SINGLETARY to DUNHAM: British Colonization, History, & Early New England Settlement Timeline


  • 1606--James I of England authorizes first American colonial charters (London and Plymouth Companies)
  • 1607 August 8--Settlement of "Popham's Colony" or Popham's Plantation at Pemaquid Beach (aka Maine's Lost Colony) at the mouth of the Kennebec River. See: The Davistown Museum, The Ancient Dominions of Maine, Ancient Pemaquid History as a Palimpsest: The Geography of Ancient Pemaquid
  • 1607--Jamestown (Virginia) is founded.
  • 1609--James I authorizes second Virginia Company Charter.
  • 1612--James I authorizes third Virginia Company Charter.
  • 1620--First settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts. "Mayflower" Pilgrims arrived and settled here. Plymouth Colony was patented under the London Company.(The Handy Book)
  • 1622 August 10--Patent/Charter issued to Sir Ferdinando Gorges(1565 - 1647) for Maine. He became known as Lord Proprietor of the Province of Maine, having issued land grants to British settlers, yet he never set foot on its soil.
  • 1625--First permanent settlement: Permaquid, Maine by the English (The Handy Book)
  • 1625--Charles I is crowned King of England.
  • After 1625--York [Maine] became a settlement (The Handy Book)
  • 1626--Dutch found New Amsterdam [later New York]
  • 1628--Puritans settled Salem, Massachusetts. (The Handy Book)
  • 1628--Petition of Right, England: Parliament curtails the King's [Charles I] powers.
  • 1629 Charles I attempts to rule England without Parliament (1629-1640)
  • 1629--Two members of Plymouth Colony divided their land grants into Maine and New Hampshire (The Handy Book)
  • 1629--Massachusetts Bay Colony was issued a Charter by the monarch of England
  • 1630--Boston, Massachusetts settled. (The Handy Book)
  • 1630--Massachusetts Bay Colony (The Handy Book)
  • 1634-- Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643) from Lincolnshire, England immigrates to Colonial Massachusetts with her husband and family. Because of her religious views, the Puritan fathers charged that she and her followers were guilty of the antinomian heresy. Jonathan Singletary (aka Jonathan Dunham alias Singletary), may have been caught up in these religious views.
  • 1635--Newbury (originally a plantation named Wessacucon), renamed to honor Newbury, England, the hometown of early settlers. Became a town in 1635. (Internet, 2004: Essex County, MA: Newbury)
  • 1638--Colechester, MA, a land grant plantation issued to the secretary of MA Bay Colony, Simon Bradstreet, was later renamed Salisbury, MA in 1640.
    (Internet, 2004: Essex County, MA: Salibury)
    (Internet, 2004: Salibury-A Brief History))
    (Internet, 2004: Salibury, MA)
  • 1638--Amesbury, Massachusetts incorporated.
  • 1638--Colechester, plantation at Merrimack, granted to settlers was later named Salibury.
    (Internet, 2004: Salibury-A Brief History)
  • 1639--Division of land at Colechester, plantation at Merrimack began.
    (Internet, 2004: Salibury-A Brief History)
  • 1640--Salisbury, Massachusetts (formerly Colechester plantation at Merrimack); named for Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, hometown of early settlers. Became a town in 1640 which included Amesbury & Merrimack, MA and towns in New Hampshire (Seabrook, S. Hampton, Newton, Hampstead, Plaistow, & Kingston)
    (Internet, 2004: Essex County, MA: Salibury)
    (Internet, 2004: Salibury-A Brief History)
  • ca 1640--Massachusetts was settled by more British immigrants, but religious intolerance caused settlers to move into Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. (The Handy Book)
  • 1641--Civil War erupts in England, Scotland and Ireland (1641-1647)
  • 1643--Essex Co., Massachusetts created; County Seat: Salem
    (Internet, 2004: Essex County, MA)
  • 1648--Charles I of England is beheaded at Whitehall (30 Jan 1648/9)
  • 1652--Original County of York(shire), Maine
  • 1654--Settlers asked for separation of a "new town" (later called Amesbury) from the old town of Salisbury upon establishment of a minister within its domain.
    (Internet, 2004: Salibury-A Brief History)
  • 1658--Original County of York(shire), Maine reorganized.
  • 1660 May 29--King Charles the Second took the English throne
  • 1665-- Philip Carteret (1639-1682 as the first English colonial governor of New Jersey. He arrived in the colonies in 1665 and organized New Jersey as an English colony.
  • 1665-- Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ settled 1665 by colonists from Massachusetts, led by John Woodbridge.
  • 1666-1667--Amesbury, a new town (formed officially from old Town of Salisbury, MA)
    (Internet, 2004: Salibury-A Brief History)
  • 1669--Charter for town of Woodbridge [Middlesex Co., NJ] was granted by Gov. Philip Carteret.
  • 1673--Discontented Dutch retook New York and Gov. Philip Carteret returned to England.
  • 1674--Ex-Gov., now Capt. Philip Carteret returns.
  • 1674--Col. Edmund Andros was appointed new governor.
  • 1674--Sir George Carteret confirmed in royal mandate as sole proprietor of East Jersey.
  • 1675--English ruled for resurveys and new patents
  • 1675-1676--King Phillip's War begins in Plymouth Colony between Wampanoag Chief Metacom (King Phillip), settlers, and soldiers
  • 1676--Colony was divided between Carteret and a company of English Quakers who had obtained the rights belonging to John Berkeley (Lord Berkeley).
  • 1677--Massachusetts purchased Province of Maine. In 1677, Ferdinando Gorges (1630�1718), gs/o Sir Ferdinando Gorges, finally sold to Massachusetts all rights to Maine for �1,250. (The Handy Book)
  • 1685--Death of King Charles II resulted in Massachusetts losing legal standing (Purchase of new titles recorded at Boston, MA and at York, Maine.) (The Handy Book)
  • 1685 April 23--James II of England (aka James Stuart), a Catholic monarch, s/o Charles I and brother of Charles II, was crowned King of England, Scotland and Ireland
  • 1685-1779--Area called Province of Maine of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (The Handy Book)
  • 1691--Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Colony, parts of Maine & Nova Scotia joined. (The Handy Book)
  • 1692--Salem Witchcraft Trials
  • 1693--Increase Mather (father of Cotton Mather), President of Harvard College at Cambridge and Teacher of a Church at Boston in New England: Cases of Conscience Concerning Evil Spirits
  • 1702--New Jersey became a crown colony with administration under royal governor of New York
  • 1738--New Jersey was separated from New York
  • 1752 September--England and the English colonies officially adopt the Gregorian Calendar, replacing the Julian Calendar used in the past.
  • 1779--Area became District of Maine (The Handy Book)
  • 1780--Massachusetts State Constitution adopted. (The Handy Book)
  • Bef 1820--Maine part of Massachusetts until 1820 (The Handy Book)
  • 1820--Statehood for Maine as part of Missouri Compromise (The Handy Book)


  • The Handy Book For Genealogists, 8th Edition, The Everton Publishers, Inc., Logan, Utah, 1991: Maine (pp.108-111) and Massachusetts (pp. 115-119)

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