Aunt Polly's Diary: Table of Contents


Mary Beckley Bristow

Aunt Polly, about 1861

Editor's note:

In 1996 I published selections from the writings of my several-times-great aunt, Mary Beckley Bristow, as a book with the title of Aunt Mary's Diary. The growth of the World Wide Web led me to make this fascinating material available to a wider audience. In adapting it from the printed page to the Web, I have made a few changes, mostly in format. Also, almost five years of further research has cleared up a few puzzles and allowed me to make some corrections. I hope that those who read Aunt Polly's letters and diaries in electronic form can help me fill in a few more blanks.

~ Neil Allen Bristow, San Diego

Table of Contents


Mary's writings:

Letters, Notes and Verses:

A Relation of My Experience

The Record

Supporting material

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