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PHILLIP ENGARD immigrated through Philadelphia in August, 1728 arriving on the Ship Mortonhouse.

With a piece of land patented in Salford, Montgomery Co, PA, Philip settled there before moving his large family to Upper Dublin where he had purchased 100 acres and built a fine home. The home is still being lived in today and is considered an "historical" home in that area.

Philip and wife, Catherine Elizabeth _____ raised a family of at least
11 children, 10 of them to adulthood:
l. Adam b: abt 1734 (est.); migrated to Burlington Co., NJ before
1772. He was married to Barbara who is thought by this researcher to be
a LEEDS. Barbara INGERS was buried 1774 in St. Andrews Cemetery, Mt.
Holly, Burlington Co., NJ. Adam then married Sarah ______. Adam
executed his Will in Nov. 1774, and it was recorded in 1797. Adam &
Barbara had two sons: William who died at 4 years of age. John was born
abt 1793 and probably died 1848. He married "Ann" and may have had
three children. Names being withheld for further proof. Adam & Sarah
raised: William m: Martha HILYARD; Adam m: Sarah ROGERS; Catherine m:
John Jehu JONES and migrated to OH; Martha (no further info); Elizabeth
(no further info).
2. Henry married Rachel ATKINS. Their children were: Mary, James,
Rachel, and possible three others.
3. Jacob married Dorothy _______ and had: John, Jacob, Mary,
Catherine, Elizabeth, Susanna, Margaret, & possible another son.
4. John married Maria/Mary _________ had: Adam m: Susanna _______,
Anne m: Christian ENGLE, Catherine m: Jacob NEU, & Mary.
5. Peter married Isabella _________. They were deceased by 1825.
It's possible they had at least two sons & two daughters.
6. Philip, Jr. (b: 1731; d: 1811-1813) married Kitty MOSSLER, then
Elizabeth _______. (Perhaps "Kitty" was Catherine Elizabeth MOSSLER,
just ONE wife.) This couple had several children: Barbara m: 1. Jacob
BRESTON, 2. Joseph KEESEY; Philip (no further information), Catherine
HAUPT; Ann m: Henry FRATT; Peter m: Anna Maria REDHEFFER; William m:
Nancy EVANS (resided Botetourt Co., VA); Anna Maria m: LANG/LONG,
Dorothy m: Jacob GREGORY; Elizabeth m: Andreas WILLIAMS; Nicholas m:
Catherine FABRITIUS.
7. William married Elizabeth ________, raising three children to
adulthood: William H. m: Elizabeth HANWAY; Sarah m: Christopher RODE;
Sarah m: Walter McCOOL.
8. Anna Margaret married Jacob CUPP.
9. Catherine Elizabeth married John BECKER.
10. Mary married Conrad AMICK.

For sources and/or further info, please contact:
Gerre Engard Byrd
[email protected]

Please note: An Adam ENGARD immigrated through Philadelphia, arriving on the Ship Britannia 1773. This Adam's village of origin was Rossdorf, near Darmstadt, Hesse. He was very possibly a cousin of above Philip, but no PROOF to date.

Gerre has not made a connection yet to the ENYART/ENYEART/etc. family line, however, in July 2004 she states: "My grandmother's pronounciation of the name across the ocean was 'von ENYART'." In December 1999, she stated, "Actually, we are finding ENGARD to have been ENGERT in 1827."

18 April 2005
Gerre gives the following information:

One "Charles ENGARD" "was in York Co., VA in 1646. I have found nothing more about him.  ...he may be Carel ENYART. Carel is said to have immigrated twice, returned to Europe, and brought back his wife and kids the second time." Gerre tells us this is just a theory, and that it would probably be a good idea to check passenger lists for those returning to Europe. Perhaps in time this will be confirmed or denied, but it is added here as the ENGARD surname was used, perhaps in relationship to the ENYART/ENYEART family.

Loretta Craig, Dec 1999, suggests that the surname was VAN DER ENGARD. Loretta indicated that VAN DER ENGARD means "from the garden."

[NOTE: "Von" indicates "royalty" at times or "from" at other times.]

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