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ON SEPTEMBER 01, 1998, Ghost Town USAs version of the Ghost Town of the Month was born.  I will admit that I did not originate the idea, but borrowed it from another site, one I have always enjoyed and admired – ARIZONA GHOST  My idea was not to copy them, but take it in my own direction by featuring ghost towns from all over.  SO - Here we are 17 years later.  AZ Ghost Towns (of which I am not affiliated) is still going strong and still publishing their AZ Ghost Towns of the Month.  AND - here we are, still doing likewise!  So I’m thanking William Morgan for his contribution to American ghost town knowledge.  I hope we both can keep our fires burning bright for another 17+ years!


Below is a list of all the ghost and semi-ghost towns that have graced the pages of GHOST TOWN USA’s “GHOST TOWN OF THE MONTH”. 


The first list is by year, the second, alphabetic by location.  ENJOY!






1998, 1999

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,,2007, 2008, 2009

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017






A    Abbyville KS (December 2015), Alanreed TX (Jun 1999), Alcatraz CA (Jan 1999), Alpine IL  (Apr 2007, Feb 2012), Alum Rock Park CA  (Jan 2010), Amboy CA  (Aug 2007),

            Amidon ND  (Nov 2005), Amy, KS (Jan 2015), Antelope OR (Aug 2014), Appomattox Courthouse VA  (Mar 2002), Auraria GA  (Jun/Jul 2010), Ayrshire IA  (Oct 2012)


B -     Bagdad CA (Sep 1999), Batsto NJ  (Jan 2006), Belmont NV  (Nov 2009), Benton CA  (Aug 2008), Bents Fort CO  (Oct 2010), Bisbee AZ  (Jul 2002), Black Hills area SD  (Nov 2003),                         Blue Heron KY  (Jun/Jul 2007), Blythedale MO (Dec 1998), Bodie CA (Oct 2002, Mar/Apr 2012), Boise Basin ID  (Feb 2001), Bosler WY  (Dec 2004), Brownson NE  (Dec 2012),                      Bucyrus ND  (Mar 2003), Burke ID  (Apr 2010)


C -     Cahawba AL  (Feb 2005, Aug 2015), Caledonia IA  (Sep 2003), Carrizozo NM  (Nov 2010), Carson & Colorado RR CA  (Nov 2001), Chesterfield ID  (Feb 2002), Chloride NM  (Nov/Dec 2008),        Christmas AZ  (Dec 2003), Cisco UT  (Dec 2001), Coker Creek TN  (Jan 2011), Coloma CA (Feb 1999), Corley IA  (Feb 2011), Coulterville CA  (Apr 2011), Cove Fort UT  (Dec 2002),                        Cuervo NM  (Jul 2003)


D -     Dale Mining District CA (Apr 1999, Apr 2014), Darwin CA (Nov/Dec 1999/Jan 2000), Davis Mine MA  (Aug 2006), Deadwood SD (Oct 1998), Death Valley CA  (Jan 2002),                                                Deer Creek OK  (Feb 2010), Desert Center CA  (Aug/Sep 2011), Desert Shores CA  (Sep/Oct 2007), Dudleytown CT (May 1999)


E -     Eagle Mountain CA  (Jan 2004), East Coulee ALTA Canada  (Feb 2003), Elkhorn MT  (Jun 2004), Ellenton SC  (Oct 2008), Ellis Island NJ/NY  (Jan/Feb 2009),                                           Englewood KS (Jun 2001, Feb 2008)


F -     Fairbank AZ  (Jun/Jul 2005), Fayette MI  (Aug 2005), Fort Columbia WA (June 2015),  Fort Jefferson FL  (May 2005), Fort Laramie WY  (Nov 2002), Fort Mansfield RI  (Apr/May 2006), Fort Raleigh NC  (Jun 2003), Fort Rodd Hill BC Canada  (Aug 2009), Fort Stanton NM (Nov 2013), Fort Stevens OR (Dec 2014, Fort Union NM  (Oct 2005), Fort Washington MD  (Apr 2005), Foss OK  (Apr 2001)


G -     Georgetown CO  (Oct 2001), Gertrude CA  (Oct 2004), Ghost towns of the month (This list - Sep 2013), Glastenbury VT  (Feb/Mar 2007), Glenrio NM/TX (Jul 2015) ,                                                 Gold Point NV (Jun/Jul 2014), Goldfield NV  (Aug 2003), Grafton UT  (Oct 2009), Grasston MN  (Sep 2002), Greencastle IA  (Mar 2005)


H -    Harmony, CA (Jun/Jul 2017), Hawaiian Leper Colonies  (Jan 2005), Hindostan IN  (May 2008, May 2014), Homestake Mine SD (Aug-Dec 2000/Jan 2001), Hopewell Furnace PA  (May 2002), Horace, KS (Feb 2015), Hornitos CA  (Jun 2002, Mar 2009)


I -      Independance Mine AK  (Jun/Jul 2006)


J -     Jamestown VA  (May 2007), Jerome AZ (Jul/Aug 1999, Dec 2009), Juneau area AK  (Sep 2001)


K    Kaymoor WV (April 2015),  Kearsarge CA  (May 2001), Kelso CA  (Sep 2009), Kent OR  (Dec 2010), Kent TX (Jan-Dec 2016, Jan-May 2017), Knights Ferry CA (Nov 2014), Kualoa HI  (Jul 2012)


L -      Lake Valley NM  (Aug 2012), Little Lake CA  (Jul 2004), Llano del Rio CA (Aug 2002)


M -    Madrid NM  (Oct 2003), Manzanar CA (Sep 1998, Sep 2008) – This was the first town featured., Maricopa CA  (Mar 2011), McClellan Springs MO  (Nov 2007), McGrew NE (March 2015),  Mentone TX (Nov 2015), Mogollon NM  (Jun 2011), Molson WA  (Sep 2010), Moonville OH  (Dec 2006), Mormon Trail  (Jan 2003)


N -    New Orleans LA  (Sep 2005), North Shore CA  (May-Jul 2009)


O -    Oatman AZ  (Mar 1999, Sep 2012)


P -      Pentagoet ME  (Jan 2007), Penwell TX  (Nov 2012), Perico TX  (Aug 2004), Picher OK (Sep/Oct 2014),  Pierce FL  (Jan 2008), Pioche NV (Jul/Aug 2001, Feb 2013), Placerville ID  (May 2003)


Q   (none yet)


R -     Randsburg CA  (May 2013), Red Mountain CA (Sep/Oct 2015), Reed Mine VA (Apr 2000), Rivermines MO  (Dec 2007), Rhyolite NV  (Nov 1998, Apr 2009)


S -     San Francisco Bay area forts  (Mar 2000), San Francisco Bay area shrimping towns  (Jun 2000), Sarpy Co., NE (Oct 1999), Sewell WV  (Mar 2004), Shaniko OR  (May 2004),                         Shasta CA (May 2015), Silver Reef UT (Feb 2000, May/Jun 2012), Skamokawa WA (Sep 2004), Slab City CA  (Oct/Nov 2006), Soash TX  (Jul 2011), Soldier Summit UT  (Nov 2011),                    South Pass City WY  (Feb 2004), Southern Cross MT (Mar 2001), St Elmo CO  (Apr 2004), St Feriole Island WI  (Feb/Mar 2006), Steins NM  (Nov 2004, Jun/Jul 2013),                                     Superior AZ (Dec 2013)


T -     Temple ND  (Mar 2008), Texola OK (February 2014), Thurber TX  (Oct 2011), Thurmond WV  (Jun/Jul 2008), Tierra Amarilla NM (Jan 2014), Tintic Mining District UT (Jul 2000, May 2010), Tonopah NV  (Mar 2010), Toyah TX  (Aug 2010), Topaz Relocation Center, UT (March 2014), Tumco CA  (Sep 2006), Two Guns AZ  (Dec 2005)


U -     US Highway 350 CO  (Mar/Apr 2013), US Highway 80 – Yuma-Mohawk AZ  (Aug 2013) / Mohawk to Gila Bend AZ (Oct 2013), USS Arizona HI  (Dec 2011-Jan 2012)


V -     Valley Forge PA  (Jan 2013), Virginia City NV  (May 2000), Vulture City AZ  (Apr 2003)


W -   White Oaks NM  (May 2011)


X, Y, Z -   Zwanendael DE  (Apr 2008)



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