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Washburn School - In or about 1928 or so this building replaced the old school building that was in Washburn. It served about 120 students or less probably during the 1940's.  Before this building was built, there was another building that was being used. It was down the hill and to the left or west of this building. In that old building my great-grandparents and grandparents on my mother's side went to school there. But they tore that building down when they built this new modern building. My mother and I both went to school in the new building.

The Washburn School had the class rooms divided up in a very useful order.

Below is the way that they were set up for classes in the 1940's:

The 3 windows on the bottom floor on the left side were grades 4th and 5th. On the right side on the bottom floor for those 3 windows was the room that housed 1st and 2nd grades. On the back side of the school on the right and behind the room for 1st and 2nd grades was the 3rd and 4th grade room. And downstairs, on the right, and behind the 4th and 5th grades, was the room for grades 7th and 8th.

Upstairs on the left side of the building where those three windows are located were grades 9th and 10th. And behind the 9th and 10th grade room and on the same side of the building were grades 11th and 12th.

Upstairs and on the side with the 3 windows on the top floor on the right side was the typing room and behind that room on the same side and on the back side where those 3 windows are was a study hall for the high school students.

The office was upstairs and was located between the room for the 9th and 10th grades and the room for the 11th and 12th grades. The office was situated in the middle between those two rooms and just as you topped the stairs.

Downstairs under grades and 1st and 2nd was the coal room. Downstairs under the 4th and 5th grade rooms was the lunch room [that was moved to the gym when it was built in the later part of the 1940's or the early 1950's.] Behind the lunch room was the boy's rest room and behind the coal room on the back side was the girl's restroom.

The lower grades were not allowed to go upstairs and they allowed the upper grades to rule the downstairs.

The building had no screens and students sat in the open windows on hot fall and spring days. There was no concern about students falling. They were told if they fell from one of the windows that they'd only fall once because they'd not be alive to fall again. In those days a word of caution was heard and not ignored.

From the photo and family research files of Donna Haddock Cooper


1920 Washburn graduating class.

James Harvey Mooney, Ella (Pease) Mooney, Clara Elizabeth (Hancock) Berryhill, Jefferson Davis Berryhill, Ruth (Berryhill) Mooney, Loyd Mooney all went to school here at Washburn but in the old school building - the one that was there before this one. The Pease family came to Washburn in 1896 and Ella married in 1898. In 1880 Rev. Golman Buford Hancock came before 1880 because he was listed in Washburn, Barry Co., MO, on the Federal Census. His daughter Clara was age 14 in 1880. My grandmother's sister, Rae (Berryhill) Roller taught school at Washburn for a few years. My grandfather, Loyd Mooney, always laughed when he told the story about my grandmother's sister being his teacher. He said that when Rae was his teacher he remembered that he got in trouble one time. He said that he flipped a girl's garter belt and Rae Berryhill, his teacher, immediately disciplined him. I can't remember what she made him do, but it was probably the standard type of discipline for the times and the event. He always said that he was in trouble with the Berryhill family before he married into the family.

Can anyone help me identify these people? It's the graduating class of 1920 of Washburn, MO. Ruth Berryhill is seated second from the end on the left side of the photo.

From the family research files of Donna Haddock Cooper. 


Washburn High School 1950 - Boys Softball

Back Row: Ronald Rose, Robert Reed, Glen Henry, Gene Morgan, William Watson, and Billy Chappell

Front Row: Elmer Brown, Dean Hall, Dale Tiner, Bob Hall, and Bob Wines. [Windes]

Photo from year book of 1950, from the files of Donna Cooper

Gene Morgan was a Haddock descent through Zachariah.

Washburn High School 1950 - Girls Softball

Back Row: Lilly Laney, Barbara Box, Neoma Potts, LaJune Stephens, Phyllis Shipley, and Donna Laney

Middle Row: Mazie Patterson, Virgie Painter, Elizabeth Laney, Marcella Henry, Hilda Dalton, Erma Hyde

Front Row: Clyta Woodard, Geraldine Wade, Norma Morgan, Imogene Henry, Pauline Patterson, & Carolean Williams

Norma Morgan, Zachariah Haddock descendant, married Bob Wines.  Photo from year book of 1950 - from the photo files of Donna Cooper


ClWashburn High School 1950 - Boys Softballick here to view 1950 soft ball  

1953 Washburn School - Boys Basketball

From left to right: Ted Flagger, Junior Mooney, Bob Burns, Jim Rose, F. Wade, Jack Patterson, Johnny Tiner, Johnny Grimes, James Davis, and Coach Hensley

Photo from 1953 yearbook - Washburn School

From the photo files of Donna Haddock Cooper. 


 1953 Junior Class of Washburn - Photos from the 1953 School Year Book


JoAnn Henry, President, Lois Jean Rose, Vice President, Mary Ellen Cook, Secretary - Treasure

Joy Gundel, Reporter, Buddy Cantwell, Ethel Henbest

Roberta Cantwell, Jim Rose, Jackie Bishop

Juanita Turpin, Dale Creason, Peggy Hyde

Sue Morgan, John Scott & Norma Hyde

Junior Mooney, Shirley Catron, Jack Watson

Washburn School 1953 - Girls Basketball, Coach Hensley

Left to right

Back Row: Lois Rose, Karen Black, Flonnie Walden, Mary Cook, Roberta Cantwell, Peggy Reed

Front Row: Ethel Henbest, Shirley Catron, Ruth Bruton, Edith Bruce, Sue Morgan, JoAnn Henry  

Sue Morgan, a Zachariah Haddock descendant, had brothers Gene and C. L. Morgan. 

From the photo and family research files of Donna Haddock Cooper. 

Roller School 1956, located on the Barry and McDonald County line.

Roller Cemetery is located across the road from the old one room school house.

Front Row: David Stormo, Ricky Hall, Elda Stormo, Leonard Henry, Mickey Laughlin

Back Row: Nancy Wood, Carol Ann Flagger, Larry Scharader, Helen Flagger, Hazel Flagger.

Teacher Lucy Mae Dalton

Leonard Henry's grandmother Freda Morgan was a Haddock descendant through Zachariah.

Photo from the school year book, 1956, Southwest High School

1956 in the Washburn, Barry County, MO, area, these teachers were teaching in one room schools.

One room school schools were at Trents Creek, Maple Grove, O.K., Seven Star, Pleasant View, and Cormus Grove. Lucy Mae Dalton was teaching that same year at Roller but for some reason her photo was not included in the rural school faculty list that was printed in the 1956 year book. The next year, 1957, Sue Dalton taught at Trents Creek.

Photo from the school year book, Southwest School, 1956

From the family research files of Donna Haddock Cooper. 

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