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1909 Map of Barry County, MO - Owner Darla Marbut

1908 Extracts from Barry County, MO, Newspapers  

An interlibrary loan of microfilm from the Missouri State Historical Society was the source of the below given data.

October 3, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO October 10, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

Married Wednesday, Oct 6, 1908, at the resided of Ollie Manley in Cassville, by Rev. E. W. Love, E. B. Short of Wellington, Kan., and Miss Exie Beasley of Pierce city. She is a daughter of J. O. F. Beasley of Pierce City, and has many relatives and friends in this county, who will extend best wishes.

Remember that Chas. Velton of Capps Creek Township, democratic nominee for county judge, western district does not wear the collar of any corporation. He is honest and competent and will make a good official. Vote for him.

Travers News: The Quaker school is progressing nicely with management of Prof. Homer Marbut.

Ash News: The Twin Spring school has been closed on account of the teacher having the smallpox.

Eagle Rock News: R. C. Kling is teaching us a good school here this year.

Eagle Rock News: Florence Skelton and Alva Stryker were married Sunday. [Florence Skelton and Alva Stryker were married September 18, 1908. Florence was a Haddock descendant through Zachariah.]

Eagle Rock News: Miss Beula Farwell has been confined to her bed with the fever.

Born to Noah Mills and wife of near Shell Knob, Oct 12, a daughter.

M. D. Saunders of Sumner, Ill., is visiting his sister, Mrs. C. A. Webber and family of this city.

Married, Oct 15, 1908, at the Recorder's Office by Rev. J. T. Brattin, J. W. Hold and Nancy M. Taylor of Vinita, Oklahoma.

Mrs. Bud Snider of Cato was run over by a cow on the 9th, and has a hip dislocated. She was getting along nicely at last account.

G. C. Bryant of Guyman, Oklahoma, attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Daugherty of Butterfield last week.

Mrs. Martha "Patsy" Daugherty, formerly, Bryant, who died at Butterfield, had lived in Barry County, 43 years, and was 85 years old and left five children. She first married a man named Mackey. Rev. J. C. Lowe conducted funeral service at Russell Cemetery. [Could read Bussell Cemetery.]

Abstract: D. P. Pharis has Passed to his Reward: On Oct 11, 1908, Dr. Pharis went to sleep. He was born in Meigs Co., Tennessee, Jan 26, 1830. He left his home in Tennessee about 1843, when 14 years old and went to Ft. Smith, Arkansas and from there he came to this county. In 1855 he married Miss Kiziah A. Burton, daughter of the late John B. Burton and they had four children.  John and Mary, deceased, and Mrs. Helen C. Hobbs, of this city and Mrs. Miissie K. Martin of Kansas City.  On Jan 27, 1862, Mrs. Pharis died and left her husband and two children. And then after the war, he and Mrs. Columbia C. McDowell, a daughter of the late Senator Littleberry Mason, married and had three children. Mrs. Jennie H. Ray of Cassville, Mrs. Kate Griffith of Alva, Okla., and Blondville, and a son who died in infancy.  

Pharis and Hunter Martin came in from Kansas City, Tuesday noon to attend their grandfather's funeral, the late D. P. Pharis. They left for Claremore, Okla., Tuesday.

Cards of Thanks: abstract - thanking for sympathy from Mrs. C. C. Pharis, wife. And also Mrs. Helen C. Hobbs, Mrs. Missie Martin, Mrs. Jennie B. Ray, Mrs. Kate Griffith, daughters.

J. W. George returned from Galena Circuit Court, Wednesday. He prosecuted Herbert Jones for killing Samuel Taylor and Jones got ten years in the pen and afterwards broke jail and got away. Herbert's wife was discharged; Mrs. Jones Herbert's mother plead guilty to manslaughter and got two years but was paroled. Mr. George was employed to prosecute in a rape case.

October 17, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO


October 24, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

In the real estate transfers was listed S. H. Maloney to J. C. Whittington, 1/2 int in neqr of nwqr of 9-21-26; 33 a, con. $15.

October 31, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO


Marsh Hutchens got one-half of his middle fingerers torn off and the ends of two others cut off, in a corn shredder at Cedar Valley stock Farm, Thursday evening.


Hailey News: Mrs. Myrtle Potter and children are visiting her father, E. M. McKinney and caring for her sister who is sick.


Hailey News: We are sorry to hear of the death of little Effie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kinser. The remains were laid to rest in the Butterfield Cemetery.


Hailey News: Mrs. W. P. Kinser was called to the bedside of her father at Granby last week. 


Shady Grove News: Uncle Willis Russell had a wood chopping at his home last Tuesday.


Purdy News: Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stark are the parents of a baby girl, born Friday.


Scholten News: Charlie Williams and wife are the happy parents of a 10 lb girl.


Scholten News: Uncle Enoch William was called to Cape Fair, to attend his sister who is very sick.


Scholten News: Someone burned a double log house on Wm. Wiley's land. This was a very dirty piece of business and the guilty parties should be hunted down an prosecuted.


Shoal Creek News: Ira Garrison and wife have moved to Exeter.


Shoal Creek News: Born to Chas. Kirk and wife, Oct 24, a boy.


Shoal Creek News: Born to Grover Overton and wife, Oct 26, a boy.


Marriage Licenses:


Arthur Suttles and Martha Bass, Monett

Dick Stevenson, Garfield, Ark. and Pluma Banks, Washburn

H. H. Counts, Monett and Georgia Smith, Purdy

November 7, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

Washburn Prairie News: Olyn Jayne went to Carthage last week to see about having his eye treated.

Meredith Turner of Simco, Newton County, accidentally shot himself last week, with a shot gun loaded with No. 10 shot. He was taking the gun from a wagon loaded, when it was discharged, the load entering the left side between the lower ribs and the hip, leaving a great hole as it went, penetrating the kidneys and stomach, leaving part of the bowels exposed. He lived until the following morning, when he died. He is a brother to the Turner that killed Utter in McDonald County, sometime ago. He was a member of a church and a nice young man.

William Johnson, an old citizen of near Osa, had a stroke of paralysis last week. He is 77 years of age. His many friends will be sorry to learn of his sickness.

Married, Nov. 1st, 1908, at the residence of Miss Mary Smith in this city by Squire Feland, Nova Mitts and Miss Ollie Hadlow.

Born to Otis Baker and wife of Mineraspings, Nov 3rd, 1908, a son who was named William Bryan Baker.

Mrs. Wm. Suttles of near Jenkins, is in very bad health, with dropsy. She is a sister of C. C. Carney and a niece of Mrs. N. L. Hailey of this city.

Sam N. Hankins has placed a monument at the grave of his wife in Horner Cemetery.

Thomas Hollow News: John Painter of Cassville was in this vicinity Sunday seeing his best girl.

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: T. D. Pitts has purchased the  O. R. barber shop.

In Jail: Wm Murrel, charged with killing Todd Miller, had his preliminary trail at Aurora last Saturday and was bound over to await the action of the circuit Court and charge of first degree murder. He is in jail. Mt. Vernon Chieftain

November 14, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

County Court Proceedings: Robert King was adjudged insane and Sheriff O'Dwyer was ordered to convey King to asylum and to bring M. F. Senters back, who is a county charge.

Eagle Rock News: The Bradford girls visited at C. D. Smith's Sunday.

Eagle Rock News: There was a big musical entertainment at C. D. Smith's Saturday night. A string band from Mount Zion furnished the music.

Noah Brattin and wife of Washburn township, were in town, Monday. Noah has a catarrh on his right hand.

The case of A. G. Collins vs. Hogg Bros. of Washburn was tried in Squire Pattenburg's court Monday, and a verdict was returned for the plaintiff.

Walter Wilson who died at Monett from injuries caused from jumping from a Frisco train, was in Cassville the latter part of the summer and claimed to be a baseball player.

Washburn Prairie News: Mr. and Mrs. Claud Vanzandt visited in Arkansas Sunday. [Van Zandt]

Mrs. Sol. Meredith of Ritchey, who attempted suicide sometime ago, has about recovered from the wound, but her mind is shattered and she was taken to Nevada Asylum, this week. She was a daughter of the late Hon. Tuck Saunders a well known and honored citizen of Newton County, during life. Dr. Sol. Meredith was killed at Carthage, a few years ago, by a fellow named Sanderson.

W. W. Day is recovering from sickness.

M. F. Center of Washburn, has returned from Nevada.

Judge Waters of Carthage was in Cassville Saturday.

M. Y. Henson has been appointed postmaster at Cato.

N. I. Hailey took Robert King to the Nevada Insane Asylum Saturday night.

Wm. Rogers of McDonald County has moved to Washburn to live. We welcome him to our county.

Geo. A. Dotson has moved to Cassville, from Monett, to take care of his grandmother, Mrs. Dotson, who is very feeble condition.

Miss Girtie, 16 year old daughter of Sige Bowman, of Flat Creek, P. O., died Nov 7th, 1908, of slow fever. The remains were buried at Carney Cemetery.

Mrs. Geo. A. Arnhart Dead: The many old friends of Geo. A. Arnhart of Washburn Prairie, will heartily sympathize with him on the death of his wife, Thursday afternoon, Nov 12th, 1908, age 70 years, 7 months, and 11 days. Mrs. Arnhart was born May 1st, 1838, in Franklin County, Missouri. Before the war, she married Austin Roller, who was killed during the war, and to that marriage was born three children - Wint Roller of Washburn Prairie and Mrs. Malone Cox and Marion Roller of Purdy. Those born of the marriage with Mr. Arnhart are Geo. Arnhart, Seattle, Wash., Mrs. J. A. McCallester of Washington, MO, Mrs. Janie Jaynes of near Washburn and Mrs. Clinton Ault of Cassville.

Mrs. Arnhart has been a highly respected citizen of this county, and her death will be mourned by a large number of relatives and old time friends. Rev. Harris conducted the funeral services this morning, after which the remains were laid to rest in Washburn Prairie Cemetery.

Another happy home is broken, many heart are bleeding and eyes moistened with tears, while she is basking in the sunlight of her Great Redeemer.  [Research Note: Margaret Roller married Malone Cox; Winfred married Jennie Park, and Samuel Marion Roller married Sarah Jane Edwards. Mrs. Arnhart, given, above, was Sarah Ann McAllester, born May 1, 1838.]

Marriage Licenses:

Andy Reed, Seligman and Lydia Poe, Garfield, Ark.

Thos. H. Setzer and L. A. Armstrong, Exeter

G. W. Maxwell and Sallie James, Cassville

Wm. Rodgers, Powell and Julia M. Gourley, Washburn [Gurley?]

November 21, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

One of Barry County's Most Bloody Murders: Husband and wife at Carney's Store, (Shell Knob) Barry Co., MO, Dec 9, 1869

Editor of Cassville Democrat: One of the most horrible crimes that was ever committed in our section of country, occurred here on the evening of the 4th, inst., in the murder of Jackson Carney and his wife, by George Moore.

Mr. Carney had been married about ten months, and was the son of John Carney of Flat Creek, Barry Co., MO. He was engaged in merchandising and his store was adjoining his residence.

Moore and Jackson Carney were well acquainted with each other, and the former after robbing a man who was intoxicated of some ten dollars, left the country, and was absent some nine or ten months, before the murder was committed. He returned to the neighborhood about seven days ago - came to the store of the deceased about 11 o'clock a. m., on the 4th inst., remained there the balance of the day, and about dark shot Jackson Carney and with a revolver, one shot taking effect in his throat and the other near the mouth passing through the head.

Mr. Carney's wife was shot though he head, the ball entering the left ear and passing out at the back of the head. Mr. Carney was living alone with his wife. They were found on Sunday the 5th about 4 o'clock p. m., the husband lying on his back in the store room and his wife on the far side of the residence some twenty feet part both expired almost immediately after being shot.

The murder wife was so near the out-law that a portion of her clothing caught fire from the burring power - her person was considerable burned in one or two places from the burning of the clothing.

The murdered took some $400 in money, a revolver, and hat belong to the deceased, and left his own hat and a small single barrel pistol.

He arrived at Lewis Woodridge's at 8 o'clock on the evening of the murder and remained there during the night. Next day he went to church and on Monday, at 10 o'clock a. m., he was arrested by the sheriff of this county, taken to Cassville the county seat of this county an there lodged in jail.

An inquest was held on the afternoon of the 8th, and a verdict given that Jackson Carney and wife came to their death from a pistol fired by George Moore. On Tuesday afternoon the husband and wife were buried side by side in the same grave and the same coffin. There were more persons present at this funeral than ever assembled at any funeral to this county. They murdered husband was well respected by all who knew him. He was known al through this section of country to be good a citizen and a kind husband, no man ever lived a more honorable or peaceful life. Those who knew him loved and respected him. His wife was one the best of women - kind, dutiful and affectionate. It is thought that neither husband nor wife had an enemy in the world. The neighbors and acquaintance were excited to the very highest extent by this sad occurrence. Nothing but seeing the murder punished could satisfy them.

On yesterday morning some two hundred of the deceased's friends assembled, rode quietly into Cassville, demanded of the sheriff the keys to the jail. The sheriff seeing that a refusal would amount to nothing, deliver the keys to the outraged populace.

The door of the jail was soon unlocked. The murder taken out, a suitable rope was in readiness and soon the guilty murder and robber was hanging suspended in the atmosphere with nothing to sustain him, but the hangman's rope. He was hung between two posts within six feet of the court house. He was requested and given time to confess, but refused; he did not appear to be frightened in the least. It is very probable that he was so hardened to crime that death had no fears to him; he was hung about noon, and  I learn was still hanging about sunset yesterday evening. On this person showed? up in different pairs of his clothing was found $20. of the money he took from Mr. Carney after he committed the murder.

The store where this sad affair occurred being to Messrs. Robertson & Mason of Springfield, MO, and John Carney, father of deceased. The murdered man Jackson Carney was employed by them to conduct and attend to the business of the store. (Published by request.)

James Holmes and Miss Lula Wormington of Capps Creek township, were married in Pierce City, on Nov 3rd, 1908. Both belong to old and highly respected families of that section and we hope for a successful and happy life.

Mrs. Maggie Park and John Burns were married recently at the home of the bride, Sunday, Nov, 8. Mrs. Bryant from Rogers, the bride's sister attended the wedding. We wish them much happiness and success. Garfield Ark., Correspondent. Rogers Democrat. Mrs. Park was formerly Miss Maggie Legg, a daughter of Dr. J. R. Legg, who resided at Washburn several years.

Scholten News: Frank Carney and Miss Corda Wiley attend a tacky party at Crane, Frank go the premium for being the tackiest one there.

Scholten News: Alba Williams had a little trouble over a wagon he bought that had a mortgage on it, that parties compromised in some way, and he got his wagon back.

Thomas Hollow News: Mrs. Metcalf and son John were visiting at Rocky Comfort last week.

White Church News: Winfield Taylor has moved into his new house.

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: Tom Dickens south of town, was called to the bedside of his mother at Joplin, who is not expected to live.

Eagle Rock News: Misses Minnie Haddock and Grace Cassidy spent Sunday with Miss Lou Skelton.

Eagle Rock News: R. W. Whittington is having an addition built to his residence.

Eagle Rock News: J. C. Bradford is building a fire place for Will Farwell this week.

Travers News: Born to Hugh Morton and wife, a son, Saturday, Nov 14th.

Purdy News: The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Wes. Hadly, died Saturday of membranous croup, and was buried Sunday afternoon. [Hadley]

Hailey News: Mrs. Boyd, son and daughter, visited the formers daughter, Mrs. W. W. Jenkins of Monett, from Sunday until Wednesday.

Will of Jacob Lemaster: The last will and testament of Jacob Lemaster late of Golden, dated, Aug 30, 1887, was filed Nov 16, 1908, and provides as follows: 1st, he willed his soul to God, 2nd, he gave the sw 1/4 of nw 1/4 and nw /4 of sw 3/4 in 23 21 25, together with all live stock, grain, etc., with all beds and bedding and all household and kitchen furniture at the time of his death to his wife, Elizabeth E. Lemaster and Nat. E. Lemaster his youngest son; he directed that all his just debts and funeral expenses be paid, then Nat. E. Lemaster to have remainder of above named property.  Nat E. Lemaster was appointed Executor without bond. The remaining 80 acres describes follows: the ne 1/4 of nw 1/4, and se 1/4 of t nw 1/4 to be sold and the proceeds to be divided between all his children. R. G. and D. D. Salyer, and Geo. W. Davis were witnesses to the will.

Marriage Licenses:

Albert Rehwinkle and Bertha Benning, Purdy

Albert Goetz, Purdy and Ida Stebler, Monett

J. A. Gillien and Amanda Hornbeck, Monett

Geo. Thomas and Hattie McQueen, Exeter

Rev. S. Beatty and Edna M. Mansfield, Monett

A. J. Bryson and Ella Fowler, Mayflower

Geo. Titus and Lilly Smith, Welectka, OK

Bemis Sanders, Cassville and Emma Stephens, Exeter

November 28, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

A. J. Duckworth, a prominent citizen of Rogers, Ark., died last week.

Mrs. Epha Baker, age 77 years has pneumonia. It is feared she will not recover.

Mrs. Rhoda Lillard will soon leave for Mangam, Okla., where her son, Clyde has a good position.

Ash No. 2 News: The infant babe of John Call, died Friday night of scarlet fever.

A little son of Commodore Purdom of near Hailey, fell off a fence, and broke a leg. 

Rocky Comfort Telegrams: J. L. Montgomery and J. L. Patterson have gone to Texas.

Independence News: Married Sunday, Nov 14, by Squire Sallee at his residence, in Liberty township, George Thomas and Hattie McQueen of near El Paso. We extend congregations.

Travers News: Thursday morning Frank Dillbeck and family started for Grove, Oklahoma, with four loaded wagons. They expect to arrive there by Saturday night. We wish them a safe journey, and success in their new home. Jim Morton and wife will move to the farm vacated by them.

Thomas Marbut Pardoned: From Kansas Penitentiary of Murder of Stepson: The Joplin Globe Friday morning says that Thomas Marbut has been pardoned from the Kansas penitentiary, where he was sentenced for ten years on a charge of murdering his step-son nearly three years ago in Mineral, Kan.

The Globe says new facts have been learned since the trial and conviction of Marbut that show there was a miscarriage of justice. He is related to the Barry County Marbut's.

Died Very Suddenly: W. H. Miller the photographer of Purdy, was found unconscious in his room last Saturday morning, and died in a very few minutes.

He was a son of Mrs. E. Burchett, about 30 years of age, and was born and raised at Purdy. The remains were buried at the Maddy Cemetery, Saturday.

John Viles' daughter was killed by a cyclone, Wednesday morning, at Reeds Springs.

Charlie Woods of Joplin and Miss Birdie Dollar of Exeter, were married Thursday.

We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mrs. John Elmore at her home near Eagle Rock, Nov 20, from continued sickness, aged about 32 years. She was a daughter of the late Jesse Sparks of near Golden. She left a husband and two children to mourn her loss. She was a member of the Christian Church and enjoyed the respect and confidence of all her acquaintances. The remains were laid to rest in Viney Cemetery. Mr. Elmore's many old friends in Cassville and Washburn will heartily sympathize with him, in his great loss.

Effie Barger Dead: E. L. Barger, well-known as the shooting gallery man, died at his residence in north of town this afternoon. He has suffered from a complication of diseases, the principal one being an affliction of the heart. He was a member of the M. W. A. and also the A. O. U. W., Lodges of this city. - Aurora Argus.

Effie Barger formerly resided near Cassville, and married a Miss Shaffer, a daughter of the late Elias Shaffer of near Mano, and as sister of Mrs. John L. Hankins of near this city, and a brother-in-law of Elias Shaffer of Mano, who attended the funeral.

December 5, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

Monett Times: James C. Kemp of Monett, died Tuesday, Dec. 1, 1908, of pneumonia, age 68 years. He was born in Indiana, Dec 17, 1839, and married Miss Amanda Ray at Shelbyville, Ind., in 1853 and came to Barry County in 1877. He was highly respected by all his acquaintances and was a member of the M. E. Church. Funeral services were held at the M. E. Church at Purdy, Wednesday at 2 p.m., and the remains were laid to rest in the cemetery there. He was the father of Attorney D. H. and Ed Kemp of Monett and Mrs. W. A. Thornhill of Purdy. Mr. Kemp formerly resided at Corsicana and Purdy. 

Monett Times: Mr. R. C. Inman is sick with pneumonia.

Monett Times: Mrs. J. H. Inman of Webb City is visiting her sister, Mrs. O. Barker.

Munsey News: Arthur Mahoney [Maloney] filed his appointment at Mr. Keith's Sunday.

Munsey News: School at Eagle Rock is progressing nicely with B. C. King as teacher.

Munsey News: Charley Keeling was the guest of Miss Dovie Ash, Thanksgiving.

Munsey News: M. Cornell is building a new barn.

For Sale: On account of ill health, I am forced to give up my Watkins agency in Barry County. Will offer for sale, territory, medicine wagon, team and harness. Will sell together or separate to suit purchaser. See me at my home in Cassville. O. O. Uarney

Shoal Creek News: Bob Coatney and Miss Pearl Wisely attended the pie supper at Swindle College Thursday night.

Liberty No. 4 News: T. H. R. Smith and brother Charles, started Monday night for Kiefer, Oklahoma.

Liberty No. 4 News: Married, Sunday, Nov 29, John Metcalf and Miss Clara Ridenour. Their friends with them success through life.

Liberty No. 4 News: Dr. Bailey of Cassville, spent a few days with his brother, J. C. Bailey and family, last week.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Pleas. Chapmen, residing east of town, Dec 2, 1908, a son.

Wednesday, Dec 2, 49 years ago, John Brown was swung into eternity at Harpers Ferry.

Ray, little son of Dave Dingler, has been sick for a week with a throat trouble.

Born to Geo. Herd and wife Nov. 19, 1908, south of town, a son.

H. P. Sons has returned from Seligman where he attended his father, who is very old and feeble.

Ed McPhail and Miss Nellie McIntosh of McDonald Township were married at Carthage, Nov 23, 1908. Mrs. McPhail is a daughter of Jas. McIntosh, a prominent citizen of McDonald Township. We trust they will make a great success of married life in every way.

Ash No. 2 News: Sevier Hickey, the Maple Grove teacher visited at home from Friday until Sunday.

Rock Springs News: Elders M. Smith and Charles Vanzandt are to commence a protracted meeting at Rock Springs, the first Sunday in December. [Van Zandt] 

Scholten News: Preacher Allman was called to Crane Saturday.

Shady Grove News: Richard Rausch has returned from Colorado, where he has been for nearly two years. He talks some of farming her next year.

December 12, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

Two tramps were arrested last week, for building a fire in the Anhauser-Busch beer depot at Aurora, causing the building to burn up.

Washburn Prairie News: Chas. Vanzandt [Van Zandt] and family have moved in the house with G. A. Arnhart.

Washburn Prairie News: Wesley Burnett spent Sunday night with his uncle Henry Weston and family.

Fairview Globe: A masked man held up the farm hand of H. W. Estes at his barn, Saturday night. It is supposed that he would-be robber was laying in wait for Mr. Estes. On discovering his mistake he made good his escape.

Ash News: Haney Ford and wife visited at Bert Wethers Sunday. [Weathers]

Wayne News: Married at the home of the bride's parents, Miss Ethel Weatherly to Vernon Ervin, Dec. 7th. We wish them a long and happy life and may all their troubles be little ones. [Search Erwin too when look for Ervin.]

Wm. M. True of Eureka Springs, Ark., died recently at Butte, Montana, the remains were shipped to Eureka Springs for burial.

Hiram Montgomery who is charged with murdering George Mitchell, a former Springfield policeman, will be tried at Mt. Vernon, in the March term of circuit court, a charge of venue being granted him by Judge Lincoln of that city, last Saturday. He is now under a bond of $10,000. Record.

Mrs. Lizzie Blaine who has been visiting her parents, Samuel Dickey, and wife, and other relatives and friends in this city for a few days returned to her home in Monett, last Saturday evening. Marshfield Chronicle

December 19, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

Hailey News: Chas. Buener and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a son.

Hailey News: We are sorry to hear of the death of Grandma Warren. The bereaved have our sympathy.

Clark News: Jim Black and family have retuned from Oklahoma, where they have been for a few months.

Travers News: Mrs. Payne returned home from Eldorado Springs, where she has been visiting her parents.

Eagle Rock News: Criss Hadlow is working for Charley Easley.

Eagle Rock News: Wm. Hedrick is the inspector for R. M. Whittington.

Eagle Rock News: Blaine Smith of Eureka Springs is visiting his uncles Sherman and C. D. Smith.

Liberty News: Mrs. Fred Cole visited Tuesday and Wednesday at Jas. Goostree's near Doss.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Henbest, a girl, Monday morning.

J. W. Davis was up from Eagle Rock, Wednesday, to meet his son, Charles who came in from Omaha, and will make his future home at that place.

Munsey News: Clark Cornell as the guest of Miss Myrtle Keith last Sunday.

Shady Grove News: Willie Reed is plowing his father's farm.

Shady Grove News: Ace Russell has rented his farm to Charley Sprugeon and moved to Joplin.

Rocky Comfort News: Sunday night the confectionery store of W. A. Ford was burglarized. A pain of glass has been broken by some boys and about two dozen oranges and about six lemons were taken.

Intent to Kill: Is the charge Against Luther Pennington: Luther Pennington of Arkansas was lodged in jail Tuesday evening on a charge of assault with intent to kill Cleve Summy, Monday at Seligman.

There has been bad feeling between Mrs. Jim Summy, sister of Pennington and Cleve Summy, and it is alleged by Pennington that Clove Summy struck her before he shot at him, the ball going  ? enough to Summy to ? his ? collar.

Pennington's revolver was ? seized by Summey with proceeded to beat him about the head in a very bad shape.

Summy swore out the warrant causing Pennington's arrest. ?  had not been arrested at last accounts.

Marriage Licenses:

Henry Madewell, Shell Knob and Ella Eoster, Cato

E.W. Spain and Jennie Hayes, Purdy

Harrison Coats and Myrtle Rogers, Exeter

Earl Stout and Daisy Hutchens, McDowell

Roy Stryker and Kate Kelley, Eagle Rock

Otto Kern and Vivian Meyer, Monett

December 26, 1908, Saturday, Cassville Democrat, Weekly Barry County Paper, Cassville, MO

Wm. R. Wormington, of Pioneer Dead: Wm R. Wormington, a splendid citizen of Pioneer, died Dec 12, 1908, age 54 years, 4 months, and 11 days. He was a native Missourian and was born in Lawrence County, on Aug 1, 1854. He had been married three times and left a wife and three children to mourn his death as well as a number of other relatives and many friends. He was a member of the Methodist Church and had been since 18 years of age. Rev. Combs conducted this funeral services. Barry County has lost a good citizen and we sympathize with his mourning relatives in their bereavement.

Mrs. Fayette Dodson of near McDowell, died Tuesday of consumption. She left a husband and five children to mourn her death.

In Memory: Mrs. Mary A. Wooten was born April 12, 1830, near Aurora, Mo, and was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John C. McNatt, old and highly esteemed citizens of Southwest MO, during life. The deceased grew to womanhood in the vicinity of her birth and was married to Harrison C. Wooten, Nov 5, 1853 at her father's home. They lived near Aurora for a time and then moved to Madison County, Ark., in 1865, and resided here until 1872, when they moved to Barry County where they continued to reside to the day of their deaths. In 1864, she united with the Church of Christ and remained a consistent member until the date of her passing. Her husband died March 19, 1902. There was born to this marriage six children, three of whom are living: Dr. H. W. Wooten of Clarendon, Texas, Mrs. Abbie Goetz of Monett, and Mrs. Cassie Leonard of Purdy.

She is gone. Another name in stricken from the ever lessening roll of our old settlers and her children, neighbors and friends are left to attest how sadly they will miss her. It must be so, these tender human ties cannot be several without a pang, yet in such a death, there is really no cause for grief. Her life work was done and well done. She was wearied with life's duties and cares, weary of suffering and waiting. She laid down to rest - sweet rest. Let her children imitate her splendid life.

"So He giveth His beloved sleep;" Her children and grandchildren shall rise up and call her blessed.

The two charges of embezzlement against ex-collector John Hayes of Stone County, on change of venue to Ozark county, wherein Mr. Hayes was charge with making away with $2,500 were quashed, last week before Judge Lincoln of Springfield, heard the class at Gainesville. Prosecuting attorney Renfro appealed one case. To a fellow that has known John Hayes for one-fourth of a century, it is hard matter to believe him guilty.

Mrs. Mary Pruitt celebrates her 85th birthday, Tuesday, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Samantha Hillhouse, down in Mt Pleasant at Township. There was a large number of relatives and friends present. Mt Vernon F & J.

Marriage Licenses:

Otto Karn and Vivian Meyer, Monett

D. D. Daily and Grace Vanzant [Van Zandt] Monett

Emmet Freeze and Victoria Stubblefield, Cassville

Frank Speaker, Ft Smith, Ark. and Alma Meister, Monett

John Harvey, Butterfield and Bessie Howerton, Cassville

S. L. Main and Bertha Poe, Washburn

Earnest Clevenger and Said Hudson, Cato


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