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Descendants of John & Rhoda (Taylor) Haddock, Jr.  Jones Co., GA

[John son of John & Liscomb]

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This family settled in Jones County, GA,

Joseph was the son of  Admiral Haddock and his wife Selah Nelson.


Descendants of Joseph Caswell Haddock, Sr.

1 Joseph Caswell Haddock, Sr. aka: Caswell b: August 01, 1812 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA d: September 13, 1883 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA +Mildred J. Barnes b: May 30, 1816 m: January 13, 1835 in Jones Co., GA d: September 07, 1885 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA [Will Date]

2 Jennie Haddock b: Abt. 1836

2 Frances Victoria Haddock b: June 20, 1837 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA d: March 25, 1860 in Jones Co., Georgia  +David Davis Batchelor b: Abt. 1837 m: November 17, 1859 in Jones Co., Georgia d: in Jones Co., Georgia

2 James A. Haddock b: Abt. 1842 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA

2 Martha A. E. Haddock b: Abt. 1842 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA

2 Thomas Calvin Haddock b: June 1844 in Jones Co., Georgia d: Aft. 1880 in Jones Co., Georgia +Eliza b: Abt. 1849 in Georgia m: Bef. 1870 in Jones Co., GA *2nd Wife of Thomas Calvin Haddock: +Francis Malissa Permenter aka: Frankie b: December 27, 1847 in Georgia m: Abt. 1873 in Georgia d: December 25, 1907 in Dunbar, Georgia

2 Matilda B. Haddock b: Abt. 1846 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA

2 Nancy A. Rebecca Haddock b: Abt. 1848 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA

2 Joseph Caswell Haddock, Jr. b: 1850 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA d: Aft. 1880 in Popes, Jones Co., GA +Jane Morgan Bullington b: February 28, 1849 in Georgia m: May 13, 1868 in Jones Co., Georgia d: Aft. 1880 in Jones Co., GA

2 Christiana L. Haddock b: February 29, 1852 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA d: 1920 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA +John David Anchors b: Abt. 1850 in Georgia m: Abt. 1872 in Jones Co., GA d: in Haddock, Jones Co., GA

2 Eugenia Haddock b: Abt. 1855

2 William H. Haddock b: 1860 in Jones Co., Georgia d: 1936 in Jones Co., Georgia +Bettie Ivey b: Abt. 1860 *2nd Wife of William H. Haddock: +Idela Minchew b: Abt. 1860

Below is a couple of the news releases on this case - there are more - but are not given here.

March 23, 1906, Friday, Atlanta Constitution


Fatal Shooting Affray Occurred Yesterday in Jones County

Macon, GA, March 22, (Special) - A shooting affray occurred in Haddock's Station this morning in which Burrell Bush, a man 60 years of age, was instantly killed by Alonzo Haddock, Both mounted the station platform just as the Georgia train was pulling in and after warning Bush to defend himself opened fire. Bush fell dead without having used his revolver. Haddock went in Clinton, where he surrendered to Sherriff Ethridge, claiming self-defense. Great excitement prevailed among the parties witnessing the tragedy. A sister of Haddock witnessed the affair. Bush was the station agent for the Georgia road. The two men had quarreled early in the morning and the dispute assumed serious proportions even before the shots were fired. Both parties are prominent and the affair has caused general regret, Haddock is a young man. Bush has two daughters and six sons. The body of the dead man will be brought to Macon some time tonight. The difficulty between the two men arose over the marriage of Edward Bush, son of the man shot to death, and Mary Haddock, a sister of Adolphus Haddock, Justice Mayfield performed the ceremony in Macon yesterday afternoon late. An elderly woman, claiming herself to be the guardian of the girl, was present at the ceremony. No question was raised at the time as to any difference of feeling. The girl is an orphan giving her name age as 16. Adolphus Haddock is superintendent of the Stuart Davis' farm at Haddock and is prominent. The couple wedded reside in Macon. Edward Bush having been a resident here for some time. Haddock is a prisoner having surrendered himself to Sheriff Ethridge. No inquest was held. 

Monday Oct 16, 1906, Atlanta Constitution

Case Will be Called at Grays

Perhaps Tuesday

Defendant Charged with Murder of Burrell Bush Last Spring - The man had quarreled over a marriage

Constitution Bureau, 468 Second Street. Macon, GA. October 14th (Specials - Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, the charge of murder against Alonzo Haddock will taken up Jones Superior Court, at Grays, and before the end of the week it will be known whether he is to answer before the law for the killing of Burrell Bush, at Haddocks, GA, last spring when two quarreled over the marriage of the marriage of a daughter of Burrell and brother of Haddock. [All the other articles on this case that was reported in the Atlanta Constitution read it was a younger sister named Mary to Haddock and her husband Edmond Bush, who was a son of Burrell.]

The county was well stirred up over the affair at the time and feeling ran deep. Since Haddock was thrown into jail, the matter of a bond has been up and this was fixed so that he had opportunity of freedom until a hearing, but It was not until a sum of  $10,000 was made good. Solicitor General Joseph Pottle, of Milledgeville, will have charge of the prosecution. Judge John P. Ross, of Macon, has been employed to assist Solicitor Pottle in the prosecution. Haddock will be by a law at Grays, Court opens at Grays tomorrow, but It is not probable that the civil branch will be disposed of 'before the middle of the week. The Haddock case will be the one around which will center all the interest of the session. Strong in Haddocks favor at the time of the killing enabled him to secure his bondsmen early and there are indications now that he will not have in escaping a sentence for murder. Friends of the deceased man and of his family will tie the chief prosecutors.


Mrs. Newsome, Guardian of Mary Haddock Bush, Weary of Life.

The Killing of Bush Stirs Community

Mrs. Bush is so Disturbed Over the Affair. That She

 Was Only Prevented by Active Work from Taking Her Own Life

Constitution Bureau. 467 Second Street, Macon, GA.

March 23 (Special.) - As a result of the killing of Burrell Bush by Alonso Haddock, at Haddock station, yesterday morning - fully a dozen families are incensed, the community is terribly wrought, up and Mrs. A. F. Newsome, the guardian of Mary Haddock Bush, the pretty 16-year-old brunette sister, had twice attempted to end her life. Soon after the tragedy on the station house platform Mrs. Newsome walked boldly in front walked boldly front of a moving train on the Georgia Road with manifest purpose of allowing the train to end her life. She was saved in the nick of time by Mail Carrier Bonner, who seeing her dangerous situation, snatched her out from in front of the locomotive. But not satisfied with this failure, and soon after she was allowed to return to her home in Haddock Station from the depot, she secured a revolver in her own home and fired a shot into her left shoulder. The ball ranged too high to inflect serious injury, but the woman is now being treated by physicians, and she will recover. this time members of the family saved her. Mary Haddock Bush is at the home of G. P. Bush, brother Edward' Bush, the young husband. In a serious condition as a result the shock attending - the the tragedy, and the widow of Burrell Bush is also prostrated at the home of her daughter. Mrs. J. J. Connell. Both families reside on Fourth street. They will not talk of the difficulty causing the tragedy, nor of the male of the two families. The funeral of Burrell Bush was conducted from the Connell residence this afternoon. Rev. W. H. Budd officiating. the body was interred in Riverside. The remains were brought to Macon late last night and remained at the undertaking establishment of Jesse B. Hart.

Edward Haddock is a fireman on the Georgia road and has paid attention to the orphan sister of Alonzo Haddock for some time. Her sister, Mrs. Bush, has charger of her and assumed responsibility for her conduct. this was evident when the tragedy of yesterday occurred. It was she who accompanied the two young persons to the office of Justice Mayfield here on Wednesday afternoon when the wedding ceremony was performed. Long before the wedding bitter feeling had been expressed on both sides, but it was supposed that this would end the affair, and the shooting was a surprise to those most intimate.


Conversed with Friends

Alonzo Haddock conversed with his friends at Haddock only a few minutes before he attacked Bush and he seemed cool. Bush, it is said, had made several threats which had been taken up by Alonzo Haddock and these led to the tragedy. Haddock was said to have warned Bush to defend himself before opening fire. Bush was then shot from behind. One shot entered into the upper left shoulder. When he turned another shot struck him in the right breasts. When he fell another was fired into his open mouth and into her into a hand. 

Haddock, uninterrupted by those who witnessed the tragedy from the train and the station, took both weapons, walked in the town, marshal and later went with him to jail in Gray's Station. He said after becoming a prisoner that he fired in self defense. Further, statements have been withheld by the attorneys. Haddock is superintendent of Stuart Davis' farm at Haddock, and is married. His wife has since the affair been in a serious condition as a result of the shock.

The general expression at Haddock Station today is that the slayer of Bush was acting upon reasonable grounds, and it was stated by leading citizens that he would be able to make his reason justifiable when tried. The married occurred under such conditions as caused remarks to pass which reflected upon both the girl and Edward Bush. Both Edward Bush and the young lady are well known here in the community of their childhood. Their attentions to each other here caused difference for several months and resulted in a demand on the part of the brother that the marriage occurred, and the immediate family of Miss Haddock also interposed in her behalf.

The father of young Bush interposed in his behalf, defending him against assertions made from time to time, and when the marriage came as a result of the long contention the old feeling was aroused anew to such extent that the threats building up to yesterday's tragedy were made.

The young wife of Edward Bush resided first with her bother, who slew Burrell Bush, and then with her married sister. Her relations with her young lover were requiring most pleasant and so are interested in __ __ the rest took to more it war.  ___  ___ be considered it dangerous to pass Haddock ___ __ __  regular  ___. The wedding was thought would end the ___ ___ ___ and  ___  understood ____  [about two lines unreadable] last two words are Alonzo Haddock.    

Descendants of Joseph Caswell Haddock, Jr.

1 Joseph Caswell Haddock, Jr. b: 1850 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA d: Aft. 1880 in Popes, Jones Co., GA +Jane Morgan Bullington b: February 28, 1849 in Georgia m: May 13, 1868 in Jones Co., Georgia d: Aft. 1880 in Jones Co., GA

2 Mattie Udora Haddock b: 1869 in Jones Co., GA d: June 05, 1870 in Jones Co., GA

2 Joseph Little Haddock b: July 10, 1871 in Jones Co., GA d: December 27, 1946 in Jones Co., GA +Birda Vincent b: August 22, 1879 m: Abt. 1898

2 Eula Forrest Haddock b: July 30, 1872 in Jones Co., GA d: May 24, 1947 in Millegeville, Baldwin Co., GA +Charles Hollis Newsome b: February 28, 1865 m: November 22, 1890 in Jones Co., GA

2 John Caswell Haddock b: Abt. 1874 in Jones Co., GA +Bessie Lee Andrews b: April 21, 1878

2 Alonzo Lee Haddock b: Abt. 1876 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA +Anna Vincent b: April 13, 1881 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA m: Abt. 1898 in Georgia *2nd Wife of Alonzo Lee Haddock: +Mary Julia Lane b: September 19, 1896 in Millegeville, Baldwin Co., GA m: 1916

2 Mary Jane Haddock b: May 26, 1889 in Haddock, Jones Co., GA  +William Edmond Bush b: 1881 d: in Haddock, Jones Co., GA

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