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Dutchess County, New York, Will Extracts G-K

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The information below was extracted from microfilms of the records of the Probate Court of Dutchess County, New York. The records are arranged alphabetically by surname. My apologies for any transcription errors -- the handwriting is often difficult to read.

The volume and page number is listed in the last column; the films are available through the Family History Centers of the Church of Latterday Saints. Vols AA-A (1751-1796) are on film #913659, Vol. B (1796-1806) Film #913660, Vol. C-D (1806-1815) Film #913661, Vol. E-F (1814-1824) Film #913662, Vol. G-H (1824-1832) Film #913663. Further films go to 1905. See Library catalogue on www.familysearch.org.

Surname Given
Date of will Probate Granted Location in Dutchess Spouse Children Other
Executors Witnesses Other Notes Vol (page)
Griffin Edward June 12, 1787 Jan. 3, 1788 Milleson Bridget, Amy, Sarah, Maram, Elizabeth, Susannah, Isaak, Gresham, Jonathon Mose Mallock, Isaak Griffin Robert Rowland, Phebe Powell, Nathaniel Powell A (40)
Griffin Henry S. Jan 2, 1808 Dec 9, 1808 Pawling Charlotte Elizabeth wife of Prince Hoag, Mary, Sarah, Haviland, John, Ira son-in-law Prince Hoag, William Quimby Abraham hoag, Stephen Adams, Jr, Joseph Peckham implication that all daughters are under 18, sons under 21 C (274)
Griffin Joseph Mar. 4, 1826 Mar. 15, 1826 Washington Brother Isaac Brother Isaac Any extremely short will leaving everything to his brother G (359)
Griffin Micah May 13, 1793 Sept 10, 1794 Washington Phebe Joseph, Isaac Granddaughter Hannah Grus (sp??) Brother-in-law Isaac Thorn, sons Joseph & Isaac Jonathon Holmes, Alana Thorn, Benjamin Haight A (404)
Griffin Moses Mar 7, 1809 Apr. 3, 1809 Clinton Deborah Joseph Albertson, James T. marshall Benjamin G. Welsh, James Pawell, Samuel Covel, Jr. C (314)
Griffin Oliver Oct 3, 1816 Mar. 5, 1817 Washington Abigail Father Bartholomew, brothers Obediah and William, sister-in-law Margaret Griffin, Nephews Bartholomew Griffin (under 21) and William Griffin, possibly sons of Margaret, Nephew Oliver son of William Griffin, nephews Bartholomew and Jonathon (under 30) Angevine. Brother Obediah, cousin Isaac Thorn, Jr. Isaac Thorn, Stephen Mosher, Susan Mott E (277)
Griffin Richard Feb. 4, 1795 Dec. 29, 1795 Fishkill William, Cornelius, Joshua, Jacob, Elizabeth, Sarah, Charity Grandchildren Elizabeth Scofield, John Hagerman, sons of "my son John" John and Richard Friend John Robinson and son William Griffin Ruth Robinson, Jasper M. Gidey A (505)
Griffin William July 14, 1802 Mar. 31, 1803 Northeast Mary Eldest son Richard, William, Cornelius, oldest daughter Anna, Elizabeth Zachariah Snyder, Isaac Sherwood Isaac Sherwood, Peter Ten Bush, Sal Ten Bush, Sarah Ten Bush, Richard Wilde (handwriting difficult) B (368)
Griffin William I (or J) Aug. 9, 1828 Oct 20, 1828 Washington Patience Naomi, Lucy, Eliza Mun (?), George Brothers-in-law Daniel Sands and James Sands Josiah H. Quinby, Hannah Sands H (112)
Griffith Amos May 19 1829 July 15 1829 Beekman Elizabeth Rebecca, Elenor, Amy, Monassa (?), Daniel Rufus Irish (?) and Egbert Cary James Carey, Susan Germont Handwriting difficult H (198)
Hageman Isaac Aug 23, 1793 May 4, 1796 Fishkill Noltie granddaughters Nellie Vandenburgh, Elizabeth DuBois, Sarah Leroy, Mary Roman, Lydia Roman, Amelia Hoffman, grandsons David, Heinrich, John and Levi Dutcher (all boys are Dutchers) Zephaniah Platt, Esq., John Bailey Abraham Rynders, John Morey, John M. Cook Refers to having bought a farm from his father-in-law Abraham DeGraft, and another from Peter VanKleek (no relationship mentioned) B (6)
Haight Aaron July 20, 1779 Jan 21, probably 1780 Nine Partners, Charlotte Precinct daughter Mary who is in "a discomposed condition" with legacy "if she should come to her right reason", daughter Huldah (perhaps -- smudge on page), son Aaron brother Joshua who has a son John John Macomber, Tripp Mosher, son Aaron Joseph Haight, Elizabeth Holmes, Moses Vail his property borders on properties owned by Joseph Walley, John Tripp and Isaac Thomas, he had a servant Thomas Hay Probably Quaker as he mentions the monthly meeting of the Friends of Nine Partners AA (75)
Haight Jacob Jan. 13, 1821 July 3, 1822 Washington Charity Thorn, Sarah Wing, Elizabeth Allen, John grandson Jacob Thorn (son of Charity) Son John, nephew Nicholas Haight Isaac Thorn, Lydia Wood, Elizabeth C. Wood F (336)
Haight John W. Mar. 3, 1815 June 22, 1815 not stated Phebe Lydia, Stephen, Susannah, all under age Father Joshua wife Phebe Robinson Underwood, Bradford Barton, David Mosher E (34)
Haight Joseph Apr. 13, 1814 Mar. 25, 1816 Washington Margaret Rachel Records, Reuben, Jonathon, Obadiah, deceased, has unnamed children, Amos, deceased, has unnamed children, David, deceased, has unnamed children, Daniel Son Jonathon, friend Jacob Haight, Jr. Isaac Thorn, Mary Hull, Peter Leyon (?) or maybe Sayer E (139)
Haight Joseph Mar 20, 1817 Aug 26, 1817 Nine Partners Margaret Mary, Phebe, Jacob, Leonard, Joel, Jesse, Joseph, Daniel, Anna (deceased had 4 children) Grandson John, probably son of Amos, deceased friends Charles Hoag, Samuel Vail Benjamin Fowler, Daniel Hyatt, James B. Hyatt E (328)
Haight Joshua Jan 4, 1786 Sept 13, 1797 Charlotte Precinct, formerly of New York sons Joshua, William, Gilbert, son John who needs to be maintained for life, daughter Mary Mosher, Phebe Green (?), Deborah Valentine, Dorothy Hoag, Sarah Mosher, Hannah Mosher (handwriting difficult, names and/or relationships may be wong) Son-in-law Solemon Barton, Charity ???, and Son-in-law Tripp Mosher Joshua Haight, Solemon Haight, Matthew Bowne, Elizabeth Haight The handwriting was difficult, some names are guesses B (85)
Haight Moses July (I think) 13, 1805 Dec 21, 1805 Stanford Hannah Walbridge (deceased), Rachel Bullock, Pation (perhaps) Cash, Charity Fish, Stephen (deceased), Silas and Moses (deceased, probably sons) Elias, Moses and Isreal are sons of Silas Haight deceased, Amy Ferris (?) is a daughter of Silas Haight deceased, Polly Ferguson is a daughter of Moses Haight, deceased, Isreal Haight is to care for Rachel Bullock and her daughter Hannah Robert Red____, Solomon Lapham, Leonard Barton Rachel Barton, Thommas Sweet, Leonard Barton B (596)
Haight Moses May 4, 1822 Dec 13,1826 Stanford Phebe Silas, Abby, Ann, Jane Jonathon Haight, brother John Haight, brother-in-law Wright Smith James Hall, John Mosher, Serrity Haight G (457)
Haight Nicholas Jan 9, 1808 July 15, 1818 Washington Margaret Jacob, Nicholas, Elias, Margaret, Elizabeth, Sarah Titus, Phebe, Martha Davis Children of Sarah Titus: Margaret, Leonard, Richard, Stephen, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Elias sons Jacob, Nicholas and Elias Ebenezer Haight, Silas E. Haight, Tripp Hoag E (413)
Haight Reuben Oct 31, 1826 June 19, 1827 Washington Mary Stephen, Sarah, Walter, Phebe, Joseph, John, Jonathon, Silas, Daniel Benjamin Haight, John J. Haight, Obediah Griffin Silas Haight, Philip Hoag, Enoch Haight G (468)
Haight Solomon Apr. 16, 1810 Oct. 10, 1810 Washington Solomon, Richard, Elizabeth (deceased) had son John Haight, Sarah, Margaret, Anna, Rhoda, Rachel, Martha Reuben Haight & Philip Hoag Hannah Treadwell, Peter Hoag, Mercy Hoag C (508)
Hitchcock Amariah June 3, 1808 July 12, 1808 Amenia Betsey Gerrit Hitchcock Winegar son of Conrad Winegar, Elizabeth Goodrich, Betsey and Gilbert children of brother Samuel, brothers Thomas, Soloman, Stephen, Asa, sister Abigail friend Oliver Kellogg C (216)
Hoag Abraham Dec 25, 1806 Jan 26, 1808 Clinton Sarah 4 daughters including Rebekah who is under 18. wife Sarah, Thomas Rider, Thomas Stringham (sp???) Zarheus Marshal, Jane Marshal, William Punderson C (154)
Hoag Isaiah Oct. 18, 1819 Nov. 15, 1819 Dover Dority Charity Sleeper, Hanrah Amry (?), Stephen, Joel, Robert, Tripp, John, Henry, Phebe ??stol, Parience, Mary Sons Joel and Hosea Nathaniel Hoag, Prince Hoag, John B. Hoag Problems making out the names. Hosea and Henry could be the same person, Joel could be Jed. F (11)
Hoag John May 13, 1811 Nov. 5, 1811 Washington Abel, Philip, Charles, Tripp, Lucy, Mary, Amy, Ruth Cousin Benjamin, son of uncle Benjamin Hoag, Nephew Moses Hoag sons Philip & Charles, friend Silas Haight James Treadwell, Samuel Lee, John Lossee C (614)
Hoag Nehemiah July 19, 1805 Nov. 1, 1805 Clinton Susannah Nehemish, Elias, Lydia, Margaret, Susannah, Hannah, Rebeckah, Bath wife Susannah, brother Benjamin, brother-in-law Mark Wheeler Jonathon Markson (?), Timothy Howland, E______ Markshon (?) B (566)
Hoag Tripp Jan 11, 1821 April 10, 1821 Washington cousin Moses Hoag, William Blackman is a lad who resides with Peter Hoag and who will be 21 on Aug. 11, 1826, brothers Philip, Charles, and Abel, sisters Amy, Ruth Dutcher, Lucy McL??d, Mary Varrney(?) deceased Smith Herrick, Robert Coffin Silas Haight, Titus Haight, Bennet Palamountain Tripp Hoag had land in Indiana F (169)
Howland William May 21, 1788 Oct 25, 1788 Oblong wife mentioned but not named Barnabas Howland mentioned but not relationship, daughter Densiler (sp??) Howland friends Gersham Wuig??, Daniel Rome John Moore, Milaigh Corbin and Abijah Corbin AA (109)
Irish Asa Nov. 10, 1826 Aug. 16, 1830 Pawling Sarah Martha wife of Ebenezer Haviland (?), Sarah wife of Charles Howland (?) grandchildren, children of Jack or Park (?) Haviland and daughter Martha: Asel, George, Maria, Lydia Jane. Ebzer Haviland, Archibald Caulfield, David Irish David Osborne, Patience Osborne, Amas Osborne of Dandield, Connecticut. Mention of property in Connecticut, on south side of some of his land is Jonathon Irish Relationships and surnames of daughters confusing -- poor legibility. It seems to say that Martha's husband is Jack/Park in some places but clearly also Ebenezer in another. H (345)
Irish David May 14, 1796 Mar 15, 1797 Pawlings Hata or Kata brothers Asa and Amos, sisters Dachis Stephens and Abigail Dorland wife Hata/Kata and brother Amos Irish Isaac Osborne, Samuel Killey, Jonathon Nickerson B (58)
Irish Jedediah July 23, 1792 Jan 18, 1797 Beekman Mercy (possibly Mary) Benjamin, Isaac, John, Joseph, Jedediah (deceased), and another possibly Loci, 3 daughters Mary Hunt, Elizabeth Finch, Sarah Hill (all surnames uncertain due to handwriting) Grandsons David son of Benjamin and John son of deceased son Jedediah wife Mercy, Samuel Walaid (sp?), Caleb Sheldon Joseph Holloway, Abel Baker, Jacob Dutcher B (39)
Irish Jedediah Sept 3, 1818 Oct 16, 1818 Pawlings Lydia Cynthia, Almira, Amos J., Martin, Rebecca, Jane, Willis Brither-in-law Asa Hoag of Dover, wife Lydia of Pawlings, brother David (?) Irish of Pawlings Amos Irish, Abraham Wing E (427)
Kelly Jonathon May, 1804 Oct 1, 1805 Town of ____east Grace unnamed minor children aged mother Persella wife Grace, Peter Terry Hugh Chard, Abijah Corbin, Isaac Dykman B (555)
Ketcham Joshua Aug 2, 1812 June 2, 1819 Fishkill Ruth Eldest son James, younger sons Timothy and John, daughters Elizabeth, Catherine, Jerusha granddaughter Mary Buck Wife Ruth and sons Timothy and John William Besly, Joseph Ketcham, Daniel Geron E (483)
Ketcham Samuel Oct. 4, 1819 Sept. 10, 1820 Clinton James McKonnell son of sister Kasiah, brothers William (who has a son Jesse) and James, sister Hannah Howell who has unnamed sons, Children of Elanor Nathaniel Tabour (relationship to Samuel Ketcham not mentioned): Samuel A. Tabour (underage), Ruth (a widow), other unnamed daughters Enoch Lewis, John Weadle, Samuel Thurston, all of Clinton Sarah Lewis, Maria Lewis, Catherine Lewis Handwriting and quality of the film were problems, names, etc. of Tabour family are questionable F (95)
Kip Abraham A. Nov 7, 1808 Dec 9, 1808 Martha Roelof, John, George, William, Ann Eliza, Helen, all under age Martha Kip, Gerrit Kip, Phillip Pilsner Albert Simestes or Lenestes, Zachariah Rickert, William Hendricks of Rhinebeck C (260)

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