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Since 1968, Ghost Town USA has been chronicling the ghost towns of the United States and Canada.  On these pages we will share just a few of the countless thousands of photos that we have taken of these towns.  These photo pages will grow as more photos are scanned/downloaded into the computer.  Also, many of these photos are contributed by readers, and to you I say – THANK YOU!


This index page shows what photographs are posted on these web pages.  Where photos are indicated in any applicable vignettes, they will be indicated thusly OR PHOTO!.  In either case, you’ll need to use your browser’s “BACK” button to return to the original page as I did not add “back-link” any of the jpg images. Most of the photographs displayed are at 72-200 dpi. As I modify these pages, I have been moving towards using PDF files, so some of the vignettes and photos of license plates are being grouped together.  Those too will be listed here.  Since the photos are not clickable, they are not included individually, but a link to the page IS included.  .


Please note:  Each photo is protected under international copyright law, and MAY NOT be copied, posted on other websites, or used for any other purpose without the EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT of Gary B. Speck.  All of Gary’s photographs: both displayed on these webpages - and MANY others not displayed - are available for purchase or licensing.  Most are available in higher resolution without the graphics.  


Speaking of photography:  In Gary’s 2010 book GHOST TOWNS: Yesterday & TodayTM some 380 or so contemporary and historic photos illustrate the book.  The contemporary photos come from some of the best ghost town photographers out there.  The publisher - Publications International, LTD. - included around 80 of my (Gary’s) photos, which I feel is a great honor.  I am very appreciative of that fact and knowing that my work is being featured alongside some of the best photographers in the country is truly a wonderful validation of the years of research, countless tens of thousands of miles traveled and hundreds, if not thousands, of rolls of film burned up.  Now with digital cameras, toss in countless thousands of digital exposures!  For those of you who HAVE sold or licensed photos, you know how exciting it is to have your work appear in books and magazines!  As the author of this book, I didn’t expect to see so many of my own pictures appear, and know what an honor it is to have my work right alongside photographers whose work is widely known. All I can say is WOW!!! 


You can join in the excitement and become an active friend of Ghost Towns: Yesterday and Today on Facebook. Discussions and postings are ongoing.



This index page displays scores of photos showing details that make for fun picture taking in ghost towns - stuff other than buildings: such as signs, textures, unusual juxtapositions and other details that normally get overlooked such as weather conditions and wildlife.  The “DETAIL” photos are listed on that page, and not itemized on this page.  Please note that links to most of those detail photos appear nowhere else except on that index page, so check them out and enjoy the intimate details of a ghost town’s personality!


GHOST TOWNING Definitions:

This page explains some of the terms used in Ghost Towning.  Some of the terms are illustrated in photos.  See that page for the photo list.  Like the Ghost Town Detail page, these photos will not be itemized on this page.




·        ALASKA

o   Independence Mine  (These photos were contributed by a reader several years ago, but I lost his or her name.  As a result, they have been attributed to “unknown reader.”)

§  Welcome plaque, mine & engineering offices, mill complex, bunkhouses, huge mill, assay office

·        ARIZONA

o   Dateland

§  Dateland, motel, small cabins, semi filled-in irrigation pond, swimming pool

o   Dos Cabezas

§  Ruins of an adobe-walled building, Stage station

o   Fairbank

§  cabin, cabins, fenced off store area, on site plaque, school & cabins, school, signs, store building, storefront, south end of store building 

o   Goldroad

§  highly visible, ruins, rock walls

o   Jerome

§  Basement of large commercial building, Building for sale, Connor Hotel sign, Crumbling sidewalks, Door to the past, Downtown, Fire Station door, Fool on the Hill store, Gas pump, Holy Family Church, Interesting old buildings, Jail, Little Daisy Hotel, Main Street, Mohawk Mini-Mart, Police Department sign, Poster in window, Pressed tin ceiling, Ruin of old building, Ruins of several buildings, Safeway sign, School, Side of a steep hill, Sign at entry to town, Sign for the Post Office, Upper brick wall, Post Office sign, slope, west end of town

o   Mohawk

§  Mohawk panorama, former highway routings, collapsed billboard, lots of rusty cans, memories etched into the concrete, gas station foundation, a forgotten car, a restaurant slab, two-holer outhouse

o   Oatman

§  stranded motorists, column of black smoke, hungry burros, scads of burros, Speck family, warning sign, found a copy (Dust in the Wind), Glory Hole, Oatman Hotel, shady sidewalk, dollar bill-lined window, dollar bill-covered restaurant, ghost, weathered sign, false fronts, painted details, tourist dollar attractors, faded signs, main street, ore car, murals, old, rock breaker, ruin-filled lot, business signs, Oatman Theatre Building, faded sign, wall art, curious tourists

o   Superior

§  2003, May 2009, abandoned buildings, colorful buildings, faded signs, Magma Hotel, Main Street, reflection, old saloon, smelter, stop to visit, old theater

o   Two Guns

§  Water Tanks, Old Route 66 bridge, Ruins

o   Yuma Territorial Prison

§  Beds inside cell, Cell bars, Central cellblock and bell, Central cellblock, Entrance gate, Map of facility, Prisoner wagon and cellblock, Watch tower

·        ARKANSAS

o   Rush


o   Agua Fria (Mariposa Co.)

§  E Clampus Vitus plaque, State Historic Landmark plaque

o   Alum Rock Park (Santa Clara Co.)

§  bridge1, bridge2, bridge3, bridge4, grotto1, grotto2, grotto interior, grottos, light pole, light, Natatorium tiles, pagoda, spring, squirrel, steps, stonework, trees, vintage-Alum Rock House, vintage bathhouse, vintage grotto, vintage Natatorium, vintage pagoda, vintage train, Youth Sciences Institute

o   Amboy (San Bernardino Co.)

§  ”Downtown” core, Roy’s café, gas station and motel, Sign at Roy’s, Amboy Church, Amboy School

o   Argo Mine (Greeley Hill/Kinsley Mining District) (Mariposa Co.)

§  1939 photo showing Martin Glover in front of the headframe, 1939 photo of headframe, 1939 photo of a miner’s cabin, 2nd photo of a miners cabin in 1939

o   Atolia (San Bernardino Co.)

o   Bagby (Mariposa Co.)

§  Site of town on north bank of Merced River., Ruins of town on north side of Merced River. 

o   Bear Valley (Mariposa Co.)

§  Bon Ton Café, Pendola Store Site, Downtown Bear Valley, Jail, Mrs. Trabucco’s Store, Simpson & Trabucco Store

o   Benton (Mono Co.)

§  Cafe, Cafe Window detail, Restaurant, Store

o   Benton Hot Springs (Mono Co.)

§  Store, Rock House, Miner’s Cabin, Auto Repair

o   Bodie (Mono Co.)

§  View north on Main Street, View east on Green Street, In Memoriam … BJ Speck

o   Bombay Beach, Salton Sea (Imperial Co.)

§  Old Hardware Store

o   Chalfant (Mono Co.)

§  Ruins to north, Model of General Store

o   Cima (San Bernardino Co.)

§  Cima Store, Shacks

o   Coulterville (Mariposa Co.)

§  Bruschi Brothers Gen’l Store, Coulterville General Store, Coulterville Hotel and store, Downtown Coulterville, Gazzolo Building, IOOF Hall, Jaenecke Building, Jeffery Hotel, Memories, Sun Sun Wo Store, “The Boardwalk”, The Heart of Coulterville, Whistling Billy

o   Desert Center (Riverside Co.)

§  sun-blasted, road town, Eagle Mountains, picturesque remains, Lake Tamarisk,  well-worn one, Desert Center, Desert Center Cafe, post office, gas stations, restaurants, old motel, strip center, army training facilities, General George Patton, Kaiser Steel’s Iron Mine, palm trees, old Desert Center School, hamburger stand, Texaco gas station, offices, strip center, Desert Center Market, cluster, cabins, vintage Chevron gas station, Family Café, Desert Center Cafe, swimming pool, caboose, couple of old trucks, “ATOMIC GAS”, auto parts store, empty shelves, old market, signs, west, old US Highway 60, abandoned, gas station, foundation & slabs, store and possibly a cafe, massive dump, broken bottles, frontage road

o   Desert Shores (Imperial Co.)

§  Desert Shores business district along east side of Scott Drive, Fire House Cafe, Liquor Store, Dock/Boat launching ramp, ”China Lady” Chinese Junk at Desert Shores in Apr 1966, Family Fun On one of “The Fingers” in the early 1970s, On “The Fingers” in 1971, ”Docks and water area of “The Fingers” December 2006, RV Pad area of “The Fingers” December 2006, Marina Mobile Estates Clubhouse Front entrance – 1963, Marina Mobile Estates Clubhouse Front entrance – 2003, Marina Mobile Estates Clubhouse and pool December 2006, Marina Mobile Estates pool 1970, Marina Mobile Estates pool Dec 2006

o   Dixieland (Imperial Co.)

§  School – side view, School – front view

o   Drawbridge (Alameda Co.)

§  Water Tower, East side of the tracks, Sinking in the mud

o   Eagle Mountain (Riverside Co.)

§  Eagle Mountain

o   Exposed Treasure Mine (Kern Co.)

§  1914 view, map of the Mojave-Rosamond Mining District

o   Garlock (Kern Co)

o   Hammil (Mono Co.)

o   Hornitos (Mariposa Co.)

§  St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, Cavagnaro Store, Gagliardo Store, Ghirardelli Store ruins-01, Ghirardelli Store ruins-02, Jail, Masonic Hall, North end of town, Saloon on north side of Plaza, Unidentified building

o   Johannesburg (Kern Co.)

o   Kelso

§  Depot: arches, baggage room, crew quarters, Kelso Depot (view from tracks),  depot (view from lawn), ticket counter, wall sign

§  Other structures: jail, lamp post sign, beanery interior, beanery sign, Packard Store (angle from side), front view, store – 1930s, round roofed house, round-roofed house side view, train schedule, unidentified bldg, small home, California poster

o   Knights Ferry (PDF)

o   Laws (Inyo Co.)

§  Bunker, Depot, Museum, Overview, Railroad crossing

o   Ludlow (San Bernardino Co.)

§  Murphy Brothers store earthquake damage

o   Mammoth Lakes (Mono Co.)

§  Lakes Basin

o   Mariposa (Mariposa Co.)

§  St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Court House, Downtown, IOOF Hall, Jail, Masonic Hall, Schlageter Hotel

o   Montgomery City (Mono Co.)

§  Historical Monument, Site in distance to east

o   North Shore (Riverside Co.)

§  Marina pilings, Marina at sunrise, Marina & yacht club, Marina breakwater, Motel1, Motel2, Motel sign, Shuffleboard court at motel, Mailbox at motel, Motel site Oct 2009, Playground, Salton Sea, Dead Tilapia, Yacht club from breakwater, Yacht club from street side, Yacht club Oct 2009

o   Pine Tree & Josephine Mine (Mariposa Co.)

§  Mine site-1, Mine site-2

o   Rand Mountains (Kern Co.)

o   Randsburg (Kern Co.)

o   Red Mountain (San Bernardino Co.)

o   Salton Sea Beach (Imperial Co.)

§  The Salton Tiki

o   Shasta  (PDF)

o   The Corners - 2006 (Imperial Co.)

o   Tumco (Imperial Co.)

§  Tumco Cemetery- 1989, Ruins of fieldstone building in Tumco – 1989, Roofless building shell in Tumco 1989, Cyanide vats at Tumco – 1989, Wall ruins of another Tumco building - 1989

o   US Highway 6 Signage

§  “END” US Highway 6, GAR Highway, “Provincetown MA 3205 miles”, State Line – CA, State Line – NV

o   Virginia Mine (Mariposa Co.)

·        COLORADO

o   Bent’s Old Fort

§  Bents Old Fort, overview, small cannon, central square, southeast corner, trade room

o   Nevadaville,

o   St Elmo

·        DELAWARE

o   Zwaanendael

§  Site of old Colony, Historic Marker at colony site, Museum at Lewes, Historic Marker at Zwaanendael Museum, Lewes

·        IDAHO

o   Black Bear

§  Ruins above the creek, Mine adit, Foundation along creek

o   Burke

§  Central BURKE, mill foundation, crib wall, two-story brick building, concrete steps, mill foundations, business district 1, business district 2, building shells, garage, Ghost Town Auto sign, roofless store, saloon, weathered buildings, concrete mill building, mill building, mill 2, brick, HECLA MINE office, ore chutes, railroad, interior of mill shipping area, slash burner, cabins, residential area, creek

o   Chesterfield

o   Cornwall

o   Frisco

§  Historic Marker, Frisco Mill site, Frisco Mill ruins, Frisco sign

o   Gem

§  Hecla Mining Co. Assay Office, burnt out cabin, repair garage, garage sign, ruins of a couple of mills and rubble.

o   Kellogg

§  Real Estate office shaped like a miner’s hat, Miner’s Hat Realty, Rooftop carbide lamp

o   Mace

§  Creekside ruins, dam, rubble, Concrete ruins, Site sign

o   Monument City

§  Rocky trail, rock-walled ruins, fireplaces

o   Roosevelt-Thunder Mountain Cemetery

§  Entrance Monument, grave markers, headboards

o   Stibnite

§  Foundations, standing buildings

o   Trap Creek

§  Flat rocks, top of each other, rock-walled cabin

·        ILLINOIS

o   Alpine

§  Town map, Detail map, Circa 1910 Photo

·        IOWA

o   Corley

§  little community, barn, grain elevators, storage shed, antique store, Ben & Darlene Hare, barber shop, barber shop2, shaving cream mug, cash register, shelves, hair tonic, razor strops, leaning corn crib

·        KANSAS

o   Amy

§  Amy Baptist Church, brick school, playground, swing set

o   Englewood

§  Donnell Store, Hink Homestead – 1904-5, Hink Homestead – Old Town - 1906, Hink Shoe Store on Main Street - right, Main Street – Apr 1976, Main Street - Aug 1993, Main Street – North Side - early 1900s, Main Street – north side - 1976, Main Street – north side - 1993, Main Street – south side - 1976, Parade - 1910, Partial plat map of “downtown” Englewood, Postmark – 1984, Railroad depot - 1896, Railroad depot - interior, Residential district, School – circa 1900, Store located west of the Post Office, Map of “Old Town”, Old Town – Douglas Ave, White home located west of town,

§  Downtown-2006

·        KENTUCKY

o   Boone Furnace

§  Behind house, Side view, Front view, Area map

o   Juniata (Jolly Store)

o   Mt. Savage Furnace

·        MARYLAND

o   Catoctin Furnace

o   Fort Washington

·        MINNESOTA

o   Pelan

·        MONTANA

o   Elkhorn

o   Southern Cross

·        NEBRASKA

o   Brownson 

§  tallest false front, large brick school building

o   McGrew (PDF)

§  fire station, garage, Pink Palace, school, McGrew Mercantile storefront, Store - side, bank, Main Street looking north, Main Street looking south, Store - side, south half of Main Street

·        NEVADA

o   Belmont

§  Belmont panorama, brick storefront, Cameron Mill, cemetery, Combination Mill, Combo Mill smokestack, Cosmopolitan Saloon, East Belmont, Main Street, Main Street ruins, Main Street with gas pump, miner’s cabins, Monitor-Belmont Mill, Monitor-Belmont mill ruins, Nye County Courthouse, jail, side view of courthouse, ruin south of courthouse, well-drilling rig, wooden structures

o   Goldfield

§  Bank, Cabin, Goldfield Hotel

o   Millers

§  Broken glass, coiled hoses, dugout, explosives bunker, foundations, metal building, power poles, railroad ties, relics, rotten barrels, warped & sand-blasted wood, wooden pipes

o   Mount Montgomery

§  Boundary Peak Lodge, casinos, East side of US 6, full-service island, gas station/repair garage, homes, Montgomery Pass Casino, Montgomery Pass Motel, restaurant, roof-top sign, tourist cabins

o   New Coaldale

§  Burnt rubble, cabins, gas station, houses, motel, pale white buildings, restaurant/bar/casino, school, west ½ of townsite

o   Old Coaldale

§  Minor debris, well casing

o   Rhyolite

§  Bottle house, Bottle House closeup, Cook Bank Bldg (vertical), Cook Bank Bldg (horizontal), Cook Bank after dark, Golden Street, Filming “Life After People”, Being filmed for “Life After People”, Overbury Building ruins, Porter Brothers store facade, Railroad Depot, Redlight District crib, Rhyolite in the fog - 1997, Rock wall after dark, Ruins, School, Sculpture at entrance

o   Tonopah

§  Heading east towards Tonopah, panorama, apartment, Chevrolet dealership, dirty windows, Masonic Hall, Mizpah Hotel, Main Street, west side of Main Street, Belmont Mill, mill, explosives bunker, foundations, oven or kiln, settling tanks, winch, view east from mill site

o   Tonopah Army Air Field

§  barracks, original base entry, rusting fire hydrants, east hanger, east hanger overlapping doors, east hanger open doors, east hanger interior1, east hanger interior2, northern hanger, southern hanger, west hanger door tracks, west hanger slab, west hanger chimney, refinery, runway, office slabs, other slabs, Joshua Country sign, faded FAA sign, street signs, site, theater

o   Warm Springs

§  bar & café, cafe interior, rock corral, dead cars, empty townlet, overview of WARM SPRINGS, older wooden buildings, pool, pool house, rock house and garage, small rock building, shack, ruins, spring, stinky water, trailer park, TRUE Lonliest Road, water tank, wide dirt pullout

·        NEW JERSEY

o   Asbury Park

§  Amusement Building, Boardwalk, Abandoned Stores, Street scene

o   Ellis Island

·       NEW MEXICO

o   Carrizozo

§  Carrizozo street scene, north on 12th Street, west on 12th Street, two-story adobe, armadillo sculpture, Ben Franklin store, burro, tin can lid ants, rusty cowboy, two doors, green-water fountain, art galleries, Gas Company building, Jason Kehrer sculpture, fence top burro, lizard door, Lutz Building, second floor Lutz bldg hall, 1917 sign, Lyric Theater, rooftop burro, “World’s Most Privileged Burro”, red-roofed building, shoe shine stand, script sign, pressed tin ceiling, wheelbarrow critter

o   Chloride

§  The Bank Saloon, Pioneer Store Museum, Monte Cristo Saloon, Old Post Office

o   Fort Union

§  Overview of the fort, Sundial, Mechanic’s corral

o   Glenrio (ALSO in TX) (COMING SOON)

o   Lake Valley

§  Lake Valley (overview), handful of buildings, cemetery, dark clouds, quiet streets, the last resident, crumbing cabin, dead trees, dead chairs, Conoco service station, Railroad Avenue, green washing machine, Jessee Stanley, splintering porches, rubble, photogenic ruins, crumbing rock, chapel, museum, school

o   Montoya

o   Watrous

o   White Oaks

§  WHITE OAKS, dry valley, entry sign, two-story store building, main street,  Brown Building, White Oaks Historical Association, Taylor House, fake false-front, cow skull, deer antlers, “No Scum Allowed”, sign on the door, One of the best cowboy bars in the West”, brick schoolhouse, flight of steps, Gumm House, Hoyle’s Folly, melted adobe-walled building ruins, nearly abandoned aura

·        NEW YORK

o   Ellis Island


o   Amidon

§  Church, Unidentified store, Downtown

o   Gascoyne

o   Temple

§  Overview, School, School with field, School interior, Store interior, Side view of the church, Closeup of church front, Combine, Old car in garage

o   Wheelock

§  Church, Grain elevator, House, Main street, Residential area, School, An old store, Last open store

·        OHIO

o   Osborn-1896, Osborn-2005

·        OKLAHOMA

o   Deer Creek

§  Main Street, west side Main St, sagging canopies, window advertisements, Deer Creek General Store, garage, 2-story brick structures

o   Picher (PDF)

·        OREGON

o   Antelope (PDF)

§  Main Street, door, Shell gas station, Antelope Garage, Union 76 station, Antelope Mercantile, newspaper office, school, welcome sign,

o   Fort Stevens

§  Battery Russell, wreck of the HMS Peter Iredale

o   Kent

§  heart of old Kent, elevators, false-fronted, roofless garage, gas station, gas station, porch of the gas station, rock-domed structure, George’s Studio, lodge hall, old lodge building, empty stores, art studios, restaurant, school, outside, very photogenic, inside, Narnia

o   Shaniko-1985

o   Shaniko–2009

§  Cabin, City Hall, Entrance sign, Expresso trailer, Fire truck, Front of fire truck, Fire hydrant, Livery stable, Old cars, Overview, Partners, Shaniko Hotel, Shaniko Hotel door windows, Shaniko Post Office, Theater seats, (Colorized) theater seats, Truck, Wagons, Wedding chapel, Wool shed


o   St. Onge

·        TEXAS

o   GlenrioSEE New Mexico - above

o   Penwell

§  high scrub, two-island gas canopy, fascinating remains, large gas station, gas pumps, convenience store, bright red chillers, Country Kitchen Café, fading signs, Penwell Enterprises, former gas station, sheet-metal gas station, full-service diesel fuel, gas pumps, wooden heaps, automobile repair garage, Penwell, prickly underbrush, peeling truck mural, waler, northeast corner of Downtown, posted signage, rusty signage, truck scales, street signs, multi-sized oil tanks, concrete block café, The Joker Coffee Shop, businesses folded, the boomers disappeared, automotive repair, TEXAS FUEL STOP, Passing under the freeway, active welding shop,

o   Toyah:

§  In the Fog, downtown ruins, United Methodist Church, Catholic Church, 1903 Baptist church, present city hall, tennis court, playground, abandoned city hall, Toyah Christian Church window, high school, bank walls, stairwell to nowhere, antique car, tornado damage rubble, fire station, store, repair garage, sidewalk, street posts, old house with pigeons, high school, dead house, dead store, dead sign, old adobe, restaurant, gas station, memories, gas station/garage, TiA EMMA’S BURRiTOS, burned-out gas station, gas station, old bridge

·        UTAH

o   Coal City:

§  Collapsed wooden bldg, Overview, Store, Store wall

o   Consumers

§  active coal mine

o   Deseret:

§  old false front

o   Elberta:

§  Currant Creek Convenience Store & Amoco, Sinclair gas station

o   Eureka:

§  Main street view, Merchandise, Faded advertisement, two-story bldg, unsound stairs, City Hall, sidewalks, buff-colored brick bldgs-1995, W on Main Street-1995, W on Main Street-2008, missing roofs, BPOE Block, Shea Building

o   Fort Deseret:

§  Fort Deseret, door, gun port, wall

o   Grafton

§  Grafton townsite-2009, Townsite-1990, Distance view of townsite, Entry road, Trees, Cemetery Overview, Hill behind cemetery, Across Cemetery to N, Gibson grave, Indian attack victim grave, School-front, School-side, Adobe block & windows, Louisa Russell home, Alonzo Russell home, Side view of A Russell home, A Russell home across from Louisa Russell home, Out buildings at Wood home, John & Ellen Wood home, Greenery at Wood home

o   Harold:

§  Tintic Standard Company mill ruin

o   Helper:

§  bar & company houses

o   Latuda/Liberty

§  rock-walled dugout, steps, foundation

o   Little Standard

§  small cabin, tumbled wooden rubble, rock wall

o   Lynndyl:

§  two garages, old tires & junk in the windows, corrugated tin wall, peeling paint, boarded up house

o   Mammoth:

§  large brick building-1995, cabin, fire station, Tintic Hospital plaque, mine at the top end, concrete wall ruin-1995, steps, Mammoth overview, mine-1995

o   Mutual

§  company store, roofless shell

o   National

§  company store or offices, foundations, ruins of the old town, collapsing wood building, concrete steps

o   Oasis:

§  farmstead, store

o   Peerless

§  ruins, rubble

o   Rains

§  railroad line, concrete block shell, rock shell, train trestle

o   Silver City:

§  dead tree & fdn, foundations, Knight Mill-1, Knight Mill-2, Knight Mill-3, Knight Mill-4, concrete foundations, reservoir, rock rubble, store. store steps

o   Silver Reef

§  Silver Reef  panorama, John Rice Bank building, Rice Building (side), 2008 Cosmopolitan in 2008, 2012 cosmo in 2012, interior Cosmo interior 2012, ore bin, upscale housing, inside the ore bin, rock-walled, roofless ruins, gully holds the ruins, Peter Harrison residence, signage, Wells Fargo (front), Wells Fargo (NE corner of Wells Fargo bldg)

o   Soldier Summit:

§  Overview, major highway, ruins, abandoned buildings, rows of houses, foundations, ruins, plaque, jail, school, school steps, overlooking the site

o   Spring Canyon

o   Standardville

§  curved concrete wall, dressed rock, interior, hospital, ruins, red-brick walls

o   Sweet

§  rock wall, railroad trestle supports, small reservoir

o   Thistle:

§  school & foundation, crumbling school walls, old school, foundations, flooded out buildings, semi-buried home, submerged home in the creek, narrow highway, view to north, corrugated metal building, rock foundation

o   Tintic Station

o   Topaz  (PDF)

§  Administration area, boiler house, Carnegie brick, cook stove, dead tree, debris, fence, fender, fire station, flag and monuments, gate, gravel chute, hospital foundation, laundry building slab, mess hall slab and stoves, sign at entrance, sign for turnoff

§  VINTAGE photos from plaque on site: aerial photo, internees and mess hall, site map, story of Topaz


o   Chesaw

§  near ghost town, tavern, store, residential buildings, weekend/summer cabins, false front, large cabin, front porch, cabin interior

o   Eltopia

§  general store, gap-toothed string, abandoned buildings, stores, looking out, comin’ down, high school

o   Fort Columbia (PDF)

o   Knappton

§  Museum, Wharf pilings

o   Molson

§  Old Molson, chocolate-brown buildings, the restored bank building, cabins, machine shed, Molson Community Church, teller cage, period furnishings, mining relics, shingle mill, real estate office, Center Molson, two-story school, Molson Trading Company General Store, museum, store front, New Molson, former store, automobile repair garages, dead cars, bank sign, bank door, undulating sea of grass, remaining buildings, don’t spit on the sidewalks

o   Port Blakely


o   Kaymoor (PDF)

o   Thurmond

§  Overview of town from a display inside the bank building., View looking west across townsite, Closeup of downtown core, Looking east across townsite, Storefront for the Thurmond Bank, Window of Thurmond Bank, Looking west from the RR Depot, Coaling Tower, Sign at Thurmond Post Office (closed)

·        WYOMING

o   Bosler

o   Manville



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