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Dutchess County, New York, Will Extracts A-F

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The information below was extracted from microfilms of the records of the Probate Court of Dutchess County, New York. The records are arranged alphabetically by surname. My apologies for any transcription errors -- the handwriting is often difficult to read.

The volume and page number is listed in the last column; the films are available through the Family History Centers of the Church of Latterday Saints. Vols AA-A (1751-1796) are on film #913659, Vol. B (1796-1806) Film #913660, Vol. C-D (1806-1815) Film #913661, Vol. E-F (1814-1824) Film #913662, Vol. G-H (1824-1832) Film #913663. Further films go to 1905. See Library catalogue on

Surname Given
Date of will Probate Granted Location in Dutchess Spouse Children Other
Executors Witnesses Other Notes Vol (page)
Allen Alexander July 10, 1816 Sept 7, 1816 Beekman Abigail Samuel, Mary wife of Samuel Brownell, Elizabeth wife of Amos Denton, Esther wife of Edward Walsh, Sarah wife of Lewis Baker, Polly wife of Harris Baker Son Alexander Archibald Campbell, John Mills, Newell Lodge, Jr. E (209)
Alley Peter Jan. 2, 1815 Dec 29, 1815 Beekman Susannah wife of William Spencer, William, Easter wife of Marten Wittsey, Sarah wife of Henry Smith (possibly deceased) Grandchildren Elias, Margaret and Peter Smith, children of Sarah Son-in-law Marten Wittsey, Friends James Alley and Garrit Burtis Robert Terry, Edward Terry, John possible middle name Eli Pearson Other Notes E (page)
Arden Thomas Boyle Dec 2, 1808 Apr. 5, 1809 "of Dutchess" Elizabeth daughter Sally Mary Father Thomas Arden, father-in-law John Brotherson, brother-in-law Phillip Ver Plank James Arden, Richard D. Arden, Alletta Brotherson C (310)
Badgley Anthony Apr. 20, 1809 Nov. 24, 1810 Clinton Elizabeth wife of Thomas Barker, George, Stephen Granchildren: Sarah wife of Jacob Freligh, Dorothy Boid, Phebe Peters, Elizabeth wife of Peter Welling, Ann Wicks, Joshua Badgley, 6 sons of George are John, Anthony, Jonathon, Stephen, George, Elisha Grandson Jonathon and friends Cort Dubois & Isaac Albertson William Lawrence, Zaccheus Marshal, M??? Albertson C (517)
Bogardus Egbert Apr 8, 1806 Nov 6, 1808 Fishkill Margaret, probably deceased Son John Simonton Bogardus, daughter Sarah, both minors Heirs in case both children died before of age: Peter Bogardus, Shibboleth Bogardus and his wife Catherine, Hannah wife of Charles Cannady, Henry Simonton, Mary wife of Mordica Lester, Elizabeth Simonton Peter Bogardus, Shibboleth Bogardus Ann Simonton, William C.(?) Bogardus, Jon (?) J. (?) Jackson Servant Pegg shall be given her freedom if the estate is not liable for her upkeep afterwards C (269)
Bogardus Frederick June 28, 1817 Aug. 4, 1817 Fishkill Mary Wife Mary Nathaniel Bice, Peter Cromwell, Ashel Henton (?) E (317)
Bowerman (Boreman) Ichabod (Ecebot) Feb. 4, 1790 Mar. 1, 1790 Oswego Jane Timothy, David, Thomas, Ichabod, Jonathon, Elizabeth, Jane, Hanah, Sarah, Lydia, Phebe, Mary, Deborah, Amy Sons Ichabod & Jonathon Ganet (sp?) Buster, Josiah Bull, Daniel Haight A (176)
Bowerman Silas Apr. 28, 1797 abt 1803 Pawling sons Mettiah, Sylas, Masa or Masy (spelled both ways), daughters Jane Braley, Hannah May, underage & unmarried daughters Anna, Mary, Phebe, Sarah granddaughters Mary & Hannah Bowerman son Sylas, friend Edward Shove Edward Shrove Jr., Jonathon Shove B (389)
Carpenter Samuel, Jr. Oct. 15, 1815 Mar. 14, 1816 Samantha Anna, Catherine-Amelia wife Samantha, friends Isaac Smith, John Gurney, Jr. Isaac Smith, Harria Smith, unreadable E (133)
Carpenter Samuel P. Jan. 29, 1814 June 6, 1814 Amenia Father Benjamin, mother mentioned but unnamed, brothers Daniel & Morgan, Sisters Maria Mathewson, Sally Ferris, Hannah Tabour with daughter Maria, Cornelia Carpenter Father Benjamin, brother Daniel Cornelius Alberton, Coucklin Herrick, Isaac Smith D (507)
Case Nathan, Jr. Sept. 15, 1790 June 13, 1796 Washington Elizabeth Huldah, Hannah, Sarah, Elizabeth, Patience, Ruth, Epherian, Levi (received land in Nine Partners), David, Nathan mentions land was transferred from his father Nathan to himself in 1765 wife Elizabeth, son-in-law Levi Hoag William Coffin, Tiddenham Hull, Jr. B (10)
Cash William, Sr. May 30, 1812 Apr. 20, 1816 Stanford David, Joseph, Jonathon, William, Hannah wife of Peter Germond, Amelia wife of David Waldenmyer, Azubah or Aryubah wife of Aaron Warren David Cash, David Waldenmyer, Comer Bullock. Jr. Robert Scott, Oliver van Ostrand, Benjamin Story E (159)
Clapp Darius Apr. 27, 1804 June 22, 1804 Fishkill Aged mother (unnamed), brothers Elias, Benjamin, Thomas, John, Silas, Philip, Henry, Jr., sisters Ruth Robinson, Mary Ricketson who has a son William, Elizabeth Brown who has a daughter Jan, brother [in-law?] John Robinson brothers John & Henry Abraham Adriance, Abraham Canniff, Walter Scott Mentions getting his mother to the meeting (Quaker?) B (452)
Clapp James April 5, 1823 April 5, 1826 Pleasant Valley Phebe Jacob, Thomas, Nicholas, James or Jane Grandchildren (of son Jacob) James and Phebe Son Thomas and friend Joseph Albertson John Albertson, Elizabeth Albertson, Sarah Hoag G (376)
Clapp Jesse June 12, 1820 July 16, 1824 Beekman brothers William, Ray (?), John who has wife Sarah, sons John & David and 2 daughters, James who has a son Jacob, sisters Phebe Dean, Mary wife of James Allen with children Jesse, Moses, James and other unnamed children, Elizabeth Schilman (I think) with a son Jesse. Brother-in-law John Palmer, nephew Jesse Palmer, niece(s) Gertey Elm ? Maria Palmer (cannot tell if this is a series of names or all one), sister Hannah (?), nephew Samuel Clapp James Conden, James Alley, Andrew Schilmann John Dorland, John D, Larson, Andrew Dorland G (66)
Clapp Jesse (or Jepe?) I. April 29, 1826 Nov. 13, 1828 Freedom Hetty Son Isaac Balding Clapp, daughters Susan wife of Nathaniel Berry, Caroline wife of Gilbert Vincent, Ruth Fowler, Mary wife of Joseph Weeks, Elisha Clapp Barlow son of first wife Susan Jesse Clapp Vincent son of Caroline, Jesse Clapp Fowler son of Ruth, Jesse Clapp Rogers brought up from infancy, brother James living in Canada, brother Benjamin, grandson Isaac Clapp Barlow, Nathaniel son of Isaac B. Clapp Isaac B. Clapp, Nathaniel Berry, Gilbert Vincent Truman Cowles, Elijah Winters, Abigail Townsend Cramped handwriting. First name is probably an old-fashioned long "s" and a standard "s", but it looks like a "p". Same for grandson's names -- I have transcribed "Jesse" but could be "Jepe". H (115)
Curry Samuel Jan 4, 1802 May 15, 1802 Poughkeepsie Janetje Sons Samuel & James Sons Samuel & James Unreadable Billings, Richard Harris, Gilbert Livingston B (323)
Currie William July 9, 1809 Oct 10, 1809 Rhinebeck Catherine wife Catherine, friedns John Lewis, Azariah Winegar George Altheiser, William Pellsore, Gamabel Wheeler C (394)
Davis Isaac Aug. 23, 1820 April 8, 1822 Rhinebeck Catherine John, Wiana or Idian, Maria wife of Bart Abraham Delamater, Sarah wife of William Raver (?), Catherine wife of John Stauber, Unreadable wife of Gilbert Tomson (?) daughter Wiana of Idian, son-in-law Bart Abraham Delameter Hazzard Champlain, unreadable S. Arvrill, Archibald Smith On p. 335 notes about further letters testementary provided to probate court June 29, 1822 by Wyan daughter of Isaac F (290)
Davis John May 18, 1815 July 11, 1815 Poughkeepsie Baushe Wife Baushe, brother Richard Davis, Jr. John Reed, Philo Ruggles, Henry W. Chadwick E (46)
Davis John Dec. 8, 1825 Mar 28, 1826 Washington Rachel William H., John Haight (youngest) Brothers David, Abner, Jacob, Joseph, Sheldon, George. Partner in store Josiah Haight John Haight, Robert Coffin Alfred Treadway, Darius Sherman, Sarah Horton G (370)
Davis Benjamin Mar. 18, 1830 May 19, 1830 Pleasant Valley Sarah Elisha B., daughters Freelove Brower (sp?), Mariah Young wife Sarah Samuel Stringham, Owen Vail H (313)
Davis Richard June 29, 1810 Sept 12, 1814 Merchant of Poughkeepsie Black children Charles and Sarah, sons Henry, Richard and Leonard (is a partner in the business), daughters Frances, Hester (deceased) wife of Robert Noxin (sp?), Mary (deceased) wife of Francis Chardonet Grandchildren Davis, Frances, Eliza and Richard Noxin; Maryan and Richard Chardonet sons Richard & Henry, brother John John S. Frear, Jr., John M. Van Kleek, Isaac Harris Codicil Mar. 11, 1814, witnesses Isaac Underhill, Samuel Gun, D. Brooks D (532)
Devel Silas, Sr. May 2, 1799 June 15, 1799 "of this town", probably Northeast Mary sons Silas and Wilber, daughters Mary, sarah, Hannah, Ruth, and Tillah or Tallah Thomson granddaughters Hannah Tripp and Luse Smith, son-in-law John Macomber wife Mary, son Wilber, Silas Devel son of Timothy Asahel Haskins physician, Charles Hoag, Isaiah Dibble "a girl who now lives with me" Millicent Brownell, under 18 B (170)
Dorland Jonathon Jan 16, 1817 Oct 6, 1817 "of the City of New York, now of Beekman" mother mentioned but unnamed, has half-sisters and bothers, unnamed, sister Elizabeth wife of James Noxon brother-in-law James Noxon, Gilbert Dorland son of John, both of Upper Canada Enoch Dorland, Shadrach Ricketon, Andrew Dorland E (377)
Dorland Samuel Oct 6, 1824 June 8, 1828 Freedom Sarah Andrew, John, possibly Isaac, Seaburn, Philip S., 3 minor children Anna, Jonathon, Mary Son Philip, Stephen Moore, Gilbert Dorland and George Cougden Daniel S. Noxon, Edward Dutcher, Dorcas Cougdon Codicil dated May 13, 1826 witnessed by John D. Sandor, Gilbert Salk (?) and Enoch Dorland H (90)
Duel John Oct 16, 1806 Nov 28 1806 Pawling Anna Cornelius, Gideon, Peter, Reuben, William, Sarah, Cloah (sp?) Wright, Rebecca Fish, Patience wife of William Russel (?) Wife's son William Tripp, James Draper son of John Draper Sons Cornelius and William Edward Shrove, Jr., Joshua Duel, Edward Shove neighbours Benjamin Duel, Nathaniel Hoag, Lewis Lyger C (55)
Fish Preserved July 25, 1807 Dec. 10, 1808 Beekamn Thomas, Allen, Mary who has a daughter Audra (or possibly Lydia), Amelia, Mercy who has underage children including a daughter Mercy son Thomas and friend David Butler Clark Wilbur, Eleazar Haviland, Abigail Haviland Blacksmith C (276)
Fish Thomas Feb. 2, 1820 Nov. 7, 1820 Beekman Rebecca Preserved, Benjamin (who has land in Cincinnatus, Cortland), Ira, Mary, Sally Ann Son Preserved, friend Damiel Butler James Congdon, George Congdon, Lydiall Congdon F (120)
Fowler Caleb Apr 17, 1797 Sept 27, 1805 Southeast Elizabeth Caleb, Stephen, Mager?, Elizabeth wife of Timothy Road (or possibly Wood?), Sarah wife of Charles Post, Janney wife of William Drew, Mary, Phebe, Susannah (last 3 unmarried) grandson John Wood sons Caleb and Stephen Benjamin Dyckman, Herman King, David Crosby B (559)
Fowler Edmund Oct. 5, 1814 Nov. 22, 1814 Fishkill Elizabeth Emmeline, Hislop, Anthony, Ophelia, Meriam, Magdalena, Victor, Margaret
Wife Elizabeth, friends James Alley, Cornelius P. Luyster Cornelius P. Luyster, Henry van Beuschoten, Jacob Warner D (552)
Fowler Jacob May 11, 1806 Jun 4, 1806 Beekman Phebe Jacob, Joseph, Rubbatt (?? smudged), Isreal, William (Isreal & William are the eldest), Phebe Dunkin, wife of Benjamin Grandchildren (of Phebe Dunkin) all under 21: Hannah, Jacob, Catherine, Benjamin, Jr., Mary Dunkin sons Isreal, Jacob, Joseph Thomas Saffen of Beekman, Benjamin Sweet, Sylvester Howard C (16)
Fowler William July 4, 1820 Dec 12, 1828 Washington Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Satts or Latts, Molly Quick (?), Henry, Hannah wife of Christopher Newcomb, Dorcas wife of John Records (?), Lavina wife of Jacob Pratt, William, late son Benjamin, late daughter Content wife of Eber Crandall Deceased son Benjamin has daughters Rebecca Albro and Hannh Albro, and son Joseph middle initial possibly R and Benjamin, unnamed sons and daughters of Henry, Dorcas, and Benjamin; Content had 2 sons and 2 daughters Moses T. Haight, Silas Haight, Elijah Haight, all of Washington Vaniah Wooley, Isaac N. Wooley, Ann Eliza Wooley (surname could be Hooley) Codicil dated Aug 5, 1823, states that son Henry has died, mentions property in Carenivic, County of Madison,and is witnessed by Vaniah Wooley/Hooley, R. Hilburton, and John H. Pine H (123)
Fuller Nathan Nov 25, 1811 Feb 28, 1812 Carmel Temperance nephew Nathan Merritt, under age 20 Judah Killey, Elisha Merritt of Patterson Silas Whiting, Barnabas Carv?? Foster D (27)

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