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THE CREAGER HISTORY, Lower Part pp. 10-23

Irene Creager Lawson

pp. 10-23

George Valentine �Velte� Creager, Casper & Christinah�s third child, was born in Oley Mts., Pennsylvania on February 9, 1734. He was baptized March 2, 1734 by Rev. John Casper Stover in Oley Hills, Pennsylvania with John Hoffert as witness. At the time of �Velte�s� baptism, his father, Casper, was a resident of Oley Hills, Pennsylvania, and was an official at St. Joseph�s Church or �Hill Church� and was one of the three designated to purchase 50 acres of land for a cemetery on August 12, 1747. �Hill Church� of St. Joseph�s was originally known as �The Church among the Oley Hills,� about thirty miles northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Numerous references to Valentine in historical writings, including �History of Frederick County, Maryland� by T. C. Williams, establishes him as an outstanding man and a leader in the community. His many land transactions can be found in the records of the Circuit Court in the Frederick County Courthouse.

Valentine Creager married Maria Christina and had seven children. They were: Elizabetha, born February 27, 1768, baptized May 12, 1768 with Conrad Creager and wife Anna Maria as sponsors (Rocky Hill Records); John George, born May 11, 1771, baptized June 30, 1771 with George and wife Catharina as sponsors (Rock Hill Records); Susanna, born February 22, 1773, baptized March 22, 1773 with Michael Creager and wife Margaretha as sponsors (Rocky Hill Records); Thomas, born February 22, 1773, baptized March 22, 1773 with Adam Creager and his wife Christina as sponsors (Rocky Hill Records) and confirmed April 6, 1798 (Evangelical Lutheran Records, Frederick, Maryland); Amelia, born November 24, 1780, baptized January 27, 1781 with Catharina Kettero as sponsor (Rocky Hill Records). Amelia married

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Nathan Crum March 9, 1803 (Frederick County Marriage Licenses); and, Maria, �daughter of Valentine was confirmed April 6, 1798� (Evangelical Lutheran Record, Frederick, Maryland). It is felt that Daniel, born 1764, is Valentine�s son. But, according to Margaret Myers, genealogist of Frederick, Maryland, there is no proof at this time of whose son Daniel is. He could be Valentine�s, Michael�s or Christian Creager�s son. Daniel married Anna Barbara Schmidt (see the Texas Creager Connection� for one version of Daniel�s family lineal history).

Valentine and his wife Christina (Maria Christina) were recorded as witnesses for numerous baptisms and marriages in the Evangelical Lutheran Church records. Also among the records were �May 29, 1763 � Valentine Creager gave five shillings towards improvement and completion of the Church in Frederick�.

Valentine Creager was a private in Captain Middaugh�s Company of Maryland Militia in 1757. He held the rank of Captain in the Revolutionary War. Valentine is listed on the Muster Roll of Capt. John Middaugh, in the French and Indian War, as having served 240 days, for which he was paid 1 pound 10 shillings (Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. IX, Sept. 1914, No. 3, page 272). On January 24, 1775 among the list of names at a meeting of the �inhabitants of Frederick was Valentine Creager, all of Manor Hundred, were appointed to raise money for their Hundred for the purpose of buying arms and ammunition.� (Scharf�s History of Western Maryland, Vol. 1, pages 128 & 129). Thursday, October 3, 1776 � commission issued to Valentine Creager, appointed Captain; -- (Journal and Correspondence of the Council of Safety, July 7 � December 31, 1776, Archives of Maryland, Vol. XII, page 317).

The following are listed for Captain Valentine Creager�s company � the 4th Company of the Flying Camp: (November 29, 1775) � among those were Valentine Creager, Capt.; Adam Creager, Ensign � also listed Sergeants, Corporals and a Drummer and Fifer! (Journal of the Committee of Observation, Middle District, Frederick County, Md. � Maryland Historical Magazine Vol. XI, March 1916, No. 1, page 53). On page 57 of the same magazine it �placed Valentine Creager�s company as part of the 2nd Battalion�.

Valentine Creager�s name is on a list of Associators (Journal of the Committee of Observation, Middle District, Frederick Co., Md. Vol. XI, June 1916, no. 2, page 165 of the Maryland Historical Magazine. The committee of Observation was a committee set up during the American Revolution upon which individuals were selected and chosen to serve. Their duties and services were to watch the actions of the British and Tories. It was a patriotic act to serve on this committee.

Valentine Creager�s name is on a list of Associators (Journal of the Committee of Observation, Middle District, Frederick Co., Md. Vol. XI, June 1916, no. 2, page 165 of the Maryland Historical Magazine. The committee of Observation was a committee set up during the American Revolution upon which individuals were selected and chosen to serve. Their duties and services were to watch the actions of the British and Tories. It was a patriotic act to serve on this committee. Taken from: Archives of Maryland, Vol. XVIII, page 72, Muster Rolls and Other Records of Service of Maryland Troops in the American Revolution, 1775 � 1783, Baltimore

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Md. Historical Society 1900 --- �We the Subscribers, Delegates in Convention for Frederick County, do hereby certify that: (among other names) �Valentine Creager was appointed Captain, Company of Militia directed to be raised in Frederick County, and that they have embodied their company and marched therewith to the Camp in New York but that no commissions have as yet been issued.� � Dated October 3rd, 1776 and signed.

A history of Valentine Creager descendants can be found in The Texas Creager Connection compiled by Floyd R. Creager and Hollis A. Creager, great-great-great-great grandsons of Casper Creager. (Lollye Roma Ward married to Evangelist Thomas Wilson was possibly a descendant of Valentine, but definitely through the Creager son Daniel. I had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with them several times in their home in Cecilia, Kentucky. I.L.)

Conrad Creager, Casper and Christinah�s fourth child, was born in 1735 and confirmed on November 5, 1749, aged 14 years. He and his wife, Anna Maria Eader, were listed as witnesses for a number of baptisms and weddings in the Evangelical Lutheran Church records. She was the daughter of Casper and Wendelena Eader. The church records lists the following children born to Conrad and Anna Maria: Johann Henrich �Henry� Creager was born July 14, 1767 and baptized August 2, 1767 with Valentine Creager and wife Christina as sponsors (Rocky Hill Records); Elisabeth Creager, born February 24, 1768 and baptized May 12, 1768 (Rocky Hill Records); Elisabeth Creager, born June 17, 1769 and baptized July 1, 1769 with Christian Creager as sponsor (Rocky Hill Records); Johann Jacob Creager, born May 16, 1771 and baptized June 29, 1771 with Adam Creager as sponsor (Rocky Hill Records); Daniel Creager born June 29, 1773; Susanna Creager, born November 12, 1775 (named in father�s will); Daniel Creager, born May 5, 1779 (family Bible record); Anna Maria Creager, born November 21, 1783 and baptized April 12, 1784 with Adam Creager and his wife Christina as sponsors (Rocky Hill Records); Cornelius Creager, born November 26, 1788 and baptized February 21, 1789 with George Creager and his wife Catharine as sponsors (Evangelical Lutheran Records, Frederick, Maryland); Michael Creager (also on communion list) ; and Catherine Creager (named in father�s will).

At least two of Conrad�s sons came to Ohio and made their homes in Montgomery County near Dayton (see Montgomery County map on page 36). Cornelius Creager was listed in the early Montgomery County census records and had two sons and two daughters at that time. The Frederick, Maryland Evangelical Lutheran Church has the following records: �November 26, 1809 � Cornelius Creager and Miss Mary Gethar married at Mr. Stauffer�s by license in the presence of different persons; March 31, 1810 � Gideon George born to Cornelius Creager and Mary. Baptized August 7th.

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Witnesses � George Creager and Mary; and, January 14, 1812 � Henry Conrad born to Cornelius Creager and Mary. Baptized March 8th. Parents witnesses.� Three of Cornelius and Mary�s children were buried in the Creager Cemetery, Dayton, Ohio. Markers in David�s Cemetery read: �Catharine � died 1822 �age 1, daughter of Cornelius and Mary; Margaret � age 5 � daughter of Cornelius and Mary; and, Henry �age 10 months � son of Cornelius and Mary.� There is no definite record of the year Cornelius brought his family to Ohio, but the last child baptized in the Frederick, Maryland Lutheran Church was in 1812. He could have possibly come with his cousins, sons of Adam. Cornelius Creager diedaround 1840 in Eden Twp., Seneca County, Ohio. Cornelius was a school teacher in Napoleon, Ohio, which is in the northeast section of Ohio. After his death, his widow, Mary, went to Pissin, Henry County, Ohio (also in northeastern section) in 1852 with her son Gideon. Mary died in 1866 and is buried in the Shunk (Hoy) Cemetery. Conrad�s son, Henry Creager and his wife Susannah Wolf and their large family, the youngest 9 months old, made the long trip from Frederick, Maryland to Montgomery County, near Dayton, Ohio in 1810. (History of the family can be found in Beer�s History � Darke County, Ohio, 1880) Henry and Susannah were one of the first Creagers to arrive in Montgomery County. They acquired quite a large amount of land in Washington Twp. �between the Great and Little Miami Rivers� where they lived their entire lives and were buried on their farm in a section known as the Creager Cemetery. Henry died February 18, 1844 and Susannah in 1869. The names of their children can be found in the Evangelical Lutheran Church records: �March 10, 1794 � Thomas born to Henry Creager and Susannah. Baptized April 27th, witness � John Reich; 1797, Good Friday � Valentine Creager, Henry�s confirmed; January 30, 1802 � Rebecca born to Henry Creager and Susannah. Baptized July 18, 1803, witness � Philippina Fauth; and, August 21, 1810 � Solomon, born to Henry Creager and Susannah. Baptized October 15th, witness � Solomon Eisennagel.� All were mentioned in church records but one � Charlotte.

Henry Creager and his family along with other German farmers in the �Creager Neighborhood,� along the Lebanon Pike, joined together to build a house of worship (see Van Buren Township map on page 37). Henry represented the Lutheran denomination when David�s Church was built for both the German Reformed Church and Evangelical Lutheran Congregation. In David�s Reformed Church Minute Book #1, 15 September 1826 � 27 September 1874 is the following record: �Donations � Henry Creager donated 10 Hewed logs, 4 days hauling, 700 shingles and $3.� At the organization meeting on September 15, 1826, Henry Creager,his son, Thomas Creager and Lewis Lecklider, Thomas�s father-in-law, were elected trustees for David�s Church.

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Marriage records of Henry�s children can be found in the Montgomery County Court records: Valentine Creager married Mary Ann Gephart December 20, 1825. (Valentine�s marker is among those from old Creager Cemetery in David�s Cemetery.) Rebecca Creager married Samuel Yike July 16, 1826 and lived in the Creager Neighborhood near Dayton. (Rebecca�s marker is among those from old Creager Cemetery now in David�s Cemetery.) Solomon Creager married Maria Martin, daughter of George and Susannah Martin, October 10, 1833. Thomas Creager married Elizabeth Lecklider after 1810. She was the daughter of Maria Catharina Scheufler and Lewis Lecklider. Lewis Lecklider was born April 7, 1768, the son of Maria Barbara and Johan Conrad Lecklider. Maria, his wife, was born February 1, 1772, the daughter of Maria Magdalena and George Albrecht Scheufler (Lutheran Church Records, Frederick, Maryland.) Elizabeth�s brother, Jacob Lecklider, was married to Charlotte Creager, whose biography is in the Christian Creager family on page 40.

Solomon [Sol.] Creager and Thomas Creager were both successful farmers in Darke County near Greenville, Ohio (see Darke County map on page 50) In Beer�s History � Darke County, Ohio 1880, there is a biography of Solomon Creager. It provides the names of his grandparents, parents, sisters and brothers as well as the name of three of his six children � Henry, George M. and Cora Frances. Was also Uriah. �Solomon Creager entered eighty three acres of land in Darke County in 1840. They settled upon it while it was a wilderness, and cut the first stick of timber; made an opening and put up a small cabin, into which they moved; then commenced clearing up, working and toiling from day to day and year to year.� It also told of their membership in the Zion Church � �He and his wife were two of six constituent members who organized the Zion Church, the first Reformed Church established in this country.� The biography ends � �Thus while we have here a sketch of

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one of the old settlers of the county, we have also a sample of pioneers in the church work rarely excelled in length of time of service; here we have a noble example of the coupling together of pioneer work in opening out the forests and that of building up the church, which shall ever stand upon the pages of history as a bright and shining light to guide the children�s children and future generations to industry in life, and a sure way to a happy immortality beyond.� Solomon and Maria Creager are buried in Darke County, East Zion Community Cemetery near Greenville. Solomon died March 11, 1886 and Maria died August 9, 1893.

Thomas Creager and his wife Elizabeth had a family of thirteen children, eight of whom grew up to adulthood. The eight were Esaias, Mary Ann, Perryman, Daniel, Catharine, Lewis, Elizabeth and Josiah. From Beers History � Darke County, Ohio1880, Thomas� biography reads, �They located upon their farm in 1832, when all was a wilderness; they cut their road through from New Harrison to get to their land and cut their first stick of timber; arriving at the farm on a Sunday, the next Wednesday evening had a log house up, and moved into it Thursday morning; from this beginning they labored on, clearing up and opening out and making improvements as time and means would permit, ending the privations and hardships of such a life.� Thomas owned 334 acres of land. The end of his biography reads: �We see here the history of a man and a family who have been through many hardships but the fruits of their labors are now visible, and enable them to live in comfort and plenty; and this history will be read by generations to come withmuch interest, and as an example of industry and good management will stand forth as a bright and shining light to all ages to come.� Thomas and Elizabeth Creager are buried in

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Gettysburg Cemetery, Adam�s Twp. near Greenville, Ohio. Thomas died December 23, 1849 and Elizabeth died May 2, 1879.

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Thomas� daughter, Catherine, was born December 3,1820, in Darke County, Ohio. She married on July 4, 1844, to Daniel Burns, which whom she had four children: Mary Jane �Jennie�; Thomas Jeff; William Henry; and Emeline. Emeline was born in 1823 and died August 29, 1851. Much family lineal history is known of their son, William Henry Burns, and can be found in Appendix: B, beginning on page 112. Catherine�s husband, Daniel, was born December 17, 1814 and died April 23, 1886. She died February 24, 1899. They are buried in the New Coppess Cemetery in Darke County, Ohio. Thomas� daughter, Elizabeth, was born May 1, 1830, and died January 6, 1908. She married William L. Reck on June 4, 1853 (no children).

The history of the Creager � East Zion Reformed Church was written between 1919 and 1921 by Rev. Albert S. Glessner. Excerpts from the booklet: �It is interesting to go in quest for the beginning of things. All origins have a peculiar fascination for us. We take delight in tracing the history of the East Zion Congregation with it�s unbroken continuity, to the feeble beginning in the original Creager congregation founded in the year 1844 near Gettysburg, Ohio. By reason of the fact a century ago the incidents leading up to the beginning of this historic church are somewhat shrouded in obscurity. In the early autumn of the year 1844, Rev. Reuben Good, assisted by Rev. T. H. Winters, organized what was then known as the Creager Congregation with six members whose names are the following: Solomon Creager, his wife, Maria Creager, Thomas Creager, his wife, Elizabeth Creager, Daniel Lecklider and Elizabeth Lecklider. Not a �woman�s church� nor a �man�s church,� but a church with equal representation.� Thomas Creager was elected Elder. Solomon was elected Deacon. Daniel Lecklider was a brother to Thomas Creager�s wife, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Lecklider was her mother.

�The original church edifice in which the Creager Congregation was want to worship was erected probably in the year 1844-45 and stood just a little south of New Harrison, down by the creek.� (The dwelling has now been moved to the Gettysburg Pike and is the second house east of Hershey�s Crossing.) �The church was reorganized on May 30, 1875 and had a membership of eight males and eight females. The name adopted was the �Creager Congregation of the Reformed Church in the U. S.� The membership grew to an enrollment of 68. In 1883 the home of their congregation as well as its name changed. The church negotiated with the Lutheran Synod to purchase their brick church which had been built in 1858. The name Creager was changed to �Zion Reformed Church of Greenville Twp., Darke County, Ohio.� The membership is now about one hundred and twenty, the Sunday School enrollment at two hundred and fifty. They have the largest society of young people in

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Darke County.� One sentence which stands out in this historical sketch of this little Creager church reads �From this little coterie of six members the East Zion Congregation with its present strength and marvelous possibilities has sprung. How far a little candle throws it�s beam.� The East Zion Evangelical Church 1983 membership was bout 70, but unfortunately there are no Creagers of Creager descendants in their church at this time. Their present minister is Harold Oberer.

Montgomery County, Ohio Records Office General Index #2, 1838-1856 (Deeds) (reading from microfilm) had the following: �K.2 � 359 � Henry Creager�s Heirs: Wife, Susannah; they sell to David H. Prugh; 10 March 1845; for $3,000; the northwest quarter of section 27 and the southwest quarter of Section 28, Township 2, Range 6 between the Miami Rivers, Montgomery County, Ohio; the heirs sign as: Thomas and Elizabeth Creager of Darke County, Ohio; Solomon and Maria Creager of Darke County, Ohio; Nicholas and Charlotte (Creager) Harvey of Miami County, Ohio; Samuel and Rebecca (Creager) Yike of Montgomery County, Ohio; Mary Creager; Eleanor Creager (Valentine�s heirs: Mary was Valentine�s wife and Eleanor a daughter.)

Conrad�s son, Daniel, born May 5, 1779, was married on September 10, 1806 to Elisabeth Brodebeck. Elisabeth was born April 14, 1788 and died July 15, 1829. Daniel died on July 1, 1854. They are buried in the Link-Creager Cemetery south of Daysville Road near Frederick, Maryland (see map of Frederick County Cemeteries on page 7). They had five children: Ephraim Creager, born December 5, 1807 and married Mary Elisabeth Warfield; Martha Creager, born February 26, 1809 and married Joseph Ratcliff; Leah Mary Elizabeth Creager, born February 20,1811; Manasseh Conrad Creager, born February 15, 1813 and married Margaret Nelson; and Esau David Creager, born March 8, 1819 and married Amanda Stauffer.

Conrad Creager died February 24, 1808. His will was dated October 13, 1807. An excerpt from his will reads �Item having given to son Henry (Johann Heinrich) Negro Mace, I, now, bequeath my niger slave Dick to my son Daniel as a slave. Item I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary (Anna Maria) my slave Polly,� etc. From Administration Account Volume RB2, page 109: �Acct. of Henry Creager, executor of Conrad Creager, dated November 27, 1809; the distribution is made to the following: Henry Creager, Elizabeth Link, Jacob Creager, Susanna Buckey, Daniel Creager, Catherine Hufford and Cornelius Creager.�

Conrad�s wife, Mary (Anna Maria), died March 8, 1814. Will of Mary Creager, widow of Conrad Creager, which is filed in Frederick County Courthouse of Frederick, Maryland, was made September 26, 1808 and was probated March 23, 1814 (Liber Vol. RB1, Folio 483) mentions: Son, Cornelius Creager and daughter, Susanna Buckey and Eleanor Eader (no relationship is given).

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ADAM CREAGER was born in 1737 and was our direct ancestor. He was listed in the Falckner Swamp Lutheran Church records being confirmed May 20, 1753 ataged 15 years. (See page 24 for Adam�s biography.)

Anna Catharina Creager, the sixth born and only daughter of Casper and Christinah, was born May 13, 1740. She was confirmed on May 20, 1753 at the Falckner Swamp Lutheran Church at aged 13 years. Her first marriage was in 1772 to Jacob Fout (Fauth) who was born in Pennsylvania in 1728. Jacob died in Frederick, Maryland in December 1775. His will was probated December 31, 1775 and shows that his plantation was given to his son, Daniel, with each daughter, Anna Maria and Elizabeth, receiving one hundred fifty pounds. His wife, Catharina, could remain living and have full power of said Plantation as long as she remained a widow. Catharina�s second marriage was recorded in the Evangelical Church records dated �October 7, 1781 � married Johann Kalbfleish (John Calbfleisch) to Catharina Fout. Witnesses � Jacob Beyer, Adam Elbert, Valentine Creager, Catharine Fout and Catharine Beyer.� They had a daughter, Catharina, born August 12, 1782, baptized October 13, 1782, with Catharina Beyer sponsor. Anna Maria Fout married Thomas Linck (Link) on March 23, 1789 with witnesses Johannes Kalbfleisch, Jacob Beyer, Jacob Linck and Philippina Creager. John Calbfleisch�s will, dated in 1792 and probated September 18, 1797 and is on file in Frederick Co. Courthouse, Frederick, Maryland in Vol. GM3, Folio 188, states: Wife, Catharine to get entire estate; executor: Wife, Catharine; Witnesses John Brunner, Henry Fout, Jr. and George Creager. Anna Catharina Calbfleisch died October 22, 1821 and is buried in a private cemetery on a farm between Walkersville and Liberty, Frederick County, Maryland.

Michael Creager, seventh child of Casper and Christinah, was born in 1742. Margaret Myers, genealogist of Frederick, Maryland suggests the following as four of the five children born to Michael and his wife known to us only as Margaretha: [1.] Henrich Creager, born April 12, 1769 and baptized May 4, 1769, sponsor, Henrich Creager son of Casper Creager (Rocky Hill Records); [2] Henrich Creager, born August 2, 1772 and baptized August 30, 1772, sponsor, Henrich Creager, single (Rocky Hill Records); [3] Hannah Creager, born December 24, 1773 and baptized January 17, 1774 (Glade Valley Reformed Records); and [4] Michael Creager. Hannah Creager married January 11, 1796 to Ephraim Crum (Frederick Co., MD Marriage License). From Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, formerly St. Peter�s Rocky Hill (see map of Frederick County Cemeteries on page 7), near Woodsboro, Frederick County, Parish Registers 1767-1889: Michael Creager and wife Margaretha had a son, Michael, born March 31, 1785 and baptized April 20, 1785 with witnesses, Adam Creager and wife Christinah.
[Note: 2003, Rocky Hill Church now a Brethren Church. ASH]

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Michael Creager, Sr. died in 1784 at the age of 42 years. This would mean Michael, Jr. was born after his father died. He was the only one of Michael Creager�s five children for whom a guardian was appointed after his father and mother had both died. From: Administration Accounts filed in Frederick County Court House, Frederick, Maryland in Vol. GM1, Folio Page 228, Final account of Margaret Creager, Administrator of Michael Creager, deceased, dated January 30, 1787. There was no distribution, but a note says there was a widow and five children. Margaretha Creager, widow of Michael Creager, Sr., married March 16, 1790 to William Cramer as recorded in the records of the Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, Maryland and Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland.

From: Minutes of the Orphan�s Court for April 12, 1803: �The court appoints Frederick Baker, Jr. guardian to Michael Creager, aged 18 yrs. On the last of March. The court directs that William Cramer, serving administrats of Michael Creager, representative of said Michael Creager, deceased, the said Michael Creager�s distributive shared of his said father�s personal estate.� Michael Creager, Jr. was married December 27, 1806 (Frederick Co., MD Marriage License) to Catherine Renner and had four children: William, Michael John, Daniel and Maria Margaret Creager.

Henry Creager was the eighth child born to Casper and Christinah. He was born in 1746. The Evangelical Lutheran Church record of his marriage was dated �August 17, 1773 � Henry Creager and Elizabeth Betein (Beatly) married.� There were so many Henry Creagers, it is difficult to read records and definitely know just which Henry it refers to. The following could possibly be sons of Henry and Elizabeth as taken from the church records: Peter Creager, born June 1, 1774, baptized June 28, 1774 with parents as sponsors (Rocky Hill Records); �1797, Good Friday � Philip Creager, Henry�s confirmed; 1797, Good Friday � David Creager, son of Henry confirmed. May 11, 1802 � married in the house of Mr. George Creager, Mr. David Creager and Miss Margaretha Welk (or Week) in the presence of Henry Lie, George Creager, Jr. and other friends; Valentine Creager confirmed 1797 � Good Friday; Samuel Creager, born October 31, 1782. He married Elizabeth Ringer; Elisabeth Creager, born April 9, 1786, baptized July 2, 1786, sponsors: Johannes Berg and Elizabeth (Rocky Hill Records); Johannes Creager, a twin, born September 28, 1790, baptized October 10, 1790, sponsors: Johannes Kalbfleish and Catharine (Rocky Hill Records); Wilhelm Creager, a twin, born September 28, 1790, baptized October 10, 1790, sponsors: George Creager and Catharina; Abraham Creager, born July 7, 1793, baptized July 28, 1793, sponsors: Adam Creager and Christina (Rocky Hill Records); and Rebecca Creager, born March 3, 1798, baptized April 9, 1798, sponsors, parents. David, Phillip and Valentine, all sons of Henry Creager, were confirmed on

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Good Friday, 1797, in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland. Elisabeth Creager and Samuel Creager were confirmed in the Lutheran Church on April 16, 1802. From �The Military History of Wayne Co., New York� lists among the soldiers in the War of 1812: John Creager of Lyons, New York; Samuel Creager, a sergeant; David Creager, Valentine Creager, and Philip Creager, privates in the 71st Infantry, commanded by Capt. Luther Redfield, which was called out on Sunday, June 13, 1813. (The copy of this muster roll was furnished by A. F. Redfield, whose father commanded the company.) Henry Creager�s name is on list of Associaters in the Journal of the Committee of Observation, Middle District, Frederick Co., MD. (Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol. XI, June 1916, No. 2, Page 165). The Committee of Observation was set up during the American Revolution and it was a patriotic act to serve on this committee.

Casper and Christinah had two sons named George. George Creager (Georg Kruger), their ninth child, was born September 27, 1747. He was baptized March 21, 1748 at the Falckner Swamp Lutheran Church with George Bek as sponsor. This George died at an early age of 1 year 1 month 4 days on October 31, 1748.

George Creager was the tenth and last child of Casper and Christinah. He was born in 1752. George was possibly the most well known of the Creager �boys� since he was prominent tavern owner around Frederick, Maryland. He could possibly have owned more than one tavern. An item in T. C. William�s �History of Western Maryland� reads, �The first cattle show in Maryland was held at George Creager�s Tavern, Monacacy Bridge, two miles from the city, May 23 and 24, 1822.� George was Sheriff of Frederick County from 1803 to 1806. His son, George Jr., followed as Sheriff from 1806 to 1809. George Sr. was married twice. His first wife was Catharina Devilbiss, born January 1, 1748, daughter of Anna Catharina Stull and George Devilbiss. They were married April 16, 1771. Catharina died July 19, 1800. His second wife was Anna Maria �Mary� or �Polly� Appler. She was the daughter of Mary Hyde and Jacob Appler. Mary was born October 21, 1786 and died October 25, 1854. George and Anna Maria were married on April 7, 1807 in Annapolis, Maryland by Rev. Wagner. The name �Polly� was used in their marriage license.

The name of George Creager appeared very early on the membership records of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick. There were many records of marriages being performed at Mr. George Creager�s Tavern, as well as George and Catharina named as witnesses for numerous marriages and baptisms. The Lutheran Church records lists the following children born to George Sr. and Catharina: Philippina �Phobe� Creager, born July 2, 1772; George Creager, Jr., born August 9, 1778; Catharine Creager, born July 12, 1780;

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Ludwig �Lewis� Creager, born August 12, 1783; Anna Catherine Creager (never married); and a daughter (no name). Born to George Creager, Sr. and his second wife, Anna Maria �Mary� Appler, were: Jonathan Philemon Creager, born December 26, 1807; Marian Creager, born January 22, 1810. (Another source states that Marian was Mary Ann and called �Polly.�) She was single and died on February 6, 1892; Sarah Sophia Creager, born September 23,1812; and Wilhelm A. Creager, born December of 1814. George Creager, Sr. died July 29, 1815 in his 63rd year, in Washington, D.C. His death notice was published in the �Frederick Town Herald� dated August 26,1815.

Philippina �Phobe� Creager, born July 2,1772 and baptized August 30, 1772 (Walkersville Glade Charge) was married to Heinrich �Henry� Fauth (Fout), Jr. on October 30, 1791 (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland). Henry Fauth was born January 12, 1770. He was the son of Henrich and Magdalena Fauth. The church records show one birth, a son, George Fauth born October 8, 1792 and baptized October 17th with George and Catharina Creager, witnesses. Henry Fauth died June 12, 1795 at age 25. George Fauth died May 31, 1802 from smallpox at the age of 10. Philippina�s second husband was Johannes �John� Diehl. They were married on Sunday, January 19, 1806 (Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, Maryland).

George Creager, Jr. was married November 3, 1905 to Margaret �Peggy� Salmon, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Salmon. George and Peggy had nine children: Catherina, born August 26, 1806; Catharine Philippina, born April 11, 1809; Margareth Catherine, born March 10, 1811 and baptized May 7th with parents as witnesses; Edward Lewis, born April 2, 1812; Lewis Edward, born May 14, 1814; George Lewis Salmon, born November 21, 1815; Mary Elizabeth, born February 22, 1817; William Lewis, born October 3, 1818; and Elizabeth Louise, born January 11, 1820. (Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, Frederick, Maryland) George Jr. died the morning of September 11, 1823 (The �Political Examiner and Public Advertiser,� Issue for September 17, 1823). Peggy remarried May 20, 1832 to Michael Keller. They were married in Middletown, Maryland by Rev. John C. Bucher.

Catherine Philippina Creager was born April 11, 1809, baptized May 22, 1809 � Sponsors: Parents. (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland) She married Tuesday, April 1, 1828, by Rev. McCauley to Warren W. Phillips, who was the son of Samuel Phillips and his wife, Mrs. Rebecca Lyles (who had six daughters when she married Samuel Phillips). Warren W. Phillips was born November 15, 1808 near Middletown, Frederick County, Maryland. They moved to Zanesville, Ohio early in 1832 and then moved to Dayton [OH] in April 1833. Warren W. Phillips was the oldest carriage builder of Dayton, Ohio. He served as an apprentice to both Jacob Young and Peter Beeter of Sharpsburg, Washington County, Maryland and Middletown,

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Frederick County, Maryland. Catherine and Warren had three sons and three daughters, but only the names of two sons are known: Henry Lee Phillips and Willie W. Phillips.

Dr. Ludwig �Lewis� Creager was born August 12, 1783, baptized October 20, 1784 � Sponsors: Heinrich Creager and wife Elizabeth, his uncle and aunt (Rocky Hill Records) and confirmed April 16, 1802 (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland). He married May 10, 1808 to Susanna Hauer, daughter of Daniel Hauer, Sr. (Frederick County, MD Marriage License). Dr. Creager died February25, 1829 at the age of 46. His will was made February 25, 1829 and probated March 6,1829 and is recorded in the Frederick County Court House, Frederick, Maryland in Liber Volume GME, Page 37: mentions wife, Susanna, son William Hauer Creager; afflicted daughters: Rebecca Eleanor Burkitt and Mary Catherine Creager.

Dr. Creager�s daughter, Rebecca Eleanor Creager, born March 16, 1809 (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland) died April 30, 1829, at age 21. She married Dr. Newton Burkitt January 8, 1825 at age 16 (Frederick County, MD Marriage License); he was 20. Dr. Newton Burkitt died April 4, 1832 at age 27. They had two daughters: Amanda C. Burkitt died March 22, 1831 at age 2 years; and Henrietta Burkitt was born in 1829, married first to George S. Harbaugh of Frederick County, Maryland. Henrietta and George had a son who became a dentist (Dr. George Newton Harbaugh of Hagerstown, MD) and a daughter, Mary C. Harbaugh, who married John W. Hoffaacher of Baltimore, Maryland. Henrietta C. (Burkitt) Harbaugh�s second husband was William T. Irvin. They were married in 1861. They had a son, Harry B. Erwin, born in 1864 and died in 1913. He was married to Clara Lula McLaughlin, born in 1866.

Dr. Creager�s son, Wilhelm Hauer Creager, was born Auguest 23, 1811 (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD) and became a doctor. He married April 15, 1831 (Frederick County, MD Marriage License) to Sabrat Otto. She died December 29, 1831 at the age of 26. He died March 10, 1848 at the age of 36 and is buried in the Reformed Cemetery, Middletown, Maryland.

Dr. Creager�s other daughter, Mary Catherine Creager, was born November 15, 1813 (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland) and died December 18, 1855 with burial in the Lutheran Church Cemetery, Middletown, Maryland. She never married. His son, Charles Hauer Creager, was born January 7, 1816 (Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD). Charles died October 29, 1825 and is buried in the Old Lutheran Cemetery, Middletown, Maryland.

Jonathan Philemon Creager was born December 26, 1807 to George Creager, Sr. and his second wife, Anna Marie. Jonathan died at Gettysburg, PA in July of 1891. He married Elizabeth Urner, daughter of Hannah Rinehart and Jonas Urner. She was born April 18, 1809 and died December 25, 1875 or 1875 ("Urner Genealogy" says 1876 and "Appler Family History" says 1875). Jonathan and Elizabeth had two sons and two daughters: (1) Amanda Creager born July 29, 1830; (2) Mary Hannah Creager; (3) George Urner Creager; and (4) Francis Marion �Frank� Creager.

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Amanda Creager married John T. Lowe who was Judge of the Orphans Court in Frederick County, Maryland. They had three children: (a) Irene Eugenia Lowe, born April 1 or 2,1852 and died February 2, 1926; (b) Marsalene Alverta Lowe, born February 23, 1854 and died young; and (c) Cora Mae Lowe born February 14, 1862. She married Mr. Wharton and had one son, Walter Wharton.

Mary Hannah Creager was born November 11, 1832 and married John Graham on January 9, 1850. They had seven children: (a) Cora Sadonia Graham, born 1857; (b) India Nellie Graham, born October 15, 1858; (c) Walter Scott Graham, born April 22, 1860; (d) Francis Marion Graham, born January 28, 1864; (e) Clinton Graham, born April 10, 1867; (f) Herbert Lincoln Graham, born May 9, 1869; and (g) Stella Graham, born August 16, 1870.

George Urner Creager was born June 21, 1834 and died in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 1910. He was first married to Sallie L. Sands on March 19, 1861. They had two children: (a) Gertrude Hilton Creager and (b) Francis Marion Creager. Gertrude Hilton Creager was born February 11, 1862, never married, and died December 18, 1919; Francis Marion Creager was born July 31, 1869. George Urner Creager�s second wife was Ellen Abbot Ida Appler, daughter of Dr. David and Elizabeth (Gilbert) Appler. They had two children: (a) Charles Francis Creager and (b) Emma Elizabeth Creager. Charles Francis Creager, born August 19, 1873 and died November 1, 1927. He was a lawyer and was married to Effie Belle Appler, daughter of Elias Appler, on August 1, 1899. Effie was born October 5, 1877 and died April 5, 1959. They had one daughter: Dorothea Creager, born October 22, 1907 and died May 25 1974 in New York, NY. She was single and a teacher of the first experimental pre-primer class for retarded and handicapped children in Washington, D.C. Emma Elizabeth Creager was born October 12, 1872 and died November 16, 1965. She married John Thomas Carroll on November 12, 1895. He was born May 19, 1876 and died January 6 or 8, 1930. Emma and John Carroll had two daughters: Ethel Ruth Carroll and Helen Mildred Carroll. Ethel Ruth Carroll was born September 18, 1898 and died November 7, 1967. Ethel married John Lutz on June 17, 1927, and divorced him on November 24, 1947. Helen Mildred Carroll was born November 23, 1900 and married Dr. Harry S. Shelley on September 25, 1925.

Francis Marion �Frank� Creager was born around 1839. He was single. Frank was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Civil War on March 19, 1862, later being promoted to Captain on December 2, 1862. He was killed June 9, 1863 by a Confederate sharp shooter at Brandy Station Virginia.

Sarah Sophia Creager, born on September 23, 1812, was George Creager, Sr.�s last daughter. Sarah�s family lineal history can be found in Appendix A. page 108.

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