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  Barry County, MO School Photos or Other Records


Barry Co., MO - 1 - School Photos - Washburn - Darla Marbut and others 

Barry Co., MO - 2 - School Photos - Maple Grove & Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Barry Co., MO - 3 - School Photos - Mano & Eastfork  - Darla Marbut and others 

Barry Co., MO - 4 - School Photos - Butterfield & Some Rural Schools  - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 5 - School Photos - Eagle Rock  - Darla Marbut and others 

Barry Co., MO - 6 - School Photos - Cassville  - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 7 - School Photos - Victor & Other Rural Schools  - Darla Marbut and others  
Barry Co., MO - 8 - School Photos - Munsey  - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 9 - School Photos - Purdy & Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 10 - School Photos - Exeter School - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 11 - School Photos - Scholten, Corinth & Other Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 12 - School Photos - Walnut Grove, Roaring River & Other Rural Schools  - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 13 - School Photos - Seligman - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 14 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Barry Co., MO - 15 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Barry Co., MO - 16 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others


Eagle Rock School, 1914 


From the photo files of Gary Ball


Left to Right:

First Row: 1. Lewis C. Garrett, 2. Warren Vosburgh, 3. Dallas Garrett, 4. Joe Couch, 5. Wilber Young, 6. Warren Skelton, 7. Esther Smith, 8. Audrey Easley, 9. Alvie Garrett, and 10. Herbert Whittington.

2nd Row: 1. ? Burris, 2.? Burris, 3. ? 4. ?, 5. Josie Garrett, 6. Sylvnia Smith, 7. ?, 8. Jewel Bradford, 9. Zona Skelton, 10. Flora Curry, 11. ?, 12. Zuma Easley, and 13. Verie Skelton.

3rd Row: 1. Mellie Burris, 2. Leva Reading, 3. Edith Young. 4. Elta Couch, 5. Lizzie Skelton, 6. Eva Skelton, 7. Retta Whittington, 8. Burnas Vosburgh, 9. Eligie Garrett, 10. Clare Farwell, 11. Pearl Whittington, and 12. Ella Smith.


4th Row: 1. Abie Shrum, 2. Loren Easley, 3. Charley Larcey, 4. Earl Bradford, 5. Arnold Skelton, 6. Joe Skelton, 7. Ray Curry, and 8. Frank Easley.


5th Row: 1. Zelous Farwell, 2. Amos Garrett, 3. Norman Whittington, and Teacher Claude Kisler.

Officers and Teacher 1917-1918, Page 17, Ancestors Unlimited, February 1996: Eagle Rock, District 105: Teacher Joe L. Lowe, Clerk: H. A. Vasbaugh, Pres: James "Jim" Garrett, Member: J.C. "Cap" Bradford, Member H. A. Vasburgh.





Eagle Rock School, 1929-1930


From the photo and research files of Darla Marbut


Left to right


Front Row: L to R: 1. Willis Curry; 2. Erskin Sapp; 3. Lee Bradford; 4 Ray Sapp; 5. Paul Curry; and  6. Carl Bradford.

Row 2:  7. Begins with girl in black - Ruth Fogg;  8. Christeen Tucker;  9.  Dorothy Curry; 10. Maxine Fogg; 11. Osie Garrett; 12 Floe Taggart; and 13. Ray Easley

Row 3: 14. (Begins with girl in white far left) Georgia Lee West; 15. Julia Easley; 16. Faye Maloney; 17. Allie Easley; 18. Ray Skelton;  19. "Miss Faye" Holman; 20. Maude Garrett; 21. Arthur Skelton;  22. Oman Ball; 23. Amos Tucker; and 24. Edith Garrett


Featured in the photo are a number of Haddock descendants. They are Willis Curry, Paul Curry, Dorothy Curry, Faye Maloney, Ray Skelton, and Arthur Skelton.  Oman Ball married Faye Maloney and were the parents of Darla Marbut.


The back of the picture reads that Fay Holman was the teacher, and states that it was taken at Eagle Rock, MO. Amos Tucker is second from right on the back row & Christine Tucker is second from left on the middle Row: Darla added that they are the youngest children of Gabe & Anna (Clark) Tucker. This photo and the research of names was from the files of Linda Pilant and Darla Marbut.


Darla Marbut added these notes to follow:


Ray, Julie and Allie Easley were the children of Bill and Mollie Larecy Easley.  Bill's nickname was Billy Green as his real name was William Greenberry. He was the son of John Easley, son of Green Berry Easley early Barry Co., MO settler.

John Easley and Edward Easley were brothers.   Edward married Mary Elizabeth Russell daughter of Milo and Nicey (Haddock) Russell.


Ruth and Maxine Fogg's parents were Frank and Clara Farwell Fogg. Clara's parents were:   Albert Moors Farwell who married Eliza Jane Pyatt. Floe Taggart's mother, Beulah Farwell (Mrs. Lon Taggart) was a sister to Clara.

Carl Bradford was the son of John Bradford and a brother to Maudie Bradford who married Norman Ball, Finas and Dollie Tucker Ball's son.

Erskin and Ray Sapp's parents were Eldon and Susia Etchison Sapp.  His parents were Jasper Carlin Sapp who married Sarah Alice Elam a sister of Richard Elam who married Alice Haddock, Boon and Columbia Russell Haddock.


Ray and Eldon had a brother who was called "Ott" or "Aut" (Wilbur Auther) Sapp who married Jessie Linebarger.  Jessie's parents were George and Martha Maye Haddock, daughter of Ransom and Sarah Browning Haddock. Jessie was a teacher at Eagle Rock for a time.

Osie Garrett was a daughter of Jim and Addie Maloney Garrett.   Addie or Adaline was my Great Aunt as her brother Henry Maloney was my Grandfather son of Samuel Houston Maloney who married Martha Tate.

Clarabell "Maude" Garrett was the daughter of Charley and Lulu Mae Shrum Garrett. Charley was a brother to Jim Garrett, sons of Isaac Newton Garrett who was a brother of Sarah Elizabeth Garrett who married William Valentine Ball and later George Reed.

Arthur and Ray Skelton were sons of Sam and "Lonie" Easley Skelton. Lonie was the daughter of Edward and Mary Elizabeth Russell Easley, daughter of Milo and Nicey (Haddock) Russell.

Dorothy, Paul and Willis Curry were children Noel and Jean Ball Curry, he was a son of Charley and Zona Skelton Curry. Zona was the daughter of "Doc" Jasper Newton Skelton who married Julia Russell another of Milo and Nicey (Haddock) Russell's daughters.

Dorothy, Paul and Willis Curry's parents were Noel and Jean Ball Curry. Jean was a sister of Oran Ball who died last week and they were children of Silas and Jennie Skelton Ball, brother to Finas Ball who married Dollie Tucker Ball.


Maxine Fogg, later became a teacher at Eagle Rock.   



1933 Eagle Rock School

From the photo files of Darla Ball Marbut and Georgia Ball Farwell

Front Row - L to R: 1. Fredalene Prier;  2. ?; 3. Audene Garrett; 4. Forrest Farwell; 5. Arzell Ball;  6. ?;  7. ?;  8. Geraldine Prier;  and  9. ?;

2nd Row - L to R:  10. ?;  11. Dennis Fogg; 12. Warren Farwell; 13. Ray Easley; 14. Paul Curry; 15. Wayne Smith; 16. Carl Bradford; 17. Willis Curry; and 18. Norma Maloney

3rd Row - L to R: 19. Christeen Tucker;  20. Dorothy Curry; 21. Ruth Fogg; 22. Furlon Maloney; 23. Julia Easley; 24. Osie Garrett; 25. Faye Maloney;  26. Oman Ball;  27. Maxine Fogg; 28. Floe Taggart; and 29. Melba Farwell.

If you can identify any of the ones with the question marks, please drop me a line and I'll see that Georgia and Darla get the information.



Eagle Rock School -1936


Darla (Ball) Marbut stated that on the Eagle Rock school photo of 1936 that she had made a mistake in the listing of names. The two little twin girls in the front row and in white dresses are Doris and Dora Bradford. For the place of these two children she has listed ? Bradford. 

From the photo and research files of Darla Marbut



  1940 -1941 Eagle Rock School

Left to Right

1st Row: Bob Curry, Billy Garner, Loyd Ball, Loyd Maloney, Geneva Dalton, Reba Archer, Darrel Easley

2nd Row: Bob Archer, Delane Easley, Robert Garrett, Varl Ball, Charles Curry, Eldora Ball, Cotton Perriman, Wesley Garner, Maxine Fogg, Teacher.

3rd Row: Edith Gentry, Arthur Maloney Jr., Geneva Ball, Helen Maloney, Chester Perriman, Ellis Ball, Fredeline Prier.

From the photo files of Eldora Ball Redenz 


Eagle Rock School 1941 - 1942

First Row L To R. Darrel Easley, Loyd Maloney, Delane Easley, Charlene Ball, Bob Curry, Roselee Ball.

2nd Row: Kenneth Garrett, Robert Garrett, Bob Archer, Jr. Maloney, Eldora Ball, Loyd Ball, Teacher, Maxine Fogg

3rd Row: Varl Ball, Charles Curry, Geneva Ball, Helen Maloney, Fredeline Prier, Ellis Ball.

From the photo files of Eldora Ball Redenz


Eagle Rock 1947 - Upper Grades - From the Photo files of Darla Marbut


Front Row: Ron Archer, Maurice Skelton, Ted Easley, Lowell Skelton, Ken Coatney, Joe Edwards.

2nd Row: Betty Easley, Ettaree Ball, Dorothy Dill, Alma Coatney, Anna Archer, Darla and Myrla Ball, _______Edwards, and ______Dill.

3rd Row: Franklin Edwards, Darrell Easley, Glenna Easley Keeling, Vada Coatney, Georgia Ball Farwell, Dale Easley, William Audrey Easley, teacher - Geraldine Prier Ball.

4th Row: John Winfred Prier, Ivy Edwards, Lloyd and Arthur Maloney, Jr., Rosalee Ball Ennis, Wendell Skelton.

Most of these children are Haddock descendants through Zachariah, and there are also Garrett, Ball, and Tucker descendants pictured here.



1948 -1949 - Eagle Rock School 


From the photo files of Darla Marbut



Front Row, L to R: Verdayne Hicks, Richard Easley, - O'bannon, Eugene Ball, Eddie Bradford, Betty Easley, Ted Easley, Ettaree Ball, Ida Dill, Kenneth Coatney.


2nd Row, L to R: Jim O'bannon, Ron Archer, Lowell Skelton,  Lois Prier, Alma Coatney, Gary Ball, Dorothy Dill, Maurice Skelton, Lee O'bannon, Doyle Prier, Jim Sapp.


3rd Row, L to R: W. Easley Jr., Myrla Ball, Darla Ball, Ann Archer, Dale Easley, Wendell Skelton, Glenna Easley, Georgia Ball, Pat O'bannon. 


Back Row, L to R: Darrell Easley, Jim Ball, Louise Priest, Rosalee Ball, Mary Prier, Vada Coatney, teachers - Geneva Ball, Jessie Sapp, and "Aut" Wilbur Arthur Sapp, bus driver.


This was the first year of consolidation of Munsey & Eagle Rock and the first year of bus transportation and the first year of a school lunch program.   Mrs. Flaherty was not included.  





Eagle Rock School 1949 -1950

From the photo and research files of Darla Marbut

Jessie Sapp taught upper grades and John Harris taught lower grades.

Back Row - L to R: Mary Lou Prier, Vada Coatney, Wendell Skelton, Pat O' Bannion, Jimmie Ball, Bill Easley Jr., Duane Papka, and John Harris.
2nd Row - L to R: Jessie Sapp, Bonnie Westpheling, Dale Easley, Arthur Choate, Anna Archer, Darla Ball, Myrla Ball, Jimmie Sapp, and Doyle Prier.   
3rd Row - L to R: Ronnie Archer, Lowell Skelton, Allen Choate, Dorothy Dill, Maurice Skelton, Dewey Westpheling, Alma Coatney, and Lois Ann Prier.   
4th Row - L to R: Lee O,Bannion, Raymond Papka, Teddy Easley, Etteree Ball,  Jimmie O'Bannion, Betty Easley, Verdayne Hicks, and Kenneth Coatney.
5th Row - L to R: Name? (Bert Easley's nephew), Archer Boy, Eugene Ball, Eddy Bradford, Beverly Skelton, girl was from the Dill family, one of the O'Bannion boys, and Richard Easley.
Front Row: Barbara Westpheling, Dill Girl, Patsy Ball, and Joe Corbin 


1956 -1957 Eagle Rock School

From the photo files of Darla Marbut, photo is in the possession of Edith Davis

Front Row: Teddy Coatney, Dennis Easley, Cecil Prier, Gerald Vanderpool, Emory Towler, Stona Farwell, Billie Bargay, James Goldsmith, Harold Skelton.

Center Row: Katherine Bowling, Pam Bowling

Back Row: Rita Coatney, Sandra Curry Connie Corbin, Kaye Skelton, Lona Belle Skelton, Kathy Farwell, Joyce McNeal, Linda Easley, Joan McNeal, Georgia Easley, Margaret Easley

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