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Scotch Plains Baptist Church
Scotch Plains, Union County, New Jersey


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Names of Early Scotch Plains Baptist Church
Members, Marriages, Burials and Photos of Gravestones Found in the Cemetery

Scanned Pictures/Digital Photos of Gravestones and/or brief histories of early church members are welcomed.

Clarification of ambiguous information below or additional knowledge on any person or their family history and family connections below would be greatly appreciated. THANKS TO OUR CONTRIBUTORS who have shared information or photos. Credits can be found with their contributions. Additional information, photos, and contributions are welcomed. Please contact Audrey.
Special thanks to Carol Koehler who contributed significantly in helping with this project.

  • IANSON, Clinton V., died "April 16, 1893" at "22 yrs. 11 mos. 2 ds."
    Photo 187: Shared 18 March 2008 by Carol Koehler as a genealogical act of kindness. Carol has no other knowledge about this family.

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