Edith Faulk Gowan of Columbus Co, NC.  John Gowan, Jr. was the son of John Gowan of Robeson County, NC, just to the west.  His will was dated 1800, but I don't think he died until after 1810.  I would be interested in hearing from any Foundation mem-bers who are researching this family.  John B. McGowan, 209 McLean Street, Laurinburg, NC, 28352


May 1994

 Dear Friends of Choctaw Blood: My wife is a descendant of Noahtimah, a Choctaw Indian woman.  Her daughter Mary Josey Moran Ladnier lived in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area.  They were of the Natchez branch of the Choctaw tribe.  Noatimah died at Biloxi and was buried in the Old Moran Burying Grounds on the Back Bay of Biloxi.  Any suggestions or assis-tance you can give would be deeply apreciated.  Jim Harper, 501 S. Greenville Ave, Suite 214, Allen, TX, 75002, 800/725-2445.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I have received a great deal of research help from some of the Foun-dation members--particularly Louise Goins Richardson of Paragould, AR.  She had led me to the family of Shadrack Gowin/Going of Patrick County, Virginia, his three wifes and their 21 children.  It is possi-ble that my Jessica Goings was one of his older children.
 Recently Louise sent me copies of three Newsletters con-taining arti-cles on Shadrack Gowin written by Donna Gowin Johnston.  Is there more material available on him and his de-scendants?  Bradley B. Garretson, 105 Danza Court, Orinda, CA, 94563.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I have writing in the hope that one of your researchers might have some information on our branch of the family.  We are de-scended from William Henry Gowens and wife Annie Sprig Gowens from the Carolinas.
 My father is Elmer Happy Gowens, and he will be 78 July 21.  He has a long-lost sister by the name of Alma Gowens Hen-derson.  She would be in her 80s, if still living.  She had a daughter whose nickname was "Giddy Mae."  I would appreciate any help.  Sharon Gowens Gabel, 7304 Bayswater Road, Amarillo, TX, 79109
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am enclosing my lineage chart for the Foundation Library showing descent from Samuel Goings, b1780-dp1860 Nelson Co, VA and Paulus R. Goings, b1830, mc1861 Lucy Patterson b1832.  I would like to correspond with anyone researching this line.  Cubert T. Wood, 1410 Towson Drive, Columbia, TN, 38401, 615/381-5934.


June 1994

 There is a mountain story of a peddler named Goins that re-lates to my Boggs family.  Goins, a trader, used to pass through the present Big Stone Gap-Appalachia section of southwest Vir-ginia.  He was murdered near Stonega, Virginia, and supposedly my g-g-grandfather, Ely Boggs played a part in the mat-ter.  An old mountain ballad enti-tled "Poor Goins" was written about the incident.  "Poor Goins" was buried on the Boggs farm near Stonega.  I have searched for the grave, but I am uncertain that I found it.  If I turn up more, I will advise you. V. N. "Bud" Phillips, 214 Johnson St, Bristol, VA, 24201.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My family is descended from William Gowen [1705-1759] subject of article in the May 1994 Newsletter "William Gowen, Scout at 17, Fought the French & Indians, through his son, James.  I believe there were some errors in the article.
 Based on information in "Gowen Family Genealogy," compiled by Yvonne Gowen in 1986, William Gowen married Mary Davis Chick June 26, 1723 after the death of his first wife, Jane.  Contrary to your article, William had two children with Mary: James, born February 18, 1753 and Elizabeth, born Au-gust 8, 1755.  There is also no record of William having a daughter named Sarah.
 There was a great deal of confusion about this generation when the genealogy was put together, however we feel that the above information is correct.  If you have any information to the contrary, please send it along.  David Gowen, 907 Duck Pond Road, Westbrook, ME, 04092.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I wanted to write that I logged on to your Elec-tronic Library and left a message regarding my g-grandmother Mariah/Maria Goins/Goens born November 4, 1856 in Illinois.  She was mar-ried about 1875 to William Jennings Dial in Leavenworth Co, KS.  She died January 8, 1917. possibly in state hospital at Os-owatomie, KS, and burial was in Leaven-worth, KS.
 In 1870 census "Mariah Goins, 19" was shown as a house-keeper in the household of Mary Lempesley/Joseph Walter in Leavenworth County.  In 1900 and 1910 census returns Mariah Goins reported that her father was born in Kentucky and her mother in Ohio.  Most grateful for any help on Mariah Goins.
 Thanks for providing this genealogy service.  My Founda-tion membership is enclosed.  If any members need research done in Miami County, OH, I'll be glad to assist.  Terry D. Wright, 645 W. North St, Piqua, OH, 45356, 513/773-9378.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thank you for your prompt response following our phone conversation and for the packet of Newsletters and family his-tory you sent.  I'm fortunate to be able to access the complete University Library System and its holdings right from my desk via the modem.  You can imagine my surprise when, as a whim, I typed in the computer: "GOWEN" and the following appeared.
   "Gowen Family Periodicals, Newsletter,
   Gowen Research Foundation, Lubbock, TX, 1989--
   Center for American History, Read in Library Only."
 After staring at the computer screen in disbelief, I announced to my staff that they could reach me at the Center for American History.  After reading as many of the Newsletters as I could, I returned to my office and called your phone number to see if you really existed.  And sure enough, you do . . . . we do.
 My check for membership is enclosed along with copies of Revolutionary enlistments of Gowen men from Pennsylvania [my home state] in "The Irish Contribution to American In-dependence" by Thomas Hobbs Maginniss, Jr.
 If I can serve as your contact here at the University of Texas at Austin, I hereby offer my services to the Gowen family.  Thank you for your excellent work in behalf of the Gowen fam-ily.  You have devoted yourselves to something very special to all of us.  Richard F. Gowen, The Texas Union, University of Texas, Box 7338, Austin, TX, 78713.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I enjoyed the lecture and documentary film presented by Dr. Brent Kennedy at the Houston conference very much.  I had heard the term "Melungeon" and had read about the work of your research team, but I had no idea of the immensity of the subject.  My Riddle/Ridley family intermarried with the Gowen/Going/Goins family in the Rockingham, North Car-olina.  Jesse Gowen paid 50 to Thomas Crawley of adjoining Stokes County for land located "on Dalton's Creek and on Hick-ory Creek and on the Stokes County Line" October 27, 1797, ac-cording to Rockingham Deed Book E, page 209.  On the same day, John Riddle/Ridley paid Crawley 25 for land adjoining Jesse Gowen.  I regard the men as brothers-in-law, Jesse having married the sister of John in adjoining Henry County, Virginia, I believe.
 Nancy L. Going was married c1839 to William Riley Ridley, "mulatto," according to Rockingham County records.  They were last found there in the 1860 census of Rockingham County, page 99.  Children born to William Riley Ridley and Nancy L. Going Ridley include William Ridley, bc1840; Mary Ann Rid-ley, bc1842 and James Pinkney Ridley, bc1844.  Mary Ann Ri-dley was married February 22, 1863 to William P. Going.
 Henrietta Goins was married October 26, 1856 to James Austin Ridley, "mulatto," according to Rockingham County  records.  He was the twelfth child of Randolph Rid-ley and Eliz-abeth Gibson Ridley, bc1835.  Later they removed to Hawkins County, Tennessee to join members of the family.
 I would like to hear from researchers who can provide some details about any of the above.  Edward M. Riddle, 5419 Imo-gene, Houston, TX, 77096.


July 1994

 I am seeking the ancestry of my grandfather, Curtis Melvin Gowen who was born about 1910.  He was married about 1930 to Edna Francis Henson.  In 1934 they were living in Poinsett County, AR.  He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.  She died in Newport, Arkansas in 1984, and he died there in 1985.  Children born to them include: Curtis Melvin Gowen, Jr. and Dale Clayton Gowen.  Any information would be most wel-come.  Ms. Dale Lynn Gowen, Box 128, Grubbs, AR, 72431.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My brother Don, sister Yvonne and I have made a commit-ment this summer to complete a book about the ancestry of our father, William Rufus Going.  We are also committed to send to you some articles for the Newsletter on our WWI veteran grand-father, our WWII veteran father and Carnegie Medal for Hero-ism recipient brother.
 Our ancestry stems from Revolutionary soldier Drury Going, b1749, Isaac Going, b1775; William George Washington Going, b1824; William Mack Going, b1850; James Leonard Going, b1891 and William Rufus Going, b1924.  It's amazing to realize that there are only six generations in my family from the Revo-lutionary War to World War II.
 Your Newsletter has carried research of many of these, and this has been immensely helpful to our research.  Additionally it has placed us in contact with many distant cousins and fellow researchers.  Thanks so much!  My membership is enclosed.  Martha E. Going Thomas, 303 Conley Rd, Hapeville, GA, 30354, 404/361-4734.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks very much for all the material on my York County, ME branch of the family.  I read it all very eagerly in the hope of finding my ancestors.  The transcribing of the manuscript you sent is completed, and as soon as proofreading is finished, I will return my assignment.
 As soon as we are settled in Massachusetts and I get a chance to look at census records, I may need a diskette on the York County section of the Foundation Manuscript which you of-fered.  I am enclosing a check to help cover the copying and mailing costs incurred by the Foundation.
 I wrote to William Rodway Gowen in Washington state and received a gracious letter in reply.  He hopes to do some addi-tional research this summer and may have some more informa-tion for us.  Susan B. Liedell, 148 Kate's Path, Yarmouth Port, MA, 02675
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 From all of us with National Genealogical Society and Clayton Library Friends we express our appreciation for your outstanding performances as program speakers at the 1994 Con-ference in the States in Houston in June.  Thank you for your contributions.
 As soon as one Conference concludes, there is another preparing to take "center stage."  Of course, I am referring to the 1995 Conference in the States to be held in San Diego, Califor-nia on 3-6 May.  The Conference site will accommodate atten-dees with housing and support the program and exhibits--ev-erything centrally located on the property.  San Diego is in a beautiful region where people enjoy the climate and tourist at-tractions.  Carolyn J. Nell, President, NGS, 4527 17th St. N, Arlington, VA, 22207.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 There is a small Goins cemetery in a corner of the Ft. Bragg military reservation which is being federally maintained in Cumberland County, NC.  The headstones in this family ceme-tery have some strange engravings, and I have found no one here who can decipher their meaning.  I would be glad to hear from someone who can help solve this mystery.  Joe McDonald, Box 70, Hoffman, NC, 910/281-5271.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am looking for the parents &/or siblings of Euphemia P. Goins/Gowing/Gowen who was born about 1833 in AL/VA/TN.  She was married June 13, 1850 in Tuscaloosa Co, AL to Dennis Denmark Davis as his second wife.  They were enumerated in 1860 in Walker County, AL.
 At the beginning of the Civil War, they attempted to move to the North, but were caught in the middle of the Battle of Town Creek in Lawrence County, AL.  It was here that three of her step-sons were conscripted into the Confederate Army.  The Union Army escorted the remainder of the family to Cairo, IL.
 After the war they returned to Colbert County, AL.  Eu-phemia had brothers: Wesley Goins, bc1841 and James Goins, bc1843.  Tradition says the family had Indian blood.  Can any-one help on this?  Beatrice Russell, Route 2, Box 381, Tus-cumbia, AL, 35674
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I recently read a good book on the Melungeons and was de-lighted to find several of my surnames listed as possible Melun-geon names.  Since most of them were in areas that had Melun-geon populations, it seems a pretty good chance that at least one of these families might BE Melungeon.
 This would solve a personal mystery for me at last should it prove to be true.  I have straight, fine hair that will not hold a curl.  After years of permanents and sleeping with curlers--and still having straight hair--a beautician told me that my hair was flat--literally with sides and not round as hair usually is in the Caucasian race.
 She told me--and it has since been confirmed by my doctor--that the only way you can have flat hair is to be of Asian or Na-tive American heritage.  Since my cheekbones are high and I have somewhat of an olive complexion that tans easily, I thought it was as simple as finding a Creek or Cherokee ances-tor.
 After years of searching, I have not found a trace of a Native American in my family tree.  So, finding the Clemmons, Gibson, Atkins, Hendrix, Dyess and Mullins names in the Melungeon book made me think that my weird hair comes from a Melun-geon ancestor who was part Native American.
 I am enclosing my ancestor chart in hopes that someone among your researchers might be able to shed some light on my mystery.  If you think there is a chance that I might indeed share the fascinating Melungeon heritage--I would very much like to join your organization.  Elizabeth Palmer Gay, DTJ, FSA Scot, Rt. 3, Box 439, Moultrie, GA, 31768


August 1994

 I am excited to find that there is a research organization de-voted to our name in all the various spellings and look forward to reading the Newsletter.  I am enclosing my check for mem-bership and would like to receive any back issues and informa-tion on the family that is available.
 I would also like to ask for help in locating the parents of my g-g-grandfather John Henry Gowan, bc1870 in GA or TN, d1951.  He had a brother, Willie Gowan and a sister Margaret who married Charlie Birch/Burch.  His parents moved away when he was 13, and he was left with "Granny Green."  He was married to Tecoa Vaughn May 21, 1900.  Their children were Charles Eugene [my g-grandfather], Abbie, Monnie, Burton, Robert and William  Gowan.  I am a new family tracker and have hit a wall already.  Angela Gowan, Box 221, Mason, TN, 38049, 901/294-2334.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My g-g-grandmother, Martha "Patsy" Goings/Goins was born in Choctaw Nation [Mississippi] about 1812.  She was married there about 1832 to Eli Crowder.  Sometime after 1845 they removed to Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.  Two broth-ers, Jim Going and Gibson Going accompanied them, and all settled near the present-day Boswell, Oklahoma in Choctaw County.
 She was a Choctaw by blood, and her husband was not.  She and all her children went on the Choctaw rolls.  I'm enclosing a print-out of her chart for the Foundation Library.  I would like to correspond with any Choctaw researcher who can tell me more about my g-g-grandmother's family.  My Foundation member-ship is enclosed.  Carlotta Earlene Hollis Bates, 301 Berkeley Park Blvd, Kensington, CA, 94707
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I'm sure you have heard this before, but WOW, what a won-derful surprise when I received all those back issues of the Newsletter!  In my lifetime I could never duplicate the hours of research that the Foundation is doing.
 I live in the foothills of Virginia and have access to several counties only a short distance away.  I would be willing to help anyone with their Virginia research.  Just let me know!!!
 My search for Goins [as we currently spell our surname] is the line of William Gowens who was married to Rebecca Jones December 12, 1850 in Surry County, NC.  The 1860 census of Stokes County, NC reflects one child, W. A, age 10 [William Albert Gowen.]  He was married to Elizabeth Johnson October 29, 1868 in Surry County.  Can anyone help with this line? Cindy Goins Young, Box 3791, Martinsville, VA, 24115.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 In addition to the Gowens family, we have researched the families of Harlan, Polk, Pollock, Dee and Stewart.  If any members of the Foundation are in pursuit of any of these lines, we'll be glad to donate a copy of our research to them.
 Additionally we have recently installed a CDROM and have disks on VA, TN, NC, SC, AL, GA, IL, IN, OH and MD.  These are primarily marriage records and other county records.  We'll be glad to do searches for GRF members at no charge.  A SASE and two 29c stamps is requested with each name search.  Walt & Margaret Turner, 611 East 600 South, Orem, UT, 84058
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I seek information on James [Samuel] Going, bc1820 Amherst County or Albemarle County, VA.  He was married in 1843 in Amherst County to Gabriella Skinner, daughter of Tali-ferro Skinner.  They were enumerated in the 1850 census of Nel-son County, Virginia adjoining the households of his father, Samuel Going and his brother, Robert A. Going.
 Gabriella continued to bear children until 1867, but in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 enumerations, she appeared as the head of a household, and no husband was recorded.  Surely nineteenth century rural Virginia mores prevented the conclusion we would draw today.  Can anyone help with this family?  Rozier Ded-wylder, 198 Newgate Rd, Hamilton, GA, 31811.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am hoping to get further information on a family I believe I am connected to--Shadrack Going/Gowen in Patrick County, Virginia.  He possibly may lead back to Thomas Going/Gowen who came to Virginia in the 1600s.  My ancestor is Isaac Gowen in Vermillion County, IL 1840, 1850, 1860.  Any information on either or all three will be appreciated.  Helen Ledford, Rt. 1, Novinger, MO, 63559.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I'm researching the family history of Joel W. Goings and George W. Goings, sons of Jason Goings of Jefferson County, Virginia [later West Virginia].  The two brothers and their father moved into Ohio in in the late 1820s, locating in Guernsey County.  Joel W. Goings was married there to Elizabeth Cole November 15, 1831.
 Joel W. Goings and Elizabeth Cole Gowens had 11 children, 10 were born in Guernsey County and one was born in Shelby County, Ohio where they moved about 1850.  Any further in-formation you may have on this Goings line would be deeply appreciated.  Rosemary Dunne, Box 687, Amherst, VA, 24521.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am a descendant of Jinny [Jane] Goen/Goin/Goings of St. Landry Parish, LA.  Jinny Goen was my g-g-g-grandmother, and I believe she was born c1795 in SC.  She was married March 12, 1814 in St. Landry Parish to Jordan Perkins who was, born c1793 in Aiken, SC.
 I do not know who her parents were, but Louisiana census records show them living near Phillip Goen/Goins.  There was also a Thomas Goins who was included in my family line.
 They were enumerated in 1840 in Calcasieu Parish, LA, in 1850 in Houston Co, TX and in 1860 in Bee Co, TX.  Their children were: Jacob, bc1815; Carlotta, bc1816; Jesse, bc1817; Hader, bc1827; Joshua, bc1828; Washington, bc1835 and Olive bc1839.
 I have been told that your Foundation has been very active in assisting Choctaw descendants in all spelling versions of the surname.  I would welcome correspondence from other re-searchers of this family, and I would like to join your Founda-tion.  Sandra M. Loridans, Apartado 844, 45900, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 We were glad to learn of the Foundation and the great work you are doing.  We our enclosing $100 for our Sustaining Mem-bership.  We are seeking information about our great-grand-mother, Julia Ann Goins Tabler whose death certificate is en-closed.  She was the daughter of Joshua Goins and was born February 24, 1859 in Albemarle County or Augusta County Virginia.  She died September 7, 1920 in Athens County, Ohio on the West Virginia line.
 Her oldest granddaughter is still alive and says that Julia Ann claimed Indian ancestry.  She always wore her hair in a long braid in the back and had an olive complexion.  Her family was closely associated the Ailstock family.  We would like to learn her mother's maiden name and any additional information about her ancestry that the Foundation and your researchers might have.  Gary & Okeema Traugh, 1400 Staunton Ave, Parkersburg, WV, 26101, 304/428-3842 or 304/428-8468.


September 1994

 We have heard forever that our Ivy/Ivey/Ivie family is Choctaw.  Several older people say our great-grandfather Isaiah Ivey, Jr. knew our Choctaw lineage and knew how to prove it.  He was born in February 1822 in Wayne County, MS and died in November 1905 in Lampasas County, TX.  An older man in the family states that Isaiah Ivy, Sr. was one-half Choctaw.
 Isaiah Ivy, Jr, in his old age, wouldn't reveal his Choctaw lineage to his children and grandchildren because he did not want them moving away to Oklahoma to receive tribal land in 1902.  Isaiah Ivy, Sr. was a son of James & Mourning Ivy, and their children were born in South Carolina.  They applied for land as Mississippi Choctaws and were denied.
 Can the Foundation or any of your Choctaw researchers sug-gest a way to find our Choctaw roots?  Ann Wallace, 537 Misty Ridge Lane, Weatherford, TX, 817/596-8297.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am having difficulty locating the parents of my great-grandmother, Mariah Goins.  She was born in 1851, according to the 1870 Kansas census.  According to her enumeration, her fa-ther was born in Kentucky and her mother in Ohio.   I would ap-preciate any help you can give.  Terry D. Wright, 645 W. North St, Piqua, OH, 45356
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I cannot express to you how exciting it was to receive your letter and the packet of Goins data.  I had written with little ex-pectation of any immediate results.  You will share a joy, I am sure. when I tell you that the 4th paragraph of the Foundation Manuscript, page 4202 contained the names of the parents of my g-g-g-grandmother, Virginia "Jenny" Goins, which I had not previously known.
 I had never heard of a "Turkish Melungeon," but the Ash-worth family who were associated with the Goins family in Louisiana claimed to be of Moorish-Turkish descent.
 I was very familiar with the Gowen Sanitarium in Shreveport during my early childhood there.  It was nice to read the remarks about the Sanitarium of Linda McDowell in "Dear Cousins."  I would never have dreamed any relation to this family.  We all stay pretty close to that home base. don't we.  Sandra M. Lori-dans, Apdo. Postal 844, 45900 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thank you very much for the back issues of the Newsletter--my husband and I are enjoying reading about all the Gowens, Goings, Goins, and on and on with the spelling variations.  What a surprise to learn that David Goings of Orlando is working on my Goins family of Lincoln County, NC.  It will be several weeks before I complete compiling the history of Phillip Pinkney Goins, but the first copy will be directed to the Foun-dation Library.  Madge W. Philbeck, 716 Georgia Ave, Statesville, NC, 28677.


October 1994

 I am researching the George Forrest Goins family.  I believe he was from NC.  He was married in 1872 in Lawrence County, MS to Ann Alma Carr.  He may be as-sociated with the Goins family of Medford, OR.  Can anyone help?  Sue Dorman, 507 W. Minnesota, Brookhaven, MS, 39601.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am seeking the parents of my g-grandmother Mariah/Maria Goins/Goens born November 4, 1856 in Illinois.  She was mar-ried about 1875 to William Jennings Dial in Leavenworth Co, KS.  She died January 8, 1917.
 In 1870 census "Mariah Goins, 19" was shown as a house-keeper in the household of Mary Lempesley/Joseph Walter in Leavenworth County.  In 1900 and 1910 census returns Mariah Goins reported that her father was born in Kentucky and her mother in Ohio.  Most grateful for any help on Mariah Goins.  If any members need research done in Miami County, OH, I'll be glad to assist.  Terry D. Wright, 645 W. North St, Piqua, OH, 45356, 513/773-9378.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I have heard wonderful things about your organization and its success in finding missing ancestors.  I am enclosing our membership application and our ancestor chart back to Claude [originally Comfort] Goings whom we regard as a son of Com-phort Goings and Elizabeth Starbird Goings of Shirley, MA.
 Claude Goings changed his name from Comfort Goings during the Civil War.  He served in the 8th New Hampshire In-fantry Regiment and was a prolific letter writer.
 Many of his letters appeared in "New Hampshire Fights the Civil War."  He was born February 7, 1836 in Thorndike, ME and was married in New London, NH September 1857 to Eliza-beth Starbird.  He died November 17, 1913 in New London.  We regard Claude Goings as a g-grandson of Ebenezer and Abigail Gowing of Shirley, MA.  Can anyone help tie all this together?  Jean Kimball, 34 Meadowlake Drive, Mexico, MO, 65365.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 While doing research on my family history, I discovered that I have a Gowin branch in my family tree.  I was "lurking" on the computer bulletin board when I "overheard" one person telling another that your Foundation has the largest collection of Gowin records anywhere.  I am enclosing the records of my branch of the family for your collection also.
 My first Gowin ancestor was Mary Ann Gowin, born April 1, 1832 in KY.  She was married in 1850 in IN to John Hopson.  She died in Jefferson County, MO May 19, 1912.  She was the daughter of James Gowin, born in 1801 in VA, and Jane True, also born in VA.  I would appreciate any information the Foun-dation and its members can provide on my family.  Diane M. Howard, 18201 E. Park Dr, Cleveland, OH, 44119.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am seeking information on my g-gm Margaret Goins who was born in 1822, place and parents unknown,   She was married about 1840 to Lewis W. Bryant who was born in 1820.  He died in 1864, and she died January 9, 1903 in Crenshaw County, AL and was buried there in Panola Methodist Church Cemetery.  Children born to them include: Mary Ann Bryant, born April 30, 1857.  She was married about 1876 to William Henry Davis, born February 22, 1851 to Franklin Wesley Davis and Mary Tabitha Schofield Davis who were married March 9, 1848 in Pike County, Alabama.  Mary Ann Bryant Davis died September 26, 1920, and he died July 18, 1934. Rex Addison, Rt. 2, Box 277-D, Altha, FL, 32421.


November 1994

 One week after we talked on the phone, my granddaughter, April Mitchell Howerton, age 15 and her best friend, also age 15 were killed in an automobile accident by a drunk driver.  She was our first granddaughter, and you can imagine the heartaches we have carried during the intervening weeks.  She was so beautiful, and she was the only one of present generation that showed the Melungeon/Choctaw characteristics with her olive skin, bark hair and those beautiful dark eyes.
 This is in explanation for the delay in expressing our appre-ciation for your letter and the print-out of the lives of Thomas D. and Nancy Goins/Gowen of Atascosita District, Coahuila y Te-jas [later Liberty County, Texas] and descendants.  They were my g-g-g-g-grandparents.  I was not aware that they received a Texas land grant of 4,606 acres or that their heirs spent 70 years wrangling over it in court.  I am enclosing a run-down of my lineage back to them to add to Section 124 of the Foundation Manuscript along with my 1995 membership.  Thanks so much for the back issues of the Newsletter.  Sherry M. Chitty, Box 1892, Onalaska, TX, 77360, 409/646-3390.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am forwarding "Six Decade Index of Henry County, Vir-ginia, 1790-1840" by Anne V. Miller for the Foundation Li-brary.  Using federal census returns and county tax lists, the compiler has assembled a comprehensive list of the citizens of early Henry County.
 You will notice that there were 12 families of interest to Gowen chroniclers in 1790, headed by: Benjamin Gowing, Charles Gowing, Claborn Gowing, David Gowing, Isaac Gow-ing, John Gowing [on Berry Branch], John Gowing [on Russel Creek], Laban Gowing, Nathan Gowing, Shadrack Gowing and William Gowing.  During the decade most removed to Ten-nessee.
 In 1800 only John Going remained in Henry County.  In 1810 Berry Going, Elizabeth Going and Simon Going were recorded there.  No Gowen families were enumerated there in 1820 and 1830.  The 1840 census listed only Claiborn Going and John P. Going in Henry County.  Granville W. Hough, 3438 Bahia Blanca W, Apt. B, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653.


December 1994

 Wow!  I am impressed!  Before I even knew that you had published my letter of inquiry in the Newsletter, I began to re-ceive responses.  Now I have found yet other cousins with whom I can share.  And now we can pool our energies and perhaps meet with lots of success.  Enclosed is my membership applica-tion.  I am looking forward to future Newsletters.  Diane M. Howard, 18201 E. Park Dr, Cleveland, OH, 44119.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I read your story of the John F. Gowen farm [Newsletter, October 1994] with keen interest.  Having done extensive re-search in this line, I was familiar with most of the documents men-tioned, but I have not found any documents that reveal the mid-dle initial of  William, John or Mary Keife Gowen.
 The only member of this family who signed his name in Stafford County, VA was Ambrose Gowen.  Each of the others made his mark using the initial letter of his first name with the exception of John who used the initial letter of his first and last names joined together.
 At first glance, this ligature resembles an "F."  Mary's "M" on one document resembles a "W," but on closer inspection, it is an "M."  These unique marks prove that they were the same peo-ple later in Lunenburg County, VA who sold their land in Fair-fax County.  Photostats of the signature marks are enclosed.
 I regard "William, Ambrose and Thomas Goings" recorded in the records of Granville County, NC to be sons of William & Catherine Gowen of Stafford County, VA.  I also believe "David Goins" of Henry County, VA was the son of Ambrose Gowen.  "John Goins" who was born on the Flatt River in Granville County, NC in 1750 had a long, close relationship with John Riddle.  Both appear in Fincastle County, VA and Montgomery County, VA records during 1777-1780s.  They are living next to each other in Stokes County, NC during the 1790s.  One re-searcher suggested they were brothers-in-law.  Jack Goins, Rt, 2, Box 275, Rogersville, TN, 37857.  Thanks, Jack for catch-ing our "initial errors."  Researchers note corrections.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am seeking information on my great-grandparents, Alex Clark and Mary Ann Goin Clark who were married January 15, 1860 in Hamilton County, TN.  Can anyone supply the names of their parents and their places and dates of birth.  Elroy Kirk-patrick, Box 983, Diamond Springs, CA, 95619.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 After several years of research [and much frustra-tion], I have finally completed my search to prove that I am a direct descen-dant of William Alexander Gowen of York County, ME [Newsletter, April 1990].  This came from a handwritten manuscript, unpublished, by Angevine Wesley Gowen [Newsletter, March 1992] entitled "Cider Hill Annals."
 I live within five miles of the old Gowen home-stead and vis-ited the Gowen Cemetery last year.  The last time I saw Angevine in the early twenties; he was surveying in York Beach, and I was on a school bus coming home.  As a child, I was taken by my mother by horse-and-buggy to visit Angie and my Great Aunt Julia.  While there, Angie played his violin for me.  Memo-ries, memories!  Flora Woodford, 1324 US Rt. 1, Cape Ned-dick, ME, 03702,
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My g-gm was named Margaret Robertson Gowans and was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland November 24, 1856.  She was married to John Cross who brought his family to the U.S. about 1878.  She died October 3, 1907 in Allegheny County, MD.  She was the daughter of James Gowans and Janet Robertson.  James Gowans parents were Alexander Gowans and Elizabeth Gilmore.  Does the Foundation or anyone have anything helpful on this family?  Joseph Shirley, RD3, Box 31, Meyersdale, PA, 15552.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks for the large package of Newsletter back issues . . . I think.  I sat up until 6:20 a.m. and read every last one of them!
 I have just returned from a 7,500-mile research trip, trying to re-trace the steps of my ancestors--Goins, Perkins, Willis, Sweat and Johnston as they headed west.  I have covered courthouses in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
 It seems that my 5th g-gf Jacob Willis may have been the leader of the trek into Spanish Louisiana.  He was the first Protestant minister west of the Missis-sippi and planted the early Baptist churches in south-western Louisiana.  He, a half-Chero-kee, spoke sev-eral Indian dialects and was known as the "Apostle to the Opelousas."
 I gathered much Goins data in the 8-state sojourn which I will pass along to the Foundation as soon as I have had time to process it.  I learned of a Spanish census of the Choctaw Nation taken long before the Louisiana Purchase.  At the first opportu-nity, I will scan it for Goins individuals among the tribesmen for the Foundation.  Sandra M. Loridans, Apartado Postal 844, 45900 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.


January 1995

 I have just read "C.S.S. Alabama, Avenging An-gel of the Confederacy" by Max Guerout in the De-cember issue of the "National Geographic."  This warship sunk, burned or cap-tured 64 Union vessels during a 22-month rampage through three oceans.  However, she met her nemesis in the U.S.S. Kearsarge, Yankee cruiser off Cherbourg, France in June 1864 in the English Channel.
 In the sea battle, in which the Alabama was sunk, the Kearsarge lost only one man--Seaman William Gowin [Newsletter, December 1990] of New York. Has any Foundation researcher come up with addi-tional information on this William Gowen?  George William Gowan, 1128 Eastbrook, Webster Groves, MO, 63110, 314/962-9744.  Your inquiry prompted the Foundation to request the naval record of William Gowin from the National Archives.  More on Seaman Gowin when the re-ply is received.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 We were really excited when Donna Gowin John-ston of Casper, WY told us about the Foundation.  We logged onto the Electronic Library, and it was fun, can't wait to get full access.   We downloaded the membership application form, and our two member-ships are enclosed.  We will be proud to be members of the Foundation.  Steve W. Sowers, Box 56, Bethany, IL, 61914 and Melody Doss, 313 N. Mc-Clellan, #3, Sullivan, IL, 61951.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 It was intriguing to read of Richard A. Gowan of Smith County, MS where I was born, and where my ancestor, Patsy Gowen/Guyon Richardson died as wife of Elijah Richardson?  Could you publish an ar-ticle on John Gowan, father of Richard A. Gowan?  This John Gowan might be a sibling of my ancestor.  Please give me the names and addresses of all the re-searchers working on this branch of the family.  Prof. Granville W. Hough, 3438 Bahia Blanca W, Apt. B, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653.  John Gowan was the sub-ject of an article by Phillip Alan Gowan [Newsletter, December 1989]
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Our branch [Margaret Tate, Barbara Clements and I] have had difficulty getting our lineage back beyond Ezekial Gowen [1773-1869] and his parents Ezekial Gowen and Sally Gowen.  There's no doubt that we descend from the Scottish prisoner-of-war William Gowen.  My opinion is that he was not, as some records suggest, a Scottish Highlander, rather a Lowland Scot since he spoke English, was a Protestant and could read and write.  His signature appears frequently in the early-day York Court documents which he witnessed.  Apparently most of the setters in that period were illiterate."
 It was fascinating to hear of some researchers making a break-through to William Gowen with Angevine Gowen's "Cider Hill Annals."  Keep us posted on news about this manuscript.  Mary Ellen Gowen Waugh, 6401 Auburn Ave, Riverdale, MD, 20737.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Do you have any information in the computer files on a Lewis Gowen who had a son, Ezekiel Gowen born May 9, 1739 in Kittery, ME, married September 17, 1771, d1817 at Sanford, ME?  This Ezekiel Gowen might be the father of my Ezekiel Gowen, b1773/74.  Margaret Pearson Tate, 34 Washington St, Exeter, NH, 03833.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Need information on John Going, bc1749 to Shadrack Going of Patrick County, VA.  I regard John Going as the father of my Thomas Going, b1795 in VA.  Children of Thomas Going have the same names as children of Shadrack Going.  Can anyone confirm? Help and exchanges appreciated.  Anna G. Dunkley, Rt. 2, Box 234, Westfield, NC, 27053.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am seeking information on my grandparents, George Washington Goings and Eugenia Elizabeth Driggers Goings who lived in Berkley County, SC in the late 1800s.  I have every Newsletter which you have published, and you have carried many articles referring to men named George Washington Go-ings, however none of them appeared to be connected to my grandfather.  He died about 1915, and my grandmother died some time before.
 Their children were Grover Cleveland, Vermell, Viola, Becky, Daisy, Kathleen, Philip, Rachel and Mary.  Rachel Go-ings, my mother was born October 14, 1898 and died January 23. 1970.  My parents removed to Virginia when they were mar-ried, and I remember that my mother received letters from her sisters, and sometimes she visited them.  At present, I do not know how to communicate with any of their children.  Can the Foundation members assist me to find my family?  Virginia H. Borum, 839 Ellen St, Fernandina Beach, FL, 32034.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My earliest known ancestor is James Goyne, Sr, [Newsletter, October 1990] born May 10, 1755 in Lunenburg [later Meck-lenburg] County, VA.  He was married about 1775, wife's name Mary, probably in Cam-den, Kershaw Co, SC and later fought in the American Revolu-tion.  After the war, he lived in Georgia and Louisiana, finally settling in Kemper County, MS where he died.
 Do you have a record of any brothers and sisters of James Goyne, Sr?  What is known about other Goyne/Goius families who may be related?  Casey L. Stafford, 600 S. Silver, Deming, NM, 88030.


February 1995

 Thank you for the Newsletters and the information you re-cently sent to me regarding the various Gowans families of La-narkshire, Scotland.  I am impressed with the level of effort that has gone into the Newsletters and the organization of the Foun-dation.  This the best I have seen of any family organiza-tion.  Along with my membership application I am enclosing some print-outs of the information I have on my Gowans an-cestors and their descendants.  I would be glad to exchange Gowans data with anyone in pursuit of the Lanarkshire family.  Joseph Shirley, Rt. 3, Box 31, Meyersdale, PA, 15552.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am searching for the ancestors of my great-grandparents, Crawford H. Goin, born October 1847 and Mary Virginia Price Goin, born in April 1845, who were enumerated in the 1900 census of Appomattox County, VA in Clover Hill Dis-trict near Pamplin, VA.  Crawford H. Goin had five brothers; Charles L. Goin and Jerry T. Goin of Salem, VA; Glenn A. Goin, Norfolk, VA; Harry L. Goin, Middle River, MD and Emmett H. Goin, Baltimore.  He also had a sister, Florence Goin who was married to J. B. McFaddin.
 Also in the Clover Hill District was Powhatan B. Goin and his sister Elizabeth A. Goin enumerated together in 1900.  He was born in Virginia in February 1848, and she was born there in May 1849.  The Elijah P. Fore family, located nearby, ap-peared to be closely associated with the Goins.  I have a large collec-tion of Goin family data which I would be glad to ex-change with Foundation researchers.  Janice Farrington Samuelson, 210 Winding Way, Salisbury, NC, 28147.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 It is encouraging to hear that break-thrus do occur in our William Alexander Gowen branch of the family.  Thanks for the revised draft of the York County, ME section of the Foun-dation manuscript.  I am reading and re-reading Sections .078 and .080 and making charts to show where my Benjamin Gowen "hooks on."  Alas, so far, still a dead end.  I am also constructing a time-line chart for him.  Maybe the computer will reveal something I've been missing.  Any suggestions?
 Enclosed is my Sustaining Membership and a gift member-ship for my daughter in New York.  Since the next generation may have to solve some of these Gowen family puzzles, it's time to get them involved.  Susan B. Liedell, 148 Kate's Path, Yarmouth Port, MA, 02675.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My sister, Bessie Dean Dent and I, had the sad privilege of attending the funerals of two of our first cousins recently.  James Vernon Gowen, Jr. and his brother Guy Albert Gowen, both of Charlton County, were g-g-g-grandsons of Lt. James Gowen, Revolutionary soldier of Beaufort District, South Car-olina.  James died November 10 at age 77, and Albert died De-cember 18.  I am enclosing obituary information on both so that you may add it to their files in the Foundation Library.  They were also cousins to Charles Latimer Gowen of Atlanta, Barney Alexander Gowen of Woodbine and Miller A. Gowen of Geneva, Switzerland.
 I appreciate the work the Foundation is doing to chronicle all the branches of the family.  My membership for 1995 is en-closed.  Hazel Dean Overstreet, 5175 Odum Hwy, Odum, GA, 31555.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Need information on John Going b1824 in VA.  I regard him as a brother of my Jonathan Going, b1822 in VA.  John's wife, Betsy Beasley. b1823. may be a sister to Jonathan's wife, Han-nah Beasley, b1826.  Both couples were married in 1846 in Surry County, NC.  Jean Grider, 1734 Salem Church Rd, Cave City, KY, 42127.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 In regard to William Gowen, Jr. and Jamima "Jimminy" Burns Gowen [Newsletter November 1994], while searching for my Garrets, I came across two references to them in the Bedford County. VA court minutes [photostats enclosed].  These docu-ments show that they were married about seven years earlier that previously thought.  In the minutes for 1777, page 135, appears:
"Jamima Going, wife of William Gowin, a soldier in the service of the United States all'd [al[owed] 10 in the hands of William Leftwich, Gent. Ordered to be cert'd [certified] to treasurer,"
The court minutes of Bedford County dated July 27, 1778 read:
"Jamima Going, wife of William Going, Jr, all'd 8 for the support of herself and Family for Six Months in the absence of her Husband, a soldier in the service of the United States in the hands of William Leftwich, Gent. which is ordered to be Cert."
 Their sons, James Burns Gowen [Newsletter March 1990] and Dr. William Davis Gowen [Newsletter April 1992] were born to them after the Revolutionary war.  These documents also tend to prove that William Gowen, Jr. was a Revolutionary sol-dier.  I wonder why Jamima did not apply for a pension on her husband's service.  Maybe she did, and it has just not yet sur-faced.  June A. Smith, Box 85, Belfair, WA, 98528.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am saddened to forward the news on to you of the sudden death of Rev. Richard Goins of Ottumwa, IA [Foundation Ed-itorial Boardmember].  Enclosed is an obituary sent to me by Richard's wife, Marietta.  He died shortly after being involved in an automobile accident near his home.  Marietta was seriously injured, but is recovering.
 The Goins were such a nice couple.  We became acquainted though the Foundation [Newsletter May 1993] in our Goins family research.  They visited us in California carrying a box of photos of our common relatives.  This was so typical of Richard . . . always ready to share any genealogical information or books that he had.  Jeraldine M. Webb, 1318 Domador, San Clemente, CA, 92673.


March 1995

 We need to add another child to the family of William Gowan and Anastasia Sullivan Gowan of Goochland and Bed-ford Counties, Virginia and Madison County, Kentucky.  Insert Sally Gowan, born about 1792, as their umpteenth child.  Please see photostats of Madison County marriage bond record dated January 22, 1808 enclosed.
 Anastasia Sullivan Gowan wrote a note on that date to the Madison county clerk requesting that he "please issue a marriage license to Thomas Sanders and my daughter, Sally Goan."  A bond of 50 was posted by Thomas Sanders and Joseph Gowan/Going, brother of Sally Gowan.  "Joseph [X] Goan," the Revolutionary soldier and his son, Francis [X] Goan" witnessed the signature of "Annaster Goan, widow."
 When I visited the courthouse there, I found these misfiled documents without realizing that they had been so badly kept.  They were all in neat little boxes like they had spent the whole time there.  As in any old depository, we know that they change containers and locations many times.  June A. Smith, Box 85, Belfair, WA, 98528.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 The Mormons have just opened a Family History Centre here, but much of the research material I need now is found only in the major libraries.  I am searching for a compatible re-searcher in Cornwall where my Goyen/Gowen lineage has stalled.  Any suggestions?
 I have had a couple of letters from Evelyn McKinley Orr of Omaha who shares my interest in the mysterious Melungeons.  There seems to be a gene for a dark skin even in my family with Cornish ancestors.  It is probably so diluted with white ancestry that it is difficult to evaluate.  It must be dominant.  DNA testing is progressing so rapidly that we will probably have some an-swers one day soon.  Future genealogists will probably use real genes in genealogy.
 It is interesting to read about the Turkish influence.  The Turks were raiding the Cornish coast during the 1400s, plun-dering and stealing church items, plus women and children.  Maybe that's how we arrived there.
 Have any of the American Gowens traced their ancestry out of America yet?  If so, I would like to contact them to compare their discoveries with mine.  Robert J. Goyen, 523 Sutton St, Sebastopol 3356, Victoria, Australia.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 We were glad to learn that you have arranged with Jack Greene of Hilton Head, SC to research our Gowen/Greene an-cestors of Beaufort and Colleton Districts, SC and also the mystery of the Gowrie Conspiracy/Gowrie Tract in Camden Co, GA.  I am enclosing some additional Gowen family in-formation for the manuscript along with sustaining Member-ships for our chil-dren in Switzerland and Hong Kong to add to the Founda-tion mailing list.  Maybe the genealogy bug will bite, and you will soon have three new Gowen researchers.  Although I don't seem to be travelling as much as I once did, I hope to see my American cousins again soon.  Miller Abbott "Bud" Gowen, P.O. Box 2389, 1211 Geneva [2], Switzer-land.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks so much for remembering me and my struggle against atomic poisoning.  I am still struggling for myself and all of the atomic veterans of World War II who entered the Japanese contaminated areas of radiation without any warning from our government.  My body has steadily weakened since that fateful day in 1945 when we entered Hiroshima, and my voice has be-come much weaker.  But it is good to know that someone still cares and that "my cousins" will add their strong voices to con-tinue to carry my plea to our government.  I hope that that someone in our government will eventually admit its abandon-ment of its loyal soldiers.  It exposed them to radiation poison-ing 50 years ago and then denied any responsibility for sen-tencing them to a slow death.  Thank you, my cousins, for your kind consideration of us and our plight.  James M. Gowin, First Atomic Veteran and son of a Civil War Veteran, 1075 Lovers Leap Road, Kingston Springs, TN, 37082
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am interested in corresponding with anyone related to Wi-ley Williamson Goynes/Goings, b1799 GA, and his wife Martha Brister Goynes/Goings, b1804/05 KY.  I have a document from a newspaper listing his father as James Goynes/Gaynes/Goings.  Margaret F. Goynes Olson, 303 E. Hoffman Ave, Kingsville, TX, 78363.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Henri and I have just completed an intensive Spanish course at the University of Guadalajara, and it was almost too much for an "old lady."  We had to get up at 5:30 a.m. every day, leave at 7:15 and be in our classroom at 8:00.  With all that now behind us, I can resume my family research and gladly undertake the Editorial Board assignment.
 Soon I will send to you the Goins material I gathered on our research trip thrugh the southern states in October and Novem-ber.  Family researchers will be interested to know that Jane Parker McManus has moved back to Alexandria, LA to be closer to her research work.  She is presently working on a book on cemetery listings of Louisiana.
 Enclosed is my Sustaining Membership for 1995.  Sandra M. Loridans, Apartado Postal 844, 45900 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am looking for information regarding my g-gf James G. Goins, bc1867 AL, d1949 in Butler County, AL.  He lived most of his life in Crenshaw Co, AL.  He was married to Laura Cry-sell, and they had nine or ten children.  I believe his mother was a Harrison.  Any information would be appreciated.  Kenneth R. Jones, 8590 Lakeshore Drive, Southaven, MS, 38671, 601/342-1577.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Sometime ago our Pensacola newspaper genealogical col-umn carried a news article about your Foundation, and I wa de-lighted to learn about it.  I would like to know if any of your re-searchers are investi-gating the history of Revolutionary Soldier Charles Gowens/Goings of Henry County, VA and Gallatin County, KY.  He was enumerated there from 1820 to 1850.  His daugh-ter, Sally is my g-g-g-g-grandmother.  If you have any informa-tion on this family or can direct me to sonemone who does, I would be grateful.  I have collected information on other Gowens/Goings in this area and will share with anyone who writes.  Last year I inserted a query in "Bluegrass Roots" and received a reply which stated that the Goings, etc and their Melungeon connections had been well researched by you.  What can your organization tell me about them?  Bernice S. Ridge-way, 1314 Hound Chase Circle, Pen-sacola, FL, 32514


April 1995

 I am enclosing an article about Pfc. Archie Goins, S/N 35132322 who served in the U.S. Army in World War II.  He volunteered for the First Ranger Battalion and served in North Africa, Sicily and Italy.  He was captured by the Nazis and in-terned in various stalags in Germany.
 The article, written by Ranger Col. Clarence H. Meltesen, was published in the March 1995 edition of "Ex-POW Bul-letin."  The brutality and savagery that Archie Goins endured at the hands of the S.S. troops and prison guards do not make pretty reading, but I thought you would like to have a copy for the Foundation Library.
 I, too, was a prisoner-of-war and underwent similar treat-ment.  Col. Meltesen has written a book and several articles about prisoners-of-war in the European Theatre during WWII.  If the Foundation or any of its members can identify Archie Goins, please contact me with any details you can provide about his life.  I will forward it on to Col. Meltesen who is anxious to contact him.  Darrel A. Russell, Natchez Trace Genealogical Society, Box 420, Florence, AL, 45631.  Our mailing list re-veals three men of that name, Archie D. Goins, Spiro, OK, 918/962-3574; Archie Goins, LaFollette, TN, 615/562-3120 and Archie E. Goins, Richmond, IN, 317/935-2223.  Perhaps our members will know of more.  Good Luck!
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks to all for the wonderful and thrilling information in the March Newsletter about James Burns Gowen.  Would also guess that his son, William Price Gowen [1824-1873] is buried there in a now unmarked grave.  His wife, Sydney Floyd Gowen [1829-1896] is buried in Old Flat Creek Cemetery, Flat Creek, Tennessee in Bedford County.  Since she died 23 years later, it does seem logical.
 We do appreciate the family newsletter.  it is excellent.  Elizabeth Hale Morfitt, 353 Westmoreland Drive, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Over this past weekend, a set of your Newsletters was do-nated to our society for its research library.  We have the second largest historical and family history/genealogy library is Queens County and sponsor the Queens Genealogy Workshop.
 Your officers, directors and contributing members are to be commended for a well-written, attractive and most interesting Newsletter.  George P. Miller, Executive Director, Greater Ridgewood Historical Society, 1820 Flushing Ave, Ridge-wood, NY, 11385, 718/456-1776.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thank you so much for the large packet of information about William Gowen and son, James Burns Gowen.  These are in-triguing men.  We will pass this information along to our chil-dren and grandchildren.  John & Maxine Gowan, 404 Old Athens Pike, Sweetwater, TN, 37874.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 This package contains Section 154 of the Foundation Manuscript which we have proofread and attached corrections, revisions, expansions, etc.  Also, extended information is in-cluded on Jonathan Frederick Gowen and Amanda Jane Sexton Gowen and their descendants.  Jonathan Frederick Gowen is identified as the son of Jonathan Henry Gowen and Hannah J. Beasley Gowen of Patrick County, Virginia and Adair County, Kentucky.
 Many descendants of Jonathan Frederick Gowen and his older kinsman Frederick Gowen [also of Patrick and Adair counties] exhibit dark complexions and other distinctive fea-tures.  Some researchers regard them as Melungeon.
 As new research and information is received, it will be passed along to the Foundation.  Thank you for your continued work and dedication.  Barbara J. Ludwig, 9848 W. Gardner Rd, Bloomington, IN, 47403.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am looking for information on the parents of Sarah Gowen, bc1695 in VA.  She was mc1714 to Nathan Morgan who dc1750 in Onslow Co, NC.  Sarah Gowen Morgan dc1765 in NC.  Their son Gowen Morgan was born in 1742 and died in 1781 in On-slow County.  He was married about 1765 to Mary Thompson.  Bryan Huneycutt, 25561 Novela Way, Valencia, CA, 91355.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am interested in corresponding with anyone related to John Gowen, son of Shadrack Gowen of Patrick County, VA, [c1800].  Hoping that John Gowen connects to my William Gowen line.  C. G. Young, Box 3791, Martinsville, VA, 74115, 703/632-4711.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am writing to inquire about any data you may have linking Gowen/Goins to either Barnes/Barns or Cannon/Kennon in any Southern state.  In particular, I'm interested in South Carolina data, as there are hints of links in records there to my Barnes and Cannon families.
 John Barnes of Greenville Co, SC, deed dated 25 Aug 1797 to John Swaffer, 7 Apr 1798, for 30 sterling, 50 acres adjacent Mager Gowens Corner . . . John Barnes, Wit: William Blyth, Daniel Blyth.
 Researcher Brent Holcomb states, "Mager Gowen was Maj. John "Buck" Gowen, a well-known figure in upper Greenville County near the Spartanburg line.  I believe that the current community of Gowensville was near his residence."]
 From Greenville Co. Deed Book D, pp. 534-535:
"Mary Barnes of Greenville District, SC [possibly widow of John Barnes] deed dated 28 March 1819, to Thomas Payne for $100, tract of 100 acres in Greenville District on a branch of the mid-dle fork of Saluda River whereon the said Mary Barnes and Henry Deen now live.  Mary [X] Barns [LS], Wit: John Gowen, James Gowen. Proved by the oath of John Gowen, Junr that he saw Molly Barnes sign the deed, 7 Feb 1820."
 There was a Goins marriage into the Carter Cannon family. Carter Cannon was the father-in-law of John S. Barns [1813 AL-1853 TX].  Carter's daughter, Elizabeth, married William Goins in TX.  Carter Cannon [c1794 SC-April 1875 Tarrant Co, TX.]  Cecilie Gaziano, 4511 Fremont Avenue So, Minneapo-lis, MN, 55409, 612-825-8887, Fax 612-825-8174, E-mail: [email protected] OR [email protected].
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I felt you would interested in an Indian by the name of Gowane for whom landmarks in Brooklyn, New York were named, according to "The Stone House at Gowanus," 1909 by Georgia Fraser:
 "The first settlement by white people within the boundaries of the present city of Brooklyn was made in I636, just 27 years after Henry Hudson dropped anchor from the "Halve Maen" in what is now New York Bay.  In I636 "William Bennet and Jacques Bentyn pur-chased from the Indians a tract of 930 acres of land at Gowanus, upon which, at some time previous to the In-dian War of 1643-45~ a dwelling house was erected."  This was the beginning of the village of Gowanus, near Gowanus Bay; and the same name was given to the re-gion bordering Gowanus Creek, afterward Gowanus Canal, and extend-ing easterly to the wooded hills.  The name, Gowanus, is an Indian one, and was said to be the place where an In-dian, called Gowane, planted his corn."
 I recall that the Iroquois Confederacy, the fiercest and pre-dominant tribe in New York used to banish other tribes of whom they became distrustful.  The banished tribes, called "squaws" by the Iroquois, were sent to the area which later became the states of Virginia and the Carolinas.
 A recent Newsletter article cited the use of DNA testing to show a relationship between groups.  This might add some more diversity to the Melungeon mix.  Another hypothesis suggests that American Indians are the progeny of Asiatic travellers who crossed the Alaskan land bridge. Genes of Ghengis Khan! Austin W. Gowan, Box 134, Wilmington, NY, 12997


May 1995

  I descend from Shadrach Goings bc1796 VA dc1885 Hardy Co, WV. Shadrach married twice: 1st to a Hester and 2nd c1855 to Mary Webster in Hardy Co. Known children of Shadrach and Hester were Hannah C, Mary Ann, Washington, Abraham, William H, Shadrach Jr, George, Isaac, and Jacob [there are probable others judging from the gap in ages of the known chil-dren].
 Issue by Mary Webster were: Susan T. Anna B. and Ella A. Shadrach Sr. owned and operated the only ferry across the Po-tomac River outside of Moorefield, WV.  I am interested in any information the Foundation may have concerning this family and their ancestors. Also, I would like to hear from anyone re-searching this family.  Can you help?  If I can be of help in any way, please let me know.  Joyce Hardy Cates, 4900 Pleasant Ave, Fairfield, OH, 45014, 513/896-7897.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am saddened to report the deaths of two more Gowen cousins.  I attended the funeral of Hazel Gowen Stapleton, daughter of James Vernon Gowen and Agnes Dean Gowen, who was born November 23, 1912 and died February 8, 1995.  She had eight brothers, but is survived only by one, Harold Sidney Gowen.  She was buried in Folkston Cemetery.  Sheppard An-drew Gowen, son of Andrew Greene Gowen, Jr. and Bertha Sheppard Grooms Gowen, died January 29, 1995 at Waycross.  He was buried at Traders Hill near the graves of his parents and his grandparents.  Hazel Dean Overstreet, 5175 Odum High-way, Odum, GA, 31555.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am searching for three brothers, Abner Goins, Absalom Goins and Hirum Goins, all born in Georgia c1800, perhaps Houston County.  They reportedly removed to Missouri c1860.  I regard them as uncles of my James Elijah Goins.  Would be pleased to hear from any researcher with a lead.  Jaymie Fred-erick, Box 361, Scobey, MT, 59063, 406/487-2738.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I recently had a visit from Sherry Chitty.  I was quite excited to meet her.   My husband is a descendant of Thomas D. Goins and Nancy Johnson Goins [Newsletter, February 1995].   His lineage is through their daughter Sarah Goins.  Sherry did not have any of the material that I had.  I will be happy to share what information I have with the Foundation or any member.  I am enclosing two memberships in the Foundation.  One is for Bell Cain Morrow of Houston, also a descendant of Thomas D. Goins, and one is for me.  Suzy Cain, 310 Commander Creek, Rt. 2, Galveston, TX, 77554, 409/935-8914.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Foundation members need to be advised that the Foundation has no connection with the publication "Three Centuries of Gowens" currently being offered for sale from Denver by "Gowen Family News."  The Editor.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
In honor of Tennessee's Bicentennial in 1996, the East Ten-nessee Historical Society is sponsoring a new heritage program titled "First Families of Tennessee."  The purpose of the project is to identify and recognize all descendants of the first residents of the state of Tennessee.  Anyone who is directly descended from a person living in Tennessee when the state was admitted to the Union in 1796, or before, is eligible for membership in this permanent remembrance of his family history and the Ten-nessee Bicentennial.

To qualify for membership in the First Families of Tennessee, the applicant must directly descend from an ancestor who settled in Tennessee prior to June 1, 1796.  The applicant must be able to prove descent from the ancestor [male or female] by an ac-ceptable record or records for each generation, including proof for the applicant.  Current Tennessee residence is not required.

Applicants who qualify and are admitted to membership in First Families of Tennessee will receive a handsomely designed cer-tificate issued by the East Tennessee Historical Society featuring the applicant's name and the name of the applicant's ancestor. In addition, members of First Families of Tennessee will receive invitations to members-only events and will have an opportunity to contribute to ETHS activities connected with the Bicentennial celebration in 1996.

The information furnished by applicants as proof of lineage will be placed in the McClung Historical Collection. There, as a re-source for other researchers and genealogists, it will serve as a valuable addition to the history of Tennessee and a source of in-formation and pride for future generations.  For more informa-tion or for an application form, contact the East Tennessee His-torical Society, P.O. Box 1629, Knoxville, TN, 37901-1629 or call 615-544-5732.


June 1995

 I am searching for the parents and children of James W. Go-ings and Gabriella Skinner Goings who were married in 1843 in Amherst County, VA.  They had eight children that I am aware of:  Thomas, J, Louisa, Andrew Jackson [my gggf] Francis M, James H, Sanford W, Mary James and Martha E.
 Andrew Jackson Going was married at age 23 to Nannie Elizabeth Nuckles May 9, 1871 at Lynchburg Virginia.  Thanks for any assistance.  Nancy F. Byrd, 922 S. Coleman St, Tooele, UT, 84074, 801/882-2323
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 As you may remember, I have been doing genealogy [free will] for the past 28 years.  Would the Foundation or the mem-bers be interested in Price genealogy?  [Annie Price, daughter of Matthew Price was married to James Burns Gowen.]
 Linda Lou McDowell in "Dear Cousins" [Newsletter, De-cember 1989] had a query on the connection with Robert Burns.  I am providing her with some Burns research which does not paint a pretty picture of our ancestors on that side.
 I am very proud of Sara Goins of Dunlap, TN [Newsletter, July 1993].  She is a precious person and is one half of the pair who does my book publishing.
 I use my microfilm reader and a film membership in Utah constantly to scan census returns for Gowen/Goin etc. enumera-tions in various states.  Would the Foundation Library be inter-ested a copy of my research?  Thanks for all the good things you have provided me in the past.  Mae Wilhelm, 183 Mathis Cir-cle, Estill Springs, TN, 37330.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks very much for the recognition and the honor that you gave to my father, James Madison Gowin, the Civil War veteran and me in the Newsletter, May 1995.  Our combined lifespans of 154 years on this earth may be some kind of a record here, but it's just a twinkling in God's scheme of things.  James Madison Gowin, Jr, First Atomic Veteran, 1075 Lovers Leap Road, Kingston Springs, TN, 37082.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thank you very much for the Foundation Newsletters that you have been sending to our library.  They are enjoyed by many people among our patrons.  I personally enjoyed the article on the Melungeons.  I believe my Clark Mize was a member of this ethnic group.  Roberta Padgett, Librarian, Kentucky Ge-nealogical Society Library, Box 153, Frankfort, KY, 40602.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am enclosing some notes on Charles & Elizabeth "Betsy" Going/Gowens taken from Big Spring Baptist Church minutes of Claiborne County, Tennessee.  It appears that this Henry County, Virginia couple worshipped here from June 1804 until they were dismissed in April 1812.  Apparently they removed from here to Harrison County, KY [where a daughter was mar-ried in 1814] and later to Gallatin County, KY where they died.  They may have been related to James & Elizabeth Going and Hannah Going who were also members of the Big Spring church at that time.
 Also enclosed are some early land records of Pittsylvania County, Virginia along with a map of the area.  Note that this land lay in Henry County when it was created in 1776.  Later the land lay in Patrick County when it was created in 1790.  A large concentration of our ancestors were in this area.  Donna Gowin Johnston, 1513 Westridge Terrace, Casper, WY, 82604.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I have been on a "genealogy high" ever since receiving your letter and the Foundation manuscript print-outs regarding my ancestor Samuel Gowin.  This amazing break-through shows what can be accomplished when researchers share and work to-gether.  I am so grateful for the work and generosity of Frances Fleming of Carthage, Missouri who started the chain reaction.
 This morning I was awakened at 5:30 a.m. by a call from Morgan Buglier of Phoenix.  I had written to him about his grandmother, Lula May Goins Champion Reece Francis.  Mor-gan and I talked for 2 hours, and we concluded that his Robert Goins and my Samuel Gowin may have been brothers.  You will be hearing from him soon.
 Please send me a revised print-out on Samuel Gowin and de-scendants after you have moved him "upstream" in the Manuscript from Garland County, AR to Jefferson County, AL.  Peggy A. White, 109 Underwood, Hopkinsville, KY, 42240.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am enclosing a photograph of an inscription I took on a visit to Canterbury Cathedral.  The inscription "I. Goings, 1749" appears on a wall in a small chapel on the lower level.  I ne-glected to ask about it while there.  Can anyone explain its sig-nificance?  Annette Miner, Box 455, Pharr, TX, 78577.


July 1995

 A thrill went down my spine when I first heard about Gowen Research Foundation!  I had goosebumps when I first logged on to the Electronic Library and found acres and acres of Gowens!
After spending countless hours in various libraries, it was a Godsend!  My membership is enclosed!
 Charles Gowens is my 6th great-grandfather.  He was born in 1763 in Henry County, VA and served in the Revolutionary War.  My line married into the Rose and Furnish families.  They go from Kentucky to Indiana to Kansas to Idaho.  Could Gal-loway Goins be a brother to Charles Gowens?  He was married to Betsy Rose July 27, 1813.  What about Charles' parents?  An-gela McDonald, 2721 N. Christine, Boise, ID, 83704.
 Greg A. Bennatt identifies Galloway Gowens as the oldest son of Charles Gowens and Elizabeth Blair Gowens.  He was married to Betsy Rose in 1813 in Harrison County, KY.  His sister Lu-cinda was married to Charles Rose there in 1812 and his sister Hannah was married to William Rose there in 1812.  Another triple play for the Gowens family!
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Family tradition states that our Jesse Harrison Gowin was born c1840 in Knoxville, TN.  In 1862 he lived in Loudon County, TN where his son, Jesse Harrison Gowin, Jr. was born July 28, 1862.  Jesse Harrison Gowin died in Confederate ser-vice, and his widow remarried Robert R. Redpate who removed to Illinois about 1870.
 Jesse Harrison Gowin, Jr. was married about 1887 in Sey-mour, MO to Sallie Ann Robertson.  That's all we know.  Can you help?  Are all Gowins so elusive?  Our contributing mem-berships are enclosed.  Mary R. McKenney, 3421 Amherst, Dallas, TX, 75225, 214/691-5384.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Does anyone know of the connection between the Gowen, Burleson and Hunt families of Davidson County, TN and Madi-son, Etowah and Blount counties, AL?  Wilford Burleson Gowen of Davidson County, TN had two members of his family who had "Hunt" as a middle name.  Gen. John Hunt Morgan, CSA, was said to be a grandson of a Burleson.  He was born at Huntsville, AL which was named for his Hunt family.  Any thoughts?  Betty Stevens, 2804 W. Boyce, Ft. Worth, TX, 76133, 817/921-0528.


August 1995

 I am searching for parents/ancestors of George Goings and William Zechariah Goings.  George Goings was married March 13, 1872 in Lawrence County, MS, wife's name Anne E.  Anne E. Goins was later remarried to William Zechariah Goings, re-garded as a brother of George Goings.  He was born December 13, 1854.  William Zechariah Goings was enumerated as the head of a household in the 1880 census of Logan County, Arkansas.  He was recorded at age 25 and she at age 22 with three children in their family, ages five, three and one.  William Zechariah, a Methodist circuit rider, died in 1899.  Can you help?  Shirley A. Goings-Lindsey, 6933 Galemeadow Circle, Dallas, TX, 75214, 214/826-6933.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My father's first cousin, Edna Pearl Gowin Slayton had al-ready been researching the Gowin family about 30 years when I became interested in 1958.  Her home was just south of Indi-anapolis and was too far away for me to meet her, but we corre-sponded regularly over the years.  In the summer of '79 she said her eyes were becoming too bad to continue research, and if I could make a trip to Indianapolis, she would give me all of her "collection" since she didn't have any children to leave it to.  My four children were all still at home and we were always "strapped" for money, so I knew I probably wouldn't get to go.
 In April 1980, I mentioned to my dad, "If I were rich, I'd buy me a plane ticket and go see Edna!" And much to my amaze-ment, he said, "No problem. I can buy your ticket." I got there June 7, and Edna and I visited for four days, almost non-stop, until long after midnight each night.  I took an extra empty suit-case [large!] and brought it home completely full.  She intro-duced me to the word "Melungeon."  We had an unforgettable time!  Ten days after I returned home, she had a massive heart attack and died. It was VERY unexpected and a tremendous shock.  This taught me to try not to put things off for too long.  Just think, how close I came to loosing all of her many years of research notes!  Donna V. Gowin Johnson, 1513 Westridge Terrace, Casper, WY, 82604.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 We were truly lucky that our first edition of the Newsletter featured our ancestors, Thomas Goin and family.  This new in-formation filled a lot of "holes" in our records, and we look for-ward to learning more in the future.  Along with our member-ship, we are enclosing a packet of ancestor charts for the Foun-dation Library and will gladly share all of our research with ev-eryone.  We are very much interested in your Melungeon re-ports.  Harold & Eileen Wasson, 104 Lochleven Rd, Severna Park, MD, 21146, 410/647-5387
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 What can you tell me about Wiley W. Goynes, b1824 who was married to Elizabeth Dykes, b1828.  She died in 1880 in St. Helena Parish, LA, and he died there in 1897.  Was he the son of Daniel C. Goins who was married [1] to Milberry "Milly" Bryant Lee and [2] to Louisiana Kenady?  Virginia R. Kerr, 5098 Gibson Rd, McComb, MS, 39648.


September 1995

 Can anyone assist me with information on the Goins/Goings/Gowens of Lincoln County, North Carolina.  I am seeking details on:
 Wiley Goins who was m1829 to Elizabeth Clippard and m2-1839 to Anna Gooldman.
 John M. Goins who was m1833 to Mary "Polly" Clippard.
 James Goins who was m1837 to Mary A. Kincaid.
 Sally Goings who was m1825 to Jeremiah Smith.
 Aaron Goings who was m1837 to Ann Leonard.
 I regard Wiley Goins as a brother of John M. Goins and Elizabeth Clippard as a sister to Mary "Polly" Clippard.  I am interested in corresponding with anyone who has any data re-lating to these individuals.  Madge W. Philbeck, 716 Georgia, Statesville, NC, 28677.


October 1995

 I am a descendant of James M. Thurston, son of John Bart. Thurston of Greenville Co, SC.  Another son, Elijah Thurston was married about 1879 to Lettie Gowan.  Because of her un-usual name, I regard her as a descendant of Maj. John "Buck" Gowen who was married about 1759 to Lettice Winn "Letty" Bearden, daughter of John Bearden and Lettice Winn Bearden.  Lettice "Letty" Gowen, daughter of Maj. Gowen, was married about 1783 to Street Thurston.  Can anyone document a rela-tionship between these Gowen/Gowan and Thurston individu-als?  Pat Wells, 804 S. Salisbury Avenue, Spencer, NC, 28159.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am enclosing my limited research on my g-g-grand-mother, Louise Gowan/Gowen who was born about 1812 in VA or SC.  She was mc1832 in SC to William Roland Altom.  He died about 1905.  I would be pleased to correspond with anyone who has information about them or their descendants.  Jenny Pen-nick Garner, 204 Superior Ave, Decatur, GA, 30030, 404/378-5080.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Earlier this year, Dr. Brent Kennedy and his Melungeon film crew made a trip to Turkey.  One exciting event of the trip was to form plans for Chesme, Turkey, and Wise, Virginia, a home area of the Melungeons to become sister villages.  In September of this year,  Dr. George Culbertson, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor of Clinch Valley College of the Uni-versity of Vir-ginia, and Dr. Garett Sheldon, Professor of His-tory at Clinch Valley College, traveled to Istanbul to meet with Dr. Kursun, noted historian of Marmara University in Istanbul.  Dr. Kursun recently published his own work on the links be-tween the Ot-tomans and the Melungeons.
 Drs. Culbertson and Sheldon also attended ceremonies there commemorating Clinch Valley College and the University of Istanbul as sister universities.  The Melungeons have come a long way since the dark days of denying their heritage.
 The Turkish research team continues to dig into the cultural similarities.  Early conquerors, who date back to the Ottoman Turks and the Islamic Moors' 700-year reign in the Mediter-ranean, became the ancestors of many people found in the Mid-dle East and Mediterranean today.  Their complicated journey through history picked up a mosaic of nationalities, some of whom, we feel, found their way to America.  All this can con-fuse family researchers today as it runs contrary to long held be-liefs that our early ancestors in America descended from one na-tionality or some combination of North European, Negro, Native American etc.
 The word 'Turk' is also misleading, as many historians be-lieve that the early Christian countries applied the generic name 'Turk' to all the marauding Islamic nations, not just those from Turkey, and, indeed, this is the viewpoint of Dr. Kennedy as well as the Turkish scholars involved.  Of course, in the 1500s all Islamic countries were subjects of the Ottoman Empire.
 Specialists in medicine, anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics and genetics on Dr. Kennedy's Committee reveal that some early folks who wrote about the Appalachian Melun-geons weren't too far off the mark.  They believed they were much like a 'mysterious race' of their own.  I am grateful for the early de-tailed writers, such as Bonnie Ball and Jean Patterson Bible who were among the first to recognize unusual Melun-geon traits.  They gave me the idea to look into earlier history.
 Thank you, Arlee Gowen, for the support you give the Melungeon search, for forming the Foundation's Melungeon Team in 1990, and the fair hearing given to all the theories.  Then, in 1992, we discovered Dr. Brent Kennedy.  His great per-sonal efforts, many talents, ability to attract experts in vari-ous fields and his non-profit Melungeon film project has tremen-dously helped the Melungeons find acceptance.  We are proud to be working with Dr. Kennedy as the search goes on.  Evelyn McKinley Orr, Chairman, Melungeon Research Team, 8310 Emmet Street, Omaha, NE, 68134.


November 1995

 My g-g-gm was named Annestine Goins [or possibly Goiner].  She was born January 21, 1835 in LA.  She was mar-ried to Absolom Perkins who was born in Rapides Parish, LA July 10, 1833.  They removed to Red River County, TX "where he was shot and killed while raising a house with friends on his property," according to the January 29, 1886 edition of the "Clarksville Standard."
 Apparently Absolom Perkins was remarried there to Susan Goodman October 9, 1875.  I have a copy of a death certificate of Texanna Bell Duty, wife of William Duty, showing Absolom Perkins and Annestine Goines [Goiner?] as her parents.  Can any member of the Foundation assist me in learning more of Annes-tine Goins?  Doris Webb Dunn, 1912 Back Bay Drive, Galve-ston, TX, 77551, 409/744-9221
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am enclosing for the Foundation Library a copy of the ab-stracts made by Carolyn Moore of Salem, MO of the Goins family members and their kinsmen mentioned in oral histories published by McDonald Furman in South Carolina newspapers.  The charts drawn by Carolyn Moore illustrate the intricate rela-tionships between the Goins family and the Gibbes, Chavis, Smiling and other families of that area.  Carolyn Moore may be contacted %Scottish Inn, 1005 S. Main St, Salem, MO, 65560, 314/729-4191.  Louise Goins Richardson, 2207 E. Lake St, Paragould, AR, 72450.
 It was so exciting to receive more information on my family from the Foundation.  I have been searching for 30 years for my Goins, but was stuck until last year when I tied up with you all.  The big print-out you sent provided the break-through.  Bless you!!!  Pat Sharkey, 250 Chinkapin Dr. S, Pangburn, AR, 72121, 501/728-4209
 I am a descendant of Rep. Alfred P. Gowen [bc1798] and Martha Rains Gowen of Rutherford County, Tennessee.  I would be very interested in pursuing any connections you may be able to supply.  A family group sheet is enclosed for the Foundation Library.  I would be glad to correspond with any Foundation member who has information on my ancestors.  William B. Landers, Box 1174, Pocasset, MA, 02559, 509/563-3138.


December 1995

 Thanks so much for all the information you sent from the Foundation office on my Gowan-Thurston family in answer to my request.  Other information has arrived from Gowan re-searchers who saw my query in "Dear Cousins."
 New information shows that Elijah Thurston and Lettie Gowan Thurston had 21 children; only three survived.  The other 18 children are all buried in a row in a cemetery [name un-known] lo-cated on Pruitt Mountain in upper Greenville County, South Carolina.  I will keep you posted when I learn more.  Pat Wells, 804 S. Salisbury Ave, Spencer, N.C, 28159
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am searching for the ancestors of my g-g-gf Henry Harrison Gowins of Clai-borne County, MS.  He served in the 4th MS Cavalry during the Civil War and was a landowner in Claiborne County.  Nine children were born to him, two daughters and nine sons.  Most of his descendants removed to Richland Parish, LA,  some to Dallas, TX.  Grateful for your help.  Barbara Gowins White, 981 Buck Creek Rd, Richton, MS, 39476.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Many Goins burials are recorded in "Lest We Forget--Cemetery Inscrip-tions of Vernon Parish, Louisiana."  Vol-ume 2, 391 pages, covers 35 cemeteries, $30 plus $2.50 postage, available from Jane P. McManus, CPS, 4401 Hay-man Lane, No. 139, Alexandria, LA, 71303, 318/443-5912.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I was thrilled to see the article of Carroll Heard Goyne, Jr. on Revolutionary James Goyne in the Newsletter.  He has done some excellent and extensive research, and I am so happy he has chosen to share it with others of us who are descendants of James Goyne.  I appreciate his documentation and can't wait to see his entire series.
 In reading through the information, I made some notations.  Initially he lists John as the senior Going/Goin/Gowin in Lunenburg/Mecklenburg County in the 1750s [about the time of the birth of James Goyne].  Then in 1773 he lists Goyne/Gowens by the names of Alexander, Alexander Sr., John, Daniel, Amos, Henry, Drury, and William.  Is his supposition that James Goyne, born in 1755, is the son of Alexander Sr. or the son of John in the tax iists of the 1750s?
 In the John A. Sands book, "Guynes Family History," James Goyne is listed with two children, John Goyne and Sarah Goyne [born 1789] who married James Hall, brother of John Goyne's wife, Matilda Hall.  Mr. Sands does not mention Wiley Williamson Goyne although I have learned of him through Gowen Foundation "cousins".
 Concerning the possibility of Alexander as James Goyne's father, Mr. Goyne says that the Alexander name is pervasive in the Goyne family, but I do not find it in the children of John Goyne and Matilda Hall Goyne or Sarah Goyne Hall and James Hall.  Both did have a child named Daniel, a name I don't see among the other Hall siblings of Matilda and James.  I found the name William Patterson Guynes twice in the family and a num-ber of Johns and James' of course.  Cynthia Hudson Reed, 1752 Willowbrook Lane, Simi Valley, CA, 93065.


January 1996

 I would like to enlist your assistance in learning more about James Gowan, my earliest ancestor of this surname.  He was a doctor and the sheriff in Metropolis, Illinois and reportedly wealthy.  He was married to Lillian Jamison, perhaps as his sec-ond wife, and they were the parents of Amy Gowan who was born in 1890.  James Gowan [or his son] responded to the gospel call about 1893 and was about to be baptized.  When he waded into the river, he stepped into a sinkhole and was never seen again.  Does anyone know something of him?  Mike Gordon, 190 Old Homestead, Groton, MA, 01450, 508/448-3298.
==Dear Cousins==
 A couple of years ago, reports from various individuals, not in the direct descendancy of my g-g-grandparents Pleasant Goin and Isabelle Holton Goin, stating her name as Isabelle Norrell came to my attention.  I must correct this misnomer.
 We have found no one named Norrell in the East Tennessee census for 1830.  However, up the creek from Levi Goin, father of Pleasant Goin, within the family of Wright Holton lived a young woman not more than 20 years of age.  This may have been a sister of Wright Holton.  The household of Levi Goin shows a young male, 20-30.  This should be Pleasant Goin.
 There are no known records for the marriage of Pleasant Goin to Isabelle Holton.  Sarah Isabelle Johnson, my grand-mother, was proud of her heritage and told her grandchildren, to my knowledge as early as 1935, that Pleasant Goin was Holland Dutch, and the family of her grandmother, Isabelle Holton, came from Dublin, Ireland.
 Sarah Isabelle Johnson was born in 1870 in Claiborne County, TN.  The 1880 census of that county shows Sarah, age 10 years old, living in the 11th Civil District.  The same census shows Isabelle Goin living with her son George Goin, just two houses away.  It would seem most probable that Isabelle was well known to her granddaughter, Sarah.
 Pleasant and Isabelle should have been married in 1831-32 since their first child was born in 1833.  We find no one named "Norell" among the males 21 years and over in 1833.  There were no males named Norell in the 1839 tax list either.
 The father of Pleasant Goin was Levi Goin [old].  The younger brother of Levi Goin is Uriah Goin [old].  The daughter of Uriah Goin, and cousin to Pleasant Goin, is Sarah Alice Goin.  She was married to William Dykes, a close neighbor, [see 1830 census.]  William and Sarah Alice Goin Dykes had 10 children.  The seventh child, a son, was named "Narrel Dykes."  This sug-gests that the name "Norrell" came from this branch of the fam-ily.
 Sarah's parents moved in 1900 from Claiborne County to Van Zandt County, TX.  Her mother, Marline Goin Johnson, died in 1927.  Sarah was living in Waukegan, Illinois, so it fell to her youngest sister, Vandalee, to give information for the death certificate.  In answer to the question, "what was the maiden name of the deceased's mother, Vandalee answered, "Evie Narel."  Vandalee was born in 1893 and never knew her grandmother.  Had Sarah given that information, she would have said, "Isabelle Holton."  Charlotte I. Russell Green, Box 537, Harper, TX, 78631.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I was very interested in Carroll Heard Goyne, Jr.'s informa-tion on Amos Goyne and would like to add a few items.  The Amos Goyne who died in Fairfield County, South Carolina in 1785 was the first husband of one of my maternal great-great-great-great-grandmothers.  Amos Goyne, Sr. married Mary Anne Baxter in Fairfield County in 1779.  Their son Amos, Jr. was born there in 1780, and their son Jeremiah Goyne was born there in 1782.
 According to family tradition, Amos Sr. was "killed in the field by Tories in 1785."  Later the same year his widow married Dr. John Byrns and the family relocated to Charleston where several Byrns children were born, and Dr. John Byrns died there in a yellow fever epidemic in 1801.  About 1805, Mary Anne [Baxter] Goyne Byrns and her children moved to Cairo, Sumner County, Tennessee.
 Jeremiah Goyne and his half-brother, James Byrns were in Robertson County by 1807.  Jeremiah married but I have never been able to determine his wife's name.  The minutes of Red River Baptist Church [near the present site of Adams, Ten-nessee] for September 1816 state that "Brother and Sister J. Goyne were dismissed by letter."  I know nothing of them after that date.
 Amos Goyne, Jr. left Sumner County and went to Rapides Parish, Louisiana where he died in 1820.  He was a bachelor, and his Byrns relatives fell heir to his estate left in Tennessee.  Amos's half-brother James Byrns was the father of Susan Emily [Byrns] Jackson who was the mother of Julia [Jackson] Morris who was the mother of Henry Wilford Morris who was the fa-ther of Julia [Morris] Gowan [my mother].  Amos, Jr. was also the great uncle of Joseph Wellington Byrns who was Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives under FDR.  I'd very much like to hear from anyone who knows anything further on Jeremiah or Amos Goyne, Jr.  Phillip A. Gowan, 223 Plum-nelly Circle, Brentwood, TN 37027.
==Dear Cousins==
 I am so happy that Carroll Heard Goyne, Jr. is piecing to-gether the early Going/Goyne family which includes my g-g-g-g-gf Drury Going.  I am now in touch with descendants of Emma Porter, sweetheart of Amasa Vernon Going [1827-1864], [Newsletter, September 1993] who was killed in the Battle of Atlanta.  He was a grandson of the Revolutionary Drury Going.  They were neighbors in Union Parish, LA as well as Union Dis-trict, SC.  Details later.  Fredrick Tucker, Box 214, Duncan, SC, 29334.


February 1996

 Thank you so much for publishing my question regarding my Goings ancestors in the Newsletter.  As a result, I received a wonderful phone call from a cousin, Bill Goings, a grandson of my mother's brother Phillip.  He was concerned because he knew I would never find assistance with my flawed data.  Since I was relying on childhood memories, I was lucky to have enough right to attract his attention.  I am enclosing a revised ancestor chart for the Foundation Library and more details about my grandfather, General Washington Goings who was born June 20, 1860 in Williamsburg County, SC, parents unknown.  Does anyone have more on him?.  Virginia Hewitt Borum, 839 Ellen St, Fernandina, FL, 32034.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am searching for the ancestors of Jesse Robert Goans, b1865 [b1860 per census] MO; d1942, buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Howell Co, MO.  Death record does not name his parents.  Census states both parents were born in TN.  Jesse mar-ried Melissa Jane Arledge, b1865, MO; d1941. Their children: Edna, b1892, da1910; Fannie, b1894, da1910; Toney, b1897; Manuel, b1898; Henry, b.1904 AR; Paul Francis, b1906.  Jesse and Melissa lived in Benton Co, MO in 1910.  In 1920 the fam-ily lived in Douglas Co, MO.  Mary Lou Hudson-Goans, 1311 Fisher Ave, Warsaw, IN, 46580.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am trying to find ancestors, dates, etc. of Garfield Goins, b1880 Hancock Co, TN.  He was married thrice.  Ch: Mattie Rose, Arthur, Frank, Ancil, Jesse C, A.C, Ronnie, Steve and Sue.  Third wife, Hila Lawson Shelton Goins regards Garfield as a son of Isaac & Elizabeth Goins of Powell Valley, TN.  Please re-spond with any clues.  Shirley Hopkins Goins Landen, 1200 Oneal Rd, London, KY, 40741.


March 1996

 I have in my possession the original certificate of the Grand Lodge of Charleston, SC [Royal Arch excellent Lodge of Ma-sonry] declaring "Bro. Isaac Going, Master of the Chair of the Lodge in Union, SC.  The certificate, dated November 6, 1813, states that the time of the admission of Isaac Going to the Lodge was March 10, 1800.  It seems to establish that Isaac Going was 21 years old and lived in Union District in 1800.  Col. Walter F. Going, Jr, 6055 Lakeshore Dr, Columbia, SC, 29206.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 After years of researching my husband's Goings line in Mis-sissippi, I find my efforts leading to the Melungeons.  I would like to make contact with other researchers who are dealing with the Melungeon Goings.  July Melton, 8319 S. 2700 West, West Jordan, UT, 84088.


April 1996

 I appreciate the letter of Phillip A. Gowan of Nashville and his information on Amos Goyne.  The name Amos has been a puzzle to me.  I had assumed that the Amos in Fairfield County, SC and the one in Sumner County, TN were father and son.  Certainly, the Amos who died in Fairfield County, SC was a member of the family that previously lived in northern Orange County, NC in 1773 and earlier.  Likely he was a son of Alexan-der Goyne, Sr. whom I regard as a son of William Gowen/Goyne and his wife, Catherine of Stafford County, VA.  The obituary of Amos Goyne [d1820] in Rapides Parish, LA refers to him as being from TN.
 My g-g-grandfather, Hiram Davis Goyne, used Choctaw Script issued in the name of Amos D. Goyne to purchase land in Union Parish, LA.  Choctaw Script was issued as a result of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek [1820] between the Choctaws and the U. S. government which opened up some lands in Mis-sissippi to white settlement .  Under treaty provisions, the Choctaw could either remain on a certain amount of acreage in the area or take script and exchange it for government land else-where.  Many sold their script.  The pertiment question here is: What is Amos D. Goyne's name doing on the Choctaw Script?  Either he was a Choctaw or else the printed form had space for an endorsement to another person.  More and more, I am won-dering about my brown eyes.  Carroll H. Goyne, Jr, 10019 Canterbury Dr, Shreveport, LA, 71106.


May 1996

 We all had a wonderful time at the Nashville Conference.  Words cannot express our appreciation to the Foundation for making it possible for us to meet all those wonderful Gowen/Goin/Goyne/Whatever cousins.  We loved them all, and we are looking forword to seeing them again in Salt Lake City in 1998.
 I noticed with sadness the death of Bonnie Ball [May 11, 1996] of Big Stone Gap, Virginia who wrote "The Melun-geons" in 1969.  She was a retired teacher and had published 10 books on subjects of regional history, socialogy, genealogy and verse and numerous magazine and newspaper articles.  She was a member of Daughters of American Revolution, United Daugh-ters of the Confederacy, Southwestern Virginia Historical Soci-ety, Big Sandy Valley Historical Society, Virginia Creative Writers and several retired teachers associations.  Her obituary [enclosed] indicates that she was in her 90s.  Jack Harold Goins, Rt. 2, Box 275, Rogersville, TN, 37857.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 The Nashville Research Conference was wonderful.  Thank you for putting together such a great convention.  The speakers were each expert in his field, and the program could not have been better.  I enjoyed every minute of the three days.  Louise Goins Richardson, 2207 E. Lake, Paragould, AR, 72450
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My need for Mississippi data has brought my efforts to a stand-still.  On May 8, 1837 John Goin was married to Mary C. [Caroline?] Smith in Copiah Co, MS.  The family of "John Goen" then appeared in cs1840 Copiah Co: 1 m30-40, 1 f20-30, 1 m-5 and 1 f-5.  I regard the m-5 as my g-gf, the "John William Goings" who ap-peared in cs1870 Shelby Co, TX.  My records from 1870 to 1996 are exten-sive, and I am willing to share.  Jim Bodine, 5631 Co. Rd. 277, Kauf-man, TX, 75142.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thank you for the class-act Reunion-Conference in Nashville.  It was top notch, and the lectures were great!  John and I enjoyed it all, especially the fellowship with those attend-ing.
 The Melungeon Research Team members have been special people, and I consider every Foundation member who has con-tributed research to be team members.  We have come a long way since starting this exciting adventure in January of 1990.  With your continued interest and help, the search for the her-itage of the Melungeons and related groups will continue.  Eve-lyn McKinley Orr, MRT Chairman, 8310 Emmet St, Om-aha, NE, 68134.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My g-g-gm, Polly Goin, the daugh-ter of Thomas Goin and Jimima Sinnes Goin, was married in the early 1800s to Jacob Coots.  Jimima was the daughter of Benjamin Sinnes.  I am seeking information of Polly's sib-lings and marriage infor-mation for her and her parents.  I will pay for copying and postage and will appre-ciate any help.  Carolyn Ostroff, 2775 Lee Place, Bellmore, NY, 11710.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks for a very successful and most enjoyable Research Conference in Nashville.  It was a special treat!
 I have advised Dr. Donald W. Hatley of Northwestern State University that several Foundation representatives plan to attend the conference of the Descendants of the Founders of Natchi-toches, Louisiana in October 1996.  Dr. Brent Kennedy is the featured speaker.  John & Evelyn Orr, Sandra Loridans and Betty & I plan to attend, and all members of the Foundation are invited to join us.  Carroll H. Goyne, Jr, 10019 Canterbury Dr, Shreveport, LA.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Looking for ascendants and descen-dants of Joseph Goings, bc1824 MS, m1846 Lovilla Lanier, cs1850 Copiah Co, MS.  Lovilla is possibly the daugher of Hillary Lanier of Copiah Co.  Need info on both families.  Children include John bc1850, Henry A. b1852, Caroline bc1855, Mary bc1856, James L. b1858, Ercelia bc1861, Elvelina bc1861, Joseph bc1868 and Martha L. bc1870.  Can anyone help?  Will pay for copies & postage.  Wanda Adams, 438 Vikki Lane, Mt. Morris, MI, 48458-2439, 810-785-8255
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks for making the Foundation Conference such an en-joyable affair.  We appreciate the opportunity to meet cousins from all over, and we appreciate all the hard work that went into this successful event.  I am enclosing photos taken during the three days.  Don Lee Gowen, 1310 Cantwell Ave, SW, De-catur, AL, 35601.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Joseph John Goings, born October 10, 1824 in MS, county & parents unknown, was married to Sovilla [Cecilia] Lanier April 20, 1846.  In the 1850s he was in Copiah and Lawrence Coun-ties, MS.  In 1860 he removed to Washington Parish, LA where he died March 11, 1887.  Thanks for any leads or information.  Harold & Judy Melton, 8319 S 2700 W, West Jordan, Utah, 84088.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am at present on holiday in the Bahamas with my wife.  It is easier to send my membership [enclosed] from here than from England.  I am sorry that we were not able to make the Research Conference in Nashville, but we will plan to attend the next when it is arranged.  Dr. Raymond L. Goyne, 66 Woodruff Ave, Hove, Sussex, England, BN3 6PJ.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 In the crowd after the Foundation dinner, I didn't get a chance to tell you what a splendid meeting you had arranged.  Everything went off on time and was most enjoyable.  Jack Spalding, a Gowen by marriage, said it was the best one of the kind that he had ever attended.  You were generous with your honorarium, and was glad to donate it to the Foundation in re-turn.  You have my best wishes for the future.  Charles L. Gowen, Suite 4900, 191 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA, 30303.


June 1996

Dr. Brent Kennedy, author of "The Melungeons: The Melun-geons--the Resur-rection of a Proud People" announced plans to host an excur-sion to Turkey October 10-18.  Turkish govern-mental officials were intrigued by the research of Dr. Kennedy and Evelyn McKinley Orr, chairman of the Melun-geon Research Team, suggesting a historical con-nection between the Ottoman Empire and the Melungeons.  This interest resulted in a grant by the Turkish government for filming trips to Anato-lia last year.  Ottoman schol-ars at the University of Istanbul and Marmara University are assisting with research for the film.

The tour will depart from Charlotte, North Carolina in a mid-day flight to New York.  There the party will board an overnight flight to Izmir, Turkey.  Two days will be spent touring the city with the Grand Efes Hotel as base.  Next stop is Ephesus with a visit to the Ephesian Museum.

Sunday, October 13 will be spent in Cesme in consultation with Turkish Melungeon scholars at the Golden Dolphin Hotel.  The cities of Bursa and Sardis are scheduled on Monday.  The next three days will be spent in Is-tanbul at the Kalyon Hotel.  There the group will attend a Turk-ish dinner show at the Orient House, visit the Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque, the Bosphorus, St. Sophia and Dolmabahce Palace before returning home.

Fares are $2,250 for singles and $1,990 each for doubles.  Travel arrangements are being handled by AAA, 648 Park Avenue, Norton, VA, 24273, 540/679-5160.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 The Foundation Conference in Nashville was spectacular, and the speakers were outstanding.  This was our first confer-ence, so we met lots of new cousins.  Robert gave a talk to our genealogical society about the Conference and the work the Melungeon Research Team is doing.  He gave each family a copy of Evelyn Orr's speech and Brent Kennedy's presentation.  Madge Philbeck, 716 Georgia Ave, Statesville, NC, 28677.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I simply cannot find the proper words to tell you how much I enjoyed the Conference and meeting all the cousins.  It put me on a continuing "high."  The program was outstanding.  Dr. Brent Kennedy's enthusiasm is contagious.  Dr. Will Goins is great, and he has given me some ideas that are still incubating.  Comparing the Foundation Conference to others we have at-tended, is like placing a plowhorse alongside a thoroughbred.  Pat yourselves on the back at least 10 times.
 As planned, on our trip, we made forays in a couple of li-braries and the North Carolina State Archives.  I transcribed all of the Goin marriages from the state marriage index [copy en-closed for the Foundation Library].  The big disappointment there is in what's missing.  They have original wills boxed with individual surnames by file.  The Goin file is totally missing from its box.  The librarian was informed and has so noted on her "problems" list.  With their security, I find it hard to under-stand how an entire file could be stolen.
 Also enclosed is a clipping from the "Denver Post" of June 6 dealing with a French Huguenot colony planted in South Car-olina in 1562 on the same site where Capt. Joao Pardo built the Santa Elena settlement in 1566.  Maybe we should add French to the Melungeon mixture as well.  One has to wonder what hap-pened to these French Huguenots.  Beverly J. Nelson, 3391 W. Aksarben Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
There are no words to adequately express the joy I felt when at last we could get together at the Conference in Nashville and connect faces to voices on the phones and to all those letters in past years.  It makes all those long hours of digging out old records worth the effort.  Dianne Thurman, 4201 Wildflower Circle, Wichita, KS, 67210, 316/529-0436.


July 1996

After over 40 years of research, Dianne Thurman, a member of the Foundation Editorial Board, has turned to her publisher a manuscript on her ancestor, Thomas Goin of Virginia, North Carolina and Claiborne County, Tennessee.  The 626-page book, entitled "Goin and Variants: Going, Gowin, Gowen, Gowan, Goen, Gowing," is due off the press in late fall.

Mrs. Thurman of Wichita, who became interested in genealogy while in junior high school, is the author of two earlier volumes of family history.  She is a member of the legal profession and is the first paralegal ever admitted to the Kansas State Bar Associ-ation.  She, a member of the Midwest Historical Society and the Leichleiter Historical Society of Missouri, was a featured speaker at the Foundation Research Conference in Nashville in May.  Pre-publication price, until November 1, is $45; after-wards $55.  Orders should be directed to the authoress at 4201 Wildflower, Wichita, Kansas, 67210.
==Dear Cousins==
Dr. Kennedy's revised edition of "The Melungeons: Resurrec-tion of a Proud People," scheduled for September release in both the United States and Turkey, at about $16.95, will include the Turkish research update and be expanded to include the medical, genetic, linguistic and historical findings.  It will also in-clude corrections supplied by readers in response to his re-quest.  He has assigned his publication profits to the athletic de-partment of Clinch Valley College.  Orders will be received at 800/468-3412.


August 1996

 The Newsletter article by Sandra M. Loridans has been very helpful to me in tracing my ancestors, Jeremiah Goins and his wife, Sarafina.  I am enclosing my check for a set of tapes that will include her entire presentation at the Nashville Conference.  I am so thankful for the work that the Foundation is doing.  Juanita Thornburg Southerland, 9156 Sawyer Brown Rd, Nashville, TN, 37221.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I descend from David Goings' [our spelling] youngest son, John Williams Goings.  David was born September 15, 1783 in Newburn, Giles County, [West] Virginia.  John Williams Go-ings was also born there December 16, 1826, and he died July 8, 1906 in Selma, Indiana.  I have been told that the Foundation and several of its members hold information on this family.  I am interested in joining the Foundation and hearing from fellow researchers.  Cathy Olguin, 6515 N. Golden West St, Arcadia, CA, 91007
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 We are looking for descendants of Jeremiah Going, b1775 VA, v1840 Hendricks Co, IN; David & James Goings, v1840 Hendricks Co; William Goings, b1838 Hendricks Co, d1917 Tippecanoe Co, IN and William A. [or Matthew] Goings b1872 Litchfield, IL.  Would like contact with anyone doing Goings research in Indiana or Illinois to find possible connections or trade information.  Also would like to know if anyone knows how to locate Civil War military prison records.  Norma J. Goings & Martha Goings Flora, 4548 S. Redwood Dr, Terre Haute, IN, 47802, 812/299-8209, email: [email protected].
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My father, Dr. Raymond L. Goyne of Hove, Sussex is an enthusiasistic member of the Foundation, but has not yet sub-scribed to the Internet.  In the meantime, I will forward messages to and from him.  Nicola Winifred Mason, "[email protected]".
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Dr. Tommy Johnson has confirmed that Dr. Brent Kennedy will be the principal speaker at the Founders of Natchitoches, Louisiana Conference on October 5.  Dr. Johnson advised that Brent will arrive at the Shreveport airport on Friday afternoon, October 4, and be driven to Natchitoches.  They have a reception and book-signing planned for him that evening.  Brent will be staying at the Holiday Inn, the site of the conference and will have the full morning for his presentation.  Following lunch, he will be driven to the Shreveport airport for an approximate 4pm flight.  Brent's time in Natchitoches is limited due to his October trip to Turkey.  Other speakers are planned for the afternoon ses-sion.  One need not be a member of the organization in order to attend the conference.  You will find the town delightful.  It is the oldest in the Louisiana Purchase Territory, founded in 1714.
 I received a nice letter from Dr. Raymond Goyne of Hove, England.  He sent several charts identifying his family.  It ap-pears that Raymond's line came to America much later than mine.  He said that he had visited with his American cousins in Delaware, Virginia, and Lancaster County, PA.  He and "Australian" Robert Goyen have linked-up.
 I signed up for Internet access recently.  My E-mail address is: "[email protected]".  Carroll Heard Goyne, Jr, 10019 Canterbury Dr, Shreveport, LA, 71106.


September 1996

 I learned of the Foundation on America Online.  I am just beginning research on my husband's name, McGowan, and the information given to me by relatives is spotty, and I am not too sure of its accuracy.  The first name I have is Bridget O'Flaenerty McGowan who had two children, Nancy McGowan who was married to Workman and Patrick T. McGowan was married to Catherine Condon.  Their first child, Terence Francis McGowan was born June 22, 1898 in New York.  He was my husband's grandfather.  Thank you for any help you can give.  Brenda McGowan, 770 Regateo Dr, Hemet, CA, 92543.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I have traced one branch of my family back to Nathan Goins, regarded as the son of John Goins and Billie Driver Goins.  Nathan Goins was born in the 1820s in Tennessee, in what was then known as Cherokee Nation, in Hamilton County.  From there, his family removed to Arkansas and then on to what is now Gore, OK.  I have found records where "Goins" was ren-dered as "Gowen."  Can the Foundation or its members assist me in this research?  Roy L. Edgar, 175 Allspice Ct, Springboro, OH, 45066, 513/748-2999.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I have inherited the Goin research of my grandfather, Varion E. Goin.  His third wife, Anna Lee Davis Goin survives, but in a care facility in a diminished mental capacity.  I had expressed an interest in his family history records so they came to me.  Inter-spersed with the records were the Foundation Newsletters going back to the first edition.  I am enclosing a list of missing editions which I understand that you supply to new members.  Will you please forward those to me and advise the cost.  My membership is enclosed.
 Being inexperienced in genealogy, I have not fully grasped the significance all of the wealth of family information and doc-umentation that has been handed down to me.  I have not yet discovered the filing system used by my grandfather and am having difficulty making rhyme or reason of his data.  I under-stand that a research team has been organized within the Foun-dation among the descendants of Thomas Goin of Brunswick County, Virginia and Claiborne County, Tennessee.  I would like to make contact with these team members and offer the ben-efit of my grandfather's research in exchange for their guidance in how to proceed.  Marilyn Morton, 5827 NE 14th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97211-4238.  Welcome, Marilyn.  The missing Newsletters have been forwarded to you, no charge.  Any that remain missing can be downloaded from the Foundation web site on the Internet.  You will be hearing from your cousins.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Peggy A. White of Hopkinsville, KY gave your address to me after she saw my query on Goin/Gowin in "Family Puz-zlers."  My ancestor, Sarah A. E. Fulp[s] was bc1838 in NC, ac-cording to census records.  Andrew Fulp/Phelps and Martha J. Goin/Gowin may have been her parents.  They were married by William Lewis, J.P. December 5, 1837 in Claiborne County, TN, I believe.  Sarah A. E. Fulps was married to George C. Fuller in Maury County, TN December 23, 1855.  Do you or any of the Foundation members have any records on these individuals?  Virginia Harmon Barnes, 101 Country Cove Drive, Clinton, MS, 39056.  Foundation records show that Martha J. Gowen was married to Andrew Phelps December 5, 1837 by Samuel Wilson, J.P, recorded in Claiborne County, TN Marriage Book 2, page 3.  David C. Gowen was married October 26, 1854 to Priscilla H. Fuller in Carroll County, TN [near Maury County].
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 The opening night of the Nashville Research Conference for the Gowen family was fun, friendly and a great way to meet new cousins.  Donna Gowin Johnston is to be commended for de-vising such a clever contest.  It was a marvelous way of meeting new family members.  The evening ended with a warm and com-fortable feeling.  I now have a large collection of cousins and many happy memories.
 Thanks to my cousin, Don Lee Gowen of Decatur, Alabama, I had the privilege of visiting the grave and cemetery of my g-g-grandfather, James Burns Gowen.  I am delighted to have the photographs you sent.  With warm appreciation and sincere thanks for a well planned reunion.  Elizabeth Hale Morfitt, 353 Westmoreland Dr, Idaho Falls, ID, 83402.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 This past month I had a double treat!!  I was anxious to read the "rest of the story" about my uncle, Cmdr. Joseph Henry Gowan.  I thought Pat did an excellent job of research; also it was nice to see my late father, Frank Maxwell Gowan given credit for his contribution.  I knew that Pat & Mary Ellen Gowan had run into George William Gowan at Arlington Cemetery, but what a delight to see George's article about their chance meeting.  My first cousins made a major impact on in the August Newsletter.
 I am enclosing my check for $40 for the Nashville Confer-ence tapes.  Since I could not attend, this will help soothe my disappointment and sense of loss.  Thank you for all the hard work you do in bringing us the wonderful family stories in the Newsletter.  Mary Jo Gowan Bray, 5719 E. Aster Dr, Scotts-dale, AZ, 85254, 602/948-6554.


October 1996

 I did so enjoy the "Cousins Have Chance Encounter" arti-cle in the August Newsletter.  Sooner or later, all of us who dabble in genealogy have experiences of "genetic memory," psychic occurrences, intuition or serendipity.  Anyone who has had such experiences is certain to enjoy the book, "Psychic Roots" [Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore] by the well-known genealogist, Henry Z. Jones, Jr.  This was one of those wonderful books I could hardly put down.  He relates the ex-periences of many researchers [who have benefitted from psy-chic assistance.]  Beverly J. Ellison Nelson, 3391 W. Aksar-ben Ave, Littleton, CO, 80123.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Congratulations on a fantastic job of presenting the Foun-dation on the Internet!  I received my September Newsletter and immediately logged on.  Hope the staff has taken doses of megavitamins because you are going to need them with all the new activity it will generate.  I have the Gore family online now, and all I do is answer E-mail and look up information.
 I have discovered a 'Gorin Family Discussion Group' on the Internet that supports all of the Goin/Gowen names.  GRF members can subscribe at "[email protected]" with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line of the message.  I posted a message with them yesterday that the Gowen Re-search Foundation is now online.
 Again, wonderful job!  Thanks to all who accomplished this feat.  Joyce Campbell Locke, [email protected], Box 474, Portales, NM, 88130.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I want to thank you for a great reunion in Tennessee, and thank you for the Foundation itself.  I met wonderful people, learned a lot about my family and got to see the country where my forefathers walked.  It was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure.  Keep up the wonderful work.  My Contributing Membership is enclosed.  Tammy Goin-Stone, Box 738, Ontario, OR, 97914.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Thanks so much for the Foundation Web Site and for my access ID number.  Right now I am playing with setting up my own homepage.  Isn't the Web a lark!  I could just live out there!  Nancy Strawder Bruce, [email protected], 1427 17th Ave, Columbus, GA, 31901.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I was glad to see the McGowens and the O'Gowens in-cluded in your research list after all the fuss and furor I raised several years ago to get them included--unsuccessfully, I might add.  Last time I looked, there were 30-40 McGowens and O'Gowens here in my Montgomery County, MD telephone book.  If you ever round up all of them, it will be quite a crowd!  Glad to hear from you with this good news.  My 1997 mem-bership is enclosed.  Edward Miles Joseph Gowen, 1258 Cresthaven Dr, Silver Spring, MD, 20903.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I would like to introduce your readers to "The Ap-palachian Quarterly," a new historical, genealogical maga-zine covering the Southern Appalachians.  We have recently entered into an association with Dr. N. Brent Kennedy to com-pile, collect, preserve and protect genealogical information on families of probable Melungeon descent.  The repository is called the National Melungeon Registry.  We are currently in the process of establishing a web site, and I will send you information as we go online.  Rhonda Robertson, Editor, Wise County Historical Society, Box 368, Wise, VA, 24293.
 Congratulations, Rhonda and welcome into ge-nealogical publishing.  We are placing your news release on the Internet in the "Melungia" section, and we'll be glad to "hotlink" our web site with yours.
                                       ==Dear Cousins==
 I am seeking the names of the parents of Aaron Going [b1823 KY] Andrew Jackson Going [b1820 KY] and Emily Going.  Aaron m1 Maria Gitzendanner; m2 Dozena Prather; m3 Clementine Prather Milburn.  He was recorded cs1850 Natchez, MS; cs1860, cs1870, cs1880 St. Landry Parish, LA.  He died there in Westlake, LA in 1898.  Andrew Jackson Go-ing lived in E. Feliciana Parish, LA.  Inez Going, Box 20832, Houston, TX, 77225.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I was really excited to see the Foundation on the Internet!  I only accessed the archives a few times, because of the toll charges, but now I can search and revel to my heart's content!  Thanks so much!  Doris Ann Goins, [email protected], 8018 E. Cree Lake, Kendallville, IN, 46755.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Your website is great.  I have two Melungeon grandmoth-ers and am particularly interested in "Melungia."  I am work-ing to computerize my ancestry.  When completed I will for-ward a copy for the Foundation Library and for the Electronic Library on the Internet.  Thanks for such a great work dedi-cated to our heritage.  Richard Couch, , 970 W. 68th St, Tulsa, OK, 74132.  [email protected].
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Just received the September Newsletter today and was pleased to see my query in Dear Cousins.  I had already had some responses to it before my copy arrived.  The Electronic Library is a great concept.  Please send my I.D. number so that I can make "tracks through the stacks."  Roy L. Edgar, 175 Allspice Ct, Springboro, OH, 45066, [email protected].
                                     ==Dear Cousins==
 Congratulations!  The web is really great!  I felt the "presence of the past" when I found my ancestors Maj. John "Buck" Gowen and wife Lettice on the Internet in "gowenms.006."  My cousins and I are about to die from lack of sleep because now we now stay on the Internet most of the night.  Chan Edmondson, [email protected], Box 190354, Dallas, TX, 75219.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I would like to exchange data on Nicholas Gowen [b1667, York Co, ME] and  Abigail Hodsdon Gowen of York Co, ME.  I am descended through their daughter, Margaret Gowen [bc1699, York Co, ME] who was married to Abraham Lord, son of Elder Nathan Lord.  Keith Bean, 686 Rambleton Dr, Vacaville, CA, 95688, [email protected].
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My ggg-gm was a sister to George Abbott of County Gal-way who settled on St. Simons Island, Georgia in about 1805 and married Mary Wright.  Their 2nd dau. Annie [b1818] m. James Gowen in 1834.  Their son George Harrison Gowen m. his cousin Elizabeth, dau of Henry Evans and Elizabeth Abbott Evans of Quebec.  I would be interested in comparing notes with Foundation members.
 I can tell you a certain amount about the Abbotts before 1800 and about the other descendants of George and his sib-lings since then, rather more about my line, of course.  Do you pub-lish a newsletter?  Is it possible to subscribe from Europe? Hugh Casement, Bahnweg 11, 84405 Dorfen, Germany.
  In-deed you may subscribe and affiliate with the Foundation with the membership blank from our Website.  It has been our pleasure to visit with many of your Gowen kinsmen in southeast Georgia.  Charles Latimer Gowen, now 92, g-son of James Gowen and Anna Elizabeth Abbott Gowen, spoke to the Foundation Research Conference earlier this year in Nashville about his branch of the family.  His second cousin, Miller Abbott "Bud" Gowen of Geneva, Switzer-land, is one of the founders of the Foundation.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I have been researching my g-g-g-gf Dillard Goen of Fair-field Co, SC, Jackson Co, GA, Smith Co, & Palo Pinto Co, TX.  He had sons by the names of Joseph F, Lewis, William, James G. and Britten.  I would like to communicate with any-one working on this line.  Paul Lynn Goen, 2311 Don Felipe SW, Albuquerque, NM, 87105, 505/877-5069.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My g-gm Mary Ellen Goings was born in August 1871 in TN of parents who were also born in TN.  She was enumerated in the 1900 census of Greene County, AR, Enum. Dist. 31, at age 28.  Can anyone assist me on her ancestry?  Leila J. He-witt, 5201 Palomino Dr, Melbourne, FL, 32934, 407/242-1741, [email protected].
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My paternal ancestors' surnames were:  Bilbo, Chelaitre, Cole, Courtney, Curtis, Davis, Flower, Green, Hall, Hobson, Johnson, Rentfroe, Roberts, Saidec, Selet and Simmons.  I have been told that some of them are Melungeon names and that some of them intermarried with the Gowen/Going/Goyne family.  Many migrated to Mississippi from the Carolinas and Tennessee.  All appeared in Louisiana in the early 1800s.  My grandmother, Sarah Hall stated that we are part Cherokee.  I would like to contact Foundation researchers who are inter-ested in any of the above families.  Thelma Cole Morgan, Rt. 2, Box 94, Dayton, TX, 77535.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I am seeking information on Thomas Gowans and Rachel McClurg of York County, PA who were married "at Widow McClurg's house" Nov. 26, 1778 by Rev. James Clarkson.  Born to them were Elizabeth, b1779; Katherine, b1781 and Jean Gowans, b1784.  Any help, anyone?  Mamie Way, Rt. 1, Fairmont, OK, 73736.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 Your "stuff" on your web site is wonderful.  May we "hot link" you to our "E-zine Family Tree?"  Beth Gay, Editor, Family Tree, Odom Library, Box 1110, Odom, GA, 31776.   Aye, Lassie.  We Scottish here will enjoy keeping company with you for auld lang syne.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 When and how did the Caucasian race become pale, and when and how did they lose their pigmentation?  When and how did the Caucasians destroy the melanin in their chromo-somes which determines the color of skin, hair and eyes?  Why are archaeologists unable to find fossil remains of Caucasian?  Are they the descendants of albinos?
 The white race excretes an enzyme which absorbs melanin; the black race does not.  This is why a white corpse turns black.  When scientists cleanse the skin of Egyptian mummies, the epidermis appears pigmented exactly like that of all other black people of Africa.  People of the Mediterranean area--Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Jewish, Moorish, [Melungeon] etc. and American Indians still have some of the original black blood melanin.  Robert Graham, #99451, Camp T'Shark 3R7, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA, 70712.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 I love the term "Melungia."  How sweet it is to see the pore ol' Melungeons recognized in cyberspace after being down-trodden for so long on this earth.  You have done a great job on the web site.  We would like to announce it in the next issue of our newsletter, the "Southeastern Kentucky Melungeon Information Exchange."  I was glad to see Dr. Brent Kennedy's reply in "melungia.002."  We appreciate your good work.  Bill Fields, 1525 Barbra Ests. Dr, Seymour, TN, 37865, [email protected].
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 My grandmother was Anna Brooks Dobbins Gowens who was an early researcher on Charles Gowens, the little drummer boy, our Revolutionary ancestor.  I know a few of my cousins and others who spell the name "Gowens," and I would like to make contact with all the Gowens researchers.  Please contact me.  Lou Edith Smith, Box 115, Dryden, TX, 78851-0115, 915/291-3331.
                                      ==Dear Cousins==
 The Founders of Natchitoches Conference, with Brent Kennedy as principal speaker, was a great success.  He was welcomed by the mayor and the president of the Chamber of Commerce.  He was interviewed by KALB-TV, and a book-signing was held at Old Town Book Merchant.
 On Saturday morning [10/6] Brent spoke from 9:00 to 12:00 about the Melungeons with a 100% positive response.  Because of the warm reception, Brent promised to return.  John & Evelyn Orr arrived early for the Conference and spent two days with us, researching in the Shreveport Library.  Our contributing membership for 1997 is enclosed.  Carroll H. Goyne, Jr, 10019 Canterbury Dr, Shreveport, LA, 71106.


Conference Tape Order

Gowen Research Foundation
5708 Gary Avenue
Lubbock, Texas, 79413

Please send to the address below _____ set/s, @ $40 each, of audio tapes of the Foundation Research Conference held May 5-6-7 in Nashville.  I under-stand that the eight tapes will include the presenta-tions made by the 15 speakers listed below:

  James R. Callahan    Nashville, IN
  Dr. Virginia Easley DeMarce  Arlington, VA
  Jack Harold Goins    Rogersville, TN
  Jon Lee Goins     Austin, TX
  Dr. Will Moreau Goins   Detroit, MI
  Charles Latimer Gowen   Atlanta, GA
  Col. Carroll Heard Goyne, Jr.  Shreveport, LA
  Cherel Bolin Henderson   Knoxville, TN
  Ruth Johnson     Kingsport, TN
  Donna Gowin Johnston   Casper WY
  Dr. N. Brent Kennedy   Kingsport, TN
  Sandra M. Loridans    Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
  Evelyn McKinley Orr    Omaha, NE
  Dianne Thurman    Wichita, KS
  Guy G. Weaver     Memphis, TN

For the set/s of eight tapes totalling 12 hours of lectures I enclose my check in the amount of $_____.____