2007, Courtesy of: Nancy Furman Brandon
Nancy's Line of Descent

Carel/Charles1 Enjart
Yellis/Giles2 Inyart m Elsje Alice VanWoggelum
John3 Enyard m Mary Williamson
David4 Enyard m Elizabeth [--?--]
David5 Enyart m Mary Dill
Hugh Dill6 Enyart m Rachel Mutchner
John Benton Weller7 Enyart m Margaret Hughes
William Sterling Furman m Emma8 Enyart
Bryan Enyart9 Furman
Nancy10(Furman) Brandon

Nancy (Furman) Brandon would like to identify the individuals in these two photos and the unknown 29 photos below. Of these two larger photos, Nancy believes they are probably all related in some manner. She assumes the ladies are possibly wives, sisters, in-laws, cousins, etc., yet none appear to resemble photos within her family album.

Nancy draws our attention to the hand of the last girl in the top row. She believes she holds a picture of what looks like to be the younger men who are photographed in the next picture. Nancy would be grateful to anyone who might be able to identify any of the ladies and gentlemen pictured in the photos.

Edward "Ed" J. Enyart, great-uncle to Nancy (Furman) Brandon, is the third young man (left to right) in the (back) third row. His father was John Benton Weller Enyart. Nancy assumes the ladies are wives, sisters, cousins, etc. of Edward's family. Also if you look in the hand of the last girl in the top row, she has a picture of what looks like to me the younger men who are in the next picture. Ed is the first man in the top row and I think the first and second boys are his boys; Warren Lindsey and Earl R. but again I don't know who the rest of them are.

Again, Edward J. Enyart is the first man pictured in this photo. Nancy believes the two young men below him are his sons: Warren Lindsey Enyart and Earl R. Enyart, but none of the others have been identified.

Most of the men are wearing the medal (pictured above). Nancy does not know the significance of the medal.


John Benton Weller7 Enyart and Margaret Hughes

Courtesy of
Nancy (Furman) Brandon
"I think most of them are Margaret and John's children, sisters, brothers, cousins, etc."
Nancy wishes to have help with identification of those in the photos and their family relationships.


Left: Photo #1: Perhaps Margaret (Hughes) Enyart as a young girl;
Center: Photo #2: John Enyart and Margaret Hughes;
Right: Photo #3: William Sterling Furman & Mary Emma Enyart (wedding picture)


Left: Photo #4: Mary Emma (Enyart) Furman;   Center: Photo #5: Unknown Woman;   Right: Photo #6: Unknown Child


Left: Photo #7: Unknowns (appears to be a boy and a girl);  Center: Photo #8 Unknown Baby;  Right: Photo #9: Unknown Young Man


Left: Photo #10: Zachary Hughes;   Center: Photo #11: Ed Enyart, s/o John & Margaret;   Right: Photo #12: Unknown Man holding his derby


Left: Photo #13: Georgia Stinney and Unknown Man;  Center: Photo #14: Unknown Young Woman;   Right: Photo #15: Unknown Man
Photo #13 says "For Illzade Lindsey from her cousin, Georgia Stinney"


Left: Photo #16: Dudley Wayne McVey;  Center: Photo #17: Dudley Wayne McVey;   Right: Photo #18: Unknown Man


Left: Photo #19: Unknown Woman;   Center: Photo #20: Unknown Man;   Right: Photo #21: Unknown baby and girl


Left: Photo #22: Unknown Man (small picture);   Center: Photo #23: Unknown Woman(small picture);   Right: Photo #24: Unknown Man(tin type)


Left: Photo #25: Unknown Woman on donkey (tin type); Right: Photo #26: Unknown Baby (tin type)

Photo #27: Unknowns: 4 Men (Ed Enyart is one.) and 7 Women


Left: Photo #28: Unknown Man (tin type);   Right: Photo #29: Unknown Woman (cardboard frame)

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