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This page is dedicated to the people of Pwlldu. 
On this page I will be putting the names and where / when they lived there, along with any other information to hand.

Below are the ancestors of Tony Jones.
(If anyone knows of / or has this family in their tree please contact me and I will try to put you in touch with Tony.)

1871 9 Upper Rank
Michael McCann
1881  9 Upper Rank
William Absolam
Elizabeth (McCann) Absolam
John McCann
James McCann
Margaret McCann
Alice McCann
Francis Absolam
Cwm Cottages
Thomas McCann
Emma McCann
William T McCann
Arthur McCann
1899 9 Upper Rank
William Absolam
Elizabethg Absolam
Old Pwlldu
Thomas McCann
Emma McCann
1901 24 Long Rank
Thomas Lane
Margaret (McCann) Lane
Tunnel House
William Absolam
Elizabeth Absolam

The following is also from Tony:
My gggrandfather was Michael McCann who came across from Ireland. He married Elizabeth Savage from Rhayader.  When Michael died Elizabeth married Billy Absolam. One of his children of a previous marriage was Ceinwen Absolam and she married Harry Gwillim.  Ceinwen died c1980 at the age of 90.  Her daughter Dylas married a Mr Lucas, with sons Robert and Roger living in Monmouth.

The following families are ancestors of the site owner Hazel Bright and her family.
The 1891 Census - Pwlldhu
17 Long Rank:-
Charles Gwilliam hd. aged 39yrs and born in Kinnersley: 
Wife, Bathsheba nee Meredith, aged 33yrs and born in Garnddyrus,
Charles (son) aged 12yrs, born in Ebbw Vale.
Henry (son) aged 7yrs, born in Ebbw Vale.
Mary E (dau) aged 5yrs and born in Pwlldhu.
Benjamin (son) aged 10months, born in Pwlldhu.
Sylvia (dau) aged 10months, born in Pwlldhu
1901 Census results for the above family:
7/8 Long Rank
Charles Gwillim 49 Coal Hewer born Kinnersley Hef
Bathsheba Gwillim 45 born Garnddyrys Mon
Charles Gwillim 22 Colliery Haulier born Ebbw Vale
Henry Gwillim 17 Coal Hewer born Ebbw Vale
Mary E Gwillim 15 Gentlemans Domestic born Pwlldu
Benjamin Gwillim 12 born Pwlldu
Sylvia Gwillim 10 born Pwlldu
Beatrice Gwillim 8 born Pwlldu
William Gwillim 5 born Pwlldu
Thomas Gwillim 4 born Pwlldu
Martha A Gwillim 3 born Pwlldu
Joseph Gwillim 2 born Pwlldu

At no 11 Long Rank:
William Charles Bright was born on 30/07/1901 (site owners Grandfather) His parents were: Daniel Bright and Sarah Gwillim (Sarah was born on 04/09/1881 at no 5 Long Rank)

1 Long Rank:- 
William and Mary Gwilliam, (buried in Christ Church, Llanweanrth Ultra.)
Mary E Gwilliam born 1878 in  Govilon, 
Charles G Gwilliam born 1880
Adelaide T Gwilliam, born in Pwlldu.
Sarah Gwilliam, born 04/09/1881 (at 5 Long Rank).
David Gwilliam born in 1883, died 19/12/1885 aged 17mths.
Daniel Gwilliam (Davids twin), born in 1883 26/03/1886 aged 20mths
Thomas James Gwilliam born in 1887 and died 09/04/1887 aged 3mths ( Mary died giving birth to Thomas ).  
1901 census:-
4/5 Long Rank:-
William Gwillim 53 Coal Hewer born Kinnersley Hef
Elizabeth J Gwillim 48 born Llanelly Brecs
Mary E Gwillim 23 born Llanwenarth Ultra
Charles G Gwillim 21 born Llanwenarth Ultra
Adelaide A Gwillim 17 Pupil Teacher born Llanwenarth Ultra
Bessie Gwillim 3 born Llanwenarth Ultra
(William  remarried to Elizabeth between 1887, when Mary died, and when Bessie was born.)

On the 1901 Census:
15 Long Rank:
Amelia Jones wid 29 born Blaenavon
William H Jones 9 born Blaenavon
Hope Jones 8 born Blaenavon
Albert Jones 3 born Blaenavon
Arthur G Gwillym 25 nephew Coal Hewer born Blaenavon
Maggie J Gwillym 19 niece born Blaenavon.
I am assuming that Amelia was a Gwillym before her marriage.

Below are the ancestors of Kevin McCormack, if you know of these then get in touch with me and I will contact Kevin for you.

1881 Census: 
14 Long Rank we have the Button Family  Moses Button 37, Frome Som.     Ann Button - 37 - Blaenafon:  Sarah - 12:   Joseph - 10:   John - 8:     Miriam - 5:   Samuel - 1:   all born Llanwenarth or was it Govilon?

4 Long Rank   The hall Family.  Richard Hall - 34 - Lamyatt, Som:  Elizabeth Hall (Moses Button's sister) - 31 - Frome, Som:  Joseph - 7:   Martha - 5:  John - 2:  all born Pwlldu. 

Moses and Elizabeth are Neice and nephew to my GGGG Grandmother Sophia Button of Frome.  My GGG Grandfather James French (Sophia's son ) was a shoe maker in newport, Mon.  How he ended up in Wales I don't know.  Also in 1881 in Upper rank I found a brother to my GGGG Grandmother Sophia......Joseph Button 69 Frome, Quarryman    Silas Button 33 Frome  Miner     Jane Button 12 Govilon. Moses and Richard were miners and by 1891 both were dead. 

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