(also interpreted as CAREL ENJOERT/etc.)

Carel ENYART and his descendants may carry these variants as surnames:


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Carel (interpreted as Carl or Charles) ENJART of Flanders (Holland) was born 26 June 1625. He appears to have married ca 1650 in Holland to an unknown wife. Their first born child, Yellis, was born 01 February 1651/52.

One "CHARLES ENGARD" appears 1646 in York County, Virginia, then disappears from records. Was this our Carl/Charles ENJART? Then as "Charles ENSARDT" he appears to have made an affidavit in connection with a trial in New Amsterdam (New York) as early as 15 March 1655.

Sometime before or in 1655 Carel immigrated alone to America.


"Court Minutes of New Amsterdam" for CHARLES ENSARDT
15 Mar 1655
"Cornelis van Tienhoven in quality of Sheriff, pltf (plantiff) v/s Jacques de la Motthe deft. The Hon(ora)ble pltf. requests, that deft. may be heard and examined before the Court on certain interrogatories as to what he has seen at Leendert Aerden's house between Nicolaes Hosteyn and Geurt Coerten's wife. Deft. answered on the Interrogatories and confirmed his declaration by oath. Done in Court aforesaid. Cornelis van Tienhoven in quality of Sheriff demands, in writing, as the Court has heard the declaration of the beforenamed Jacques de la Motthe, and seen the affidavit of CHARLES ENSARDT, whence it appears that Nicolaes van Holsteyn and Geertie, wife of Geurt Coerten, were caught in adultery, that the Court shall imprison the afresaid Geertie, and then proceed duly against her and the said Nicholaes Meyyer. Whereupon was by the W. Court endorsed" Fiat, this 15th March 1655."
(Source: Fernow, Berthold, editor, The Records of New Amsterdam (from 1653 to 1674 annodomini), Vol. I,
Minutes of the Court of Burgomasters and Schepens
, 1653-1655, New York, 1897.
Republished: Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1976, p. 298)

Sometime after this, he appears to have returned to Holland for another son (unknown) was born 1656/1657, and in 1660 a daughter (unknown) was born. He apparently gathered his family and belongings together for a permanent trip to New Amsterdam (NY). So in 1664 Carel immigrated with his family (wife and three children) to New Amsterdam. They boarded the Dutch vessel, De-E(e)ndracht (aka Concord), which was under contract with the West India Company to settle the new land.

Dave Conover indicates, "This ship is supposed to be a rendering of the Eendracht and as I recall was replicated in the Netherlands in the 1990's."

The family departed Amsterdam, Netherlands under Capt. Jan BERGEN. The ship's manifest refers to him as Carel ENJOERT (a misinterpretation), from Flanders (Holland), wife and three children: 12y old son (believed to have been the eldest named Yellis, aka Jellis or Giles or Gillis), 8y old son (unknown), & 4y old daughter (unknown). The ship is said to have landed at New Amsterdam (NY) 17 Apr 1664, however it is not known for sure if this date was the departure or arrival date.

"Carel Enjoert, from Flanders, and Wife and three children."
(Source: Internet at The Olive Tree Genealogy: D'Eendracht (Concord))

Various Scenarios

Only One or More than one Carel/Charles Enjart in America?
  • 1625 Carel Enjart/Enyart/etc. was born.
  • 1646 Was Carel the "Charles ENGARD" who at 21 came to York Co., Virginia and never appears in records there again ask Gerre Engard.
  • Does he return to Holland by 1650?
  • 1650 Carel marries in Holland.
  • 1651/52 Son born to Carel and wife (said to have been Yellis/Giles).
  • Does same Carel return again or was this another Carel's first trip to America by 1655?
  • 1655 One CHARLES ENSARDT signs an affidavit (unknown date) presented in court in America in March 1655.
  • Does he return to Holland soon after to father a child born 1656?
  • 1656/57 Second Son born to Carel and wife.
  • 1660 Daughter born to Carel and wife.
  • 1664 Carel, wife, and three children land in New Amsterdam from Holland. Were these three children his children? OR Charles/Carel, at 21 years of age does come to America, making a total of three trips to America OR on his second return to HOLLAND before 1664 brings back a widow and adopted kids.

  • Unanswered Questions
    More research and documentation needed.
    Theories of Carel being father of Yellis/Giles appears based upon preponderance of evidence at this time.

  • Was there more than one Carel/Charles Enjoert/Enjart/Enyart?
  • Did Carel believed father of Yellis/Giles make one, two, or three trips to America?
  • Were the children who Carel and wife brought to New Amsterdam his biological children?
  • Who are the children, other than Yellis?
  • What happened to these other children?
  • Did they survive into adulthood?
  • Did they marry and have children? If so, there should be other descendants of Carel ENJOERT out there.

  • The family settled on Staten Island, New York residing in what is now Richmond County, New York. There is no found record indicating the wife's name nor her death. There is no record found at this time recording additional information on the family or death of Carel. The Olive Tree Genealogy Immigrant Registry indicates that Carel was deceased after 1664 at Staten Island, Richmond County, NY. Of the three children who accompanied the family, Yellis Enjart, is the only one known to marry and have children.


    YELLIS (aka Giles) ENJART/ENYART, son of Carel (aka Charles) Enjart/Enyart and unknown wife, is the only known child of the three children who came with his parents. It is not known if the other children survived to adulthood, married and had children. Yellis was born was born 01 February 1651/52 in the Netherlands, and immigrated with his parents and siblings to America in 1664.

    Yellis married 1st to Antje (Alice) VAN WOGGELUM and 2nd to Trientie 'Catherine' Servaes VLIERBOOM.
    (Source: Internet, Jan 2000, The Roll Family Genealogy Windmill by William Henry ROLL, A Genealogy of the Roll, Van Woggelum, and Related Families)

    In records, Yellis is listed as a farmer and in 1701 is said to to be a highway surveyor of Staten Island.

    “Richmond ss

    Whereas att agenerall Meating held the Seacond Day of Aprill in the year 1705 for Chouseing Such offesors as is nesisary for the Ensuing year the free holders being mett in Each Devition made Choyses of those persons hereunder named…”
    “Yelus Inyor” [NOTE: North or West Division...not clear.Mary Ottoson]
    “tunes Egbart supervisor” [NOTE: North or West Division...not clear.Mary Ottoson]

    (Source: Internet, 2 March 2006, E-mail to ASH from Mary Ottoson as found at Michigan State University: The Earliest Volume of Staten Island Records, 1678-1813, Historical Records Survey, Service Division, Works Projects Administration (WPA), New York, March 1942, p. 106)

    It appears that sometime after the above date that Yellis was deceased. He is said to have died March 1706-1707 Staten Island, Richmond County, New York or in Orange, Orange County, New York.

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    ENYART NEWSLETTER 1 by James Raywalt, editor & publisher:
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    I also have referenced a book called "Pioneers & Founders of New Netherland" which I know nothing about. Can anyone else fill me in on references that they may have concerning the above information? We need to validate this history...step by step. My e-mail is at the bottom here on this page. Or, if you are a member of the discussion list, you are welcome to share your comments with the list. We need to get in writing so all can have input. This is your history and my husband's [David Hancock] history.    [ASH]

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