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Below we have a few "bits and pieces" that have come my way.  If anyone can shed a light on any of the following, please let me know, so that they can be put in their correct place, thank you.

Looking for any thing on this couple!
William GWILLYM/GWILYM was born "somewhere in Wales" in December 1812.  He married a woman named Mary Edwards in Abergavenny in 1840.  They moved to the United States prior to the arrival of their first child on July 9, 1845.

Looking for a place,  ie: Town / County.
Marriage:  January 7th 1730,  between: James Knowles and Elizabeth Gwyllum.
Burial:  December 30th 1789:  Margaret Gwillin.
     "          1775:   Thomas Gwillim.
     "          Unknown date:   Richard, son of Thomas and Margaret Gwilliam.

This entry came my way:-  Presume from the 1871 Census.  Also presume the place to be Bishops Castle?  Shropshire?
Emma  Gwilliam, aged 13yrs and was a gen. servant from Knighton.

Possibly Midmarch?
Marriage 1730 Jan 7 James KNOWLES & Elizabeth GWYLLUM
Burial - 1789 Dec 30 Margaret Gwillin
 1775  ?     Thomas Gwillim
 Burial Date?  Richard son of Thomas and Margaret Gwilliam
ref: 1a

Below are quite a few marriages from around Herefordshire.  As soon as I can sort them I will be putting them in their correct place:
GWILLIAM, John Marr 1678 Engl Here Putley, Sp: Jane HAFFIELD
GWILLIAM, William Marr 1723 Engl Here Tarrin, Sp: Sarah ADAMS
GWILLIAM, Rebecca Marr 1759 Engl Here Sellac, p: John KIDLEY
GWILLIAM, Martha Marr 1765 Engl Here Lyonsh, Sp: Soloman HOLLOWAY
GWILLIAM, Mary Marr 1776 Engl Here Bromya, Sp: William POWELL
GWILLIAM, Hannah Marr 1780 Engl Here Cradle, Sp: Daniel PRICE
GWILLIAM, Mary Marr 1796 Engl Here Cradle, Sp: John EDINS.
GWILLIAM, William Marr 1796 Engl Here Cradle, Sp: Melina SMITH
GWILLIAM, John Marr 1804 Engl Here Walfor, Sp: Hannah WHITTINGHAM
GWILLIAM, Elizabeth Marr 1807 Engl Here Munsle, Sp: William TAYLOR
GWILLIAM, Joseph Marr 1815 Engl Here UptBis, Sp: Eleanor CHAMBERLAIN
GWILLIAM, John Marr 1817 Engl Here Bosbur, Sp: Elizabeth HAWKINS
GWILLIAM, Ann Marr 1822 Engl Here Bromya, Sp: Charles HINTON
GWILLIAM, Ann Marr 1822 Engl Here Bromya, Sp: Charles HINTON
GWILLIAM, Edward Marr 1824 Engl Here Cradle, Sp: Sarah BANNISTER
GWILLIAM, Charlotte Marr 1830 Engl Here Bosbur, Sp: John FEARNHALL
GWILLIAM, Thomas Marr 1834 Engl Here Walfor, Sp: Mary BAILEY
GWILLIAM, James Marr 1836 Engl Here Goodri, Sp: Esther FLEETWOOD
GWILLIAM, Eliza Marr 1839 Engl Here Walfor, Sp: James ADAMS
GWILLIAM, Mary Marr 1843 Engl Here Walfor, Sp: William BULLING
GWILLIAM, Thomas Marr 1845 Engl Here Cradle, Sp: Jane GARBUTT
GWILLIAM, Anne Marr 1846 Engl Here Walfor, Sp: Esau BURFORD
GWILLIAM, William Henry Marr 1849 Engl Here Sellac, Sp: Mary Maria DEW
GWILLIAM, Thomas Marr 1859 Engl Here Cusop, Sp: Elizabeth WANKLIN
GWILLIAM, Esther Marr 1864 Engl Here Tibert, Sp: Thomas HOPKINS
GWILLIAM, Fanny Marr 1868 Engl Here Cusop, Sp: Samuel John POWELL
GWILLIAM, Emma Marr 1872 Engl Here Cusop, Sp: Thomas LEWIS
GWILLIAM, Hannah Marr 1873 Engl Here Cusop, Sp: James WEST
GWILLIAM, William Marr 1873 Engl Here Turnas, Sp: Mary Anne DAVIES
GWILLIAM, Mary Ann Marr 1874 Engl Here TedDel, Sp: James COLLINS
GWILLIAM, Thomas Marr 1875 Engl Here TedDel, Sp: Caroline WEAVER
GWILLIAM, Mary Jane Marr 1901 Engl Here Bromya, Sp: Matthew Henry MEREDITH
GWILLIAM, Mabel Marr 1903 Engl Here Cusop, Sp: Ernest George WILLIAMS
GWILLIAM, William Marsh Marr 1906 Engl Here Bromya, Sp: Emma PARTRIDGE

Dwelling: 7 Bailey Street
 Census Place: Llanelly, Brecon, Wales
 Source: FHL Film 1342314     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 5465    Folio 88    Page 24 Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William GWILIM M 23  M Brynmawr, Brecknock, Wales,  Rel: Head - Occ: Labourer On Coal
Amelia GWILIM M 30  F Brynmawr, Brecknock, Wales,  Rel: Wife
Margaret A. GWILIM   4  F Brynmawr, Brecknock, Wales,  Rel: Daur - Occ: Scholar

Census Place: Llangattock, Brecon, Wales
 Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Thomas GWYNNE M 36  M Hirwaun, Glamorgan, Wales,  Rel: Head.   Occ: Iron Miner
Grace GWYNNE M 44  F Dorset, England.  Rel: Wife.   Occ: Iron Miner
George GWYNNE   12  M Beaufort, Brecknock, Wales.  Rel: Son.   Occ: Scholar
Elizabeth GWYNNE   8  F Beaufort, Brecknock, Wales.  Rel: Daur.   Occ: Scholar
James MAHONY   7  M Aberystruth.  Occ: Scholar
James GWILLIM U 35  M Ebbw Vale.  Rel: Lodger.   Occ: Iron Miner.
ref: 1c

This information is from an earlier time:
GWYLLM, Elizabetha Chr 1543 Engl Here Peters, Fa: Richardi GWYLLM, Mo: 
GWYLLYM, Elinor. Chr 1545 Engl Here Peters. Fa: Richardi GWYLLYM, mo:
GWILLM, Charolus Chr 1547 Engl Here Peters. Fa: Richardi GWILLM. Mo:
GWYLLYM, Thomas Chr 1548 Engl Here Peters. Fa: Richardi GWYLLYM. Mo:
GWYLLYM, Jana Chr 1550 Engl Here Peters. Fa: Richardi GWYLLYM. Mo: 
GWYLLYM, Johannes Chr 1551 Engl Here Peters. Fa: Richardi GWYLLYM. Mo: 
GWYLLM, Katherina Chr 1552 Engl Here Peters. Fa: Richardi GWYLLM. Mo: 

The following piece I decided to keep together as it came from the same source.
Descendants of Thomas Gwillim-3890

1. Thomas Gwillim-3890 b.1680-of Putley, Herefordshire, England; d.Jun 1730-Putley, Herefordshire, England.  sp: Mary Weight-446 c.15 Jun 1673-Bishops Frome, Herefordshire, England; m.28 Oct 1712; d.22 Sep 1750-Putley, Herefordshire, England.

2. Mary Gwillim-3891 c.23 Aug 1713-Much Cowarne, Herefordshire, England; b.23 Aug 1713-Much Cowarne, Herefordshire, England.

2. William Gwillim-3892 c.3 Feb 1714-Much Cowarne, Herefordshire, England; d.Apr 1754.  sp: Margaret -46617 b.1719; d.Jun 1771-Putley, Herefordshire, England.

3. Thomas Gwillim-11696 c.27 Feb 1745-Putley, Herefordshire, England.  sp: Margaret Weight-11691 c.23 Dec 1751-Bishops Frome, Herefordshire, England; m.4 Mar 1774.

4. William Henry Gwillim Esq.-11713 b.Abt 1775-of Putley, Herefordshire, England.  sp: Elizabeth Ravenhill Jones-47541

5. Mary Elizabeth Gwillim-47543 b.1810-Woolhope, Herefordshire, England.  sp: James Collins-47544 d.5 Nov 1875-Drybridge House, St.Martin, Hereford, Herefordshire,England.

6. Mary Eckley Collins-47546 c.7 May 1832-Ledbury, Herefordshire, England.

6. William Henry Collins-47545 b.2 Jan 1834-Ledbury, Herefordshire, England.

6. John Jones Collins-47548 c.3 Aug 1835-Ledbury, Herefordshire, England.

6. Stratford Collins-47549 c.13 May 1837-Ledbury, Herefordshire, England.

6. Margaret Gwillim Collins-47547 c.12 Sep 1839-Ledbury, Herefordshire, England.

4. Margaret Gwillim-46616 c.17 Apr 1778-Putley, Herefordshire, England.

4. Elizabeth Gwillim-10121 c.24 May 1780-Putley, Herefordshire, England.  sp: Jenks-11194

4. John Gwillim-8564 c.13 Oct 1782-Putley, Herefordshire, England.

4. Henry Gwillim-46615 c.28 May 1784-Putley, Herefordshire, England; b.7 Dec 1784-Putley, Herefordshire, England.

4. Thomas Gwillim-10120 (c.1 Oct 1784-Putley, Herefordshire, England.

4. James Gwillim-44709 c.3 Jun 1790-Putley, Herefordshire, England.

3. Mary Gwillim-46620 (c.6 Oct 1748-Putley,Herefordshire,England)

3. John Gwillim-46619 (c.24 Aug 1750-Putley,Herefordshire,England)

3. Elizabeth Gwillim-46618 (c.9 Jul 1752-Putley,Herefordshire,England)

sp: Timothy Gittins-46637 (m.1 May 1780)

4. William Gittins-80144 (c.1782-Bishops Frome,Herefordshire,England)

4. Mary Gittins-80141 (c.1784-Bishops Frome,Herefordshire,England)

4. Timothy Gittins-80143 (c.1786-Bishops Frome,Herefordshire,England)

4. John Gittins-80142 (c.1789-Bishops Frome,Herefordshire,England)

2. Thomas Gwillim-3893 (b.3 Feb 1714-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

sp: Mary Weaver-32757 (b.Abt 1715;m.23 Nov 1730;b.13 Apr 1754-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

3. Mary Gwillim-32758 (c.26 Sep 1731-Stoke Lacy,Herefordshire,England;b.5 Aug 1735-Pencombe,Herefordshire,England)

3. Anne Gwillim-32759 (c.17 Mar 1732-Stoke Lacy,Herefordshire,England;b.23 Mar 1732-Stoke Lacy,Herefordshire,England)

3. Hannah Gwillim-46626 (c.16 Apr 1734-Pencombe,Herefordshire,England)

3. James Gwillim-46627 (c.5 Nov 1735-Pencombe,Herefordshire,England)

3. Susanna Gwillim-32760 (c.22 Jan 1737-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

3. Joseph Gwillim-32748 (c.29 Dec 1739-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

sp: Elizabeth -32749 (b.1742-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England;b.7 Mar 1824-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

4. Joseph Gwillim-32750 (b.1 Jun 1766-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England;d.1845)

4. Sarah Gwillim-32751 (b.10 Oct 1767-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

4. John Gwillim-32752 (c.29 Oct 1769-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

Descendants of Thomas Gwillim-3890

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4. Elizabeth Gwillim-32753 (c.28 May 1776-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

4. Joseph Gwillim-32736 (b.6 Jul 1779-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

sp: Ann Bannister-32737 (b.1773-of Evesbatch,Herefordshire,England;m.26 Dec 1805)

5. Jane Gwillim-32738 (b.25 May 1806-Cradley,Herefordshire,England;d.28 Jun 1816)

5. Mary Gwillim-32739 (b.13 Dec 1807-Cradley,Herefordshire,England)

sp: John Powell-32763 (m.4 Nov 1833)

5. Thomas Gwillim-32740 (b.28 Jul 1810-Cradley,Herefordshire,England)

5. Sarah Gwillim-32741 (b.26 Apr 1812-Evesbatch,Herefordshire,England)


6. Elizabeth Gwilliam-96136 (b.1833-Evesbatch,Herefordshire,England)

sp: Charles Layton-96163 (c.27 Mar 1831-Mathon,Worcestershire,England;m.29 Oct 1860)

7. George Layton-96264 (c.2 Jul 1861-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

7. Albert James Layton-96265 (c.1 Feb 1863-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

7. Sydney Charles Layton-96178 (b.1865-Ham Green,Mathon,W,England;d.15 Jul 1947-Wheatcraft,M,W,England)

sp: Rose Hannah Hitchings-96275 (b.28 Dec 1867-Cradley,Herefordshire,England;m.1897;d.15 Apr 1949-)

7. Andrew Layton-96157 (b.3 Apr 1867)

sp: Mary Ann Jordan-96176 (b.1870-Mathon,Worcestershire,England;m.18 May 1891)

8. Charles Andrew Layton-96109 (b.22 Apr 1888)

sp: Mary Dutton-96135 (b.1887-Oakridge,Gloucestershire,England;m.3 Jan 1916)

9. Phyllis Mary Layton-96156 (b.21 Apr 1916-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

sp: William George Preece-96222 (b.4 Dec 1916;m.31 May 1936)

10. Thomas John Preece-96092 (b.19 Apr 1938-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

sp: Rosemary Kathleen Brown-96116 (b.22 Apr 1942-Malvern,W,England;m.6 Oct 1962)

7. Mary Ann Layton-96260 (b.1869-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

7. Henry Layton-96261 (b.1872-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

7. Allen Layton-96266 (c.12 Oct 1873-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

7. Ernest Abel Layton-96262 (b.1876-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

7. David Layton-96263 (b.1880-Mathon,Worcestershire,England)

5. Ann Gwillim-32742 (c.6 Sep 1814-Evesbatch,Herefordshire,England)

5. Joseph Gwillim-32743 (b.2 Jun 1816-Evesbatch,Herefordshire,England)

sp: Ann -73937 (b.1824-St.John Bedwardine,Worcester,Worcestershire,England)

6. Frederick J. Gwillim-73938 (b.1856-Hallow,Worcestershire,England)

6. Ellen Gwillim-73939 (b.1862-Hallow,Worcestershire,England)

5. John Cole Gwillim-32744 (b.19 Dec 1819-Evesbatch,Herefordshire,England)

sp: Jane -70471 (b.1836-Chaddesley Corbet,Worcestershire,England)

6. Arthur L. Gwillim-81203 (b.1881-Monkland,Herefordshire,England)

5. Harriet Gwillim-32745 (c.17 Apr 1822-Evesbatch,Herefordshire,England;d.23 Nov 1896-Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,Utah)

sp: Edward Simmons-32765 (b.Abt 1810-Feckenham,W,England;m.3 May 1841;d.19 Jul 1870-Cradley,H,England)

6. Jane Simmons-8107 (b.6 Aug 1853-,,England;d.11 Jul 1912-Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,Utah)

sp: John Hadley-42007 (b.16 Jan 1821-Bosbury,H,England;m.10 May 1900;d.21 Nov 1906-Salt Lake City,SL,Utah)

7. Albert Perry Hadley-47169 (b.27 Mar 1875-Linton,Herefordshire,England;d.21 Dec 1942-Portland,M,Oregon)

sp: Hannah Cora Hansen-3416 (b.2 Jan 1882-Moroni,Sanpete,Utah;m.10 May 1900(Div);d.20 Jul 1926-)

8. Urban Sheridan "Cliff" Madsen-47034 (b.4 Jul 1900-MP,Sanpete,Utah;d.28 Aug 1980-Ogden,Weber,Utah)

Descendants of Thomas Gwillim-3890

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sp: Ethel Annie Jackson-28801 (b.28 May 1902-Green,Sanpete,Utah;m.18 Jun 1924;d.2 Jan 1953-)

9. Margene Madsen-28802

sp: James Harold Weir-9273

6. Edwin S. Simmons-73934 (b.1857-Suckley,Worcestershire,England)

6. Betsey Simmons-73935 (b.1858-Suckley,Worcestershire,England)

6. Charles Simmons-73936 (b.1865-Cradley,Herefordshire,England)

5. John Powell Gwillim-32746 (b.1833)

5. James Cole Gwillim-32747 (b.1834)

4. William Gwillim-32754 (c.30 Jul 1783-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

4. Jane Gwillim-32755 (b.22 Oct 1786-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

3. Mary Gwillim-32761 (c.29 Aug 1742-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England;b.2 Aug 1745-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)

3. Margaret Gwillim-32762 (c.4 Jun 1749-Much Cowarne,Herefordshire,England)