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    Emphasis on SINGLETARYs who went to South Carolina.
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    Jonathan Singletary was born 17 Jan. 1639/40 in Salisbury, MA. Deeds call him Singletary from 1663-1672 in Haverhill, MA. Then, in 1673, he is in Woodbridge, NJ with his father-in-law and using the name Jonathan Dunham. In 1703, a document signed in Woodbridge names the heirs as Dunham alias Singletary, 'our father being ye son of Richard & Susanna Singletary...' Twice in this document the children are referred to as 'Dunham alias Singletary'. So why the change of name, if everybody knew about it? Jonathan's siblings used the name Singletary, so the name change originated with him. Since his mother was nee Cook, he was not assuming a grandfather's surname as condition of an inheritance."

    [This article goes on to question name changes of so many early settlers. This paragraph is the only one concerning the SINGLETARY or DUNHAM surname. Corinne is a descendant of the BORN/BURNS family, as I am. George Sands married Mary Burns and their daughter, Anna Sands, married James Dunham (Sr.) of Darke Co., Ohio. James Dunham (Sr.) was s/o Ross Dunham & Sarah "Sally" Roll of Union Co., NJ & Miami Co., OH. Ross was s/o Joseph Dunham & Mary "Polly" Miller of Union Co., NJ & Hamilton Co., OH. Joseph may be s/o Joseph #1 Dunham & Hannah ???. Joseph #1 was s/o David Dunham & Esther Crane. David was s/o Nathaniel Dunham & Joannah Thornell. Nathaniel was s/o Jonathan Dunham (alias Singletary). ASH]

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    Kudos & credit to Isaac Watson Dunham for his compilation of a Dunham genealogy during the late 1800's & early 1900's, when compiling a genealogy was just opening its doors to popularity. His beginnings opened doors for researchers who follow.

    About IWD's genealogy from Gratia (Dunham) Mahoney, Internet, 10 April 2004: SINGLETARY-DUNHAM@yahoogroups:

    Gratia Mahony Dunham reminds us of "how much harder it must have been to keep records straight without the aid of computers. It was also more difficult to travel to places where vital records were kept, such as town halls and court houses and churches."

    "Isaac Watson Dunham worked for years corresponding with living Dunham descendants whom he know, and these people are credited in his book. When you read his book, (the numbering system is very hard to follow), you can almost see where information was given to him by family members, and I feel that these parts of his book are fairly accurate."

    "Unfortunately, IWD died (as quite an old man) BEFORE his work was finished. His family (who apparently did not have his love for or knowledge of genealogy) hurridly put the material together and got it printed. I think that is why there are so many typographical errors in the book."

    "There are no source citations in the book at all, and that is a major problem. There are some lines that he has done accurately (as they have been proven by vital records and other documents). Then there ARE WHOLE LINES THAT HAVE BEEN PUT UNDER THE WRONG ANCESTOR. The whole line of Jonathan Singletary/alias Dunham has been put under Deacon John Dunham's son Thomas."

    "I have used IWD's book as a clue; but only to have a reference point with which to look for the vital records of a certain line. His book was printed in 1907 and since then there have been numerous articles in periodicals which have straightened out different parts of the work. My own work on compiling a new Dunham genealogy has started from scratch with all lines; and sources are cited for every fact of birth, marriage and death. Another reason that deed research is so important is because sometimes that is the only way to trace a piece of land and discover the relationships of a family."

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    "1. RICHARD1 SINGLETARY (or SINGLETERRE), of Salisbury and Haverhill, 'planter', b. ab. 1599: (footnote--Haverhill Record gives d. 'at 102,' which would make him born ab. 1585, and 71, when his son Benj. was born. Another statement makes his birth as above.);oath free. 1638; m. as early as 1639, Susanna Cook, (footnote--"Goodwife Singletary" d. ab. 1638 or 9,[Newbury]) who was b. ab. 1616 and d. April 11, 1682 [Haverhill]. He was in Salem in 1637, of Newbury, the same year; received land in Salisbury in the 'first division' and in 1640; commoner and taxed in 1650, selectman that year; removed to Haverhill ab. 1653, became a proprietor there; d. Oct. 25, 1687 [Haverhill]."

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    Descendants of Thomas-1 Bloomfield, who d. Newbury, Mass., 1639. His son Thomas-2 went to Woodbridge, NJ. Other Woodbridge, NJ names connected to BLOOMFIELD include: DUNHAM, DENNIS, MOORE(S), FITZ RANDOLPH, HIGGINS, AYERS, ILSLEE, BARRON, etc.
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    This Indenture made this fourth day of May in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and forty two between John D. Singletary of the County of Monroe and State of Alabama of the first part and Margaret Singletary wife of the said John D. Singletary of the County of Monroe and State of Georgia of the second part. Witnesseth, That for and in consideration of the natural love and affections which the said John D. Singletary has and bears unto the said Margaret Singletary his wife and also for and in consideration of the sume of One Dollar to him in hand paid by the said Margaret Singletary at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have given granted bargained and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain and sell unto the said Margaret Singletary her heirs and assigns forever, the following described Negro Slaves to wit, Maria a Girl aged about fourteen years and Sally her Mother aged about thirty five years together with the future increase of all the same and one Bed & Furniture unto the said Margaret Singletary and to be disposed of at her death as she may think proper, by will or otherwise.

    In testimony whereof, I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.
    John D. Singletary (Seal)

    Be it remembered and made Known to all who these presents shall come that on this day personally came before me James McCall Clerk of the County Court of Monroe County John D. Singletary who acknowledged that he signed, sealed and delivered the foregoing Deed of Gift to Margaret Singletary of Monroe County in the State of Georgia, and that his signature to the same is genuine.

    Given under my hand and seal of office the 4th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and forty two and the Independence of the United States of America the sixty sixth year.
    James McCall Clerk

    The Deed of Gift of which the next foregoing is a true Copy was filed for Record the 11th day of October 1848 & Recorded this the 23rd day of January 1849.
    J.A. Formwalt

    NOTE: John D. Singletary of Monroe Co., ALABAMA
    His wife, Margaret Singletary of Monroe Co., GEORGIA
    Filed: Pontotoc County, Mississippi

    (Source: Copies courtesy of Jan Dunham of Sugar Land, TX as found at the Dayton Library, Houston Public Library, Houston, TX: Pontotoc County, Mississippi, Deed Book 6, p. 401)

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    Vol. 4, S-Z: Sigourney - Skeath: SINGLETARY
    (Courtesy of: Marcia Briggs via the Dunham-Donham Discussion List, Internet, 20 Feb 2004)

    SINGLETARY, or SINGLETERY, AMOS, Haverhill, perhaps s. of Richard, took o. of alleg. Dec. 1677. BENJAMIN, Haeverhill, s. of Richard, perhaps his youngest, sw. alleg. the same day with Amos m. 4 Apr. 1678, Mary Stockbridge, had Susanna, b. 27 Jan. foll.; Richard, 16 Mar. 1681; Jonathan, 28 Aug. 1683; John, 6 July 1686; Broughton, 25 Mar. 1689; Joseph, 9 Feb. 1693; and Mary, 14 July 1695. JONATHAN, Haverhill, prob. br. of the preced. in 1663 had w. Mary. NATHANIEL, Haverhill, br. of Benjamin, sw. alleg. the same day with him, m. 22 Dec. 1673, Sarah Belknap, perhaps d. of Abraham the first, had: John, b. 7 May 1675; Jonathan, 18 Nov. 1678, d. in few days; Sarah 23 Oct. 1679; Susanna, 19 Sept. 1681, Richard, 5 Aug. 1683, perhaps that one k. by the Ind. 19 Aug. 1707, at Lancaster; Hannah, 23 May 1685; Ebenezer, 18 June 1687; and ano. 20 Aug. 1689; but the f. was k. by the Ind. 7 days bef. RICHARD, Salem 1637, rem. bef. join. the ch. to Newbury, there was freem. 7 Sept. 1638, may have had sev. ch. b. there bef. rem. to Salisbury in 1645 or aft. but there are rec. by w. Susanna, Jonathan, b. 17 Jan. 1640; Eunice, 7 Jan. 1642; Nathaniel, 28 Oct. 1644; Lydia, 30 Apr. 1648; and Amos, Apr. 1651. He was a selectman in 1650, tax. decently for the supp. of min. yet gone in 1652 to Haverhill, there, by w. Susanna Cooke, says Barry, had Benjamin, k. 4 Apr. 1656. Coffin says, he had John, that is perhaps the same as Jonathan. Eunice m. at Andover, 6 Jan. 1659, Thomas Eaton. His w. d. 11 Apr. 1682, and he d. 25 Oct. 1687, in the 102d yr. if the repts. may be accept.

    RICHARD, New London 1686, wh. may have been s. or gr.s. of the preced. d. 16 Oct. 1711, leav. nine ch. some of wh. were in Carolina, but the only kn. names are Richard, William, Waitstill, and beside a d. wh. m. Samuel Latham.

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    About those early records regarding Plymouth Trial of Jonathan Dunham alias Singletary from Gratia (Dunham) Mahoney, Internet, 10 April 2004: SINGLETARY-DUNHAM@yahoogroups:
    "Yesterday I made some phone calls to see if I could locate the original of that trial. I called Massachusetts State Archives and spoke at great length to a very helpful person. She said that those early court records of what was then called "New Plymouth Colony" had been transcribed by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff and published in the mid 1970's. They have a copy at the archives, and there are also copies at New England Historic and Genealogical Society in Boston and at Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth. She said that the file I'm looking for should be in the published books, but that IF THE ORIGINAL still exists she thought it might be at Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth. I called there and was told that they did not have the originals!
    The lady I spoke to at the Massachusetts archives said that she doubted if the depositions would be in print; and she said that in fact in those early cases they did not always write the depositions down."

  36. SINGLETARY-BEDFORD, Lou, "SINGLETARY: Genealogy of the Singletary-Curtis Family," 1907. Available at A statement in the book indicates "Compiled from Massachusetts Records found in the Astor and Lenox libraries of New York City, from South Carolina records, from corrspondence, and from personal knowledge." Also, in material is listing of "The Second Boat."

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    W.C. Singletary-M.L. Boone Bible, TX
    p. 62
    "This certifies that W. C. Singletary of Cass Co., Texas and M. L. Boone of Cass Co., Texas on the first day of Dec. 1870 at D. Boone's residence by Rev. J. L. Whittle."

    Births: [as shown in the transcription...ASH]
    William Cleavland Singletary was born Jan. 25, 1850 in Pike Co., Ga.
    Mathy Leaana Singletary was born Sept. 27, 1844 in Calhoun Co., Fla.(?)
    James Daniel Singletary was born Oct. 1, 1871 in Cass Co., Texas.
    Nina Singletary was born Nov. 15, 1873 in Cass Co., Texas.
    Ruby Delila Caroline Singletary was born Sept. 19, 1876 in Cass Co., Texas.
    Francis Ella Singletary was born Nov. 6, 1878 in Cass Co., Texas.
    Cora Lee Singletary was born Sept. 30, 1882 in Cass Co., Texas.
    Luther Davies, Jr. bron May 27, 1919.
    Frances Davies born Aug. 4, 1906.
    Catherine Davies born March 29, 1919.

    Died: [as shown in the transcription...ASH]
    James Daniel Singletary died Oct. 13, 1876.
    Ruby Delia [sic] died Sept. 23, 1902.
    William Cleveland [sic] Singletary died Aug. 7, 1927

    p. 63
    Marthy Lanora [sic] Singletary died Friday, March 18, 1932.

    (Source: Copies courtesy of Jan Dunham of Sugar Land, TX as found at the Dayton Library, Houston Public Library, Houston, TX)
    Singletary-Boone Family Bible....62-63 Clippings and photo included.

    [NOTE: No clippings or photo are found on the pages cited. All the pages contain is a transcription of the records, and there is a variance in spelling of given names between the birth and death record. ASH]

  43. TORREY, Clarence Almon; "New England Marriages Prior to 1700", Pub. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore MD, 1985; p. 676.
    (Note: Internet, 20 Feb 2004, Dunham-Donham@rootsquest: Gratia Dunham Mahoney wrote, " 'Torrey,' as reference to his work is commonly known produced a compendium on seventeenth century New Englanders. The book lists probably 99% of the marriages in New England and Melinde Lutz Sanborn, FAGS [Fellow of the American Genealogical Society] had just recently released a supplement to "Torrey" which includes some additional marriages."
    (Courtesy of: Gratia (Dunham) Mahony via the Dunham-Donham Discussion List, Internet, 20 Feb 2004)

  44. TREE TALK, Publication of the Cherokee County Genealogical Society of Jacksonville, Texas; Volume 25, Issue 1, Fall 1999: BIBLE of: John Bunyan Singletary-Catherine Ellen Elizer Allen, pp. 12-20: From the files of Katherine French, Jacksonville, Texas 75766. Copied by Ogreta W. Huttash 18 November 1998 with her commentary.

    p. 12 Cover Page from "THE HOLY BIBLE" by Rev. William Blackwood, D.D., LL.D.

    p. 13 Copy of Marriage Certificate: J. B. Singletary & Miss C. E. E. Allen
    "Were solemnly united by me in the HOLY BONDS OF MATRIMONY, at the residence of her father on the 10 day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand, Eight Hundred and 74 conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the State. In Presence of Henry Holcomb & a multitude of others."
    [Note: This certificate is not Signed.]

    p. 14 Copied Bible Page: BIRTHS.
    Heading is for Births yet listing is for births on left side and if that person died the death information is recorded on the right. [Surnames: ALLEN]
    p. 15 Copied Bible Page: BIRTHS
    Heading is for Births yet listing on right has marriages and birth, while listing on left records births. [Surnames: ALLEN, FRENCH, WATTERS]
    p. 16 Copied Bible Page: MARRIAGES
    Heading is for Marriages yet listing is for births on left side and if that person died the death information is recorded on the right. One marriage is recorded on right side. [Surnames: ALLEN, SINGLETARY, WATTERS]
    "Catharine Ellen Elizer Allen was borned July the 23 day A.D. 1859" [Left side]
    "Catharine E. E. Singletary died November 20th, 1875" [Right side]
    "Catharine B. Singletary, daughter of J. B. and C.E.E. Singletary was born the 11th November A.D. 1875" [Left side]
    "Katie B. Singletary was married to W. E. Watters 14th Day of April A.D. 1895." [Right side]

    p. 17 Typed listing of previous given Bible records. I only listed those surnames with SINGLETARY connections above. ASH
    p. 18Recapping of the family of John Bunyan Singletary and Catharine Ellen Elizer Allen gives the following:

    John and Catharine were married 10 Dec 1874. Their only child, Catharine B. Singletary [aka Katie B.] was born 11 Nov 1875. Catharine E.E. (Allen) Singletary died 20 November 1875. In 1878 John Bunyan Singletary married his 1st cousin, Comfort Susan (Singletary) Black, widow of Alexander Black. Comfort was dau/o Thomas Singletary & Peggy Ann ???.

    1880 Federal Census, Cherokee Co., TX; Precinct 7: Katie B. (Catharine B.) Singletary [age 4]living in household of her maternal grandmother, Catharine (Andrews) Allen [age 58 b GA], widow of Berry R. Allen (d 1862 Civil War)

    Katie B. Singletary married W. E. Watters 14 April 1895 and their 3 children were Lucille Watters b 26 Jan 1896; Ralph William Watters b 28 Aug 1897; & Marguerite Watters b March 1906.

    Katie B. (Singletary) Watters died 24 Jan 1908 at Alto, Texas at the age of 32.

    Funeral Notice
    Mrs. Katy B. Watters
    Aged 32 Years
    Died at her home in Alto, Texas January 24th, 1908
    Funeral services at her home this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
    Interment in the Alto Cemetery one hour later.

    Friends and acquaintances of the family
    are respectfully requested to attend.

    Alto, Texas
    Jan. 25, 1908
    p. 19 Information
    Katie B. (Singletary) Watters' obituary reads:
    "Mrs. Will B.(sic) Watters, while standing in front of the fire preparing her little girl for school, set fire to her dress, and there being no assistance at hand, except for the little girl, she ran into the yard a mass of flames. She was so badly burned that she died Friday afternoon. Mrs. Watters was about 35 years old and leaves a husband and 3 children."

    p. 19 Information
    "Years ago Miss Nellie Singletary said that Thomas Singletary (1810-1897) and Hannah A. Singletary were brother and sister and were mentioned in their father's will. They were born in North Carolina and were on the move to Mississippi while young. Thomas moved to Cherokee County, Texas about 1848 and settled in Shiloh Community 'where Netters now live.' Their father was Thomas."

    p. 19 Information in different format as appears on page.
    Hannah A. Singletary, sister of above Thomas Henry Singletary, married a distant cousin, Henry Singletary in Rankin County, Mississippi. They had four children:
    1) John Bunyan Singletary who married
    #1 Catherine (sic) Allen, 8 Dec 1874
    #2 Mrs. Susan Comfort Black (nee Singletary) his first cousin, Bk. H-388, August 21, 1878
    #3 Mrs. Dosia Pope, Book K-445, 10 February 1894
    2) Henryette who married John Schochler (assume marriage in Mississippi)
    3) Amanda who married Thomas Henry Holcomb, Book H-107, 25 Jan 1875
    Henry Holcomb (23 Jan 1856-26 Jan 1926) and Amanda (Singletary) Holcomb (14 Dec 1855-1 Mar 1928-9), both buried in old part of Shiloh Cemetery at Alto, TX.
    a. Bascomb (1876-1953)  Wife, Florence (1884-1963)
    b. Albert
    c. George
    d. Ed
    e. Early
    f. Arthur
    g. Male child (died in infancy)
    4) Charlotte second wife of W. S. (Bill) Musick (1824-1883), they married 29 Nov 1877, Book H-325

    p. 20 Miscellaneous Data on Different People
    Thomas Singletary (Information given to Ogreta W. Huttash by Miss Nellie Singletary.)
    1. Hannah Singletary married Henry Singletary, a cousin, in Rankin Co., Mississippi. After his death she married ??? PITTMAN. Gravestone for Hannah: Shiloth Cemetery "Hannah A. Pitman" "aged 79 years". One W. E. Pittman died 1884 from Shiloh Cemetery: Register of Deaths & Disposals.

    1880 Federal Census: Cherokee Co., TX, p. 14:
    William PITTMAN age 22 MS (father b FL; mother b NC);
    Lider / Lieler age 20 TX, (father b TN; mother b TN) Name difficult to read;
    Hanner age 50 NC, (father b NC; mother b NC)

    Marriage Record: W. E. Pitman m A. E. Moore 13 Nov 1879
    2. Thomas Singletary

    p. 20 Miscellaneous Data on Different People
    "Mrs. J. B. (Docia Singletary Aug 15, 1922 in faith.") from Shiloh Cemetery: Register of Deaths & Disposals
    This is 3rd wife of John Bunyan Singletary.
    Death Records from Helen Crawford's book shows Docia Singletary of Alto died 15 August 1922, daughter of J. W. Logan and Bettie Black; buried Shiloh Cemetery.

    Ogreta W. Huttash of Jacksonville, TX (15 Nov 1998) indicated that the gravestones for Hannah A. Pitman and Dosha Singletary appear the same and are in the same row.

    Ogreta W. Huttash of Jacksonville, TX (15 Nov 1998):
    "John Bunyan's second wife was his first cousin Susan Comfort Singletary, the widow of Alexander Black, a Civil War veteran born 22 Mary 1836 and died 15 March 1877. Her tombstone reads "Mrs. C. S. Singletary, 23 Nov 1843-9 Oct 1887". In doing research for DAR papers it was hard to prove Comfort Susan or Susan Comfort or Susannah Comfort was the daughter of Thomas and Peggy Ann Singletary as she is show as Hubbard S., male, on the 1850 census! I finally found a deed of gift that saved the day, so to speak. Her father fared not much better as the family is shown as SINGLETON."

    (Source: Copies courtesy of Jan Dunham of Sugar Land, TX as found at the Dayton Library, Houston Public Library, Houston, TX)

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  47. UPHAM, Charles W., Salem Witchcraft with an Account of Salem Village and a History of Opinions on Witchcraft and Kindred Subjects, Volume II, Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., NY, 1867
    (Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo, MI)
    [NOTE: The name of "Goodwife" was a common title of respect [as "Mrs." is today] in early Salem and appears in this book frequently. Used formerly as a courtesy title before the surname of a married woman not of noble birth..."Goodwife Singletary."]

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  50. WALTERS, Brian Scott, Descendants of Francis Singletary - England, MA, VA, NC, SC, GA, TX, 2001
    ( FamilyTreeMaker Online)

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