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(1882 History of Montgomery County, Ohio: Van Buren Township, pp. 177-178)

David's Church is the name given to a society of worshippers who assemble in the southern part of the township (Van Buren Twp.) on the Lebanon Turnpike in what is called the Creager neighborhood.

About the year 1825 or 1826, a society of "Reformed Church" people, which had been organized for some years previous to the above date, became divided upon the question of language. A part of the congregation were German and a part English. The Germans were apposed to having the service rendered in the English tongue, so those who were desirous of having English services united and formed a church of their own.

The original church was known as Zion Church and was located down on the Bottom-land, near the river, but across the line in Miami Twp. The new society was organized by Rev. David Winters and assembled at various private houses for worship, until a place of meeting was provided. Among the prominent movers in the enterprise were Lewis Lechlieder, Henry Rike, his son John Rike, Samuel Himes, Jonathan Whipp, Henry Diehl, Henry and Christian Creager, a family named Hork, the Snyders and others.

Christian Creager was the first Elder. He gave the land for the new church, and the logs to build it with. He was a carpenter by trade, and did the necessary work in that line, while others contributed in various ways, so that they soon had a church of their own. This was named "David�s Church" in honor of Rev. David Winters, who was the first pastor, and for over fifty years the only one who labored with them.

The present church building is of brick. It is finely situated in a quiet spot, not far from the main road. It was built in 1850 or 1851. Adjoining the church lot is the "Creager" burying ground, a well-ordered rural cemetery, which is a continuation of one of the early graveyards of the locality.

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On March 26, 1830, Christian and Mary Creager deeded a little over an acre of their farmland to David's Church. Deed is on page 599 of Book M. and was, as follows:

This indenture made this twenty-sixth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and thirty between Christian Creager and Mary his wife of the County of Montgomery and State of Ohio of the first part and Jacob Daner, John Prugh, and Henry Deal Trustees of David's Church and their successors in office in the Township of Washington and County aforesaid of the second part Witness that the said Christian Creager and his wife for and in consideration of the Sum of Twenty dollars lawful money to them in hand paid by the Trustees aforesaid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained sold aliened released conveyed and confirmed and be these present do grant bargain sell alien released conveyed and confirmed unto the Trustees aforesaid and their successors in office for the time being, all that lot or piece of land situate lying and being in the County and Township aforesaid and being a lot in section thirty four of township two in range six of the lands between the Miami Rivers and bounded as follows to wit, beginning at the intersection of the Mad River and Lebanon Pike and north here of said Christian Creager land from thence North 87 degrees East five chains and seventy five links to a stone set for corner, thence South 12 degrees East two chains and twenty five links to a stone set for corner, thence South 87 degrees West seven chains and five links to a stone corner, thence North 20 degrees East to the place of beginning two chains and forty five links containing one acre and forty four hundredths of an acre and all the right title interest claim and demand of we the said Christian Creager and his wife of in and to the premises aforesaid to the only proper use benefit behoof of the trustees aforesaid and their successors in office of David's Church to be used and occupied by said Congregation in Common and for a place of Public Worship or burying ground forever and further said Christian and his wife for members Executors and administrators will warrent and forever and forever defend the aforesaid premises with their appurtenances and every part and parcel there of unto the Trustees aforesaid and their successors in office for the use and benefit of said congregation against all persons claiming or to claim by from or under us or them or any of them whomsoever. In witness whereof the said Christian Creager and Mary his wife have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year first within written. Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of Samuel Himes, James Rupell, The State of Ohio Montgomery County

Christian Creager
Mary (her X) Creager
(Christian Creager�s signature as it appeared on David�s Church deed.)

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History of Montgomery County, Beers, 1882: Van Buren Township)
1981, Information from Russel Creager

In 1826, David's Cemetery was in a rural area six miles from Dayton. Today, it is bordered on the north by David's Road and faces busy Far Hills Avenue just south of the business district of Kettering. The first grounds of this cemetery were donated to the trustees of David's Church by Christian Creager in the year 1826, to be occupied in common by the Reformed and Lutheran congregations as a place for divine worship and burying ground. The first interment was that of Charlotta Ann Ridenour, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Ridenour, in the year 1845. About the year 1867, the grounds being nearly all taken up, another piece of ground was purchased on the east end of the cemetery, containing seventy-two square rods, of Henry Creager's land. November 6, 1890, the trustees called a meeting of the consistory of the church and all interested in the cemetery in the future. The following committee was appointed to investigate and report: J. V. Prugh, J. M. Lefevre and C. H. Creager . This committee called another meeting December 3, 1890. A motion was then adopted calling for the formation of an association to be known as the David's Cemetery association.

In due time articles of incorporation were secured, the incorporators being the above-mentioned committee and Abram Prugh and G. N. Whipp. January 29, 1891, the incorporators held a meeting for the purpose of organizing and adopting a constitution and by-laws. After the adoption of a constitution, the association was fully organized by the election of: President, Abram Prugh; Vice-President, G. N. Whipp; Secretary, Cyrus H. Creager; and Treasurer, J. M. Lefevre. Cyrus Creager, son of Henry and Elizabeth (Prugh) Creager, was the first secretary of the Board of Trustees and held that position from 1890 until he died in 1918. The drive in the cemetery, "Creager Lane", was named in his honor.

On February 2, 1891, the board of trustees succeeded in procuring from Mrs. Henry Creager, the land from the east end of the cemetery out to the pike, containing a little more than one and one-half acres. They then surveyed and platted the whole cemetery in lots, making two hundred and ninety in all. October. 28, 1891, the cemetery was dedicated. A suitable program was carried out, the exercises being held in the church and the dedication proper out in the cemetery. As of November 30, 1981, there was thirty-six acres of ground with a total of 5,603 burials. Among them are 50 Creagers.

The descendants of the Creager family are still taking an active part and well represented in the David's Cemetery

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Association. The Board of Trustees consists of eight members and they are as follows: President - Russell E.Creager (grandson of Abner Creager, great-grandson of John and Sarah Ann Prugh Creager), Vice-president - Victor Greimann, Secretary - Stephen D. Hopkins (second cousin of Russell E. Creager), Treasurer - John R. Dill and Attorneys - Paul R. Young (first cousin of Russell E. Creager), Milo Herr, James Widman and Michael Creager (son of Russell E.Creager).

History of Montgomery County, Beers, 1882, p. 664)

In the year 1839, a missionary of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland, visited Dayton in the interest of the Lutheran Church. He found a few scattered members of the denomination whom he gathered together and formed an organization.

"We the subscribers, feeling the importance of forming an Evangilical Lutheran congregation in the city of Dayton, Ohio, for ourselves and our children, do hereby in humble reliance on the great head of the church, form ourselves into a Lutheran" congregation. We acknowledge ourselves members of the Lutheran church and, of course, subject to the discipline and church government of the General Synod of the Evangilical Church of the United States."

This article was signed by those present: Henry Creager, Philip Beaver, John Prugh, Peter Baker, Frederick Gephart, Elijah Ealy, Samuel Keller, John Hoppert and J. G.Hoppert. Elders were: Henry Creager and Philip Beaver. Deacons: Frederick Gephart and Peter Baker. Rev. D. P. Rosenmiller, 1840-1849.

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