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Names of Early Scotch Plains Baptist Church
Members, Marriages, Burials and Photos of Gravestones Found in the Cemetery

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  • DARBY, Elizabeth, 1840-1904, (See: Elizabeth (DARBY) SMALLEY, wife of Lewis H. K. SMALLEY.)

  • DARBY, Ezra married 3 May 1795 Scotch Plains Baptist Church, Scotch Plains, Union Co., NJ to Phebe SWAN. Both were of Westfield Township, Essex Co. (now Union Co.), NJ. They were married by Rev. William Van Horne, pastor of the Scotch Plains Baptist church, 1785-1807. Phebe, dau/o Amos SWAN I and Rhoda STANSBURY, was "widow of Ezra Darby." Phebe "died 16 March 1867" and is buried at the Scotch Plains Baptist Church Cemetery, Scotch Plains, Union Co., NJ.
    (Source: Internet, Retrieved: 25 March 2008: Marriage Records 1665-1800)
    Photo 243 shared 18 March 2008 by Carol Koehler as a genealogical act of kindness. Carol has no other knowledge about this family.

  • DARBY, William, Board of Trustees 1788 (l)
    William Darby had donated the land for the Scotch Plains Baptist Church along with parcels that were used for a school, an academy, and the cemetery on Park Avenue (then called Darby Road). He, in fact, was a Deacon of the church and one of the original founding members. [He was elected Elder/Deacon of newly formed church (1) p. 2] He also served as the first temporary pastor, being appointed to this position August 5th 1747. He served until February 13th 1748, when Benjamin Miller became pastor." (Source: Internet, 8 Jan 2007, E-mail to ASH: William Darby Taylor IV would like to learn more about his ancestor.

  • DE BREE, Arnold, 1844-1918, "FATHER" (gravestone)
  • DE BREE, Gertrude, 1844-1919, "MOTHER" (gravestone)
    Photo 135 shared 18 March 2008 by Carol Koehler as a genealogical act of kindness. Carol has no other knowledge about this family.

  • DeCAMP, Sarah (1) p. 3

  • DENNIS, John (1) p. 2

  • DENNIS, Mary (1) p. 3

  • DIETZEL Family Stone
    [Note: The BEATTIE stone has graves on both sides. The side which reads BEATTIE faces Park Avenue, the side which reads BEATTIE-DIETZEL faces Forest Road. The attached photos are taken from the corner of Grand Street and along Forest Road. ck]
    Doris L. 1918-????; John F. 1913-1974
    (See: BEATTIE)
    James I 1916-1945; Emmas S. 1896-1975; James 1893-1968

  • DOBBING, Anthony, 1832-1886 (gravestone)
  • DOBBING, Joseph H., 1861-1874 (gravestone)
  • DOBBING, Mary R., 1871-1906 (gravestone)
  • DOBBING, Ann A., 1902-1910 (gravestone)
    [The family of WALPOLE is inscribed on the other side. ASH]

    Photo 184 shared 18 March 2008 by Carol Koehler as a genealogical act of kindness. Carol has no other knowledge about this family.

  • DOW, Helen May, Oct. 10, 1897-July 6, 1898, "Daughter of C. & H. C. DOW"
    (See: SMALLEY FAMILY gravestone) (small headstone: H.M.D.) Helen May Dow was dau/o Harry Gilman Dow and Louisa "Louie" Clara (Smalley) Dow. She was gdau/o Lewis H.K. Smalley and Elizabeth (Darby) Smalley. (Source: 14 Sep 2014, E-mail to ASH: Information concerning relationship to Helen May Dow shared by Wayne Dow. )

  • DRAKE (1)

  • DRAKE, Elkanah, said s/o Nathaniel DRAKE, born April __, 1785; died February 16, 18_2 [perhaps 1852]
    Said to have been the husband of Sarah MARSH born 9 Mar 1789 in Westfield, Union County, New Jersey. Children have been given as: William, Eliza, Silas, John, Albert & James DRAKE.
    2007, Courtesy of: Rachel Pincus

  • DRAKE, Joseph
    See: Goshen Baptist Church Records, Whitely Twp., Greene Co., PA
    "6/27/1788 The next day being communion season Joseph Drake was received by letter from Scotch plains in East New Jersey."

    Posted with permission 13 June 2002
    Harman Clark)

    �Joseph Drake, b. 21 Oct 1681, son of John and Rebecca (Trotter) Drake, was married to Ann "Hanna" Blackford, daughter of Samuel Blackford.� Harman indicates that this �Joseph Drake was not married to Ann(e) Walker.�
    See "Who was Hannah Blackford?" by Oliver D. Drake, GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    Ann "Hanna" Blackford, was married three times. As accurately as I can find, her FGS is below.

    Family Group Sheet of ANN �HANNA� BLACKFORD
    Wife: Ann ("Hanna") Blackford
    Born: circa 1681
    Died: ????
    Father: Samuel Blackford
    Mother: Ann ?Smalley
    Samuel Blackford's wife was called Ann, and the couple had a daughter, Ann.
    To differentiate, the daughter usually was called Hanna.

    O. E. Monnette gives the wife of Joseph Drake as Amy or Anne Walker, a Mayflower descendant. Howard S. Fitz Randolph calls this "an OEM aroma", and was unable to "get one shred of evidence in support of it." See Oliver Drake records, Moore 033, GSNJ Special Collections, Rutgers University. Mayflower Families, Vol. 3, Soule, (volume now withdrawn and listed as "out of print" by Mayflower Society) lists an Anne Walker, dau. Francis and Anne E. (---- Freeman) Walker, but this is incorrect both on this point, and also on Francis Walker being the son of Francis and Elizabeth (Soule) Walker. See The Genealogist Vol. 1, pages 225-228.
    [Note: O. E. Monnette and his "First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge" is a notoriously unreliable reference and should be avoided, even as a place for "clues".]
    See "Who was Hannah Blackford" by Oliver D. Drake, GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966), also reprinted in Genealogies of N.J. Families, Vol. 1, 132 (Geneal. Pub. Co., 1996).

    First Husband: Benjamin Manning
    Married: 19 Jan 1698/99
    Born: 08 Sep 1675
    Died: 1702
    Father: Jeffrey Manning
    Mother: Hepzibah Andrews
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966)

    M Child 1: Israel (Benjamin) Manning
    Born: 30 Dec 1700
    Died: ????
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966). In one of "the two rare quotations in the register" is "Changed afterward to Benj'n at the request of his father on his deathbed. 1702".

    Second Husband: Joseph Drake
    Married: ????
    Born: 21 Oct 1681 in Piscataway, NJ
    Died: circa 1715
    Father: John DRAKE
    Mother: Rebecca TROTTER
    See "Who was Hannah Blackford?" by Oliver D. Drake, GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966), also included in Genealogies of N.J. Families, Vol. 1, pages 132-133, (Geneal. Pub. Co. 1996).
    Joseph Drake, the father of the five children, was born 21 October 1681. After his last son, Philip, was born, Joseph joined Colonel Thomas Farmer's First New Jersey Regiment and was never heard from again. Not so with Joseph's wife, Anna. She lived at least to her 60th year."

    There is no justification for Monnette's conclusion that his wife was Anne or Amy Walker.
    See Oliver Drake files, GSNJ Special Collections, Rutgers University.
    The descendants of this couple are also NOT Mayflower Descendants.
    See: The Genealogist, Vol. 1, pages 225-228 (1980).

    M Child 1: Ebenezer Drake
    Born: 01 Jan 1703/04 in Piscataway, NJ
    Died: 1754
    Spouse: Anne Dunn b. 28 Mar 1704/05
    Married: 11 Nov 1723 in Piscataway, NJ
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966)
    M Child 2: Joseph Drake
    Born: 07 Jul 1705 in Piscataway, NJ
    Died: 1727/28
    Spouse: Ruth Fitz Randolph b. 11 Jun 1706 d. 10 Sep 1776
    Married: circa 1725
    Son of James and Anna Drake.
    Fitz Randolph Genealogy says son of Joseph and Anna Drake.
    Had but one child, Joseph.
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    F Child 3: Marcy (Mary) Drake
    Born: 25 Sep 1709in Piscataway, NJ
    Died: ???
    Spouse: John Dunham b. 08 Jul 1705
    Married: 23 Oct 1729 in Piscataway, NJ
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    F Child 4: Ann Drake
    Born: 04 Mar 1712
    Died: ???? GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    M Child 5: Phillip Drake
    Born: 19 Jun 1715
    Died: 1742
    Spouse: Christiana Dunn d. after 1742
    Married: circa 1736
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).
    N.J.Arch. 30:151-152. Admin. 6 Nov 1742.

    Third Husband: Isaac Drake
    Married: ???? Born: 10 Jan 1687/88
    Died: ????
    Father: John DRAKE
    Mother: Rebecca TROTTER
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    M Child 1: Samuel Drake
    Born: circa 1716
    Died: 12 Jun 1783
    Occupation Capt.
    Spouse: ----- *Drake
    Married: ????
    Married and had Martha.
    See also GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    M Child 2: Jonas Drake
    Born: circa 1717
    Died: ????
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    M Child 3: Daniel Drake Born: circa 1718/19
    Died: ????
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).
    Listed as Deacon.

    M Child 4: Isaac Drake Born: circa 1720/21
    Died: before 1756
    Married and had Nathaniel and Sarah.
    See GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).

    M Child 5: Nathaniel Drake
    Born: 1725
    Died: 02 Oct 1801
    Buried: Scotch Plains Baptist Church
    Spouse: Dorothy Retan b. 1726 d. 1781
    Married: ????
    Spouse: Elizabeth Bishop b. 1750 d. 20 Apr 1811
    Married: ????
    GMNJ 41:129-131 (1966).
    Listed as Deacon.

    F Child 6: Hannah Drake
    Born: ????
    Died: ????
    Married George Laing.

  • DRAKE, Nathaniel, Board of Trustees 1788 (l)
    See information under: Joseph DRAKE, above

  • DUNHAM, Abbygail (ROLL), wf/o Elijah Samuel DUNHAM (5)

    Photo shared 18 Apr 2000 by  Dave SHIELDS of Long Island.

    Abbygil (ROLL) DUNHAM
    b 17 May 1790 & d 15 Jan 1829
    wife of Eliga (sic...Elijah) Samuel DUNHAM
    Scotch Plains Baptist Church Cemetery
    Scotch Plains, Union Co., NJ

    Abbygil (sic...Abigail) is the daughter of Brooks ROLL and Phebe ROSS who are buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery (aka the Colonial Cemetery or Revolutionary Cemetery) in Westfield, Union Co., NJ; and she is the sister of James ROLL who is buried at the MILLER-ROLL-DUNHAM Cemetery in Westfield, NJ.

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