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FAMILIES OF THE COLONIAL TOWN OF PHILLIPSBURG, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK, compiled by Greenville Mackenzie, 1966. Original manuscript is at the Westchester County Historical Society, 2199 Saw Mill River Road Elmsford, New York 10523; the web site for the WCHS is The complete undocumented book is 806 pages and has over 200 families mentioned. The Griffin section comprises 7 pages and 181 Griffin names. In addition many spouses are named. The manuscript, although apparently unpublished has had wide distribution. Edward b.1602 is the first generation of 6 to be explained. About 37 males descendants have brief explanations (mostly people born before 1800). It is not owned by the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake.

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GRIFFEN - GRIFFITH PROGENITORS 1635 - 1775, by Edith Read Redamn, 1984, privately published. Edith chronicles, by State and date, a list of 67 Griffen/Griffith immigrants, where proof of establishment of a family exists. All 67 forefathers are alphabetically arranged and have at least a one page write-up including reference sources. An A-Z index for the males of the second generation is included. Could it be that Edward Griffen b.1602 and John b.1608 were the first Griffins to land in to America? This 73-page manuscript can be found at the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is
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ANCESTRY AND DESCENDANTS OF JONATHAN GRIFFEN 1757-1837, compiled by Harry Wygant Griffen, 1983. Published by the Meader Family Association Inc., Ballston Lake, New York. This 117-page book starts with Edward b.1602 in Wales and concentrates on the descendants of Jonathan b.1757 (Edward3, Richard2, Edward1). Jonathan was born July 16, 1757 in Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York and died February 27, 1837. He married Mary Brown. They eventually moved to Saratoga, New York. There are twelve generations mentioned including 1692 individuals and a surprising number of living Griffens. A large number of descendants still live in New York State. Although undocumented, it appears that much of the information was obtained from family records. It is available from the above publisher at 158 Ashdown Road, Ballston Lake, New York 12019.

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MY MISSIONARY ASSOCIATES, by Zebina Flavius Griffin, 1928 This 209-page book was self published by the author. The first part deals with his missionary life in India, and presents "sketches" of missionaries whom he knew during his work in India, 1883 - 1909. Though not extensive it might provide genealogical clues for researchers of Free Will Baptist missionaries during that period. Anyone with a name Zebina Flavius deserves to be immortalized. Zebina Flavius Griffin was born November 14, 1844 in Oregon, Ogle County, Illinois and died February 11,1938 in Keuka Park, NY. His parents, and several generations before them, were from Canada, and the family returned to Ontario during Zebina's childhood in 1852. He is a descendant of Obadiah Griffin b.1743, the loyalist who fled to Nova Scotia during the Revolution. He tried many occupations, farmer, woodlot operator, cooper, builder, teacher and preacher. At age 34, married with three young children, he began studies at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale Michigan. His first wife, Mary Harwood Griffin, died there. In time he met and married a fellow student, Susan "Libbie" Cilley, who at age 30 had taught school, helped raise her brother's children, and spent three years as a missionary in India. They graduated in 1881 and Zebina took a church in Gilbert's Mills New York for two years before they accepted a call from the Free Will Baptist Church and became missionaries in India. They spent a total of 16 years in India during two assignments. He and his wife both wrote extensively about their experiences. They also established a home base at Keuka Park New York where Rev. Griffin had a role in the early years of Keuka College. He died there February 11, 1938.

The second half of the book is called "The Story of My Life." He makes brief references to his ancestry. Most of what he said about the ancestry of his father, Jacob Griffin, came from the proof sheet of a book which he saw at his father's house shortly before Jacob's death in 1901. He does not name the book, but in 1897 Jacob contributed information to Justus A. Griffin who wrote A Pioneer Family, 1924. Jacob Griffin is cited in that book as the source of considerable information about his descendants on page 129.

Zebina descends from the immigrant Edward Griffin: Zebina Griffin7 b: November 14, 1844, Jacob Griffin6 b: November 5, 1815, Obadiah Griffin5 b: 1777, Obadiah Griffin4 b. March 9, 1742/43, Edward Griffin3 b. 1708, Richard Griffin2 b: Abt 1655, Edward Griffin1 b: 1602 in Walton, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Other than his ancestors very few relatives are mentioned. His siblings are Cynthia (1838-1906), Alvina (1840-1842), Bryant (1847-1875), Newell (1850-1925), Douglas (1852-1894), Cassius (1857-1870) and Emma (1863-1927).

There are many descendants of Zebina and his brother Newell alive now. Zebina and his first wife, Mary Harwood had these children Elizabeth (1867-1945), Mabel (1869-1938), Mary (1847-1877), Nellie (1878-1961). By his second wife Susan "Libbie" Cilley, (1851-1928), he had these children Frankie (1882-1973), Bryant (1885-?) and Mona (1888-?). At age 85 he married Alma Goulton Bond.

Much of the writing of Zebina Flavius Griffin and Libbie Cilley Griffin, including My Missionary Associates, can be found at: American Baptist Historical Society 1106 So. Goodman Street Rochester, NY 14620-2532, where they have 3 linear feet of shelf space for Libbie Griffin material and the 60 notebooks and manuscripts by Zebina Griffin. A link to this library is

EDWARD GRIFFEN OUR FIRST GRIFFEN ANSCESTOR IN AMERICA AND HIS DESCENDANTS FROM 1635-1990, by Jordan T. Jack, 1996. Jordan Jack was a grandson of William Jesse Griffen who wrote "Griffen Lineage 1602-1929". The author had access to a copy of "Griffen Lineage" along with "Archives of the Griffin Family", which his mother owned. Who was the first Griffin/Griffen in America? Although Edward Griffen b.1602 in Wales was an early immigrant, the author lists eight other Griffins arriving before 1635. An expert review of Edward's trip to America, his early days in Maryland and his being an indentured servant is explained in this 169-page book. An account of the founding of the Maryland Colony is included along with Lord Baltimore's seizure of Kent Island and the arrest of Edward Griffen. From Edward's New Amsterdam days the descendants are mentioned in a direct line to Ezekiel Griffen b.1707 (John2, Edward1). Ezekiel lived in Bedford, NY, as did many other Griffins. A bibliography, three appendicthats and an index are included, along with the authors' direct line of descent from Edward. A great deal of information is included in this well written book. A copy of this book can be found at the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the call number is US/CAN Film 1425422 item 4. A link to this library is:

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QUAKER HERITAGE FOR SEVEN GENERATIONS, by Marcia (Griffen) Miller, 1994. Marcia writes, "as far back as Edward Griffin the immigrant and through the next seven generations to the mid 1800's his lineage has for the most part been practicing Quakers". A brief discussion of Edward's connection to the Quakers is included. The author's line of Griffens goes back to Thomas b. 1772 (Isaiah5, Edward4, Richard3, Edward2, Edward1). Thomas moved to Genesee County, New York in 1820. His 1842 house was moved in 1999 along the back roads and is resting on the Elba Historical Society property off Maple Road in Elba, NY. A migration map shows the path he took from Dutchess County, New York. [It's assumed he went up or along side the Hudson River to Albany, NY then took the Mohawk trail west to Canadaigua. The land of Western New York was opening up to settlement after the Seneca Indians gave up most of their land in a 1797 treaty.] Some of his descendants stayed in Genesee County but others, after the Civil War went to Michigan. Many of the Dutchess County Griffens were Quakers and the passing of their beliefs in recent generations is sadly noted. Because of strict rules, mainly not being pacifists and marrying outside the church a number of the Griffens in Elba, New York were "disowned" meaning they were removed from the church membership. Only a few names are mentioned, notably the direct line from the author back to Edward, b.1602 A cobblestone meeting house used as a meeting house by the Quakers is standing in Elba, Genesee County, New York. A copy is at the Elba Historical Society Museum, Maple Avenue Extension, in Elba, NY 14058, Scott Benz is the Elba Town Historian, and the Genesee County History Department, 3 West Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020, whose web address is: Susan Conklin is the Director, her email is: [email protected].

OBADIAH AND MARTHA GRIFFIN Compiled by Olin Kenyon, 1901. Obadiah was born May 8, 1805 in Meredith township, Delaware County, NY. His Father, William, was married three times and was the father of twenty one children; his mother was Anna Griffin. William and Anna were 1st cousins. Their common ancestor was Ezekiel b.1707, who was a grandson of the immigrant Edward b. 1602 in Wales. This short 26-page booklet contains 20 pages by the author and six hand written notes by unnamed others (bringing descendants up to the present time). The early life of Obadiah was spent on his family farm learning all the intricacies of farm life. He was born May 5th, 1805 in Mededith township, Delaware County, New York. Martha lived at a nearby farm. A measure of a young woman's worth was her ability to spin and weave. She caught the eye of Obadiah doing such a task and after a short courtship they were married on May 18, 1834. She was born October 14, 1809. Obadiah dreamed of life in the west, which at that time was Ohio and Michigan. Eventually the young couple moved via a route north to Utica, NY then a "line boat" on the Erie Canal toward Buffalo, then by way of wagon to Palmyra, Michigan. Wanderlust must have possessed Obadiah as he moved many times, between Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio, eventually stopping at Fayette, Ohio. The author elaborates on his many moves. He died at age 86, on February 5, 1892; Martha was born October 14, 1809 and lived past 1901. Their children were Anna b. 1835, Susan b. 1839, Deborah b. 1843, Josephine b. 1845 and Stephen b.1848. Their grandchildren are also enumerated. About 150 people are mentioned. Someone added more recent descendants. The author was the son of Anna b.1835, thus the grandson of Obadiah and Martha. He wrote this booklet for the descendants of Obadiah and Martha and stated "Lest We Forget". He must have deeply loved his grandparents. A copy of this booklet can be found at: the Normal Memorial Library 301 N. Eagle St, P.O. Box 100 Fayette, Ohio 43521, their web address is: and the Fulton County Historical Society, 229 Monroe St Wauseon, Ohio 43567. Their web address is:

ANCESTRAL LINE OF THE GRIFFENS FROM EDWARD GRIFFEN THE COLONIAL ANCESTOR BORN, 1602, by Amy Lydia Griffen, 1954. This is one of my favorite books. The author had access to numerous documents, most notably the "Archives of the Griffen Family" along with records from close relatives. She describes the familiar story of Edward b.1602 landing on Kent, Island and being in Flushing Long Island by 1640. Many of this line of Griffens were Quakers and they went to the Purchase and Mamaroneck Meeting House (Westchester County, New York) for worship services. A number of early documents are explained, as the wills of John Griffen, b.1655 and his son John b.1698, the wedding certificate of Daniel and Anna (Cornell) Griffen, the diary of her great grandmother Phila (Philadelphia) Miller Griffen and the account book of her grandfather (Phila's husband) Daniel Griffen. Both Daniel's account book of the years 1825 to 1875 and Phila's diary of 1825 to 1838 seem to be revealed completely. Poignant memories of her father and siblings cover several pages. The descendants of Daniel Griffen (Joseph5, Joseph4, John3, John2, Edward1) and Anna Cornell are listed in a Family Pedigree Chart. The early Griffens married into the Cornell family of Westchester County at least three times. A Griffen homestead house still stands in Mamoraneck, NY, it could be one half mile north of town on the old Mamoroneck Road, near Griffin Lane. A Griffen coat of Arms is picture and described. A number of male Griffen descendants of this line are alive. A copy of this 105-page book is located in the Swarthmore College Library, 500 College Ave, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081. Go to: to access the library. A copy is also at the Mamaroneck Public Library, 136 Prospect St, Mamaroneck, New York 10543. Their web site is:

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DESCENDANT CHART: DESCENDANTS OF COL. JACOB GRIFFIN AND RUTH WOOSLEY, by Edward A. Claypool, Chicago 1900. This chart measures 30 by 20 inches. The copy I found in the Hamilton Ontario public library is worn and falling apart. If there is someone who is a calligrapher it would be a kind gesture to redo the chart (I can furnish a copy). Basically it shows the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Jacob Griffin and Ruth Woolsey. A brief description of Ruth's ancestor is provided back to a George Woolsey the immigrant b. October 27, 1610. On the chart beneath their names is written:
Col. Jacob Griffin of Fishkill, NY
Ruth Woolsey of Fishkill, NY
both born in Westchester Co, NY
He was a Captain in the Revolutionary war and resided near Sprout Creek on the Hopeville road. His house was much frequented by the French officers and by them called the Rendevous. Both died near Fishkill and were buried in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery. It should be noted that they had 10 children, eight daughters and two sons. One son died at age twenty, unmarried, the other son had one daughter, thus there is no one bearing the Griffin name as a descendant for Jacob. A copy is in the special collection department as part of the Justus Griffin's file at the Hamilton Public Library, 55 York Boulevard Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 4E4 Canada. This library's web link is: It is also located at the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the call number is US/CAN film 1017402 item 2. This library's web site is:

FULTON COUNTY OHIO - HISTORICAL SKETCHES - 1850-1976 (GRIFFIN FAMILY), submitted by Mary Griffin Carncross, 1976. No doubt to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the U.S. a collection of historical sketches and family histories were published. On pages 382-383 mentioned is made of the family of William I. Griffin who in 1825 married his third wife Sarah Sloat Furman [see "Obadiah and Martha Griffin"]. William and his children are considered pioneers of Fulton County, Ohio. Their children were James (1826-1909), Mary (1832-?), Ezekial (1834-1915), George (1836-1929) and William (1838-1913). These children's offspring are enumerated. Many descendants of Ezekial are mentioned up to the 1976 time. Mary (Griffin) Carncross, Ezekial's great great grand daughter, wrote the sketch that was published by the Fulton County Historical Society, 229 Monroe St, Wauseon, Ohio 43567. They have a copy and their web address is:

THE SETTLERS OF THE BEEKMAN PATENT - DUTCHESS COUNTY, NEW YORK, by Frank J. Doherty, 1999. This genealogical and historical study includes almost every resident of the Beekman Patent and adjacent Oblong Patent through 1800. A map is provided of Dutchess County showing various Patents as the Roubout, Great Nine Partners, Little Nine Partners. Settlers were located through tax lists, the 1790 Census, marriage records, Articles of Association Pledge lists, local military lists, leases, legal actions, local newspapers, wills, deeds and mortgages and church records. There are numerous footnotes along with a long list of frequently used references. There is also an index. Relatively few Griffin/Griffin's are mentioned. For all 17 Griffin heads of household mentioned, their wives and children and listed. There is long list of "Other and Unplaced Griffins/Griffens". I am particularly pleased to see my ancestor Jonathan Griffin b. November 27, 1750 mentioned. He was a son of Joseph (Richard2, Edward1). Jonathan and his wife Phoebe are buried in the Friends Cemetery in Orchard Park, NY.

The Griffin/Griffen Family is found in Volume V "Fachert to Hass" of the author's book. A copy can be located in the Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, 500 College Ave. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 19081-1399 where the call number is F127 .D8 D53 1999 V5, their web site is: and in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, where the call number is 90-822282 and their web address is: The author gives his email address: [email protected] and a web address of:

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JESSE RYDER GRIFFIN, HIS DESCENDANTS AND ANCESTRY, by Rhoda-Glenn Collins Halm, 1993, privately published by Ms Halm. This short 7-page booklet starts with Edward Griffin b.1602 in Wales and enumerates about 76 members of either the Griffin or Ryder family. Ancestors from her Grandmother Katherine Griffin b.1856 are (Jesse Ryder7, Zopher6, Ezekial5, John4, Ezekial3, John2, Edward b.16021). Zopher Griffin married Abrigail Ryder in 1814. This booklet has 12 references cited and it can be found in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is

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GRIFFIN FAMILIES FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM TO THE NEW WORLD, VOLUME TWO: THE MATERNAL ANCESTOR, privately printed by John R. Griffin, Grant Pass, Oregon, 1993. This book replaces the following books: "A few Ancestors and Relatives of John Raymond Griffin", 1984, "Griffin Families Marry", 1987, "Griffin Families Marry- Addendum to Chapter Three", 1988. The author cites 48 bibliography sources in this 523-page book. His search for his maternal ancestors was aided by knowledge from VeLoy (Griffin) Yorgason of Otto, Wyoming, Suzanne Kulp of Orchard Park, New York and William B. Smith of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Over 875 people are mentioned, covering up to 12 generations. Edward Griffin b.1602 is the immigrant ancestor presented. His story is reiterated along with familiar information for the early generations. The divergence comes with the revelation about Joseph (Richard2, Edward1) having a family. According to a family Bible found in Niles, Michigan, Joseph had a son Obadiah b.1753 in Dutchess County New York. Further research by Suzanne Kulp of Orchard Park, New York proved that Obadiah had a brother Jonathan b.1750 in Dutchess County, New York. Jonathan and Obadiah are the only children discovered for their Father Joseph b. 1718 in Dutchess County, New York. More documentation on Joseph b. 1718 and his family is desired by Paul J. Griffin. John R. Griffin is a descendant of Obadiah b.1753, and is the 10th generation from Edward b.1602. A great many family group sheets and extensive personal information is provided for the descendants of Obadiah b. 1753. The book elaborates on Obadiah's descendants, although a few of his brother Jonathan's descendants are mentioned. This book can be found in the Mormon Family history Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is
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UNNAMED, UNPUBLISHED GRIFFIN FAMILY MANUSCRIPT, by Suzanne S. Kulp of Orchard Park, New York, 2000. This well documented manuscript has about 500 people mentioned; it is not available at this time. While writing a book about the local Quakers, Sue compiled over 40 pages of Griffin genealogical information. A copy can be obtained from the author at 12 Brier Hill Rd., Orchard Park, NY 14127; her email address is [email protected]. The ancestry of the brothers Obadiah and Jonathan (Joseph3, Richard2, Edward1) is established. The descendants of Jonathan b.1753 are emphasized, although his brother Obadiah's descendants are carried to the 5th generation. Jonathan b.1750 also has had his descendants carried down to the 5th generation. Little is known of Obadiah before 1800, he lived in Canada at least from 1806 to 1812/14. His son James W. b.1787 in Dutchess County, New York could have been living in Smithville, Ontario in 1811 as his first two children were born there (1811 @ 1812). While the War of 1812 was in progress, sometime between 1812 and 1814 Obadiah and his sons James W. and Robert Searless b.1788 in Dutchess County, settled in Griffin's Mills, Erie County, New York. Western New York's good land, largely unknown before the War of 1812 caused many New Englanders to move to the area. Obadiah's brother Jonathan also beckoned him to the area. [From old 1862 letters I speculate the Western New York Griffins could have maintained contact with their Canadian cousins up through the Civil War.] For about 10 years Obadiah and his sons operated a grist mill, saw mill, tannery, distillery and 4 asheries (an ashery produces lye for soap making from wood ashes). Griffin's Mills is about 5 miles from where his brother Jonathan settled in 1808. Obadiah and his sons left Western New York about 1825 and moved to Niles, Michigan. Jonathan arrived in Western New York in 1808 having purchased 354 acres directly from the Holland Land Company. Although born in Dutchess County, New York, Jonathan must have roamed around judging from where his children were born. They included Jacob b.1772 in Dutchess County, Henry b.1774 in Dorset, Vermont, Oliver b.1776 in Vermont, Mary b.1778, James b.1780 in Dutchess County, Chloe b.1782, Elizabeth, b.1784, Susanna b.1786, Joseph b.1788, John W. H. b.1791 in Canada (as per tombstone), Phoebe b.1793. All of Jonathan's children eventually moved to that area which was called E. Hamburgh but is now in the Town of Orchard Park. This land is centered at the intersection of Ellicott Rd. and S. Freeman Rd in the Town of Orchard Park, New York. Jonathan also used ox carts as he followed the Mohawk Trail west from Albany. Many of these families still lived on or near the original 354 acres in 1850. When the west opened up after the Civil War many of their descendants migrated in that direction. My father, Howard Griffin b.1900, was the last to farm that land. Paul J. Griffin b.1936 is only the 9th generation from Edward b.1602. Paul J. Griffin is trying to locate current whereabouts of any WNY Griffin descendants.

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GERSHOM & PHOEBE THEIR ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS, by Elaine Washburn Olney of Manhattan, Kansas, 1976, privately published. In this 104 page, well documented book she mentions and indexes 1800 ancestors or descendants of Gershom Griffin and Phoebe Griffin. There are up to 8 generations of descendants of Gershom and Phoebe mentioned. Her earliest male Griffin was a John1 Griffin b.? d. 1706, who married a Sarah ?. Phoebe can be linked back to the immigrant Edward b.1602 in Wales. In all probability the male ancestor, John1, was a relative to Edward b.1602 as Edward's son Edward in moving to Westchester County owned land next to John1. Henry K. Griffin of Bedford speculated that John1 was a son of the immigrant John b.1608 in Wales (brother to Edward b.1602), probably the wrong assumption. Some of the early Griffin descendants of John1 were from Bedford, Westchester County, New York. Gershom was born March 14, 1743 in Bedford and died April 16, 1831 in Hunter, Greene Co., New York. Gershom (John3, John2, John1) married Phoebe (Ezekiel3, John2, Edward 1) about 1827 in Bedford, New York. Some of their descendants stayed in New York (especially Greene County) while others traveled to Huron and Lorain Counties, Ohio. This book can be found in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is
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SERGEANT JOHN GRIFFIN OF SIMSBURY, CONNECTICUT, by Zeno T. Griffen and Rev. Duane N. Griffin, 1918. This 4 page undocumented article was published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol 49, p.23-26. John Griffin was b.1608 in Wales and is the brother to Edward b. 1602 in Wales. The author knew nothing about John, from 1635 when he landed, until he appears in Simsbury in 1656. Ten of John's children are mentioned along with some of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. About 56 people are mentioned. It is on microfilm at the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is Note: from the NYG&BR in 1918 "An elaborate descent from Welsh forebears was submitted herewith. Because of inability to prove the statements made it has been necessary to omit it-Editor"

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THE GRIFFIN PROPERTY AND THE GRIFFIN FAMILY OF BEDFORD, by Henry K. Griffin, 1929. An unpublished 9-page manuscript originally worked on by Henry K. Griffin the great grandfather of Steven R. Johnson. Steve supplied it to Elaine W. Olney, the author of "Gershom and Phoebe". The ancestors of John Griffin b.1608 in Wales are mentioned 4 generations back to Richard (Richiart) Penngruffwnd b. before 1485. According to the author John b.1608 had 10 children. The fourth was John born October 20, 1656, who married a Sarah ? . It would be nice to assume his relationship is true as it would link up the first male ancestor John, in the book "Gershom and Phoebe" by Elaine Olney, as the son of John Griffin b.1608. Unfortunately others cite this John b. October 20, 1656 as marrying Mary Bacon and living in Simsbury, Connecticut, not Westchester County, New York. Someone is wrong and it will take some hands-on research in Westchester and Simsbury to determine what is correct.) There is a Soldier's Memorial in Bedford, New York on land once owned by the Griffin family. This 8 page undocumented manuscript mentions 10 generations of male descendants from John b.1608. Only 14 people (not counting the wives) are enumerated. Paul J. Griffin has not been able to locate Steve R. Johnson yet; in 1985 he lived at 930 Diven St. Peekskill, New York. A copy of this undocumented manuscript is with the Town Historian, Town of Bedford, 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, New York 10507-1398; their web site is

A FAMILY TREE EIGHTEEN GENERATIONS OF ONE BRANCH OF THE GRIFFIN FAMILY CA 1460 - 1997, by "cousins" Norma C. White, Barbara R. Kupec, Ann F. Roy, 1997. The three authors outline their ancestors back to Richard Pengruffwnd b.1460 in Wales (see Zeno Griffen's article) and some of the descendants of John Griffin b.1656 (the son of the immigrant John b.1608 in Wales). This manuscript is over 50 pages and includes 24 pages of individuals, who they married, their children, with dates and background information on many. By the early 1700's there were Griffin's in Bedford, Dutchess County, NY, then later in Phillipstown and Cold Spring (which borders the Hudson River) area in Putnum County. Putnam County, NY is between Westchester and Dutchess County. A nearby hamlet was called Griffins Corners. There are over 15 pages of pictures and family history starting when the Griffin's moved to Phillipstown, NY. Geographically Putnam county is up the Hudson River from Westchester County and contains the community of West Point. Putnum County borders the State of Connecticut where the immigrant John settled. From John Griffin b.1608 there are few descendants mentioned until Allen Bradley Griffin b. 1824 (John7 b.1795, John6 b. 1770, John5 b.1745, John4 b.1715, John3 b.1685, John2 b.1656, John1 b. 1608) then the author's lines are enumerated. There is a complete index for 492 people including 105 Griffin names along with a valuable bibliography. For future Griffin researchers here is a challenge - prove that Gershom Griffin b. 1743 in Bedford is a son of John Griffin b. 1715. This relationship is stated by the authors but in Elaine Olney's book "Gershom and Phoebe, their Ancestors and Descendants" that relationship was not established. One has to wonder if these early Griffins in Dutchess, Westchester, Putnam and other counties north of New York City knew how they were related to each other? Copies of this 58 page manuscript can be purchased from the Putnam County Historical Society 63 Chestnut Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516, whose web link is: and a copy is the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library in Salt Lake City, whose web link is:

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DESCENDANTS OF SGT. JOHN GRIFFIN B.1608, by Elizabeth Griffin Shepard, 1999. This is a hand written manuscript by Elizabeth Griffin Shepard. She indicated that it would complement the information found on "Genealogy of the Sergeant John Griffin Family". Basically she has family lists for Sgt John, John's children and the families of John Griffin (Thomas2, John1), to the 9th generation, Stephen Griffin (Thomas2, John1) to the 8th generation, Benomi Griffin (Thomas2, John1) to the 8th generation, Nathaniel Griffin Jr. (Nathaniel3, Thomas2, John1) to the 7th generation, Stephen Griffin (Nathaniel3, Thomas2, John1) to the 11th generation, Micah (Nathaniel3, Thomas2, John1), Seth Griffin (Nathaniel3, Thomas2, John1) to the 8th generation, Chloe Griffin Bull (Nathaniel3, Thomasin2, John1) to the 9th generation, Martin Griffin (Nathaniel3, Thomas2, John1) to the 8th generations. Nathaniel (Thomas2, John1) married Elizabeth Griffin (Ephraim2, John1). Some of Stephen's descendants are brought down to the present time. The author intends to provide copies to the Salmon Brook Historical society in Granby, CT, whose web link is:, the LDS (Mormon )Family History Library in Salt Lake City, whose web link is: and the Stephentown, NY Historical society, whose web link is:

JOHN GRIFFIN OF WINDSOR AND SIMSBURY, CONNECTICUT, by Dr. George E. McCracken, 1962. Published in the American Genealogist vol 38 p. 100-112. He disputes the article by Zeno T. Griffen "Sergeant John Griffin of Simsbury, Connecticut", [email protected] vol 49 p. 23-26, where Zeno assumes that John Griffin b.1608 was the same Sergeant John of Simsbury. Dr. McCracken claims "no clear evidence has been discovered to show John came north to New England". He also writes "no success has been found in finding an Edward Griffin in New Amsterdam". He obviously did not research thoroughly enough, or he would have discovered Edward's travels from Virginia to Maryland to New York and Flushing, L.I. He starts with a John Griffin who on May 13,1647 married Ann Bancroft at Windsor, Connecticut. He does not indicate this John's father, or where he came from. The author just lists all of John's 10 children (same as in "Sergeant John Griffin of Simsbury, Connecticut") and 8 of his children's families. Other than in the American Genealogist this undocumented article can be found in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is

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1989 vol. 38 (for American Genealogist)

GENEALOGY OF THE SERGEANT JOHN GRIFFIN FAMILY, 1647 - 1920, compiled by Clifford Goslee, 1972. For over 50 years the manuscript "Ancient Welsh Pedigree of the Griffin Family" by Zeno T. Griffen and Rev. Duane Nelson Griffin collected dust, it was not circulated and was in the possession of very few. In 1971 Mr. H. Clifford Goslee (who married a Griffin) of Hartford, Connecticut and a Griffin Associates committee combined it into this manuscript. The first 43 pages of this manuscript is an odd collection of information containing: a 1870 reunion notice for Griffins in Granby, Connecticut; a Griffin coat of arms; Rev. Duane N. Griffin's obituary and bibliography; a tribute to Miss Janice M. Griffin for saving the papers of her father, Rev. Duane N. Griffin; an inventory of 11 Griffin envelopes at the Connecticut State Library; miscellaneous notes by Rev. Duane N. Griffin; references for searching the Welsh Ancestry; comments on the book "Griffin's Journal" by Augustus Griffin"; 12 pages of notes furnished by Mrs. Alice Griffin Hatch and notes for continued information needed. After these 43 pages is the entire 265-page manuscript "Ancient Welsh Pedigree of the Griffin Family" by Zeno T. Griffen and Rev. Duane N. Griffin (see notation elsewhere in this document). All but the first 28 pages of the latter are devoted to "Sergeant John Griffin and his Descendants". This manuscript is must reading for those interested in John Griffin b.1608 and his descendants. It can be located in a number of places including: The Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave. Washington D.C. 20540 (call # CS71.G85 1971); their web site is, the Salmon Brook Historical Society, 208 Salmon Lane, Granby, Connecticut 06035 and the Connecticut State Library, 231 Capitol Ave. Hartford, Connecticut 06106 (part of the State Archives Record Group 74:13, Duane N. Griffin collector)

BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF HARTFORD COUNTY, CONNECTICUT, Published by J.H.Beers & Co., 1901. This large commemorative book illustrates biographical sketches of many prominent families. On pages 55 to 60 the Griffin Family is covered. The ancestors of Sergeant John Griffin are mentioned along with a few descendants down to seven generations. In the seventh generation the brothers Charles Fleming Griffin b. 1878 and Fred B. Griffin b. 1873 (Gilbert6, Aristarchus5, Seth4, Nathaniel3 (Lieutenant), Thomas2, Sergeant John1) are mentioned in length. Both Charles and Fred were successful tobacco farmers. There are descendants of this line still living in the Simsbury and Granby area of Connecticut. This book can be found at the Salmon Brook Historical Society 208 Salmon Brook Street Granby, CT 06036. The web link to the society is:

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GENEALOGY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JASPER GRIFFING, by Clara Jeanette Stone, 1881. This is the same Jasper that Zeno T. Griffen mentions in his articles "Lineage Of Richard Griffith of Cardigan, Wales And Some Of His Descendants in America", plus "Ancient Welsh Pedigree Of The Griffin Family" and that Edmund J. Cleveland mentions in his article " Jasper Griffin of Southold, N.Y. and Some of His Descendants". The author alludes to the "Gruffids" of Wales having a common ancestor, possibly the last Prince of Wales, Llewellyn ap Gruffydd (Griffith). Jasper was born about 1648 in Wales and very little is known of him before 1670. According to the author he was mentioned in Essex Co. Massachusetts in 1670 and in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1674. By 1675 he settled in Southold, Long Island, New York with his wife Hannah ? . He lived there all his life and died there April 17, 1718. They had 18 children of which 5 are known, Jasper Jr. b.1675, John b.abt 1677, Edward, Susanna and Robert b.1685. Clara acknowledges that many branches of the family dropped the ending "g" and spelled their name Griffin. She gave all the descendants in this book the "g" for the sake of uniformity. At least 1374 names are enumerated with an index of names of Griffings and an index of descendants not bearing the Griffing name. Hundreds of families are named down to the 7th generation. Undocumented, it was primarily through personal correspondence that the author obtained her facts.

Family group sheets are presented about many individuals, and noteworthy events in their lives are mentioned. This 194-page book can be located in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is

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GRIFFIN'S JOURNAL, by Augustus Griffin, 1857. In 1857 at the age of 90 Augustus Griffin wrote about the first settlers of Southold, L.I., New York. Starting in 1640 when the first settlers arrived he described the area, who was there, their houses and location. He must have kept a diary for he recalls detailed descriptions of hundreds of people, their lives, who they married, when and where they lived and especially their ages at death. The immigrant Jasper b. 1648 in Wales arrived in Southold about 1675. He does not explain anything about Jasper's past. Jasper was commissioned a major in the militia and was in charge of two pieces of cannon. He married Hannah ? and had a large family of which these sons are known, Jasper 2nd, John, Edward, Robert. Pages 84 to 101 are devoted to Jasper b.1648, who died in April of 1718. He mentions some of Jasper's descendants for a few generations. The Revolutionary War period was a harrowing time and he lived through it. The real exploits of his Father James b. 1739 in avoiding capture by the British are noteworthy. The table of contents lists 235 names, but omits a great many Griffins by lumping them as Jaspers descendants. He did not use the Griffing spelling. This 312-page book offers a delightful insight into the lives of people who lived over 200 years ago. A great many of Jasper's descendants are mentioned and it is a valuable source of accurate information, as only his personal information is cited. Augustus (James4, Samuel3, Robert2, Jasper1) was born February 2, 1767 and died May 16, 1866. Griffin's Journal has been reprinted by The Oysterponds Historical Society, Box 844, Village Lane, Orient, New York 11957. This book can be located in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is
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STEPHEN GRIFFING HIS ANCESTRY AND DESCENDANTS, compiled by Edith Willoughby West; published by Henry Griffing, 1911. This 217-page book was designed as a memorial to Stephen Griffing b. January 22nd, 1754 (John Jr3, John2, Jasper1). Jasper Griffin (1654-1718) was born in Wales. Jasper was living in Essex County, Massachusetts by 1670 and at Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1674. He and his wife, Hannah, migrated to Southold, Long Island in 1675. Their grandson, Stephen Griffing (1754-1841), was born at Riverhead, Long Island, the son of John and Sarah Paine Griffing. Stephen served several terms of enlistment during the Revolutionary War, first as a private, later as a sergeant and ensign. He married Elizabeth Uhl (1763-1856), a daughter of John Uhl, at Rhinebeck Flats, Dutchess County, New York, in 1781. They had ten children, 1782-1805. The family lived on a farm near Pleasant Plains, New York, until 1800, when they moved to Warren County, New York where he bought a 240-acre farm near the confluence of the Hudson and Schroon Rivers. Descendants lived in New York and elsewhere. A great many Griffings are buried in a Griffing plot in Thurman, NY. Approximately 850 people are indexed in this 234-page book. The Revolutionary War journal kept by Stephen Griffing is included along with a picture and description of the Griffing coat of arms. Hundreds of family pictures are provided. A copy of this book can be found at the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, 1 Lafayette Square, Buffalo, NY 14203, Where the call number is CS 71 G85W4. The web link for this library is: Another source for this book is from the LDS (Mormon) Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It is on microfilm and that call number is US/CAN Fiche #6117076 Their web address is:

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PRIVATE LETTERS OF JAMES S. GRIFFING BOOK 1, Edited by William J. Griffin, 1994. To quote the author "The story of James S. Griffing and J. Augusta Goodrich is extraordinary - not because they were extraordinary people but because their journals and letters describe everyday life on mid-nineteenth century America. Such rare accounts contribute significantly to our understanding of social history. This effort represents the culmination of nearly fourteen years of research by the author. The letters, so eloquently penned by their authors, need little editing. For the most part, they have been reproduced here in entirety. My effort has been largely limited to providing meaningful transition between the original manuscripts and ample footnote material to assist the reader in identifying the names, places and events mentioned within. Some material, considered sensitive perhaps in present day society, has been left intact rather than edited from the text. I trust family members reading this material will not be embarrassed by it and appreciate it's value to students of social sciences." "The reader should know that this document - lengthy as it is (252 pages) represents only one-half of the material originally intended for publication. Due to the length of time required to produce the first half however I have decided to publish this as Book 1 and distribute it to enquiring family members. As such the reader will discover that Chapter 20 ends in the summer of 1856, less than one year after the marriage of James and Augusta. Eventually, as time permits, I will complete Book 2". Please note in 2002 the author created a web page and ALL the information currently available is on it. Go to A copy of this book can also be found in the Kansas State Historical Society P.O. Box 3585 Topeka, KS 66601 on microfilm reel number MS 60,. The libraries web address is:

JASPER GRIFFIN OF SOUTHOLD, N.Y., AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS, by Edmund J. Cleveland, published by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol 22 p.191-204, 1891. From notes furnished by George B. Griffin of Los Angeles and Justus A. Griffin of Hamilton, Ontario the author wrote this article. Mr. Cleveland starts with Jasper b.1648 in Wales. He came to America in 1670. Unfortunately he gets the relationships mixed up and attributes Edward b.1602 as the son of Jasper b.1648. Although Jasper did have a son Edward it was not this Edward. He apparently had no knowledge of the Edward b. 1602 living in Flushing, L.I. or of Edward's children. He enumerates 108 descendants down to Justus A. Griffin (George Douglas7, Ebenezer Culver6, Smith5, Richard4, Edward3, Edward2, Jasper1) and his two children. To be correct is should be Justus (George7, Ebenezer6, Smith5, Richard4, Edward3, Richard2, Edward1). Many of the Griffins mentioned are from the Canadian (Smithville) line, i.e., the descendants of Richard Griffin b.1732. It can be found in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is

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THE GRIFFIN FAMILY OF LONG ISLAND, by Donald Lines Jacobus, 1935. Published in the NYG&BR vol 66 p. 327-330. The author refutes the finding of Edmund J. Cleveland's article "Jasper Griffin of Southold, New York" in the NYG&BR vol 22 p. 191-204. The author points out there it is impossible for the Edward mention in Cleveland's article to be the son of Jasper b.1648 in Wales and he documents the proof. Jasper Griffin of Southold is explained along with some of his 14 children. In 1686 the inhabitants of Southold list Jasper with a family of 5 males and 5 females. Only Jasper and his children's generation is explained. The article can be located in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is

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THE CONNECTICUT DESCENDANTS OF THE GRIFFIN(G) FAMILY OF SOUTHHOLD, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, by Margaret Buckridge Bock, 1998. For those "Griffing" family researchers reading these articles is mandatory. The articles are an extension of Clara Stone's "Genealogy of the Descendants of Jasper Griffing", 1881. This well researched publication has many citations and they could be the most valuable aspect presented. Starting with the immigrant Jasper Griffing b.1648 in Wales, the author enumerates many Griffings who went from the Southold, Long Island, New York area to Connecticut. A number of these families did so around the time of the Revolutionary War period. There are 56 families identified along with the children of these families, up through the mid 1800's. Four articles under the same title were published in The Genealogist, vol. 11, No. 1 (spring 1997), vol. 11, No. 2 (Fall 1997), vol 12, No. 1 (spring 1998), vol 12, No. 2 (Fall 1998). The Genealogist's mailing address is 25 Rodeo Ave. # 22 Sausalito, California 949655-1783. Their web address is:

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GRIFFING - GRIFFIN A SINGLE FAMILY 325 YEARS IN AMERICA, by Robert Paul Griffing Sr., 1993. Privately published by the author. The author decided to use the Griffing spelling for everyone. This 762-page book contains references to about 3600 people. There are 783 families portrayed where each parent has the birth name of Griffing and all are descended from Jasper Griffing b.1648 in Wales. The author claims the Welsh ancestors of Jasper Griffing called themselves Gruffid. A Griffing coat of arms is illustrated. There is no mention of a specific ancestor for Jasper in Wales. Of the 21 references cited, special credit was given to Clara Stone's "Genealogy of the Descendants of Jasper Griffing" and Augustus Griffin's "Griffin's Journal". There is an index of 2740 individuals born to or married to a Griffing plus an index of 863 individuals connected by marriage, adoption etc. The ancestor for all the Griffings is Jasper b.1648, of Long Island. There is a splinter group of Griffings on Shelter Island, N.Y. who presumably go back to Jasper. A numbering system was used to identify all individuals along with detailed instructions on how the system works. The bulk of the book is Family Sheets (Robert Paul Griffing Sr is #1) for the 783 families presented. The author cites sources of information for each family presented. Basic facts are presented with no added family tidbits of information. Many families are brought down to the present time. Incorporated into this book are the descendants of Stephen Griffing b. January 22, 1754 at Riverhead, Long Island. There is a book "Stephen Griffing His Ancestors and Descendants" compiled by Edith Willoughby West in 1911 about this Stephen Griffing. In Paul Griffing's Sr. book the basic genealogical facts about Stephen are presented but the rich biographical information in "Stephen's" book is omitted. The Dutchess County Historical Society Box 88 Poughkeepsie, New York 12602 has the book "Stephen Griffing His Ancestors and Descendants". The call # is 924.2G. It is also at the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City where the call # is 929.273 G875W . The book "Griffing - Griffin A Single Family 325 Years in America" is in the Mormon Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This library's web address is

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CYRUS GRIFFIN OF VIRGINIA, by Henry Smith Rorer, 1938. It's because of Zeno T. Griffen's publication stating that Cyrus and Edward b.1608 have a common ancestor (read The Lineage of Richard Griffin of Cardigan, Wales And Some Of His Descendants In America) that I've included this manuscript. Some might disagree with Zeno's assertion. A future Griffin genealogist may someday unravel the mystery. Personally I think Zeno is making wrong. Nevertheless everyone should be proud of Cyrus as he was the last President of the Continental Congress, after him came President George Washington. Henry Smith Rorer in 1938 wrote this manuscript as a Master Thesis at the University of Virginia. Cyrus's earliest ancestor in Virginia was Thomas Griffen who arrived in the early 1600's. There is a Thomas in a pedigree chart of one of Zeno's publications.

Cyrus was born 1748 in Virginia and Rorer's manuscript reviews his colorful life. A copy of it exists in the University of Virginia library, PO Box 400113, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4113. (Call # Masters 0990). The link for that library is:

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I have been intrigued by the Obadiah who left Canada about 1812 and went to Erie County, NY (where I grew up). Specifically he went to Griffin's Mills a settlement named after him. Griffin's Mills is about 20 miles south of Buffalo, New York. It is not far from Griffin's Mills to Smithville, Ontario Canada.

I frequently travel through Griffin's Mills, it's not very big but very picturesque.

There are two Obadiahs to talk about. Could they be the same person?

1- Obadiah b.1743, the son of Edward Griffin and the brother to Richard and Thomas (other loyalist) He is the one who went to Novia Scotia about 1787. According to Justus Griffin he then went to Ontario about 1812 (with his son Obadiah Jr.). After 1812 nothing is know of him in Ontario. Obadiah Jr.'s life in Ontario is well known.

2- Obadiah b. 1753, the son of Joseph Griffin and brother to Jonathan b.1750. (my direct ancestor) One Griffin researcher has him coming out of Ontario about 1812. Nothing is known of him prior to the time he went to Western New York (Griffin's Mills) about 1812.

It is an accepted fact that the Obadiah who went to Western New York (Griffin's Mills) came from Canada. Assuming it's the one born in 1753, then nothing is known about his existence until he went into WNY with his sons Isaac, James W. and Robert S.

James W. was born in 1787 in Dutchess County. His first child by Catherine Abbott was Rachael b.1811 in Smithville, Ontario, his second son George Washington Griffin, was b.1812 in Smithville, Ontario. (This is the line of John R. Griffin of Grants Pass, Oregon, who wrote the book " Griffin Families From The United Kingdom To The New World, Volume Two: The Maternal Ancestors"). James's third son, Obadiah, was b. 1815 in the town of Aurora, NY. Thus there is a connection to Smithville for the Griffin's Mills Obadiah.

The Obadiah b. 1743 is positively known to be a loyalist (see Justus Griffin's book p. 127) who fled to Nova Scotia during the Revolution. This Obadiah was a brother to Thomas b.1741, and Richard b.1732, (of Smithville, Ontario fame) . The Obadiah b.1743 received a land grant in Nova Scotia in 1787. According to Justus, his eldest son was Obadiah Jr. b. 1777, in Dutchess County, NY. The Obadiah b.1743 who went to Nova Scotia during the Revolutionary War could have been married three times and have had children by other wives. If he was in Nova Scotia, then getting back to Dutchess County to father children in 1787 and 1788 (James W. b.1787, and Robert Searles b.1788) would be difficult to explain; unless he traveled freely back to Dutchess County and then back to Nova Scotia. Note: I'm assuming there is only ONE Obadiah and he fathered among others Obadiah Jr., James W. and Robert S.

According to a Bible in Niles Michigan, the Obadiah who went to Griffin's Mills was b. 1753, and was the brother of Jonathan b.1750, who lived in E. Hamburgh; their father was Joseph Griffin b. 1718, who married Mary Freligh. This Obadiah had sons Isaac b. 1775, James W. b. 1787, and Robert Searles b. 1788. It also appears that all the entries in this bible were made at one time by the same person. I believe that the entries were made in the 1890s.

It's a fact the Obadiah that lived in Griffin's Mills, went to Niles, Michigan before 1840, and is buried there.

According to a letter A.W. Griffin wrote to Justus Griffin in 1900, Elizabeth (Potter) Griffin b.1812, stated the Obadiah of Griffin's Mills and Jonathan b.1750 of E. Hamburgh were COUSINS, not BROTHERS. This is possible if Jonathan b.1753, is the son of Joseph b.1718, and the Obadiah b.1743, is the son of Edward b.1710. (Joseph b. 1718, and Edward b .1710, are brothers).

Edward b.1710 ---- (brothers) ---- Joseph b.1718

son Obadiah b.1743 -(1st cousins) -- son Jonathan b.1753

Elizabeth Griffin b.1812 married James Griffin b.1806 (a son of Jonathan b.1750) and gave birth to Gilbert b.1833. She was living in E. Hamburgh (now Orchard Park) at that time. A.W. Griffin must have corresponded with Elizabeth. She knew of and was in the presence of Jonathan (1750-1836) and Obadiah (whom ever he was) from Griffin's Mills as she lived in the same area as they did and all three were alive at the same time. Elizabeth should have known if Jonathan and Obadiah were cousins or brothers?

From Justus Griffin's book "A Pioneer Family" about the ancestors and descendants of Richard Griffin (b.1732) of Smithville, Ontario, it is stated on page 128: Solomon Griffin's Father Isaiah, about 1812, said that "an old man came up the road and asked if I had and Uncle Oby in NY". Isaiah said "yes" and Oby said " Well I am he". One has to assume the Oby of NY did not travel from Dutchess County but was in WNY, probably Griffin's Mills and went back to the Smithville area to visit relatives. Smithville is 40 miles from the US/Canada boarder.

Richard b.1732 ----- brother ----- Obadiah b.1743

son Isaiah b.1771 (Oby is the Uncle to Isaiah)

Solomon b.1805

This UNCLE relationship works out if Oby is born in 1743, and therefore a brother to Richard b.1732. The conversation continued and Oby said, "I have just returned from Nova Scotia and my family was coming behind."

The life of Obadiah who went to Griffin's Mills is very well documented once he arrived in Griffin's Mills. If he is not the one that went to Nova Scotia then there were two Obadiahs in the Smithville area about the time of the War of 1812. Nothing is known about the Obadiah b.1753, before he went to Griffin's Mills. Whereas, IF the Obadiah who went to Griffin's Mills is the SAME ONE who went to Nova Scotia, then his life if well known from a birth in Dutchess County to his death in Niles, Michigan. If there were two Obadiahs in the Smithville area about 1812, then the one who went to Nova Scotia, born in 1743, disappears after 1812. It is a fact that the Obadiah who went to Nova Scotia also went to Ontario about 1812. Where was he after that? MY ANSWER ---he went to Griffin's Mills.

In speculating that there was only one Obadiah, and making the facts fit this assumption then the Niles, Michigan, bible is wrong to state that Obadiah was the son of Joseph and Mary Freligh. The A.W. letter and Justus's book would back up the fact that the Obadiah who went to Griffin's Mills is the same one that went to Nova Scotia.

Unfortunately there is speculation on who the Obadiah was that went to Griffins Mills.

Anyone that knows of the Obadiah who went to Griffin's Mills or of the families of the Obadiah that was living in Smithville, Ontario, Canada or the family of the Obadiah when he was in Nova Scotia, PLEASE CONTACT ME. Paul J. Griffin

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I finally finished the original version in the summer of 1995.

It has frustrated me to find a document and not be able to reach the author ... nor know where the data is currently located. In the future if someone wishes to find out more about these Griffins contact:
Salmon Brook Historical Society 208 Salmon Lane, Granby, CT 06035

Hamilton Public Library 55 York Blvd, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 4E4

Mormon Family History Library, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Connecticut State Library, 231 Capitol Ave., Hartford, CT 06106

Permission is granted to anyone to copy for genealogical use
Paul J. Griffin
842 W. Welcome Way
Green Valley, Arizona   85614
(520) 625-8389
[email protected]



Richiart Pengruffwnd b. Abt 1455 ,,Wales; m. Abt 1500 Pembroke,, Wales Elizabeth More


Gruffydd Pengruffwnd b. Abt 1519; m. Abt 1538 Jowan David


John Pengruffwnd b. Abt 1560; m. 1580 Ann Langffort


Edward Griffin Sr. b.1602 Walton, Pembrokeshire, Wales; m. Flushing, Queens, New York; d. Aft 1698 Flushing, Queens, New York Mary --- b. Abt 1630 , Prob Wales; d. Aft 1700 Flushing, Queens, New York

Samuel Haight b.1 May 1647 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut; d. Nov 1712 Flushing, Queens, New York Sarah Noble b. Abt 1651 Flushing, Queens, New York

5th GENERATION Richard Griffin Sr. b. Abt 1655 Flushing, Queens. New York; m. Abt 1694 Flushing, Queens, New York; d. 1723 Flushing, Queens, New York Susanna Haight b. Abt 1676 Flushing, Queens, New York; d. 27 Nov 1760 Flushing, Queens, New York


Joseph Griffin b. Abt 1718 Flushing, Queens, New York; m. 17 Jun 1738 , Westchester, New York; d. Aft Dec 1784 Nine Partners, Dutchess, New York Mary Gildersleeve b. Abt 1720 , New York; d. Aft 1743

7th GENERATION Jonathan Griffin b. 27 Nov 1750 Nine Partners, Dutchess, New York; m. Abt 1772 , Dutchess, New York; d.13 Nov 1836 E. Hamburgh, Erie, New York Phebe--- b. 10 Jun 1750 , Prob USA; d. 30 Jan 1831 E. Hamburgh, Erie, New York

8th GENERATION Henry Griffin b. 30 Oct 1774 Dorset, Bennington, Vermont; m. Bef 1880; d. 28 Jan 1861 E. Hamburgh, Erie, New York Ruby Arnold b. 1774 , Rhode Island; d. 20 Feb 1862 E. Hamburgh, Erie, New York


Joseph A. Griffin b. 17 Jun 1809 E. Hamburgh, Erie, New York; m. 28 Jan 1836 Griffin Mills Congregational Church d. 6 Nov 1876 E. Hamburgh, Erie, New York Mary Birdsell b. 29 Dec 1817 East Aurora, Erie, New York; d. 30 Aug 1905 E. Hamburgh, Erie, New York


Albert J. Griffin b. 1845 Collins, Erie, New York; m. 7 May 1889 Town of Aurora, Erie, New York; d. 1935 E. Hamburg, Erie, New York Mary O. Francis b. Abt 1862 Colden, Erie, New York; d. Abt 1937 E. Hamburg, Erie, New York


Howard Griffin b. 28 Jan 1900 Orchard Park, Erie, New York; m. Abt 1933 Buffalo, Erie, New York; d. 28 Sep 1979 Lorain, Ohio

Julia Jeanette Jennings b. 22 Sept 1902 Buffalo, Erie, New York; d. 10 Jan 1993 Buffalo, Erie, New York


Paul Jennings Griffin b. 21 Sep 1936 Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, Erie, New York; m 22 Jun 1963 Calvery Episcopal Church, Williamsville, Erie, New York Nancy Arlene Nantau b. 18 Dec 1939 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan


Eric Charles Griffin b. 27 Jun 1973 Batavia General Hospital, Batavia, Genesee, New York

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