Excerpt from Laurier Grant's Memoirs

Quoted from “Recollections Of A Life In Guysborough”
by Laurier C. Grant, p. 89

The Guysborough Heat, Light and Power Company

........Many rural areas of Guysborough County did not have the benefits of electric service until about the year 1950, when it became widespread in Nova Scotia.

The first meeting of the group of six was held in the old building on the west side of Main Street just south of the Irving service station. The members included:

Burton L. Parker, local manager of the Sonora Timber Company Christopher A. John, Manager, B ^ B Jost Ltd, General store Vernon L. Hart, Manager, Sonora Timber Company general store Wiley Smith, High Sheriff, Guysborough County Laurier Grant, Postmaster, Guysborough

Submitted by Maureen Horton Taylor.

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