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Names of Early Scotch Plains Baptist Church
Members, Marriages, Burials and Photos of Gravestones Found in the Cemetery

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  • OGDIN, Cabriel [sic] [probably Gabriel OGDEN], early deacon (1)

  • OLIVER, Jeremiah, (1757-1807), Revolutionary War
    2007, Courtesy of: Rachel Pincus

  • OLMSTEAD, Chauncey L. (1901-1995) and Augusta (1906-1993).
    2007, Courtesy of: Rachel Pincus

  • OSBORN, Corra, an early trustee of the church, p. 14

  • OSBORN, Esther, wife of Joseph ABBOTT. Esther [b abt 1756]; d 28 Mar 1795, 39th year, (gravestone)
    Esther was the dau/o John OSBORN and Paugh? HOWELL.
    (Source: Internet, 21 Oct 2003, E-mail to ASH: Daria Pursel Cruz)
    [Note: One reference is given as: Loyalist Clarks, Badgleys and Allied Families by Estelle Clark Watson - 929.2 B1363; p. 51]

  • OSBORN, Harriet Manning, dau/o Joseph Manning OSBORN and (1) Eliza V. ACKEN, is said to have been born 1846, and is said to have died in infancy. Her name is inscribed on the same gravestone as her mother's gravestone.
    (Source: Internet, Retrieved 13 Apr 2008, Greaves Papers)

    Daughter of
    Joseph M. & Eliza V.
    [Dates or Age unreadable]

    Photos 308 & 311: Shared 29 March 2008 by Carol Koehler as a genealogical act of kindness. Carol has no other knowledge about this family.

  • OSBORN, Henry, s/o Jonathan Osborn
    See: Martha Osborn (below). Siblings appear on same gravestone.

  • OSBORN, John B., s/o William OSBORN & Mary Ann CLARK, born 1815; died May 16, 1857 at 42 yrs. & 5 mo.. John's wife is given as Rachel CLARKSON.
    (Source: Internet, WorldConnect: Osborne Origins: B,M,D in "The Descendants of Jonathan Osborn of Scotch Plains, NJ"; John Baldwin Osborn in Family Bible)

    Photo 236 shared 18 March 2008 by Carol Koehler as a genealogical act of kindness. Carol has no other knowledge about this family.

  • OSBORN, Jonathan (b Abt. 1722 - d 1799) was a tailor and farmer at Scotch Plains. He kept the tavern there in 1783. Source: Greaves Papers] Jonathan is said to have married (1) Martha Baldwin (mother of 3 children: Rebecca, Lydia, & John Baldwin Osborn) and (2) Abigail Baldwin (mother of 10 children: Henry, Martha, Jonathan Hand, David, Letitia, Hannah, another Henry, Esther, Elias, & Abigail). Jonathan is also said to have been buried at Scotch Plains Baptist Church Cemetery.

  • OSBORN, Joseph Manning (gravestone)
    Joseph is given as s/o Aaron Miller OSBORN & Harriet MANNING, born 1815 and died 1875 or 1876. Joseph was prominent in Westfield Township, Union Co., NJ affairs and was Sheriff of Union County in 1867. Joseph married (1) Eliza V. ACKEN, dau/o William ACKEN; married (2) the widow, Harriet (WILCOX) HETFIELD, dau/o Cornelius WILCOX and widow of Sears HETFIELD. Joseph and Eliza are given as parents of: Elizabeth Acken OSBORN, wf/o Carmon R. HETFIELD; William Acken OSBORN, hus/o Ellen Louise HUBBELL; and Harriet Manning OSBORN b 1846 and d in infancy. (Source: Internet, Retrieved 13 Apr 2008, Greaves Papers

  • OSBORN, Martha, daughter of Jonathan Osborn of Scotch Plains, Union County, NJ. Her brother, Henry Osborn, appears on the same gravestone. Apparently Martha was the first to die.
    Gravestone appears to read:
    Daughter of Jonathan
    [Perhaps dates are here.]
    Born October __, ????
    Died October __, ????.

    2007, Courtesy of: Rachel Pincus

  • OSBORN, Mary D. [See: Mary D. (OSBORN) ADAIR]

  • OSBORN, Patience, married 27 Apr 1796 Scotch Plains Baptist Church, Scotch Plains, Union Co., NJ to Timothy CLARKE. Both of Westfield Township, Union Co., NJ. They were married by Rev. William Van Horne, pastor of the Scotch Plains Baptist church, 1785-1807.
    (Source: Internet, Retrieved: 25 March 2008: Marriage Records 1665-1800)

  • OSBORN, William A. [Acken], born 1841, s/o Joseph M. [Manning] OSBORN & his first wife, Eliza V. ACKEN, "TO THE MEMORY OF William A., son of Joseph M. & Eliza V., Died Oct. 14, 1870 in his 29th year" (gravestone)
    William's wife is given as Ellen Louise HUBBELL of Fairfax, Vermont. William and Ellen are said to have been the parents of Jennie E. OSBORN b 1865 who died unmarried.
    (Source: Internet, Retrieved 13 Apr 2008, Greaves Papers)
    Photo 312: Shared 29 March 2008 by Carol Koehler as a genealogical act of kindness. Carol has no other knowledge about this family.

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