Emanuel Creager, s/o Christian Creager

Biographical Sketch of

"Emanuel's signature as it appeared on Christian's [his father's] Estate Settlement."
(Source: Lawson, Irene Creager, The Creager Family, p. 49)

son of Christian3 Creager and Anna Mary Wolf
(Johann Casper2 Krieger/Creager, Hans Ernst1 Krieger)

Biographical Sketch
Paraphrasing & Additions by Audrey (Shields) Hancock
From the Manuscript: The Creager Family by Irene (Creager) Lawson, 1985
Contributors: Kenneth & Janet Striker

EMANUEL4 CREAGER, s/o Christian Creager and Anna Mary Wolf, was born 1 July 1811 in Frederick County, Maryland. He was the third son of his parents, and he was baptized at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Woodsboro, Maryland with Jacob Rike as his sponsor. Baby Emanuel accompanied his parents in their long trek to Ohio. Emanuel grew to adulthood in the "Creager Neighborhood" with his four siblings (Michael, John C., Henry, & Charlotte) on the family farm in Van Buren Township in Montgomery County about six miles from Dayton, Ohio.

The parents and their family attended David's Reformed Church, which the family helped to establish, build, and support. In the David's Reformed Church Minute Book #1, 15 Sept. 1826 to 27 Sept. 1874, appears this entry, "Emanuel Creager donated $1.00."

Christian and Anna Mary sold 52 acres of land to Jacob and Sarah Swadener, "and through them he met his future wife, Mary Jane Swadener." (Lawson, p. 48) Christian died 8 April 1836, and Emanuel purchased over forty items from the estate sale. (Lawson's The Creager History)

A year later, Emanuel, married 31 August 1837 in Montgomery County, Ohio to Mary Jane SWADENER, daughter of Henry Swadener and Elenor Suman. The young couple were married by the Rev. David Winters. (Marriage Record: Montgomery Co., OH Marriages: Vol. B., p. 166) Mary Jane was born 31 March 1819.

Emanuel Creager and Mary Jane (nee Swadener) Creager
(Source: Manuscript of: Irene (Creager) Lawson, The Creager Family, p. 49)

At the time of the 1840 U. S. Federal Census, Emanuel and Mary Jane were living in Washington Township, Montgomery County, Ohio with their daughter, Lavina.

1840 U. S. Federal Census
Montgomery County, Ohio
Washington Twp.
Emanuel Criger(sic)
1-20 under 30 [Emanuel]
1- under 5 [Lavina]
1-20 under 30 [Mary Jane]
(Internet, Heritage Quest: Series: M704 Roll: 414 Page: 275 Image: 21)

"Emanuel and Mary Jane Creager, along with several of the Swadener family, became members of the David's Reformed Church on May 19, 1844."
(Lawson, p. 50)

It appears that three more children were born to Emanuel and Mary Jane in Montgomery County, Ohio, namely; John T. b 1842, Simon b 1843, and William Henry b 1844.

Emanuel and Mary Jane had purchased eighty-one acres of land within Darke County, Ohio. By the time their fifth child, Nelson, was born Emanuel and his family had relocated to Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio. They had joined Emanuel's brother, Michael, who lived next door, and his two cousins, Thomas and Solomon Creager. And, before the 1850 Census, two more children (Charles and Sarah) joined the family.

1850 U. S. Federal Census
Darke County, Ohio
Adams Twp.
5 November 1850
(Ancestry.com: Image 19 of 34)

#148-148 Emanuel Creeger (sic), 40, male, farmer, Real Estate $1260, b MD
Mary Jane Creeger (sic), 31, female, b OH
Lavina Creeger (sic), 12, female, b OH
John Creeger (sic), 9, female, b OH
Simon Creeger (sic), 7, male, b OH
Wm. H. Creeger (sic), 6, male, b OH
Nelson Creeger (sic), 5, male, b OH
Charles M. Creeger (sic), 3, male, b OH
Sarah E. Creeger (sic), 1, female, b OH

1857 Map
Darke County, Ohio
An 1857 Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio map lists "Section 23, Cregar (sic), E. SW� 81a" farm north or the town of New Harrison, Ohio. Emanuel's land laid nroth and northeast of two pieces of land owned by his brother, Michael: "Section 26, Craiger (sic), M., NW�, 120a" and "Section 27, Craiger(sec), M., SE�, 42a." Other Creagers living in Adams Township were: "Section 2, Creager, L., NW�, 145a?; Section 22, Cregar, S. [Solomon], NW�, 83a; Section 22, Creager, T. [Thomas] (Heirs), East�, 334a." This area is situated between Greenville and Bradford, Ohio.
(Source: Lawson, Irene Creager, The Creager Family, p. 49)

The family continued to enlarge with the birth of George, Wesley, Elizabeth, and Rosetta before 1860. By 1860 Emanuel and Mary Jane were the parents of 11 children.

1860 Federal Census
Darke County, Ohio
Adams Township
P.O.: Gettysburg
30 July 1860
(Ancestry.com...Image 40 of 48)
William Eshleman 23, Lucy (Creager) Eshleman 23, & son Michel C. Eshleman 2
[Lucy believed dau/o Michael Creager & Mary Hosier. Michael believed brother of Emanuel.]

Hester Wimble, 52, female, and family

Emanuel Creger (sic), 48, male, farmer, Real Estate $2300, Personal Prop. $300, b MD
Mary Creger, 44, female, b OH
Lavinia (sic) Creger (sic), 22, female, b OH
John F. Creger (sic), 18, male, b OH
Simin (sic) Creger (sic), 17, male, b OH
William H. Creger (sic), 16, male, b OH
Nelson Creger (sic), 15, male, b OH
Charly (sic) M. Creger, 12, male, b OH
George Creger (sic), 10, male, b OH
Wesly (sic) Creger (sic), 6, male, b OH
Sarhah (sic) Creger (sic), 11, female, b OH
Elizabeth Creger (sic), 5, female, b OH
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Rosetta Creger (sic), 2, female, b OH

Irene (Creager) Lawson states in her The Creager Family on p. 50 that "Emanuel and Mary Jane left Darke County in the late 1860's after the death of their two teen-age children." The HIMES (Heim) & Allied Families Germany/PA/KY/Dayton,OH: Emanuel Creager by Dottie and John Himes, indicates that these children [Sarah Ellen 1849-1863 and George 1851-1866] died in Montgomery Co., OH and that they were buried in David's Cemetery, Dayton, Van Buren Twp., Montgomery County, Ohio, U.S.A.. Lawson, p. 50, indicates they rejoined David's Church on 15 May 1867, and were later dismissed to "Slifer's Reformed (now Presbyterian) Church near Farmersville, Ohio" along with daughters, Elizabeth and Rosetta.

1870 Federal Census
Montgomery County, Ohio
Miami Township
28 June 1870
p. 79
Creager, Emanuel, 58, male, white, farmer, Personal Property $850, b Maryland
Creager, Mary, 51, female, white, Housekeeping, b OH
Creager, William, 25, male, white, farm laborer, b OH
Creager, Nelson, 23, male, white, farm laborer, b OH
Creager, Charles, 22, male, white, farm laborer, b OH
Creager, Westley, 16, male, white, farm hand, b OH
p. 80
Creager, Elizabeth, 14, female, white, at home, b OH
Creager, Rosetta, 11, female, white, at home, b OH

Creager, John [probably John T. Creager, s/o Emanuel], 28, male, white, farm laborer, Personal Property $300, b OH
Creager, Pheba, 20, female, white, Housekeeping, b OH
Creager, Mary, 1, , female, white, b OH
(Internet, Heritage Quest: Series: M593 Roll: 1248 Page: 681 Image: 79)

Lawson, p. 50, indicates: "In the Preble County Directory for 1875, West Alexandria, were the names listed of Emanuel Creager and his son Charles Creager."

Mary Jane (nee Swadener) Creager died 21 March 1876. She was buried in the Swadener family plot at the David's Cemetery in Van Buren Township, Montgomery County, Ohio with her two teenage children and her parents. Following his wife's death, Lawson, p. 50 tells us that Emanuel "went to live with his children."

"In the 1880 census, Emanuel and a son, Wesley, and daughter, Elizabeth, were living with his [Emanuel's] son, Charles and his wife, Anna, and two daughters, Della and Bertha, at their home 1/4 mile north of West Alexandria. Charles died on February 16, 1888 and his public sale was March 13, 1888. Emanuel then went to live in Liberty, [Montgomery County], Ohio, where he died on January 14, 1891." Emanuel was buried at the David's Cemetery in Van Buren Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. "Emanuel, Mary Jane, and their two teen-age children are buried under a huge tree in David's Cemetery along side Mary Jane's parents, Henry and Elenor Swadener." (Lawson, pp. 50-52)

1880 Federal Census
Preble County, Ohio
Twin Township
24 June 1880
No family numbers
Creiger, Charles, white, male, 32, farmer, b OH; father b MD; mother b OH
Creiger, Anna, white, female, 25, wife, keeps house, b OH; father b VA; mother b VA
Creiger, Della, white, female, 3, daughter, b OH; father b OH; mother b OH
Creiger, Gertie, white, female, 2, daughter, b OH; father b OH; mother b OH
Creiger, Emanuel, white, male, 69, father, farmer, b MD; father b MD; mother b MD
Creiger, Elizabeth G., white, female, 24, sister, housekeeper, b OH; father b MD; mother b MD
Creiger, Wesley, white, male, 25, brother, farm hand, b OH; father b MD; mother b MD
Wolf, Samuel, white, male, 61, boarder, single, farmer, b OH; father b PA; mother b PA
McNewt (perhaps McNutt), William H., white, male, 18, boarder, single, school teacher, b OH; father b OH; mother b OH
McNewt (perhaps McNutt), Gracie, white, male, 16, boarder, single, at school, b OH; father b OH; mother b OH

(Internet, Ancestry.com: SD 2; ED 203, Page 43)

Courtesy of: Ken Striker of Dayton, OH
7 July 2003

Emanuel Creager
Emanuel5 Creager was s/o Christian4 Creager & Anna Mary Woolf.
Emanuel married Mary Jane Swadener.
(Adam3, Johann Casper2, Hans Ernst1)

[Note: Internet, 14 July 2003, E-mail to ASH: Ken Striker of Dayton, OH gives us this: "This is the stone for Emanuel Creager, my wife's gr-gr-grandfather. He was born July 1, 1811; died 14 January 1891. His wife was Mary Jane Swadener (1819-1876). According to The Creager History by Irene Lawson, Emanuel was buried in his wife's family plot. Her parents were Henry and Elenor (Suman) Swadener."]

Emanuel and Mary Jane were the parents of 11 children: Lavina, John T., Simon, William Henry, Nelson, Charles Madison, Sarah Ellen, George, Wesley, Elizabeth and Rosetta.

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