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The Gowen Research Foundation proposes to:

Preserve and promulgate the heritage of the family, dealing not with just a study of the "begats," but with the accomplishments and contributions of the family members as well.

Unite the familia in toto and to undo the divisive damage done by careless recorders who have brought about the spelling variations of our surname.

Assist individual family members to find their "place" in the lineage and to understand the motivation for the actions and the moves of their ancestors and the sacrifices they made for the family.

Instill in the younger generation an appreciation of their heritage and a knowledge of the effort expended to bring the family to its present position, and to make certain that young and old alike will manifest a family pride that will be handed down for generations to come.

Act as a repository to permanently preserve the history of the family and sponsor an annual Research Conference & Family Reunion where researchers can become better acquainted and formulate plans for teamwork and joint research.

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A Complete File of Foundation Newsletters published since 1989 are available here to any interested party.

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  Dear Cousins

Letters from your kinsmen reveal much about you and your ancestors. This is an open stack of the Electronic Library filled with news, views and clues. And perhaps you can supply the answer to a cousin's query.

    You're Invited...

You are welcome to write your own Dear Cousins letter for inclusion in the Electronic Library at no charge. Your genealogical manuscripts, narratives of your forebears, ancestor charts and computer files are solicited for the Library. Mail your material to the Foundation at 5708 Gary Avenue, Lubbock Texas, 79413-4822 or E-mail it to Ownership of your material and copyright privileges remain with you, and editorial credit will be given to you for your literary contributions.