Along with the thousands of ghost towns scattered throughout the United States, there are legends, stories, and hints of lost treasure almost everywhere.

This page will attempt to be a BRIEF outline about the fascinating hobby of Treasure Hunting.  There are hundreds of other great treasure hunting pages and groups out there, so this is not going to be an attempt to catalogue them, compete with them, or be a detailed compendium on this most ancient of hobbies.  Our goal here at GHOST TOWN USA is to present information that will HELP you become a better treasure hunter, whether you are brand new to the hobby, or a grizzled old veteran.  We hope to primarily provide HOW-TO tips and ideas to stimulate the brain and give you a leg up on the field competition.  I am not a Charles Garrett, Jimmy Sierra or Mel Fisher, nor am I nose-in-the-books dedicated researcher only, an archeologist or a hands-off preservationist.  Ghost Town USA firmly believes in personal responsibility over legislation, preservation through education, and hopes that by educating the readers and practitioners of the hobby, we can all continue practicing this intrinsically rewarding hobby far into the future. 




Ghost Town USA and Gary B. Speck Publications endorse the mission, purpose and goals of the FMDAC and support the rights of metal detectorists, treasure hunters and relic hunters to responsibly enjoy their hobbies as long as they abide by the “Treasure Hunters Code of Ethics,” AND our own Ghost Towner's Code of Ethics. This support DOES NOT either imply, endorse or condone violations of that code of ethics, nor does it give permission for anyone to damage or destroy historical sites; violate any local, state or federal laws; trespass or infringe on the legal rights of landowners.




Please be advised that there are MANY local, state and federal laws limiting what can be found and where.  Violation of those laws can and often does include hefty fines; possible confiscation of equipment, including vehicles; and jail time.  It is the SEARCHER’S responsibility to know and abide by those laws.  Also, remember that ALL land is owned by someone; be they a private individual, or a government agency of one sort or another.  It is also the SEARCHER’s responsibility to seek out that owner and obtain written permission to search for treasure. (Tips on how to do that are forthcoming.)


Welcome to GHOST TOWN USA's Guide to Searching for Lost Treasures



·       Tips & Techniques for efficient research

·       Research basics



·       Types of treasure


Where to SEARCH

·       Some of the best TYPES of places to look 

·       Unknown vs legendary treasure locations


How to Look

·       Determining ownership

·       Obtaining permission

·       Tackling the site.



·       What to do with finds

·       Selling finds

·       Treasure logs, taxes and other paperwork



·       Appropriate equipment for the job

·       Dressing the part


Informational Resources

·       Publications about the hobby

·       Clubs and organizational information






To begin your explorations, check out one or more of the stories of lost or forgotten treasures at: 

GHOST TOWN USA's Lost Treasure Legends.

Any comments?  Please let us know at Ghost Town USA!




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