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Barry County, MO, Newspapers, 1892

Cassville Republican, Thursday, Weekly Paper, October 27, 1892, Barry Co., MO

Circuit Court Proceedings:

State v. Carrie Etter, keeping bawdy house; continued.

State v. Newton L. Hailey, selling liquor without license, continued.

2nd naturalization papers granted to H. A. Anderson, a native of Sweden.

Same to John Bartkowski, a native of Germany

Same to John Zarenbeck, a native of Germany

Geo. M. Goodnight, sheriff, acknowledges deeds as follows:

To D. P. Pharis for N E 1/2 S. E. & S. E. N. E. 1/4, Sect 20-23-27; sold v. A. H. Miller; con. $5.

To the Missouri Land Co. of Scotland (Limited) for N. W. 1/4 N.W. Sec. 25-21-27, sold v. Bullington; con. $5.

To same for N. E. 2/4 S. E. 1/4 Sect 25-21-28; sold v. Lucinda Apple; con. $5.

Emma J. Cole v. Jno. S. Cole, divorce; decree for plff.

Martha E. Stinnett et al v. Elijah V. Waltrip, judgment in partition.

State v. E. J. Day, making false affidavit, nolle.

M. J. Orahood v. James K. Parsons, attachment; venue awarded to Newton County.

Massey, Herndon Shoe Co. v. same, same.

Barton Brows. v. Geo. M. Goodnight replevin; venue to Newton County.

Mike Feloski, Peter Junker and Joseph Bartkouski, natives of Russia, make applications for citizenship.

D. D. Field v. Monett Town Co., to correct title, venue awarded to Greene County.

State v. John R. Mitchell, burglary and larceny; recognizance forfeited.

State v. Celia Ann Phillips, murder in first degree; found guilty and sentenced to ten years anthem penitentiary.

Bank of Monett v. R. S. Dummitt on note; continued by agreement. [Dummit]

John Daily v. A. W. Brown, et al, injection, dismissed by plff.

Samuel R. Cone v. W. D. Manley and C. W. Claycomb, ejectment, continued.

Massey Herndon Shoe Co. v. Chamberlain Mercantile and Land Co., attachment, continued by agreement.

Rothschild, Simmons & Co. v. Same, same.

Lawrence Co. Bank v. Same, same in two cases.

Pierce City Nati' B'k v. Same same.

Springfield Grover Co. v. Same, same.

J. M. Anderson & Co., v. Same, same.

State v. Wesley Rider, stealing horse, sentence to two years in the penitentiary.

Geo. M. Goodnight, sheriff, allowed one guard in conveying prisoners to Jefferson City.

S. W. Peirce [Pierce] v. G. W. Lowder, replevin, judgt. for Deft. for $550. Appealed.

Appeal granted in State v. Celia Ann Phillips, murder.

Jno. S. Coleman v. John C. Carter, appeal granted.

Adjourned until Dec 12th, 1892.

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