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 Barry County, MO School Photos or Other Records


Barry Co., MO - 1 - School Photos - Washburn - Darla Marbut and others 

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Barry Co., MO - 13 - School Photos - Seligman - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 14 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Barry Co., MO - 15 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Barry Co., MO - 16 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Mt Zion School -1925 

From the photo files of Bill Van Zandt

Front Row, left to right: J. T. Burnett (mouth open-eyes closed)

2nd Row, left to right: Daisy Easley, Bertha Bowen, Adabel West, Helen Taggart (telling J. T. something), Edgar Towler, Nandine Thompson, Ginny Young.

3rd Row, left to right: Unknown, Gerald Thompson, Dale Bowen, Ada Beck (Mrs. Ray Curry), Unknown, Juanita Bowen, Everett Towler, Wilbur Towler.

4th Row, left to right:  Elva Easley, Ruel Bowen, Truman West, Donald Burnett, Ermal Arnhart


Near Seligman, MO in Barry County. This school sits back of the New Salem Cemetery on Farm Road 1085 North of Seligman just off Highway 112 going toward Roaring River State Park. From the photo files of Darla Marbut.

  Mt Sinai, 1900-1901 [near Cassville, MO]

From the photo files of Ben and Sue Hutton and the research files of Darla Marbut

Top or Back Row: L to R: Gabe Cook, Charley Morgan, Charles Wallen, Amos Baker, Nannie Beck

2nd Row from the top, L to R: Teacher Frost, Grover Fellin, Lula Jimmerson, Corda Edmondson, Edna Horne, Bertha Baker, Hattie Edmondson, Iva Fieland, Minnie Fieland, Etta Brock, Florence Horne, Dora Hawk, Farry Edmondson, Bill Baker and Blanche Frost.

3rd Row from top, starting about center of picture, left to right: Agnes Edmondson, Alfred Morgan, Martha Cox, Willie Neeley, Bertha Beck, Mae Frost, Nerva Brock, Edith Hawk, Florence Morgan (holding her little sister) Nellie.

4th Row down from top, L to R: unidentified, unidentified, Bertha Moore, Effie Moore, Vergie Widener, Josie Morgan, Ray Neeley, Frank Frost, Bertha Morgan, Pearl Owens, Verna Fieland, Carrie Edmondson, unidentified, Grover Cox, Albert Brock and unidentified.

Standing directly behind those seated on the ground are: unidentified, Dovie Edmondson, Lula Morgan, unidentified, Gladys Hawk, Line Cox. The next 3 children are unidentified and the one on the end is Minnie Munday.

Seated - same order are: unidentified, Bert Cox, Humbert McClure, unidentified, Vernon Horn, unidentified, Ollie Brock, Cook, unidentified, Earl Neeley and Elva Morgan.

1906 Sparks School

Front Row: Alice McIntosh, Emma McIntosh, Fay Marlow, Alfis Marlow, Verlon Twilligear, Walter McIntosh, Bert Brown, R. W. Patton, Norman Truhitte, Earl Bowman, Joe Bowman, Plumie Catron, Goldie Twilligear and Earl McGlassen.
Second Row: Maude Truhitte, Edith McGlassen, Aud Oxford, Ova Patton, Harrison Truhitte, Norm McNabb, Joe Marlow, Ed Brown, D. H. Truhitte, Flossie Bowman, Lillie Patton and Exie McGlassen.
Standing in the center are Gladys Brooks, teacher - Dora (Hawk) Meador and Anna B. Bowman
Back Row: Lena Truhitte, Bland Houston, Nannie Harris, Bessie McIntosh, Ethel Webb, Alta Brooks, Lena Houston, Nellie McIntosh, Tommie Houston, Stella Catron, Roscoe Twilliger, Lizzie Catron and Ulis Webb. 

Research Note:

James Norman McNabb was a son of William Andrew and Catherine (Catron) McNabb. Catherine Catron was a sister of Jasper Catron, and they were among the children of Peter Henderson and Annie (England) Catron. Jasper married Cora Bell Burnett, daughter of John Talbert and Susan Ellen (Masoner) Burnett.

Jasper and Cora Bell (Burnette) Catron's children who are pictured here are Lizzie Catron who later married Clayborn Bowman; Stella Mae Catron, who later married Alfred Hemphill; Pluma Ellen Catron who later married Homer Lee Sanders. Clayborn Bowman, mentioned here was a brother of Joseph Bowman and they were among the sons of Judge Elijah Marion and Johanna (Neal) Bowman.

Maddy Cemetery, Barry County, MO.
Bowman, Ganney M., February 16, 1839 and died July 8, 1886
Bowman, E. M., April 29, 1844 and died April 28, 1908
Bowman, Joannah, June 12, 1854 and died Feb. 5, 1927
Bowman, George B., Oct. 4 1881 and died Sept. 12, 1882, son of E. M. and J. A. Bowman
Bowman, Flora E., May 1883 and died April 1, 1884, daughter of E. M. and J. A. Bowman
Bowman, Cora M., May 1, 1883 and died May 12, 1893, daughter of E. M. and J. A. Bowman

Barry County, MO, Capps Creek Twp, page 220C listed E. M. Bowman, age 34, born in GA, and a farmer. He listed both his parents born in TN. Joaner, was age 26, born in GA and keeping house. She listed both her parents as born in GA. John Bowman was age 8, born in GA; Joseph, age 6, born in GA; Albert, age 4, born in GA and Fanny born in MO.

1900 Federal Census, US Population Schedules: Barry Co., MO, Capps Creek Twp., House # 292, Family # 292: Elijah Bowman, born in Georgia and mother was born in Tennessee and father in Kentucky. He was age 55 and married at age 30 years. He was a farmer and born June 1845. His wife was listed as Joannah and was born June of 1854. She was married at age 30 and has had 10 children and 5 were living. She was born in Georgia and her father was born in North Carolina and her mother was born in Georgia. Children were Albert W. and he was born Dec 1876, and was age 25 and was born in Missouri, a farm laborer; Ellen, a daughter, was born Oct 1887 and was age 12, born in MO, and was attending school; and Claburn, age 10 born Aug 1889 and was attending school and was born in Missouri.

Obituary: Judge E. M. Bowman Dead, A well spent life was closed and the book of accounts, so far as this life is concerned, closed with it, and Judge Elijah M. Bowman's spirit went to Him, who gave it from his home in McDonald township. Tuesday morning, April 24th, 1908, of a cancer, aged 64 years, surrounded by a loving wife, sons and daughters. The Judge Bowman, we believe, was born in Tennessee, and came to Barry County many years ago and located in Capps Creek township, where he resided until he moved to his late home. In 1902, he was elected County Judge from the Western District, on the Democratic ticket, and served his people well. He leaves a wife, four sons and two daughters to mourn his death. They are Joseph, of Miller, MO; John, Albert, and Claiborn and Miss Leta and Mrs. Ollie Ash of McDonald Township. Judge Bowman was a member of the Fairview Baptist church, 8 miles out on the Springfield road. The remains were laid to rest Tuesday evening in the Maddy Cemetery west of Purdy. Another good citizen is gone to his reward -- a family is broken and his neighbors will miss him. The family have our sympathies. (From the Cassville Democrat, May 2, 1908) [Research Note: Stone reads April 28, 1908 date of death.]

Joannah's sister Sarah Margaret married William Marion Haddock, son of William and Mary (Collins) Haddock.

From the photo files of Donna Cooper, owner unknown 

Brock School - From the photo and research files of Darla Marbut

One of Barry County's old time school houses and is still in good shape. In the 1950s area schools were consolidated. Today children in this area go to Shell Knob and then to Cassville for high school.  

Brock School Cemetery, Barry County Missouri - Shell Knob Township T22N-R25W-S21 - FR1230 is also Lake Road 39-5 (lake road number signs are much bigger and easier to read than Farm Road numbers). So we will use them in these directions. From Shell Knob: Take Lake Road 39-5 headed South.  Go approximately 4 miles, till you find FR1233 on the left hand (south) side of the road.  Stay on FR1233. You will come to a fork in the road, stay to the right, this is still FR1233.  View this map The "Old Brock School" is just past the junction, on the right hand side of the road.  It is a white building, with a metal roof. The cemetery is a small family plot located approximately 200 feet southeast of the "Old Brock School"

Directions for a "native", from a native: Go into 'Old Shell Knob" then turn South where the "old Church of Christ" use to set before it burned down. Go down the Ledgerwood hill, cross Mill Creek, up the Whisman Hill, cross Mill Creek again, go up the Stockton hill, back down the Stockton Hill, then turn left like you are going to Bennie Carter's. (Bennie has dead for years) Then turn right at Clarence Cooper's old place heading towards the Smith Ford or the fussy forty. The cemetery is a small family plot located Approximately 200 Feet Southeast of the "Old Brock School"


MAPLE GROVE SCHOOL - from the files of Bill Van Zandt


From the photo files of Bill Van Zandt

1st row-(l to r) Ethel Mae Ethridge; Willodean Ethridge; Marcella Cline; Vera Stephens (behind Marcella); Jack Webb, Billy Stephens

2nd row-(l to r) Billy Van Zandt; J. T. Webb; Vernon Potts; Dorothy Putman; Bernice Banks; Joey Fellinger; J. D. Fletcher

3rd row-(l to r) Mary Ebbert; Evelyn Putman; Bonita Van Zandt;  Elzy Fletcher; Leroy Van Zandt; Frankie Fellinge 


Maple Grove School - 1957

Second Row: Ralph Hendrix, Carolyn Hendrix, Aline Fletcher, Carroll Vanzant, Tony Cline, James Morgan, Mrs. Priest, Junior Morgan

Front Row: Martha Cooper, Donnie Cooper, Clint Morgan, Sue Woods, Ineza Cooper, Jackie Morgan, Gary Vanzant, John Morgan

[When searching the newspapers look for Van Zandt, Vanzandt, Vanzant, and other variations of the surname.]

From the photo files of Donna Cooper



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