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Because of the rapidly growing popularity of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) devices, a large number of people have asked me to include GPS coordinates in my descriptions of ghost towns, both for locations featured in this website AND locations featured in my Ghost Town USA column, which appears monthly in Western & Eastern Treasures magazine.  So with that request in mind, I am slowly adding them to the website as I update various pages. 


I began making the column interactive for computer users by adding the GPS information on these pages rather than clutter up the articles with the coordinates, so I have to assume, you are accessing this page through the column.  In that case, you already know the month/year the location or site of interest appeared in.  So, to access the GPS coordinates for the featured location of choice, click on the appropriate year below.  Once on the page for that year, the columns are detailed in a tabular form with January at the top and December at the bottom.  Each ghost town AND non-ghost town location mentioned in the column will be listed alphabetically in their appropriate monthly “box.”  


In case you are not accessing this through my monthly column or don’t know when a specific site was featured – “I remember you wrote about Manzanar, CA, but don’t remember when,” you can find out when that site was featured by consulting the article INDEX for all locations featured in my column, as well as any additional articles I wrote for the magazine between 1980 and current.  This will aid you in locating columns featuring your favorite ghost town!  I am also indexing and adding GPS locations for my articles appearing in Western & Eastern Treasures’ annual Silver & Gold special issues.


Most importantly:  these listings DO NOT give anyone permission to trespass onto private property and NOT to damage/vandalized any of these sites.  In addition, if you want copies of these articles, I do not have copies for sale nor do I supply free copies/downloads via e-mail (I was recently asked!).  Copies of the specific magazine containing the column of choice may be obtained through the magazine’s editorial offices or through their website. 



Please note: 

  • This is a very time-intensive process, so progress is slow.  I will be adding the April 1984-Dec 2004 columns as time permits.  I am working backwards from the most recent issue. 


Thank you and enjoy!



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