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Males - name and age: 


Byron Ketcham, age 11;

Troy Cornell, age 8;

Leroy Cornell, age 11;

William Whittington age 11;

Leroy Whittington, age 18;

Richard Whittington, age 17;

James Whittington, age 19;

Fred Parish, age 10;

Burton Parish, age 13;

Charles Tucker, age 11;

William Larcey, age 12;

Joseph Larcey, age 19;

Joseph Abbott, age 17;

Calvin Skelton, age 18;

Ethel Stinson, age 16;

William Dell, age 13;

Henry Skelton, age 10;

Monroe Skelton, age 12;

William Farwell, age 10;

Robert Curry, age 14;

Albert Curry, age 15;

Murry Lewis, age 6;

Thomas Park, age 14;

Rueben Maloney, age 13;

Jackson Harris, age 11;

William Roller, age 14;

Benjamin Casey, age 12;

William Casey, age 8;

Albert Casey, age 14;

Finas Ball, age 19;

Silas Ball, age 15.


Females - Name and age:


Flossie Cornell, age 4;

Mary Casey, age 11;

Elsey Frail, age 7;

Crissie Tucker, age 7;

Rosa Tucker, age 14;

Adaline Maloney, age 9;

Annie Harris, age 14;

Luella Harris, age 12;  

Arizona Skelton, age 14;

Columbia Skelton, age 16;

Dora Skelton, age 9;

Dollie Tucker, age 15,

Martle Munsey, age 5,

Clara Munsey 6,

Bell Hill, age 12;

Artely Whittington, age 12,

Mollie Larcey, age 6,

Julia Larcey, age 6,

Gertie Farwell, age 13,

Jocie Curry, age 5;

May Farwell, age 9;

Esty Farwell, age 6;

Minnie Parker, age 12;

Mary Skelton, age 6;

Mollie Curry, age 12;

Mary Curry, age 12;

Effie Tucker, age 5;

Julia Whittington, age 14;

Nancy Roller, age 13;

Malinda Roller, age 9.



In Ancestors Unlimited, Nov 1997, page 86, Georgia (Ball) Farwell dated the below photo Jan 23, 1891 from the Munsey School Records. If interested in this edition, let me know and I'll see that Georgia gets the message. 


See those records given below: 


The year is probably 1890 or 1891 

Munsey School, Barry Co., MO

From the files of Georgia Ball Farwell and Darla Ball Marbut

Back row, 3rd from the left is Finas Ball

Standing in the back row third from left is Finas Ball - then count over from left 4 people from Finis Ball in the third row on the right, that one is a Reed, in front of her is another Reed.

On the end of second row on the right are three little girls. Two are Tuckers and one is Reed.  

In front of those little girls sitting on the ground is a Tucker. 

The boy on the first row first one on the left is probably Silas Ball.   

On the 3d row, 4th and 5th girls on the right are Mollie and Julia Larcey.

Back row, 2nd from the right, the boy is Charley Curry.

From the research and photo files of Joy Guentert

Identification of the Oct 17, 1913 - Munsey School photo below.

Darla Marbut's (T) denotes that this person thus marked was a Tucker descendant.

1st Row:  L to R: 1. Alvis Ball (T), 2. Richard Ransom Tucker, 3. George Reed, 4. Raymond Tucker, 5. Herman Ball, 6. Lizzie Prier, 7. Goldie Reed, 8. Frances Ball (T), 9. Joe Ball, 10. Christopher Tucker, (T) 11. ____? 12. Thelma Smith (T), 13. Norman Ball (T).

2nd Row: 14. Belva Perse, 15, Vergie Reed, 16. Mona Ball, 17. Eva Prier, 18. May Ball (T), 19. ____? 20. Jean Ball, 21. Daught Brewer, 22. Warner Prier, 23. Esta Ball, 24. Millie Ball, 25. Oscar Prier, Teacher, 26. Ora Prier

3rd Row: 27. Ilus Ball, 28. Ethel Ball (T), 29. Leonard Prier, 30. Linzie Smith (T) and 31. Dora Ball

4th Row: 32. John Prier, 33. Edward Ball (T), 34. Arthur Ball, 35. Eldon Ball (T), 36. Billy Reed.

5th Row: 37. Charley Ball (T), 38. Everett Tucker.

Richard Ransom Tucker, Raymond K. Tucker, Chris Tucker, Paul Alfred Tucker are all sons of Charles K. Tucker and Nora Belle Haddock Tucker.

"In the early 1900's it was hard for folks in the Munsey Community to be able to feed their families. Therefore the boys had to work or hunt wild game to help provide food. Because of this, it was difficult for the boys to have much education. They could only go to school when the weather was too cold and bad for them to work or hunt and often only for a few days at a time. They were pretty much their own boss and did just what they wanted to as long as they did their chores and helped provide wild meat for the family. When they did come to school, they were difficult to control especially for a young inexperienced teacher. As many of the teachers, were young women in those days the older boys who were disorderly caused them to resign.

Finally the school board found an older man who agreed to teach the school. They warned him that the older boys caused trouble when they came to school. In the middle of the winter when the older boys came to school more, they tried their tricks on the older man teacher. The older boys got to school early one morning and started the fire in the stove that heated the school. They let several of the younger children into the building with them and then locked the door so the teacher couldn't get in. No matter how the teacher tried to persuade the boys to open the door, they would not do so. So finally the teacher left. The boys thought they had won the battle and the teacher would turn in his resignation and leave. They felt they had outwitted the teacher.

After awhile when the boys were about ready to leave and go, they saw the teacher coming back to school carrying something under his arm. They wondered just what he planned to do with a tow sack. To their surprise the teacher climbed up on top of the school building. Soon the school house door flew open and children came running out of the building rubbing their eyes, coughing and crying. The teacher had placed the tow sack over the top of the chimney. He just simply smoked them out of the building.

Needless to say the older boys never again tried to get rid of this teacher. He had gained the respect of the older boys. Many of the older boys started to come to school more than just when the weather was bad. They respected the teacher because he had outwitted them. He was able to stay at the school for several years as he had gained the right to be called a teacher in the eyes of the boys." Story by Jack Tucker

Munsey School - 1916 

From the research and photo files of Darla Marbut - Photo in possession of Ilus Ball family, which came to us by way of Geneva Ball Intermuehle

Munsey School was on the Roaring River 2 or 3 miles from Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO. The land for the school and the cemetery behind it was donated my the Munsey Family. The Munsey Cemetery dated 1848 was a family cemetery up until the time of the donation.

There were probably a lot more students enrolled but if they were needed at home they didn't go to school. This were particularly be true during planting time in the spring and harvest in the fall.


1st Row: Girl in White, two dressed alike, White dress, checked dress, light checked dress, Checked dress, Tice Prier, Alivs or Norman Ball.

2nd Row: Warner Prier, Tina Prier, Herman Ball (Gary Ball's Dad) Girl?, Joe Ball (Silas'), Frances Ball, Unidentified boy, Unidentified boy, and the last two little girls in white not identified.

3rd Row: Ilus Ball, Leonard Prier, Lenzie Smith, Dora Ball (Elbert's line of descent), Jean Ball (Silas' line of descent), Daught Brewer, John Prier and Ethel Ball (Finas' line of descent.)

4th Row: Mona Ball (Silas), Eva Prier, Lou Brewer, Ora Prier (Darla's grandmother who married Charley Ball), and Edward Ball (Finas' line of descent.)

5th Row: Eldon Ball, Teacher Homer West, Billie Reed.

The Prier children's parents were Joseph (Joe) and Mary Shull Prier's who lived just a short distance from the school. Grandma Prier said she didn't realize how Tice hated school until she found out Tice would leave with the others but would play in the woods until school was out and walk home with them. Tina Prier next to her brother Warner was to die young leaving two little children. Her son Dr. James David Easley became a cancer specialist. We were told he chose that specialty because his mother died of cancer. James looks somewhat like her.

Frances, Ethel, Edward, and Eldon were the children of Dollie Tucker Ball and Finas Ball.

Gertie Ball, Herman, Jean, Mona and Joe Ball were the children of Silas and Jennie Skelton Ball. Silas was a brother to Finas Ball.

Dora Ball was the daughter of Elbert and Sarah Faulkner Ball

Elbert, Finas, and Silas were the sons of William Valentine and Sarah Elizabeth Garrett Ball later Reed. There was one other son, John Ben Ball.

Lenzie and Thelma Smith were the children of Charles and Minnie Harbert Smith. Charles Smith the Dad was the son of Jasper and Cynthia (Aunt Cyn) Tucker Smith.


Darla Marbut said her sister Marla found this list given below in the attic. There was a single page of record of attendance for the Munsey School dated July 9, 1917 in the papers. Since it was near the date of the photo above I thought I'd the list here. The record was for both July and August of 1917. 

Here are the names, ages and grades. (Most are listed by grades.)

1. Marion Prier, Grade 1 age 6
2. John Eacret, Grade 1 age 8
3. Thelma Vanderpool, Grade 1 age 7
4. Marie Ball, Grade 1 age 6
5. Homer Brewer, Grade 1 age 7
6. Ticeon Prier, Grade 1 age 8
7. Loren Pendergraff, Grade 2 age 9
Added in: Opal Smith, Grade 2
8. Chester Hadlow, Grade 1 age 14
9. Odessa Jones, Grade 4 age 10
10. Pheobe Cooper, Grade 4 age 10
11. Norman Ball, Grade 4 age 10
12. Alvis Ball, Grade 4 age 8
13. Eula Lawrence, Grade 4 age 12
14. Gertrude Ball, Grade 4 age 8 (Gertie)
15. Frances Ball, Grade 4 age 11
16. Lois Puett, Grade 6 age 11
17. Hermine (Herman) Ball, Grade 5 age 12
18. Warner Prier, Grade 5 age 11
19. Pearl Martin, Grade 5 age 12
20. Goldie Reed, Grade 5 age 12

21. Maye Ball, Grade 6, age 14
22. Tina Prier, Grade 6 age 14
23. Ethel Ball, Grade 6 age 18
24. Joe Ball, Grade 6 age 14
25. George Reed, Grade 6 age 14
26. Jean Ball, Grade 8 age 16
27. Virgie Reed, Grade 8 age 16
28. Beatrice Puett, Grade 7 age 12
29. Ilus Ball, Grade 8 age 16

30. Billy Reed, Grade 8 age 21
31. Zelous Clay, Grade 6 age 16
32. John Prier, Grade 8 age 16
33. Leonard Prier, Grade 8 age 18
34. Edd Ball, Grade 7 age 19
35. Theo James, Grade 7 age 15
36. Chas Larecy, Grade 5 age 13
37. Luther James, Grade 4 age 11
38. Lois Brewer, Grade 6 age 14
39. Mary James, Grade 2 age 9
40. Jas Eacret, Grade 2 age 9
41. Frank Eacret, Grade 1 age 7
42. Annie Brewer, Grade 1 age 6
43. Leland Eacret, Grade 5 age 12
44. George Eacret, Grade 4 age 10
45. Stella Eacret, Grade 6 age 14
46. Andrew Brewer, Grade 1 age 6
47. Nola Burnett, (no grade listed) age 12
48. Donald Burnett, age 9
49. Willard Burnett, age 7.

It seems children enrolled after the teacher made her list which was in ink so she added them at the bottom

All the Prier's listed here are the children of Joe and Mary Shull Prier who lived on the old Munsey place on Roaring River near the Munsey Cemetery. At that time the Munsey School was next to the cemetery. 

 Munsey School  - about 1938

From the photo files of Wilma Ball by way of Darla Marbut

Left to Right

Front Row: Emily "Louise" Tucker (Everett Tucker's daughter) Darla stated that she probably was named in honor of "Emily" Emma Thornton Tucker her Grandmother. Next:  Bob Ball, Glenna Ball, Martha Jean (Glenna and Martha Jean Ball were Norman Ball's daughter and Tucker descendants.) After Martha Jean is Leon Ball.

2nd Row: Arvel Ball, Ilus Ball Jr., Hollis Ball, and Glen Tucker (Everett's son), Wilma Ball (Provided picture and is a Tucker descendant), John Epperly, Teacher.

Back Row: Norma Jean Ball, Helen Tucker, (Everett's daughter.)  (Helen was born Jul 4, 1926, and died Sep 4, 2001 buried in Maple Park Cemetery, Aurora, MO, md. J. F. Shoemaker)

Next (back row 3d from left, Laverne Ball and Hazel Hicks.

Darla Marbut's Notes: Eventually the old school building was moved to the Eagle Rock school and attached to it so grades 1-4 had a room and grades 4-8 had one. The winter of 1854, 3 or 4 Munsey children died and resulted in the land being donated for the cemetery. The last Munsey was buried there in 1898. In the early 1900's the Munsey family sold their land to my Great Grandparents Joe and Mary Shull Prier and left the area.
I was told the 5 Munsey children died of the Flu but am not sure and they might not have known either. The children were Charles Munsey age 3 died first, 2 days later,  Nov 5th Emmeline died, one day later John age 6 months died Nov 6,  Emira age 11 died Nov 12 and George age 9 died Dec 4, of 1854. I don't know if it is true or not, but they said it was really cold when the first children died and the ground was frozen. They put them in the smoke house until the weather got better and they could bury them.

These little children's parents were Joseph B. and Tammer Munsey.  The children's brother who lived was Charles Albert "Bud" Munsey b. about 1856 md. Mary J. Smith who was the daughter of Sarah Jane Tucker and John Smith. Sarah Jane Tucker was a daughter of James and Catharine Bradley Tucker, early pioneers of this area.


Munsey School 1938- 1939, taken 1939 - From the photo files of Eldora Ball Redenz

Left to Right 

Back Row:  Laverne Ball, Geneva Ball Hazel Hicks, Wilma Ball, Helen Tucker, Norma Ball, Glen Tucker, Hazel Corbin, Teacher, Orville Ball.

Front Row: Louise Tucker, Varl Ball, Hollis Ball, Ilus Ball Jr., Glenna Ball, Bobby Ball, and Martha Ball

Munsey School - 1947 - From the photo files of Jim Ball

Left to right

Front Row: Mary Prier, Jim Ball, Gary Ball.

Back Row: Teacher, Geneva Ball Indermuehle, Lois Prier, Doyle Prier and Verdayne Hicks



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