South Whitley Cemetery, Whitley County, Indiana: CREAGER burials

Whitley County, Indiana

In October, 2006, Jaleen Bultman-Deardurff visited the gravesites of her CREAGER ancestors and relatives in these cemeteries in Whitley County, Indiana: the Old Cleveland Family Cemetery, the South Whitley Cemetery, and the Nolt Cemetery. Here are a few of her comments. ASH

"The very old cemetery, simply called the Old Cleveland Cemetery, is out in the middle of nowhere. Peter Creager I and his second wife, Elizabeth, are buried there with other Creager's. Peter's stone was missing and the others were difficult to read, but one clearly said Creager on it. The other headstones at the South Whitley Cemetery and Nolt Cemetery are easy to read. I was deeply moved as I stood at these graves. I realized I was walking around on the very ground my ancestors stood."

Jaleen Bultman-Deardurff
JaLeen is the author of the The Music Teacher.
Her CREAGER roots and family history inspired her writing.
See JaLeen's story of her visit to Whitley County, Indiana, her book signings, and cemetery photos.

Courtesy of: JaLeen Bultman-Deardurff
18 October 2006

A few of these front stones in the above group photo can be read digitally. Perhaps a close-up photo of each stone could disclose more information. ASH
Left to Right:
1. Appears to read: "Infant of C. H. & S. A. Creager".
[Note: South Whitley Cemetery lists: Creager Infant � children of CH & SA � South Whitley-U-17-9]
2. Stone too dark and digitally lightening did not produce a clear reading.
[Note: South Whitley Cemetery lists: Creager, Martha E. � died June 21 1855 aged 2 months 29 days - daughter of CH & Susanah � South Whitley-U-17-8]
3. Small stone lower in the soil is unreadable.
[Note: Appears to indicate perhaps another child's stone. ASH]
4. "Susanah (sic), wife of, C. H. Creager, 1864 at 40y 13d", 1st wife of Christian.
5. Christian H. Creager and his 2nd wife Elizabeth Rike
6. Laura A. Creager Cline 1872-1924
Laura's husband is given elsewhere a John Cotton, but her gravestone shows her married name to be Cline. She was Laura Arminta Creager, dau/o Christian Henry and Elizabeth Banfill, born 13 Nov 1872 & died 9 April 1924.
7. Noah Fletcher, son of A. J. & E. Fletcher
[Note: Is young Noah Fletcher somehow related to the CREAGER family as his stone appears in the grouping next to the Creager plot, or is it just a FLETCHER plot next to the CREAGER plot? ASH]
[Note: South Whitley Cemetery Webpage lists these two Fletchers and young Noah.]
Fletcher Elcana � Corpl Co E 44th Ind Inf � South Whitley-U-17-1
Fletcher Noah � Co E 44 Ind Inf � South Whitley-W-7-43
Fletcher Noah � died January 22 1868 - son of AJ & E � South Whitley-U-17-3]

Courtesy of: JaLeen Bultman-Deardurff
18 October 2006

s/o Peter4 Creager I and (2) Elizbeth Rike
(Adam3 Creager, Johann Casper2 Krieger/Creager, Hans Ernst1 Krieger)
Wife of Christian Henry Creager
Other researchers name her parents as John Banfill and Anna Marie "Hannah" PRICE.
Her sister, Julia Ann Banfill married Christians' brother, John Reuben Creager.

Courtesy of: JaLeen Bultman-Deardurff
18 October 2006

This gravestone appears to be the gravestone of:
s/o I./T. J. & E. Fletcher
From the group picture we can see that it stands near to the stones of the CREAGER family.
Is there an unknown family connection or is the FLETCHER plot next to the CREAGER plot? ASH

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