Richard Singletary's name is given as "Richard Singleterre" by HOYT, of unknown parentage.  
He was born abt. 1599 (HOYT).

"Singletary is a most unusual name and sources seem to agree that Richard's family is the only source for the name in America and references to individuals with this name are his descendants. It does not seem to be antiently a patronymic name nor a toponymic name since I find no place name in England."
(Source: Internet, 22 February 2004, Dunham-Donham@rootsquest: Patricia Judkin)

Searching for the origin of Singletary, still.
Latin to English of French......
THEODORICUS - Terry; Derrick
(Source: Internet, 17 March 2004, SINGLETARY-DUNHAM@Yahoogroups: Patricia A. Judkin)

"Richard Singletary did not list himself as a Dunham....but what kind of a name is Singletary? There was the family of Singletaire in Gosberton but Richard does not fit and I find this name nowhere else. The closest interpretation is the reference made to "land of Angles" or d'Angleterra or England. So can we assume there must have been a secret to Richard's use of the name. His son Jonathan whom I believe to be the son of the first wife, not Susanna Cooke, took the name Dunham. Customs of the time could explain that the first wife was a Dunham or, indeed, Richard himself was a Dunham."
(Source: Internet, 8 March 2010, [email protected]: Patricia A. Judkin )

Surfleet, Lincolnshire, England

Lloyd Dunham

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by Audrey

Francis Singletary, b Say b 1559- d 1617
Agnes ??? (wf/o Francis Singletary), Say b ca 1570- d 1617
(Francis died first, widow Agnes died secondly the same year)

Children from record:

...1. Raphe SINGLETARY (1592 Gosberton-perhaps 1662 Spalding) m 1628 Isabell ARCHER; had children:
..........1. Robert SINGLETARY
..........2. Richard SINGLETARY
..........3. Elling SINGLETARY (dau)
(Raphe Singletary was b. 1592 at Gosberton s/o Francis. (Source: BURTON, Yvonne Miller, The Singletary Family History 1599-1989 with collected Research, Heritage Papers, Danielsville, GA, p. 4 according to Patricia Junkin)

...2. Joan SINGLETARY (1594-1625) m John SYSON; had children:
..........1. Richard SYSON 1619-????
..........2. Anne SYSON 1620-????
..........3. Zachary SYSON 1623-1623 (twin?)
..........4. Joanna SYSON 1623-???? (twin?)

...3. William SINGLETARY (1599-????)

...4. Theophilus SINGLETARY (????-1602)

At no time does the church record mention Richard Singletary as a child, however, the name Richard appears prominently among the names of grandchildren of Francis & Agnes via the daughter Joan and via the son, Richard; and of course, Richard Singletary himself. We do not see Richard naming his children: Francis, Agnes, Raphe, Joan, William or Theophilus, as if he was unaware of his parents' and siblings' names.

Nothing has been proven to validate any of these scenarios.

Scenario 1--Richard Singletary b 1585 to 1617 is not a son of Francis.
Scenario 2--Richard Singletary b 1585 to 1617 is a son of Francis and a first wife.
Scenario 3--Richard Singletary b 1585 to 1617 is a son of Francis and Agnes.
Scenario 4--Richard Singletary b 1617 was a baby when his mother, Agnes, died & was carted off to America.
Scenario 5--Richard started life as a DUNHAM, and for some reason had a name change to SINGLETARY, but in all records thus far he is identified as RICHARD SINGLETARY. He has never been identified as Richard Dunham. All of his children, except for Jonathan carried the SINGLETARY surname. Only Jonathan became known as Jonathan Dunham, alias Singletary. Only Jonathan's descendants of Richard Singletary carry the DUNHAM surname or one of its variants: DONHAM, DUNNAM, etc.

RICHARD SINGLETARY of Haverhill, Massachusetts
by Patricia Junkin

1) 1662, Richard Singletary, aged about sixty-three years (b. 1599)

2) 1662, Richard Singletarey, aged about seventy years (b. 1592)
    [1662, Susana Singletary, aged about forty-six years (b. 1616)]

3) 1687, age 102 says Haverhill record (b. 1585)

Does a parish register entry exist for Richard Singletary b. ca. 1585-1599?
March, 2010: Original link is no longer valid.
(Source: Internet, 2004, Pat Junkin: Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Ipswich Quarterly Court, Volume III, Edited by George Francis Dow, Transcribed and Abstracted from the Original Court Manuscript by Harriet S. Tapley Published and Copyrighted by the Essex Institute, 1913)

2010, now SEE: GOOGLE BOOKS: Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts

Thoughts & Information from Patricia Junkin

"Going back to our chief source on some of the Singletary material, Yvonne states that she found reference to "Ralphe son of Francis Singlarie." She mentioned the Parish of Spalding but not the specific parish register which it most probably St. Mary and St. Nicholas, Further Lincolnshire, but could also be St John the Baptist...Further Lincolnshire or St Paul, Further Lincolnshire. I think we must check these registers. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Tydd St. Mary's is not far from Spalding and contains Dunhams."

I have run numerous variants of the name, Singletary through Google and found nothing helpful except the name is not common. I did find this:
Surname Sangela
The soundex code for Sangela is S524.
Other surnames with the same soundex code: Sainclair Sainclier Saingelais Samicol Sancoucil Sangala Sanglade Sangler Sangollo Senclair Senecal Senechal Senical Senklar(?) Senkler Shaineohgale Shankel Shankland Shankle Shanklen Shanklin Shingill Shingle Shingler Shingles Sincl?? Sinclair Sinclair? Sinclan Sinclar Sinclar [?] Sinclare Sinclare[?] Sinclear Sincler Sinclor Singelton Singlair Single Singleton Singltin Singular Siniclair Sinkler Snichler Sunchluk(?) Sungular Swingl Swinglehurst....

I am most familiar with the name Sinclaire, Sinclair or St. Clere in England.

On a lark, I tried out the name Richard Single on IGI and came up with Donhams and Singles at Guilden Morden in Cambridgeshire. Rather than tacking on the suffix "tary" or "ton" I did a search of the name "Single."

I believe that Deacon John's family came from Cambridgeshire rather than Beds. Also, Cambridge was a center for the dissidents....think I have posted this before so will not again unless someone wants the information. There is a Terryngton in Cambridgeshire apparently near Wisbech.

Just for a read:
JOHN SINGLE - 06 APR 1606 Guilden Morden, Cambridge, England
MARY DUNHAM -Christening: 01 MAR 1606 Guilden Morden
JOHN DONHAM - Christening: 17 JUN 1608 Guilden Morden, Cambridge,
SUSAN DONHAM - Christening: 22 SEP 1600 Guilden Morden,
SARAH DONHAM - Christening: 02 OCT 1602 Guilden Morden,
ROBERT DUNHAM - Christening: 21 JUN 1829 Guilden Morden, Cambridge,
RICHARD SINGLE -Christening: 30 JUN 1640 Guilden Morden, Cambridge,
ROBERT SINGLE - Christening: 05 AUG 1611 Guilden Morden, Cambridge, England

(Source: Internet, 24 Feb 2004, Dunham-Donham@rootsquest: Patricia Junkin)

On Behalf Of Patricia Junkin:

"... There are pockets of Dunhams throughout England. My concentration was on the groups in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, and Nottinghamshire, with some investigation in Norfolk, Suffolk and Kent at original source. I think that we can properly put together the Dunham/Donham/Downham, however, the Dinham/Denham/Dynham seem distinct, even though the names are often interchanged. ..."

(Source: Internet, 25 Feb 2004, Dunham-Donham@rootsquest: Singleton search: Patricia Junkin)

Singletarys in England

Information received from Patricia Junkin
22 May 2004
via Dunham-Donham & Singletary-Dunham Discussion Lists

"Received a reply from an enquiry: There are SINGLETERRYs in the Welney and Christchurch area south of Upwell; even now." [PJ]

Parish Register of Surfleet, Linc.
International Genealogical Index

  • 1. ROBERT SYNGLTARY...Christening: 07 MAY 1633 Surfleet, Lincoln, England; c/o Ralph and Isabel
  • 2. JOAN SYNNGLETARYE...Christening: 22 SEP 1594 Surfleet, Lincoln, England; d/o Francissi
  • 3. ELLING SINGLETARY...Christening: 14 JUL 1634 Surfleet, Lincoln, England; c/o Ralph and Isabel
  • 4. RICHARD SYNGLTARY...Christening: 07 MAY 1633 Surfleet, Lincoln, England; c/o Ralph and Isabel

    Parish Register of Long Sutton, Linc.
    International Genealogical Index

  • 1. ANN SINGLETARY...Christening: 29 AUG 1687 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 2. EDWARD SINGLETARY...Christening: 21 JUL 1695 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 3. WILLM SINGLETARY...Christening: 25 OCT 1730 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 4. MARY SINGLETARY...Christening: 08 MAR 1685 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 5. MARY SINGLETARY...Christening: 12 JUL 1690 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 6. HENRY SINGLETARY...Christening: APR 1694 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 7. JOSEPH SINGLETARY...Christening: APR 1694 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 8. ELIZABETH SINGLETARY...Christening: 08 AUG 1684 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England; d/o John and Mary
  • 9. JOHN SINGLETARY...Christening: 29 AUG 1687 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 10. WILLM SINGLETARY...Christening: 15 APR 1701 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England
  • 11. RALPH SINGLETARY...Christening: 31 MAY 1690 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England; s/o John and Mary
  • 12. RICHARD SINGLETARY...Christening: 31 MAY 1690 Long Sutton, Lincoln, England

    Parish of Wigtoft
    International Genealogical Index

  • 1. ANN SINGLETARY...Christening: 31 AUG 1701 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 2. MARY SINGLETARY...Christening: 30 SEP 1692 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 3. MARY SINGLETERRY...Christening: 20 APR 1750 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 4. ZACHERY SINGLETARY...Christening: 16 AUG 1695 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 5. ELIZABETH SINGLETARY...Christening: 02 DEC 1698 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 6. JOHN SINGLETARY...Christening: 17 JUL 1691 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 7. JOHN SINGLETARY...Christening: 12 SEP 1697 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 8. JOHN SINGLETERRY...Christening: 05 APR 1722 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 9. ANN SINGLETARY...Christening: 17 MAR 1686 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 10. ANNE SINGLETARY...Christening: 16 APR 1690 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 11. ELLENER SINGLETARY...Christening: 14 DEC 1693 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England
  • 12. ZACHARIAS SINGELTARY...Male Christening: 22 MAR 1684 Wigtoft, Lincoln, England

    Parish of Spalding
    International Genealogical Index

  • 1. JOHN SINGLETERRY...Marriage: 11 MAY 1654 Spalding, Lincoln, England; Elizabeth Buckminster
  • 2. JOHN SINGLETERRY...Marriage: 31 AUG 1657 Spalding, Lincoln, England; Anne Darbie
  • 3. JOHN SINGLETARY married Anne Browne; 28 JAN 1672; Spalding, Lincoln, England

    1871 Listing from

    Age in 1871   Birthplace  &nbps; Relationship  &nbps;Civil Parish     County/Island

  • Elizabeth Ann Singletary, 19, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England Visitor, Wisbech, St Peter, Cambridgeshire
  • Fanny Singletary, 32, Elm, Cambridgeshire, England, Wife, Wisbech, St Peter Cambridgeshire
  • George Singletary, 8, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England, Son Wisbech, St Peter, Cambridgeshire
  • John Singletary, 32, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England, Head Wisbech, St Peter, Cambridgeshire
  • John Singletary, 9, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England, Son, Wisbech, St Peter, Cambridgeshire

    1891 Listing from

    Age in 1891   Birthplace    Relationship to Head of House   Civil Parish    County

  • Singletary, Ada E., 4, Upwell, Norfolk, Daughter, Upwell, Cambridgeshire
  • Singletary, Cornelius, 1, Upwell, Norfolk, Son, Upwell, Cambridgeshire
  • Singletary, Fanny, 52, Elm, Cambridgeshire, Wife, Elm, Cambridgeshire
  • Singletary, George, 27, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Head, Upwell, Cambridgeshire
  • Singletary, George, 68, Richmond, Surrey, Head, Shoreditch, London
  • Singletary, John, 52, Upwell, Cambridgeshire, Head, Elm , Cambridgeshire
  • Singletary, John W., 3, Upwell, Norfolk, Son, Upwell, Cambridgeshire
  • Singletary, Sarah Ann, 22, Plaistow, Essex, Wife, Upwell, Cambridgeshire

    England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1983

    Name   Year   Quarter   Record   Type   County   Volume   Page

  • Singletary, Arthur, Baden, P, 1900, June, Births, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 593 [Wisbech District]
  • Singletary, Elizabeth, 1846, September, Marriages, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 14, 229
  • Singletary, Elizabeth Jane, 1893, March, Marriages, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 657
  • Singletary, Elizabeth Mary, 1903, December, Births, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 513
  • Singletary, George, 1885, December, Marriages, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 1299
  • Singletary, George, 1905, March, Births, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 548
  • Singletary, Grace, 1897, March, Births, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 607
  • Singletary, Herbert, 1891, September, Deaths, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 319
  • Singletary, John William, 1861, June, Births, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 634
  • Singletary, John William, 1883, December, Marriages, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 1335
  • Singletary, Lee, 1874, March, Births, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 662
  • Singletary, Sarah, 1868, December, Marriages, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 4b, 1023
  • Singletary, Sidney, 1880, September, Births, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 624
  • Singletary, Susanna, 1854, December, Marriages, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, 3b, 1344

  • Presentation by:
    Patricia Junkin
    [email protected]
    May 21, 2004 11:56 AM

    I would like to gain a consensus of elementary facts or suppositions concerning, Richard Singletary.

    1. Is Surfleet, Lincolnshire the only place the Singletarys lived. How came Francis to the name?
    2. Richard may be the son of Francis but it is not proven. There is an Honour Shingle in St Margaret, Ipswich Parish, Suffolk ca. 1654. The Bloomfields were a Suffolk family. Could it be Chyngelltere or Chyngeltaire? There is a Chyngele in Kent.
    3. Richard Singletary arrived in America about 1637.

    A search for the Dunhams in East Anglia:

    23 Aug 1376
    Feoffment by Simon Frost of Walpol, carpenter, and John de Rudham, burgess, to John de Dunham of Lynn and his wife Cristiana Nikersfleet (north of St James End) 1390-1606 Messuage in breadth between the common way leading from the house of the Friars Preachers (Blackfriars) to St James's chapel ....of the Bishop of Norwich, and of John de Dunham, burgess..
    Webster Row (now Broad Street) Tenement and buildings opposite the house of the Preaching Friars in breadth between the tenement sometime of Thomas Mydelton now Thomas Archer's on the east part and a common lane on the west part, extending in length from Purflete towards the north to the tenement sometime of John Dunham now Thomas Archer's towards the south...[One of the Singletarys married an Archer according to Yvonne's book.]

    Church of England, Diocese of Norwich, Norfolk

    date: 1587 Dunham, William, Norwich


    date: 1588 : Dunham, Suzanna

    date: 1595 : Dunham, Henry, Norwich. - ref. DN/INV12/52

    Covenant Bond
    date: 26 Sept 1657 Robert Caye of Fincham, yeoman to James Dunham of Shouldham, yeoman

    BACTON Feoffment -mid-13thc For homage and service and fine of 30s. in silver, (.......... Philip de Dunham,

    CAMPSEA ASHE 12th or 13thcFor salvation of his soul and those of his ancestors, free alms, all his land of Bredefeud [Bredfield] which John de Dunham....

    In the estate papers of the Rolfe family of Heacham, Norfolk: John Wright and Charles Senkler (assignees of estate and effects of Wacey Dunham, bankrupt) and Wacey Dunham to Edmund Rolfe, Esq.

    Although in 1782, a wee bit late.

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