CREAGERS in AMERICA by Wm. A. Creager, Jr.

The manuscript below is presented per request from William A. Creager, Jr. via e-mail to ASH on 10 February 2012. Mr. Creager states the following:

"I am a descendant of Conrad Creager, son of Caspar Creager, an immigrant to this country from the Palatine region of Europe. Over the three past decades, I have been accumulating and compiling information about the Creagers from whom I am directly descended. Several months ago, I put the information together in a bound report titled Creagers in America. I have distributed copies to my children, my first cousins and to the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I have several bound copies left, as well as the digital version, that I will happily send to anyone who is interested. If you could incorporate my report into your website or at least make its availability known to others doing research on the Creagers, I would be most appreciative.

William A. Creager, Jr.


The Creager Ancestry of Matthew Jordan Creager & Anne Creager DiBenedetto

Prepared and Contributed
William Arthur Creager, Jr.
Original manuscript of December 1986
Revised manuscript dated August 2011

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