Peter Creager I, s/o Adam Creager

son of Adam3 Creager and Christina Hoffarth/Hufford/Huffort
(Johann Casper2 Krieger/Creager, Hans Ernst1 Krieger)

PETER4 CREAGER (I), s/o Adam Creager and Christiana Hoffarth/Hufford, was the third child born to his parents. He was born 10 August 1776 in Frederick County, Maryland, and he was confirmed on 6 April 1798 into the Evangelical Lutheran Church. On 6 April 1798 Peter Krueger was confirmed. (Records of Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick Co., MD) On 9 November 1799 he married his 1st wife, Eva / Eve Albaugh. Peter and his family along with his brothers (Christian, Frederick and John William) and their families removed to Ohio in 1812; the Creager families of Ohio and Indiana are their descendants. "The trip proved to be too much for Peter's wife, Eve, and she died soon after arriving in April 1812." Peter then took a 2nd wife in November of 1812. She was Elizabeth Rike. Peter filed a land patent in 1830s in Allen County, Indiana at Ft. Wayne. In November of 1836, Peter and his family removed to South Whitley County, Indiana with his son, Samuel Creager, issue of his first marriage. Peter wrote his will on 12 January 1849 and died March 16, 1849. He was buried at the Old Cleveland Cemetery, in South Whitley, Indiana. On April 16, 1849, his will was probated.

Peter and his first wife, Eva, had five children. All were born and baptised in the Rocky Hill Lutheran Church in Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland. They were 1. Charlotte, born 11 October 1800 and died 4 January 1802; 2. Sophia born 1801 (married Benedict Ridgly and lived on a farm in Montgomery County, Ohio); 3. William Henry, born 19 October 1803 (married Mary Ann Ridgly, sister of Benedict Ridgly, and they had nine children: Peter, Mary E., Sarah E., Wm O., John R., and Sophia Jane Creager); 4. Catharina, born 6 April 1805 (married ??? Newman); and 5. Samuel, born 3 November 1809 (married Mary Jane Leslie and had seven children: Lydia Margaret, Lucinda, Elizabeth Jane, Delilah, Mary, "Tody", and Rueben H. Creager).

Elizabeth (Rike) Creager

August 2007, Courtesy of: Jean Fremion-McKibben

Peter and his second wife, Elizabeth, had seven children: 1. Ezra, born 18 November 1813 (married Delilah Ford and had nine children: Elizabeth Ann, Lydia Margaret, John Reuben, Mary Ann, Levi Anderson, Catharine Margaret, Angeline, Joseph Franklin and Sarah Jane Creager); 2. Ada, born 1815; 3. Levi, born 1817; 4. Christian Henry, born 1821 (married Susannah Obenchein and had ten children: Samuel, Catherine, Mary Ann, William R., Lydia, Martha, John H., Malvina and two who died in infancy); 5. Lydia Margaret, born 1824 (married Phineas Burwell and had three sons: Peter, Anderson Levi, and Adam R. Burwell); 6. Peter II, born 1829; and John Reuben, born 1832 (married Julia Banfill and had three children: Joseph A., Alice J., and John Oscar Creager).

Sons of Peter I Creager and (2) Elizabeth Rike
L->R: John Creager, Levi Creager, and Christian Henry Creager

August 2007, Courtesy of: Jean Fremion-McKibben

Transcription of Will of Peter Creager I

I, Peter Creager of the County of Whitley in the state of Indiana do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament, in manner and form, following, that is to say; first, It is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts Be fully paid. Second. I give devise and bequeath to my Beloved wife Elizabeth Creager the plantation on which we Now reside, situated lying and being a part of the North West quarter of section number thirteen (13) township number thirty (30) north range number eight (8) east. Containing about one hundred and twenty acres during her natural life and all the life stock horses cattle sheep hogs ect. by we now owned and kept thereon also all the house hold furniture and other items not particularly named in this will during her natural life as aforesaid She however first disposing of a sufficiency thereof to pay my just debts as aforesaid, and that at the death of my said wife, all the property hereby devised and bequeath to her as aforesaid as so much thereof as may then remain unexpended, to my children, Sophia Creager, William Creager, Samuel Creager, Ezra Creager Adam Creager, Christian Henry Creager, Levi Creager, Peter Creager Lydia Margaret Creager and John Reuben Creager and to their heirs and assign forever in manner and form following, that is to say share and share alike, provided however that my son Ezra Creager shall receive thirty dollars less because he has received one horse heretofore worth thirty dollars, it is also my will that the children of my daughter Catharine Newman that is Eve Newman John Newman and Peter Newman each receive five dollars because my daughter Catharine having receiving the principal portion of her legacy heretofore and it is futher my will that after the death of my wife Elizabeth Creager the property there remaining shall be sold and the proceeds thereof to be distributed in manner and form afoursaid and Lastly, I hereby constitute and appoint my said wife Elizabeth Creager and my son Adam Creager to be the Executors for this my Last Will and Testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me made and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twelth day of January In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty nine
Peter Creager (Seal)

Signed and published and declared by the above named Peter Creager as and for his last will and testament in the presence Of us who at his request have signed as witnessed to the same.
Key[es] C. Hamilton (?)
Richard Ritter

State of Indiana be it remembered that on this 4th day of April Whitley County ss. A.D.1849, personally came before me the undersigned Clerk of the Probate Court of the County of Whitley and State of Indiana. Key[es] C. Hamilton and Richard Ritter both of lawful Age and bring by me first duty sworn upon this oath depose and Say that the paper writing now exhibited to then purporting To be the last will and testament of Peter Creager late of Said county deceased. Was signed, sealed published and Declared as his last will and testament, in their presence. That the said decedant was made fully acquainted with the Contents thereof previous to signing the same. That he the said Decedent was of sound mind and memory and of lawful age At the time of the execution of the said last will and testimony. And not under any restraints or coercion whatever. That they the Said deponents signed said will as witnesses in the presence Of and at the request of the said testator, and in presence Of each other.
Key[es] C. Hamilton
Richard Ritter

In testimony whereof I Richard Collins clerk of the Whitley (Seal) Probate court hereunto subscribes my name and affix this record of said court at Columbia this 4th day of April AD1849.
R Collins, clerk.

State of Indiana, Whitley County
I, Richard Collins Clerk of the Whitley Probate Court, in and For the county of Whitley, in the state of Indiana, do hereby certify The above and forgoing to be a full and complete record of the Last Will and Testament of Peter Creager deceased together With the proofs and examination of the witnesses thereto by whom The same was proved.
Given under my hand this 4th day of April A.D, 1849
R. Collins, Clerk
Will & Transcription
Courtesy of Michael Alexander of Ft. Wayne, Indiana
2 January 2004

(Source: Lawson, Irene Creager and George Edward Creager, THE CREAGER HISTORY, 1 Jan 1985, Private Family Manuscript, Austin, Texas, pp. 30-31)
(Source: E-mail and Regular Mail, 1997-present, Family Information from Michael Alexander, a descendant of Ft. Wayne, Indiana: "Peter Creager I house is not located by the Old Cleveland Township Cemetery." See: 1869 Whitley Co., IN farm plot map with "Elizabeth Creager" named as owner of plot.)
(Source: E-mail, Jan 2004: Michael Alexander: Peter Creager I will, Court House, Columbia City, IN: Book 1, pp. 23-24)
(Source: Internet, 7 Dec 2003, E-mail to CREAGER@yahoo: Ken Striker of Dayton, Ohio: "The Creager History" by Irene Lawson Creager)
(Source: Internet, 29 August 2002, "Our Family Vine")

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