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IF YOU LIKE GHOST TOWNS, then let Gary B Speck Publications put over forty years of research to work for you! We can supply you with literature and/or research information on thousands of American ghost towns ranging from obscure fur-trading outposts and stage stations, through well-known mining and agricultural cities that have faded into ghost town status. Our catalogue lists a constantly changing inventory of available books, magazines, maps and research information to aid YOU in your journey through America's ghost towns.



Make America's ghost towns come alive for you or someone you love.

Make Gary B Speck Publications your number 1 resource

for ghost town literature and information.

Let us be the key that opens the door to the past!



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Text Box: We specialize in the sales of books, back issues of magazines, maps and other types of literature about American ghost towns.  
See our On-line catalogue for ALL of our available publications

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Check out Gary’s exciting NEW photo-intensive, coffee table book featuring 80-some American & Canadian ghost towns and over 300 photos both contemporary and historical.
Ghost Towns Yesterday & Today
NOW into its second printing!

Check out Gary’s ORIGINAL, exciting guidebook to over 500 American ghost towns in all 50 states
Dust in the Wind--A Guide to American Ghost Towns.

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Gary B Speck Publications is the exclusive source for The Ghost Town Guru's Guide to the Ghost Towns of *** series. This unique series of guides list the locations of thousands of ghost towns alphabetically by state or selected counties. These guides were researched and written by Gary Speck, the man CNN called "The Ghost Town Guru."   

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Is organization of ghost town research information a problem?  Our unique, one-sheet "Ghost Town Research Log" organizes 22 essential pieces of information about a location onto one easy to understand and use page.  These sheets are ready for YOU to fill in the blanks. The Ghost Town Research Log is ideal for all ghost town enthusiasts, whether they are casual readers, active travelers, avid explorers, or hard-core researchers.  They give you the opportunity to build up a one-page summary about a particular town.

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Do you want detailed histories of specific town or location, with more details than what is presented online or in our Ghost Town Guru's Guides?  We can supply detailed individual site histories for many of the featured locations shown in the guides.  They vary in size from a paragraph to many pages.  Prices vary depending on scope of information. 

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For additional information about ghost towns throughout the United States, visit 
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