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Barry County, MO School Photos or Other Records


Barry Co., MO - 1 - School Photos - Washburn - Darla Marbut and others 

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Barry Co., MO - 3 - School Photos - Mano & Eastfork  - Darla Marbut and others 

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Barry Co., MO - 7 - School Photos - Victor & Other Rural Schools  - Darla Marbut and others  
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Barry Co., MO - 9 - School Photos - Purdy & Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 10 - School Photos - Exeter School - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 11 - School Photos - Scholten, Corinth & Other Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 12 - School Photos - Walnut Grove, Roaring River & Other Rural Schools  - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 13 - School Photos - Seligman - Darla Marbut and others  

Barry Co., MO - 14 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Barry Co., MO - 15 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others

Barry Co., MO - 16 - School Photos - Some Rural Schools - Darla Marbut and others


King's Prairie News: There will be a box supper at Bethel school house, Tuesday night, for the benefit of Mr. Todd. Cassville Republican, Thursday, Weekly Paper, November 24, 1892, Barry Co., MO

Bethel School The following is a list of those making the best grade in the bi-monthly examination of Nov 10. [The percent not given here  - all above 85.] John Lyons, Everett Easley, Loren Callaway, Laura Lucas, Inez Lucas, Ida Farwell, Myrtle Sherman, Maude Sherman, Josie Hussey, Julie Hussey, and Nancy Darity. Edna Meador, teacher. November 16, 1899, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Weekly Paper, Cassville, Barry Co., MO 

King's Prairie News: Our school began Monday, Bert Catron, teacher. August 31, 1911, Thursday, Cassville Republican, Barry Co., MO

Teachers for 1913: Blanche Lotsham, Madge Jackson, Irwin Latshaw, Myrtle and Lloyd Dummit, Bert Catron, teacher. [No school given - maybe King's Prairie] Cassville Republican, Thursday, Weekly Paper, April 17, 1913 



Report of N. E. A. of T.

Pursuant to adjournment the N. E. A. of T. met with the Jenkins City School, Jan 6th at 10 a. m.

Meeting was called to order by secretary and T. M. Purdom elected chairman pro term in the absence of Pres. Wallen.

Discussion was opened on Methods of Teaching History by J. H. Irby.

Methods of Teaching Civil Government opened by Charles H. Ellis.

Methods of Conducting school opened Henry Cordill and Willis Wiley.

The afternoon's work consisted of a recitation in arithmetic conducted by Harvey Cordill, and one in langue by James H. Thomas, closing with some interesting talks from patrons - the program was listed after this data, which I did not copy. Monett Times, Weekly Paper, January 11, 1894


Monett Times, Weekly Paper, January 1894: Washburn News Items listed these teachers. That section reads: Our school now has an enrollment of 249 students with new students entering every week. Four teachers are now employed: Prof. A. C. Farley, Misses Nora Blankowlee, Maggie Walker, and Effie Salmon. Prof Farley has a large class of teachers. The following is a list of outside students now in attendance with their address: Tea Preston, Seligman, Mittie Chandler, Pierce City, Daisy McPhersorf, Ivy McPherson, Effie Robertson, Lee Robertson, Alonzo Robertson, and Clarence Robertson, Roaring River, E. C. Miller, Texas, Benj. Hancock, Scholten, Finis Burnett, James Wasson, Minnie Miller, and Elbert Wasson, Seligman, Willie Graham, Neosho, John Fine, P. R. Moffatt, J. A. Fulp, C. B. McCary, J. R. Walker, W. R. Hood, Jennie Mooney, Etta McCollum, Libble McCary, Anna Moore, Lola Stark, Washburn, and Nellie Frost, Cassville.

Bethel School - District 19 - about 1900 or so - Owner Unknown

First or Front Row: L. To R. Harlen McCoy, Mertie Kennedy, Ida Reynaud, Florence Reynaud

Second Row: L. to R. Standing in center, Doris Long, Quincy Goodnight, Cecil Marbut, Earl Carr

Third Row: L. to R. Lottie Addington, Gertie Addington, Doug Poyner, Albert Reynauld - holding sign, Alta Kennedy, Guy Carr, Eula Rumbou [Rambaugh], Icy Goodnight, Ewin Davis - has hands on boy in front of him, Pat Goodnight

4th Row: L. to R. Curtis McCory, Florence Russell, Gladys Marbut, Gladys Reynaud, Bert Catron, teacher, Myrtle Addington 

5th Row:  L. to R. Oma Drake, Raymond Marbut, Oma Henderson, Albion Erickson

6th Row: L. to R. Clyde Davis, Hattie Drake, Earl Goodnight, Libby Goodnight, Sanford Davis, Bess Kennedy, Orvill Burns, Vernie Spain.



Photo taken about 1910 Purdy Grade School - from the photo files of Donna Cooper

First Row: Olin Burrows, Ralph Horton, Bert Williams, Eugene Williams, unknown

Second Row: Ruth Ambrose (Standing), Beatrice McCraw, Ruth Carlin, Mildred Rains, Francis Cook, Pearl Ghan, Gretchen Counts, Chlora Burg, Lois Doyel

Third Row: Rena Doyel, Unknown, Electa Ellis, Nelly Dummit, Ruth Mosby, Kathryn Gurley, Marie Gurley, Mabel Lane, Beryl England, Ara Whittington and Edith Allred, standing.

Four Row: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Daymon McNatt, Fred Gurley, Jim Whittington, Itasca McNally, teacher.

Research Note: Ruth Carlin was a daughter of William Sherman and Mintie Ellis (Northcutt) Carlin and a grand daughter of William Marshall and Nancy (Haddock) Carlin. She was a great granddaughter of Charles and Sarah (Collins) Haddock, Jr.


1921 Purdy School - 8th grade graduation.

George Woodard Northcutt on the back row next to the teacher.  Photo in possession of the McQueen family.


This is the Black Sheep School, which was located in Barry County, and there is no date on the photo. It was sent to me many years ago, and I am sorry that I don't know by whom.

On a duplicate photo that was also sent to me, there was a note that stated the little girl on the first row, fifth from the left was Mazie Segraves.


I would like to hear from anyone who knows about this school or photo.  



Cassville Republican, Thursday, Weekly Paper, April 17, 1913 -  Source Missouri Historical Society, Microfilm

Teachers Employed of the School Year of 1913-1914

We have been informed that the following teachers have accepted schools as follows for the coming year

Pleasant Dale, Mae Combs;
Binnerman, Thos. O'Dwyer;
Hope Dale, Arthur Terry;
Eden, Ora McNally;
Lee, Emory Medlin;
Ozark, Clyde Northcutt;
Kings Prairie, G. E. Stevenson;
Marbut, Calvin Henderson;
Clay Hill, Will Lathim;
Osa, W. C. Mattox;
Mars Hill, Raymond Thomas;
Ozark, Edith Hall;
Jenkins, P. A. Suttles;
Lone Elm, E. R. Perriman;
Star, Miss Sherrick;
Liberty, Winnie Mattox;
McDowell, Ella Garris;
Sparks, Harrison Truhitte; 
Gunter, Guy Cowherd; 
Arnhart, A. E. Selvidge;
Long, Floyd Ray;
Pleasant Valley, R. W. Poplin;
Butterfield, Ernest Ferguson;
Clark, H. H. Counts;
Green Ridge, Miss Stewart;
Swindle, Fred McGlothin;
Johnson, Miss Howard;
Union Valley, Otis Packwood;
Hazel Dell, Fannie Packwood;
Doss, James Sapp;
House, Henry McNally;
Shady Grove, John Hankins;
Black, Maggie Ruddick;
Mt Sinai, Harve Truhite;
Forest Grove, Robt. Greer;
Mineral Springs, Farmer Ennes;
Hailey, Pike Halley;
Mt Home, Alonzo Woods;
Pine Grove, Ivy Porter;
Viola, Isaac Epperly;
Brock, W. J. Brock;
Pasley, F. A. Freeze; 
Washburn Prairie, G. A. Crane;
Wayne, A Baldwin;
Twin Springs, Lora Bacon;
Vanzandt, P. A. Dotson;
Seven Star, Miss Lawrence;
Measles Prairie, P. R. Moffit;
Potts, Orville Roller;
Rock Springs, Albert Roller; 
Sunny Side, Roy Cornell;
Lone Star, Oliver Crane;
Peoples, W. E. Fairchild;
New Salem, Ray Cowherd;
Butler, Georgia Jayne;
Mt Zion, Claud Kisler;
Victory, Thos. Reynolds;
Exeter, M. L. Gentry, Prin., Bessie McNally, primary department; 
Seligman, Lawrence Tatman; 
Washburn, Thos. Hodge, Prin., Gladys McNally, primary department; 
Purdy, Ben Ray, Prin., James Rhea, Thena Brookman, Nannie Hamilton;
Clio, Hazel Hafley;
Scholten, Miss Stryker;
Munsey, Oscar Prier; 
Wheaton, Jewel Barnett, Intermediate, Miss Ant

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