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·        Visit Ghost Town USA’s Guide to the License Plates of the United Plates of America.

·        These pages will grow as more information is added.  One of my goals on these license plate pages is to post information and photos about the license plates of each state of the USA as well as Non-USA.  I hope to make them as informative for license plate collectors (AND genealogists) as my ghost town pages are for Ghosttowners.  This will take a while, and I appreciate any information you may want to share.  I would especially like to see information AND PHOTOS regarding non-USA plates.  I will also be posting numerous links to other license plate collectors’ pages if they have additional historical information that can help you understand the history and lore of license plates and license plate collecting.

·        Until the postings begin (which should start soon), please feel free to visit my lists of license plates wanted for my collection, as well as ones I have for trade.

·        If you are interested in Australian license plates, I am the North American Coordinator (Area 10) for the Australia-based Number Plate Collector’s Club (NPCC). 

·        Photos of many of the Victoria plates in my collection.

·        QUESTION regarding New Zealand license plates. 



·        On Saturday, May 29, 2004, the Riverside CA newspaper The Press Enterprise featured a brief article in the “Driving” section about license plate collecting, featuring fellow Southern California ALPCA collector Mark Coolidge, and me. 



·        Associazione Italiana Studio Targhe Automobilistiche AISTA  (Italian club)

Please note:  The website is in Italian, and does not offer an English translation. 

·        Autokennzeichen-Sammler AKS (German club)

·        Automobile License Plate Collector’s Association ALPCA

ALPCA is the largest club for license plate collectors with around 3000 members.  It is based in the United States and consists of a number of local/regional or state chapters called Regionals.  Some of the regionals also have their own websites and/or Facebook pages.  When known, I will include both the website AND the Facebook page.  IF they only have a Facebook page, it will be indicated thusly.  Some of these include:

1.   ALABAMA – Magnolia Region -

2.   ARIZONA - Arizona License Plate Society – ALPS

3.   CALIFORNIA – Northern – Gold Rush Region

4.   CALIFORNIA – Southern – SoCal Regional FACEBOOK Page

5.   DELAWARE – ALPCA Chesapeake Region WEBSITE, ALPCA Chesapeake Region FACEBOOK

6.   DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (Washington, D.C.) - ALPCA Chesapeake Region WEBSITE, ALPCA Chesapeake Region FACEBOOK

7.   FLORIDA – Florida Region -

8.   ILLINOIS – Mid-America Platge Association MAPA

9.   IOWA – The Heartland Region of the ALPCA 

10. KANSAS - The Heartland Region of the ALPCA

11. MARYLAND - ALPCA Chesapeake Region WEBSITE, ALPCA Chesapeake Region FACEBOOK

12. MISSISSIPPI – Magnolia Region -

13. MISSOURI - The Heartland Region of the ALPCA

14. MONTANA – ALPCA Treasure State Region FACEBOOK Page

15. NEBRASKA - The Heartland Region of the ALPCA

16. NEVADA Nevada – Silver State Region

17. NEW JERSEY ALPCA Garden State Region WEBSITE, Garden State Regional FACEBOOK page

18. NORTH CAROLINA – Carolinas Region of ALPCA Carolinas Collectors Club

19. SOUTH CAROLINA - Carolinas Region of ALPCA Carolinas Collectors Club

20. TENNESSEE – Music City Region (WESTERN), Appalachian Foothills Region (EASTERN)

21. UTAH - Utah – This is the Place Region

22. VIRGINIA - ALPCA Chesapeake Region WEBSITE, ALPCA Chesapeake Region FACEBOOK


·        De Nummerplaat Dutch club

·        De Taksplaat - La Plaque de Taxe  Belgian Club

Please note:  There is no website for this club.  Contact:

Louis Fierens
Wommelgemsteenweg 68
B-2110 Wijnegem BELGIUM

·        European Registration Plate Association Europlate 

·        French License Plate Club Francoplaque

·        Michigan License Plate Association MLPCA

Founded in 1969, this Michigan-based, independent club has about 250 members.  It specializes in the license plates of the Great Lakes State.

·        Number Plate Collectors Club —Australia NPCC 

This Australia-based club was established in 1981, and has grown to include around 650 members from all over the world.  The club focus is the license plates of Australia.

I am the American (Region 10) Coordinator for the club, and membership information can be obtained HERE.


·        Frog Hollow Tag Trader.



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