Gwynn's Webpage
Gwynn's Webpage

I am researching the following surnames:

Bunker,  Byal, Coon, Cowden  Dahlberg, Darling, Dow (Dowe),De Jong (DeYoung), Gates, Gilliland, Graham, Hawkins, Kramer, Malcolm, Nauta,  Riddell, Runkle, Samuelson, Sankey, Socolich, Stonequist (Stenqvist), Thayer and Ward .

Family Timelines, Research brickwalls, Family Photos and research experience please see:

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Currently I am involved in the ProGen Study Group: This study group is reading Professional Genealogy (edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills), completing assignments, meeting online for discussion groups and commenting on completed assignments. It is a 19 month commitment.

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