DAVID'S CHURCH, Van Buren Twp., Montgomery Co., OH


Van Buren Township,
Montgomery County, Ohio
Excerpts from Beer's History of Montgomery County, Ohio pp. 177-178

"This is the name given to a society of worshipers who assemble in the southern part of the township, on the Lebanon Turnpike, in what is called the Creager neighborhood.

About the year 1825 or 1826, a society of 'Reformed Church' people, that had been organized for some years previous to the above date, became divided upon the question of language. A part of the congregation were German and a part English. The Germans were opposed to having the services rendered in the English tongue ; so those who were desirous of having English services, united and formed a church of their own.

The original church was known as Zion Church, and was located clown on the Bottomland, near the river, but across the line in Miami Township.

The new society was organized by Rev. David Winters, and assembled at various private houses for worship, until a place of meeting was provided. Among the prominent movers in this enterprise were Lewis Lechlieder, Henry Rike and John Rike, his son, Samuel Himes, Jonathan Whipp, Henry Diehl, Henry and Christian Creager, a family named Hork, the Snyders, and others.

Christian Creager was the first Elder. He gave the land for the new church, and the logs to build it with. He was a carpenter by trade. and did the necessary work in that line, while others contributed in various ways. so that they soon had a church of their own. This was named "David's" Church. in honor of Rev. David Winters, who was the first pastor, and for over fifty years the only one who labored with them. The present pastor [1882] is the Rev. M. Loucks.

The present church building is of brick. It is finely situated in a quiet spot, not far from the main road. It was built in 1850 or 1851. Adjoining the church lot is the 'Creager' burying-ground, a well-ordered rural cemetery, which is a continuation of one of the early graveyards of the same locality."



Van Buren Township,
Montgomery County, Ohio
History of City of of Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio
Rev. A. W. Drury, Vol. I, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1909, p. 861

"The first direct indication of the time of the organization of this congregation that we have is the record of the election of two trustees, John Kerschner and Thomas Creager, at the residence of Lewis Lecklider, September 15, 1826.

They, on the part of the Reformed church, were to act in connection with two others of the Lutheran congregation as a building committee in erecting the first church. There is no record of the completion or dedication of this building.

Rev. David Winters, then pastor of the First church in Dayton, took this church under his care and served it until a meeting of the Miami Classis in Xenia, August 7, 1850.

The charge was reconstructed and David's with two other country congregations (the Mt. Zion and Alego) made to constitute the Mt. Zion charge, and the Rev. D. Winters was elected pastor of the charge.

On July 3,1836, is recorded the first election of officers. Some of the first elders were Christian Rike, Jacob Ridenour, Valentine Pentzer, Jacob Darner, William Neibel, Basil Ewry, John F. Prugh, and Jacob V. Prugh.

The pastor, Rev. D. Winters, served as clerk ofthis congregation until July 13,1844. His successors have been as follows: 1844, Jesse Prugh; 1846, W. Darner; 1851, Levi Rike; 1852, Jacob V. Prugh; 1864, John L. Prugh; May, 1867, Adam D. Rike; September,1867, Cyrus H. Creager, who is still serving, this being his forty-third year in succession. Only three have served as treasurer: John Prugh until 1875, Isaac Prugh until 1891, and Jacob Miller,the present incumbent. Rev. D. Winters served as pastor until 1879, when the charge was again reconstructed. David's and Hawker's were made a new charge and called the 'Valley' charge. Rev. David Winters was retained on the old Mt. Zion charge and Rev. M Loucks was called to the Valley charge, serving until 1884. Since then the pastors have been: 1884, J. B. Henry; 1888, William H. Tussing; 1889, B. Frank Davis; 1892, H. C. Hart; 1903, D. A. Parks, the present incumbent.

The first enrollment of members on records was in May, 1844, the number being one hundred and twenty-seven. Of the first enrollment only fourare living and only two, Mrs. Mary A. Prugh and Mrs. Clorinda Routsong, are still members. The congregationhas now on the roll a membership of two hundred. There are now a flourishing Sabbath school, Ladies' Missionary and Aid society and a Young Peoples' Christian Endeavor society.

In the year 1853 the old church was taken down and the present brick building was erected.

In 1907 the church was remodeled and repaired by the erection of a tower for a bell and the purchase of new decorated art glass windows. The congregation was assisted in thislast remodeling by the Mr. John H. Patterson, president of the N.C.R. Company of Dayton. His secretary, Mr. Charles Palmer, donated the bell, costing three hundred dollars.

On September 27, 1891, Mr. Isaac Lefevre donated to this congregation one acre of ground to be used for a parsonage.

In 1892 a two-story frame house was erected.

This congregation is now under the following official board: Pastor, Rev. D. A. Parks; Elders, Henry M. Routsong, John S. Himes and W. B. Willey; Deacons, Jacob Miller, Frank C. Gerhard, Calvin Whipp, Ohmer Himes and Harry Routsong; Trustees, Jacob M. Bartch, Harry E. Norris and John Henger; Secretary, Cyrus H. Creager; Treasurer, Jacob Miller."



Van Buren Township,
Montgomery County, Ohio
History of City of of Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio
Rev. A. W. Drury, Vol. I, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1909, p. 862

The first grounds of this cemetery were donated to the trustees of David's church by Christian Creager [This was John Christian (some say John Carl) Creager who married Sarah Ann Prugh. ASH] in the year 1826, to be occupied in common by the Reformed and Lutheran congregations as a place for divine worship and burying ground. The first interment was that of Charlotte Ann Ridenour, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Ridenour, in the year 1845.

About the year 1867, the grounds being nearly all taken up, another piece of ground was purchased on the east end of the cemetery, containing seventy-two square rods, of Henry Creager. [Wife was Elizabeth Prugh. ASH] November 6, 1890, the trustees called a meeting of the consistory of the church and all interested in the cemetery to make some arrangements in regard to keeping up the cemetery in the future. The following committee was appointed to investigate and report: J. V. Prugh, J. M. Lefevre and C. H. Creager. This committee called another meeting December 3, 1890. A motion was then adopted calling for the formation of an association to be known as the David's Cemetery association.

In due time articles of incorporation were secured, the incorporators being the above-mentioned committee and Abram Prugh and G. N. Whipp.

January 29, 1891, the incorporators held a meeting for the purpose of organizing and adopting a constitution and by-laws. After the adoption of a constitution, the association was fully organized by the election of: President, Abram Prugh; Vice-President, G. N. Whipp; Security, C. H. Creager; and Treasurer, J. M. Lefevre. The present board of trustees and officers areas follows: Trustees-Abram Prugh, J. Mason Prugh; Vice-President, J. Finley Marshall; Secretary, C. H. Creager and Treasurer, John W. Creager.

On February 2,1891, the board of trustees succeeded in procuring from Mrs. Henry Creager, the land from the east end of the cemetery out to the pike, containing a little more than one and one-half acres. They then surveyed and platted the whole cemetery in lots, making two hundred and ninety in all. October 28, 1891, the cemetery was dedicated. A suitable program was carried out, the exercises being held in the church and the dedication proper out in the cemetery. There are now four hundred and fifty interments."


For Your Information

David's Cemetery is located at the corner of St. Rt. 48 (Far Hills Ave.) and David's Road in Kettering, Montgomery County, Ohio. It is between the crossroads of 48th & Rahn and 48th & Stroop.

For additional information concerning David's Cemetery
4600 Mad River Road, Kettering, Ohio 45429
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David's Cemetery

The information below was shared with me, but I don't know who to credit. If anyone has information as from where this information may have been taken, please advise, as proper credit would like to be given. Audrey

"The whole of Section 34 was entered 31 Dec 1805 by John Rennick. In Deed Book H, page 434, of the Montgomery County Deed Records, Jacob Fousnaugh sold the Southeast Quarter of Section 34 (160 acres) to Christian Creager on 29 March 1821. Christian Creager in turn transferred 1.44 acres to David's Church on 26 Mar 1830 as recorded in Deed Book M, page 599."

"The first section of David's Church Cemetery was not platted until 1895 (see map) although burials began about 1845. In 1950, the David's Cemetery Association agreed to remove the old Creager Cemetery to a site within David's Church Cemetery." See: Creager Burials

David's Cemetery

Information & photos courtesy of: Ken Striker of Dayton, OH

The above photo is a sign that reads "CREAGER LANE." It is next to the ONE WAY sign.

"In 1957, the Himes Cemetery was also removed to the cemetery. The tombstones from both graveyards are arranged in neat row in the middle of the original plat of the cemetery. In 1974, the Munger Cemetery from Miami Township was also removed here withall remains buried in a mass grave. No tombstones were known to have survived that cemetery."

Information & photos courtesy of: Ken Striker of Dayton, OH, May 2004

"There have been numerous additions to the cemetery through the years with the 5th addition being the latest to be platted."

"Lot Number 3, being 100 acres of the south part of the West Half of Section 28, was granted by the U.S.A. to Henry Creager, assignee of William Concannon by right of pre-emption of John Cleves Symmes' lands on 20 Aug 1812. A Henry Creager was still living in 1875 on the farm where the Creager family graveyard was located according to the 1875 Atlas of Montgomery County. With the development of Huber's plat, the remains and headstones were removed to a site in David's Church Cemetery about 1950, where they are neatly preserved in a row besides those of Himes Cemetery."

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