New Site Cemetery


"Walnut Grove" - Barry Co., MO


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New Site Story









In 1909 New Site had stones that are missing today.

Click here to see where some of those were located.









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I had to study a little bit from the book Haddock Heritage to see who married who and also I needed to reading the deed that was processed after the death of Charles Haddock, Jr. I wondered how many feet inside the property line Sarah Haddock's grave was supposed to be.

In the estate settlement we learned that Charles didn't want this part of his property to be sold and he ask that it be kept as a cemetery because Sarah and a baby were buried here. From that we know that they were the first people that were buried at Walnut Grove - now called New Site. New Site Church records stated that in the beginning the church was called New Sight and later when they figured out that they had the wrong word to describe what they meant - so after that they called it New Site.


The William Collins family and the Charles Haddock family along with William's daughter Julia Collins and her husband William Montgomery, his daughter, Mary Collins, and her husband William Haddock, and Sarah Collins and her husband, Charles Haddock, are believed to have been the founders of the New Site Church.  The cemetery was being called Walnut Grove at that time and it wasn't till after 1900 that the records were listing it as New Site Cemetery.



There is a story that goes with this site and near this tree. It goes like this: "There was a wagon of settlers that came through the area and had a child to die and so they buried him by the tree and went on." 


Susan Haddock's stone - left and the square sided one


This photo is of Darla Marbut in the summer of 2002. I caught her in her favorite place, the cemetery, and doing her favorite thing - talking.  Now I am in trouble.  I sure do hope that I'm not in too much trouble and that she will go to the cemetery with me again. It's one of my favorite things to do. Maybe it runs in the family!


Darla is pictured below and to the right - she is holding Shorty Cat Haddock.




Darla and I are cousins - in several different ways - and probably in ways we haven't figured out yet.  One of the ways that we are related is through the Haddock family.  Darla is a descendant of Zachariah Haddock and I am a descendant of his brother, Charles Haddock, Sr. They were the sons of John and Rhoda (Taylor) Haddock, Jr., of Pitt Co., NC.


We both have people buried at New Site so we have studied that cemetery for years. There are many stories that we've collected about the people who are buried there. 


My great-great grandparents Charles and Sarah (Collins) Haddock, Jr., are buried there but neither of them have marked gravesites. Sarah has a home-made stone and Charles has none.


Charles' second wife, Susan (Meyers/Moyers) Rumbaugh, is also buried at New Site. She has a stone and is buried near members of the Rumbaugh family.  Her stone is the tall square one - left of the tree in the photo given above. 


LOCATION: New Site Cemetery is located west of Monett in Barry Co., MO and is in Capps Creek Twp. Many Haddock family graves are located in Barry County and at New Site and so that is why this cemetery has been included as a part of the Haddock Web Page. In 1909 New Site Cemetery was probably still being called Walnut Grove Yard.

Gerald Haddock has gone out to the cemeteries in Barry County and plated them on a county map with a GPS location. He stated that New Site Cemetery is located by the US Land Office location at NW 1/4, Sec. 11, T25N, R28W and according to the GPS location is situated at 365341N, 0935814W.

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Some of the stones have a white color on them - that is shaving cream. It won't harm the stone and helps clean it and makes it easier to read because the white color stays on the stone a few minutes.




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